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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

News out of Gamecock Land is not good

Well it looks like the news breaking today is USC TE Weslye Saunders has been suspended indefinately for breaking team rules. Being reported that this has to do with "attitude and work ethic" issues.

Also coming out today is that USC Backup QB Reid McCollum has quit the team and is looking to transfer to a D I-AA school.

If anybody has any idea about what is going on with these two players please let us know as we are collecting facts...visit for more.

Monday, January 18, 2010

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NFL playoff weekend Question

SEC Sports Offical Site posted the question, which former SEC star had the best playoff weekend.

Devery Henderson – LSU/Saints (4 rec, 80 yds, 1 td)
Jerraud Powers-Auburn/Colts (3tkls, 1 Int)
Peyton Manning- Tennessee/Colts (241 yds, 2 tds
Randall Gay LSU/Colts (7 tkls, 1 forced Fumble
Sydney Rice- South Carolina/ Vikings ( 6 rec. 141 yds, 3 tds

I am going to go out on a limb and say that Sydney had the best weekend.

Friday, January 15, 2010

SEC Hoops Power Poll Ballot: January 10-16

The Results are in and the SEC Bloggers have spoken, check out the final results - HERE.

This is the LOHD ballot---

1. Kentucky Wildcats

Don't think we have to explain this.

2. Tennessee Volunteers

Vols look better without them right now; is that possible?

3. Mississippi St. Bulldogs

Playing strong and the West is theirs to lose.

4. Vanderbilt Commodores

This is not the football team as this team is one you don't want to play as no easy win here.

5. Mississippi Rebels

Great team and will make rumbles in the SEC, no doubt.

6. Florida Gators

Have the talent yet tough slate of games have not gone their way.

7. Alabama Crimson Tide

Anthony Grant has 'Bama ahead of schedule

8. South Carolina Gamecocks

Due to Devan Downey this team is doing all it can to string some wins together but how long can it last.

9. Georgia Bulldogs

Surprise team as they are playing tough and keeping it close.

10. Arkansas Razorbacks

Game on....Courtney Fortson to the rescue.

11. LSU Tigers

What is wrong with this team or should I say what is right?

12. Auburn Tigers

I have a feeling this is not going to end well.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Lane Kiffin just upper decked the University of Tennessee

Well, I feel the University of Tennessee gets what it deserves. You hire a used car salesman; you get a used car salesman.

His loud mouth and recruiting violations have caused nothing but trouble in the SEC which has a list of “who’s who” in college football coaching circles. Southern Cal already has a NCAA spotlight on them for some shady practices in the past and now they will have the king of shady practices driving the bus. I wouldn’t be surprised if both UT and Southern Cal are on some kind of probation by the end of 2010.

What will happen to the recruiting class Kiffin has lined up at UT, will some of those kids jump ship and go with him to SoCal?

There is going to be a fall out that could cause Tennessee to fall to the bottom of the SEC for the next couple years. As much as we complain about Spurrier, I am just glad South Carolina has a coach with class.

The kids I feel bad for are Cory Miller and Brandon Willis out of Byrnes HS in South Carolina, who actually enrolled at UT yesterday to start classes for the spring semester. I have a feeling they got a pretty big surprises this evening.

If Tennessee is smart the will go after Skip Holtz, he is due for a chance for the big time stage after leading UConn and ECU. That is if South Florida doesn't hire him first, or will Tommy Bowden beat him to USF? What about David Cutcliffe out of Duke?

I guess we will see how this ‘ripple’ effects the college football landscape. What a crazy off-season to begin the 2010 season. Urban then Leach then USF then Tuberville then Lane….what could be next?

Gamecocks DE Clifton Geathers NFL Bound

With the looming January 15th deadline for juniors to make a decision on "stay or go," it is now offical that USC Gamecocks Defensive End Clifton Geathers has elected to pursue the latter.

Word came today that he is offically going to make the leap after weeks of speculation about him eyeing the NFL.  Geathers has the blood-line of a NFL player with his father, uncle and brother all playing in the pro league.  So most knew that he would eventually find his way to the big leagues as he has the size and talent.

Early projections has him being taken in the 4th - 7th rounds.

The 6-foot-8, 281-pound Geathers, like most juniors with his talent, have decided to go pro due to the NFL's pending salary cap issues that could change the way rookies are paid.  Mainly stating no minimum salary and the "outside" possiblity of a lock-out in 2011. (read this)

Geathers has stated that he is worried about a potential career-threatening injury during his senior season if he was to remain in college. If you are projected in the 1st 3 rounds, there is an insurance policy you can get but Geathers was projected again some where in the 4th to 7th rounds so some anxiety there.

Geathers should make the roster of a NFL team and enjoy success for years to come after finishing the 2009 season with 41 tackles and 3.5 sacks despite missing some time due to a "off the field issue."

Monday, January 11, 2010

SEC Football Power Poll Ballot: Post-Bowl Final

1. Alabama Crimson Tide

Has the National Championship and the Heisman winner, need we say more?

2. Florida Gators

Minor setback losing to 'Bama this year but overall was the second best team in the SEC - if not the country.

3. Mississippi Rebels

Finally got it together halfway in the season and finished strong.  But setback with Snead leaving.

4. LSU Tigers

Les Miles and Crew would love to forget about this season but all in all it was not that bad just not that good in the minds of LSU fans.

5. Auburn Tigers

Gene Chizik gets the last laugh after this season. Who would have thunk it? And on top of a good season despite many obstackes, he is putting together a good recruiting class.

6. Arkansas Razorbacks

Did good things down the stretch and with news of Ryan Mallet coming back,  their 2010 should be better.

7. Georgia Bulldogs

Mark Richt got a 'hot seat' in 2009 and question is can he right the ship going forward?

8. Tennessee Volunteers

Out matched in the Bowl game versus VT and now let's see how much Lane runs his mouth this off-season.

9. South Carolina Gamecocks

USC's play in 2009 was bipolar as you just don't know what team is going to show up or for how long.

10. Kentucky Wildcats

Loss a game they could have won vs. Clemson but all is not lost for the future.  Enter the Joker.

11. Mississippi St. Bulldogs

Team to watch in 2010 as the "Dan Mullen Experience" really begins to shape the MSU future.

12. Vanderbilt Commodores

Vandy Football in 2009 was a oxymoron.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Gamecocks open SEC season by beating Auburn, 80-71

South Carolina guard Devan Downey scored 33 points as the Gamecocks beat Auburn 80-71 Saturday.

The Tigers (9-7, 0-1 SEC) were led by Brendon Knox, who scored 22 points on 9-of-11 shooting, helping Auburn dominate the points in the paint but it was not enough to beat the chickens.

South Carolina (10-5, 1-0) shot the ball better from outside and used a smothering defense to harass Auburn's guards and cause some easy baskets.

Great win for Carolina to start SEC play and it seems many of the "other" players stepped up nicely to help Devan get the win. The Cocks still got some work to do to improve their game as the SEC slate only gets tougher but nonetheless it was a good win today.

Next up LSU.

Sharrif Floyd Chooses Gators over Gamecocks

Gamecocks lost out on a big time recruit today when DT Sharrif Floyd chose to pursue a college career at the University of Florida over the Gamecocks.

We all knew our chances to land the big guy were slim going into today but there was a outside chance.  I guess it was good to at least be considered by a big time recruit like this but would love to start landing some of these guys.  Fulton last week, Floyd this week...hope Lattimore bucks the trend and becomes a Gamecock.

Losing Floyd and Fulton hurts "double" due to the fact that South Carolina has to play these teams in the future.

DB Hampton commits to Gamecocks

Remember former Independence star CB Victor Hampton? He was kicked off the team by Patriots coach Tom Knotts last summer, and wound up at Darlington (S.C.) High. There, according to his coaches, he kept his nose clean and played well.

He’s playing in today’s U.S. Army All-American game.  And there Hampton (5-10 175) of Darlington announced a commitment to USC.  He is listed as a 4 star recruit and 22nd best DB in the nation. 

He once was committed to Florida, but today he picked the Gamecocks over Tennessee and North Carolina.

Hampton becomes the 20th commitment for the Gamecocks.

Friday, January 08, 2010

Who ate Garrett Gilberts?

We all waited for the chance to see the top 2 teams in the country battle it out in Pasadena for the BCS National Championship. The match up would have the best running back vs. the best QB in college football. Colt McCoy, a four year starter, never missed a game in his 4 years in Austin. Colt has won more games as a QB then any other quarterback in NCAA history.

On the 5th play of the game, the outcome of the game changed. Texas had two quick scores on the top defense in the country. On a simple QB draw, McCoy was hit in the shoulder by Bama's Marcell Dareus, and ended his night and college career.

The store below kind of tells the story of what happened after he left the field in the first quarter.


Written by Dan Wetzel of Yahoo Sports

Agonizing night for Texas QBs

PASADENA, Calif. – Colt McCoy lined up about 7 yards from his dad, Brad. This was inside the Texas locker room underneath the Rose Bowl bleachers, the Longhorns quarterback missing the biggest game of his career, about to attempt the most important throw of his life.

Colt had the ball and was going to pass it to his dad as a slew of doctors and trainers watched closely. How many times had these two thrown a football back and forth, from their yard in little Tuscola, Texas, to the practice fields of Jim Ned High School, where the dad was the coach and the son was the star?

“Millions,” Colt said. “Millions of times.”

Colt had just lied to the Texas doctors and said that he was capable of returning to the BCS title game against Alabama. A hit by the Tide’s Marcell Dareus, on the fifth play of the game, had sent him to this locker room. He wanted back out there. So he tried to sound convincing despite the fact his arm felt “like a noodle.”

He hadn’t come this far to sit. Colt McCoy was going to lead Texas to the championship. He believed this. He’d always believed this. When he went down, he said, “We were about to dominate.” They weren’t going to lose, not where the Longhorns had last won a championship in 2005, not against a team against whom they’d never lost, certainly not 37-21, as the scoreboard would show after 60 minutes.

Yet on the TV in the corner, he had seen it all fade away in his absence. Alabama was rolling; Texas’ early lead was long gone.

So Colt gripped the ball, stared at his dad and thought, “It’s just a simple throw.” He threw. The ball went soft and wide. Everyone grimaced. “Give it to me again,” Colt demanded. Brad got the ball and gave it back to his son. The next throw was the same, bouncing harmlessly away. “Give it to me again,” Colt said, again. Brad did.

It was the same. It was over. Colt couldn’t throw it 7 yards to his own father. “My arm was dead,” he said. The dad hugged his son. The son broke down and cried.

“There’s no pain on my body,” Colt said later. “If I was a free safety, I’d go out there and make a tackle. I [just] have no strength to throw a football.”

***Quote of the night "Who ate Garrett Gilberts" --- Marcell Dareus

Do you remember Chad Gray?

If the guy above looks familiar, he should. He is former Gamecock basketball player Chad Gray. Who is now the star at Coastal Carolina ranking in the top 10 in points, rebounds and field goal percentage in the Big South Conference.

Chad had his troubles at USC but looks like he has turned his career around at Coastal. Last night he hit the winning basket for the Chanticleers over the UNC Greensboro Bulldogs. He has lead Coastal to first place in the Big South with a 5-0 Conference record and a 15-2 overall record. There only loses have come to the hands of UC Northridge and Duke. I am sure you will hear more about Gray's turnaround at Coastal Carolina this season and we wish him best luck in the future. This is the first Gamecock to leave the university and find stardom at another university. Remember when Stephen McDowell transferred to UT Chattanooga and was SoCon player of the year. Hopefully Chad can have the same success as Stephen this season at Coastal.

*Also here is the fishing report from The State Newspaper, Catfishing is poor right now on Lake Murray.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

SEC Hoops Power Poll Ballot: January 3-9

1. Kentucky Wildcats
Two phrases - "national title contender" and "John Wall."

2. Ole Miss Rebels
Seems they have good team chemistry and are taking care of buisness at 12-2 thus far.

3. Tennessee Volunteers
Well up until the arrests this was a really good team but now questions cloud this team and there outlook for SEC play.

4. Alabama Crimson Tide
The Tide have to be one of the conference's biggest surprises and big fan of Anthony Grant; he will have them making noise in the West.

5. Florida Gators
Got the talent but not the identity yet.

6. Vanderbilt Commodores
The Commodores are doing good things early and have a stud in A. J. Ogilvy but how far can he carry them?

7. Mississippi St. Bulldogs
Don't have many quality wins thus far and not sure what they will do when SEC play begins.  I see them hurting as the season goes on.

8. Georgia Bulldogs
Small roster but lots of bite.  Beat GT which scores you points in my book.

9. South Carolina Gamecocks
Pains me to have my gamecocks this low....Story thus far is loss of starters Dominique Archie and Mike Holmes.  Season started with so much hope and NCAA what is reality for the team?

10. Arkansas Razorbacks
This team will not be ranked this low again with Courtney Fortson back soon.

11. LSU Tigers
Who is this team trying to be the LSU tigers?  These tigers thus far are very tamed.

12. Auburn Tigers
Playing just bad...simply bad basketball right now.

Bama vs. Texas

Well this bowl season has not been the best for the SEC so far. Can Alabama bring home the BCS Championship or will it be another disappointing lose for a Conference that has dominated the BCS in the past. Texas didn't look like a national chapionship team the last 2 games of the season but then again Nebraska looked like a team on a mission against Arizona. Granted the PAC-10 might have had the worst bowl season of any conference so it is hard to say how good the Cornhuskers really are. Will Mount Cody have a game like Sue did against Texas in the Big 12 title game? Mack Brown and Nick Saban are both excelant coaches so I have to say this game will come down to can actually move the ball, as both teams have top ranked defenses this year. I am going to go out on a limb and say the first team to score 17 wins this game. The match up to watch is McCoy vs. McClain, as McClain is the leader of the defense but is coming off of a stomach aliment earlier in the week. If McClain is not 100%, I think the advantage is in Texas favor.

USC Gamecocks RB Jarvis Giles will return in '10

Good news gamecocks fans as it was learned yesterday that the "Giles transfer" rumor was just that.  Seems he, and most, were highly disappointed with the bowl game performance and nothing should be assumed by his actions in leaving the field to early after the 20-7 loss to UConn.

Jarvis Giles will compete with Kenny Miles and Brian Maddox for the starting job next season (and maybe Lattimore?). 

In 2009, he finished the season with 52 carries for 298 yards and one touchdown. He averaged over five yards a carry. He also had ten catches for 26 yards.  He is a great back and most likely will factor into the 2010 plans as I am sure a committee approach will be used again in '10.

Gald to hear it!  Go Cocks!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Gamecocks Moe Brown releases statement concerning June arrest

To follow-up on this story, Gamecocks Moe Brown released the following statement today through his attorney, Lowell E. Bernstein - - -
“In response to numerous media requests, on the morning of June 1, 2009, I was stopped for speeding,” Brown’s statement reads. “During the investigative stop, I voluntarily informed the police officer that I had a registered gun in the vehicle. I was 21 years of age and the legal and registered owner of the pistol. However, I had the gun under my seat and since it was not in the glove box at that time, I was charged with unlawful carrying. After a court hearing approximately one month later, the misdemeanor charge was dismissed and the matter was closed in my mind. This incident occurred during the summer break and it was a private matter for my family and me.”
According to the arrest report Brown was charged with possession of a firearm, speeding and driving without insurance.

South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) records list only the speeding and insurance charges, which are misdemeanors. Brown, who was pulled over by Columbia police, was charged with doing 70 miles per hour in a 35 mile per hour zone.

Under state law it is illegal to carry a gun under a car seat, although having one in a glove compartment, console or trunk is within the law.  A judge later dismissed the gun charge.

So it seems he is innocent right?  No big deal....

Gamecocks Moe Brown Arrested in June 2009?

Seems Moe Brown, Gamecocks WR, has some more explaining...first there is the news of fighting with coaches and now news of gun charges?  Moe, what is up man?

Here is what THE STATE wrote today ---
USC senior receiver and team captain Moe Brown was arrested on a gun charge after being stopped for speeding near campus in June, three months before his final season.

Brown, who played his final game Saturday in a 20-7 loss to Connecticut in the Bowl, was stopped by Columbia police for doing 70 miles an hour in a 35-mph zone on Blossom Street.

Officers found a black "hi-point" pistol under the passenger’s seat, according to a copy of the incident report obtained by The State.

Brown was charged with possession of a firearm, speeding and driving without insurance, although SLED records show only the speeding and insurance charges -- both misdemeanors.
Highly disappointed further in ya Moe as you were suppose to be a senior leader.  He contributed 33 receptions for 491 yards and three touchdowns,but had this arrest come to light earlier would he have been allowed to play?  Fortunately for USC, that didn’t happen until Wednesday.

Oh and why are we just finding out about this now?  Is there a cover up taking place.......hmmm gotta dig further on this.....stay tuned.....

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Steve Spurrier Jr vs Moe Brown?

Well, as if defeat in the bowl game is not enough it seems what the message boards have been saying is "sorta" true.  More action off the field of play than what USC gave on the field.

According to THE STATE Sports beat writer, Joe Person, Coach Spurrier Jr and USC WR Moe Brown had a "heated discussion."  Person writes -
" punches were thrown. The incident supposedly began when Spurrier Jr. approached Brown in the locker room to congratulate him on a good career. But Brown was having none of it, and started yelling at Spurrier Jr., upset that he was not featured more prominently.  Brown only had a couple of passes his thrown his way against UConn, one of which he dropped. He finished with one catch for 12 yards against the Huskies, and was USC’s second-leading receiver on the season behind freshman Alshon Jeffery."
Not good that a senior is doing this stuff in the locker room in front of others.  Everyone who bleeds garnet and black was upset with the outcome of the game but not the right way to handle yourself Mr. Brown.  I wish you the best in the future.  Anyone think Spurrier Jr would have won this fight?

Seems the whole team concept has not been bought into by the gamecock players yet which is also so so bad to think about after five years of Spurrier.  And to make matters worse, Mr. Person writes about the hours leading up to the game -
"...Spurrier said Garcia and other players hung out in the lobby of the team hotel taking pictures and signing autographs with fans a little longer than Spurrier would have liked."
I feel this is a tell-tell sign of the lack of leadership and USC not taking UConn serious. 
Now that Norwood is leaving who is going to step up to be the leader?  Coaches can only do so much and it seems the team is too worried about their own self-image to put 'team first.' 

I think Spurrier needs to knock some heads around and make these kids realize why they are at USC (student first of course (?)...then WIN some football games!).  We need to develop a "team first" attitude this off-season and stop this crap.  We need kids on this team that want to win football games at USC and we need these kids to become leaders not just on the football field but examples to the public.  So many look up to these knuckle-heads and for them to do stupid sh*t like this is grossly disappointing.

I still feel strongly the best is just around the corner for USC but we keep having dumb things like this spring up that is simply not good for the growth of the program.  Off-season job #2 after recruiting is to get the team thinking the right way and if it means some kids not being gamecocks then so be it.  Can not wait until Southern Miss as the gamecocks need something to cheer about....


If the Gamecocks can not beat Longwood then who can they beat?

No disrespect to Longwood fans but seriously you guys have only beaten Campbell, Florida Gulf Coast and Virginia-Wise.  This is a game that Carolina should (and must) win.

The Longwood Lancers (3-12) will play the University of South Carolina in Columbia, South Carolina beginning at 7 p.m. tonight; it will be televised on Fox Sports South TV.

The Gamecocks are 8-5 and have lost three of their past four games. Carolina needs this game for mental reasons and team chemistry issues before SEC play begins against Auburn in less than a week.  But USC can not look past Longwood as we saw what happens when the Carolina basketball team does that...see Wofford.

Longwood is lead by two good players -

1.  #22 Dana Smith, who averages 15.9 pts, 6.9 rbs and 2.3 asst per game.
2. #04 Antwan Carter, who gets  14.7 pts, 7.1 rbs and leads the team in blocks with 8. 

Carolina take note and play those two tight.  On top of improved defense against Longwood let's see some blocking out on the boards and improved free throws.  Want to see other guys step it up tonight and not the Devan Downey show...even though we here at LOHD love him.  Devan spread the ball around and let some of the other guys try their hand at it tonight.

The gamecocks should be able to defend the home turf vs the Lancers tonight and I want to see a 15+ point win.

Longwood 'DYK' - Longwood University is considered to be the "Mother of Sororities," for having the distinction of having more national sororities founded there than any other school, 4.  The following national sororities were founded at Longwood: Alpha Sigma Alpha, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Zeta Tau Alpha, and Kappa Delta.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Birmingham Bust Bowl

2010 started out with a bang for the Gamecocks. First, the game...ugh.  Second, the venue.
Birmingham is a dump people, not sure what the appeal is.  Why have a bowl here?  And could it be colder for a game? The city was not prepared for the number of people ascending on there city for the bowl game. Legion Field is also a dump and was a nightmare. The stadium is right smack dab in the middle of the Birmingham Ghetto.  Again why is this a venue?

I am going to list the highlights of my trip to Birmingham ---

1.) The Gamecock Fans showed up in full force to support what we hoped was a improving football team.

2.) Uconn fans were very nice, not very knowledgeable about college football, but they could sure tell you about the New England Patriots.

3.) Alabama white BBQ sauce.  The bartender at Moe's Original was probably the coolest guy I met on the trip. He hooked up our group with a free platter to sample since there were already closed. Thanks again for the hospitality, it was by far the best BBQ I had in Birmingham.

4.) Coming out of Legion field shocked that my car was not broken into and still had all four wheels attached. I hope Birmingham is grateful, as the bowl will keep there city's economy alive for another year.

5.) The bus to Dreamland - which showed up out of nowhere to take us to restaurant from downtown, as the homeless guy gave us pretty bad directions.

6.)  Legion Field selling beer at the game - which was awesome until the cops told them to stop serving beers in cans. Of course they were out of cups by the 3rd quarter, so the beer people would just give you cans when the cops were not looking.

I will have to make a list of my disappointments about Birmingham when I have a couple of hours to type them they tuned.....

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Gamecock Recruiting Tidbits

I know most of gamecocks news has involved the recent hiring of a new OL/Run Game Coordinator Shawn Elliott, a "sad sad" bowl showing for the gamecocks and/or USC Forward Mike Holmes getting the boot from the basketball team recently. 
But there has been some recent developments on some key Gamecock Football Recruiting Targets and here is the rundown ---
  • USC's DL target Sharrif Floyd of Philadelphia has taken the Gamecocks out of his final list. Floyd talked to reporters in San Antonio after arriving for the US Army All American Game and said he is down to North Carolina, Florida and Ohio State.
  • Gamecocks #1 RB target Byrnes RB Marcus Lattimore told reporters at the US Army All Amercian Game that he has dropped Georgia from his list and is down to USC, Penn State, Auburn and Oregon. He will visit USC January 15th and Oregon on the 22nd. He will announce a decision at his church February 2nd. I feel good that Marcus will be wearing garnet & black....
  • Manning DE Dexter Morant (6-7 235) has been a Georgia commitment since July, but Morant said Thursday he's now planning to take official visits to USC and Clemson in January.  USC needs to do all it can to land this guy.  He is a big boy that is the type of DE that can cause havoc of a O linemen.
  • Manning DB John Fulton announced a commitment to Alabama this past Saturday during the Under Armour All American Game in St. Petersburg, FL. Fulton picked the Crimson Tide over USC.  Hated to see this but I guess the appeal of 'Bama and depth chart factors caused him to pledge this direction.
  • Another USC target, wide receiver Kenny Shaw of Orlando, committed to Florida State during the same game.
  • DL Jeffery Whitaker (6-3 293) of Warner Robins, GA was down for an official visit to USC for January 15th. But in an interview with, Whitaker named a final five that did not include the Gamecocks. Whitaker said he's down to Cal, North Carolina, Georgia, Auburn and Miami.  Again hate to see this as this guy could be a great run stuffer.
  • Beaufort LB Justin Parker, who was a lean to USC, is now favoring LSU.  Hoping he will change his mind once again as he could be good like a Norwood/Jasper type.
  • Byrnes DE Brandon Willis told he will choose either North Carolina or UCLA and will announce the winner during the US Army All American Game. He said he contacted Tennessee this past Saturday and formally de-committed.  Something tells me the UT scandal played into this a bit.
more to watch this offseason now that coaches have time and a big "visit" day is set for 1/15/10......

Gamecocks Hire New Offensive Line Coach - Shawn Elliott

The Head Ball Coach wasted little time in getting in a new offensive line coach, today he gave the job to Appalachian State Offensive Line Coach Shawn Elliott.

Elliot attended Appalachian State University (91-95) and was a four year letterman in football as a defensive end.  He is a native of South Carolina out of the Camden area so he knows a thing or two about South Carolina.  Elliott replaces Eric Wolford, who accepted the head coaching position at Youngstown State University in December.


1997-98 Appalachian State (Defensive Assistant)
1999-2000 Appalachian State (Tight Ends)
2001-2009 Appalachian State (Offensive Line)
2010 - present Univ of South Carolina (Offensive Line Coach)
We’re thrilled to have Shawn Elliott join our coaching staff at South Carolina,” Spurrier said in a release.
“Shawn is a native of South Carolina and is excited about the opportunity to coach here. He has an outstanding record coaching the O-line and winning championships. He is ready for the next challenge and is excited about coaching in the SEC and in Division I football.”
There was speculation that Elliott was the top candidate for the job after interviewing last week with Spurrier, who said he would be hire a replacement shortly after the bowl game.  Elliott was also spotted at a bowl game practice.

Graduate assistant Andy Boyd was in charge of the offensive line during postseason preparations.

Welcome Mr. Elliott to the Gamecock Family now, as you saw in the last game, loads to do....

-Offical Release Here-

Saturday, January 02, 2010

UConn Huskies Defeat the USC Gamecocks in the Bowl

Huskies beat Gamecocks 20-7 today

From the start it was evident that the gamecocks were just not ready to play.  Not to say that they could not match up with UConn as on paper it played to the Gamecocks strength.  UConn however came out the gates with emotion and did all the right things.

The Univ of South Carolina got only 4 first downs the entire first half which says so much about the play of the USC offense.  UConn brought a balanced attack and got help from USC's dumb penalties.  The gamecocks defense did its best but with no help from the offense it was a hurdle too tall to get over.

The gamecocks got down 13-0 at half and never really got anything going.  The offense was flat and dropped too many passes.  Seems they abandoned the run too early and Garcia forced some throws that he shouldn't have plus a offensive line that you can tell needs a coach.

I credit UConn as they did their job and never allowed USC to get in sync.  I could go on and on about the mistakes and "what if's" but I will stop there and let Spurrier sum it up...
“The first thing I want to do is apologize to about 30,000 Gamecocks who came here to see a football game, and we couldn’t put one on,” he said. “I thought we were ready to play. But obviously our offense was very sad and our defense wasn’t as good as it’s been most of the time. We thoroughly got beat by a better team, a better disciplined team.”
Carolina scored late in game to make it 7-20 with 3:26 to play but it was a wee bit too late.  The game simply never played in the favor of the gamecocks and thank you UConn for not running up the score.

I do feel 2010 will be better for Carolina than their Bowl performance so don't lose the faith in the gamecocks!

5 keys to a USC Gamecocks win over the UConn Huskies in the Bowl

I hope by now you have read the LOHD Preview/Prediction, and now it is time for the "5 keys to a Carolina Win Today"........

1.  USC Running Attack and Defense against --- SC must be able to establish its own running game today to open up the passing game and control the tempo of the game today. 
On that same note, the USC Defense has to stop the UConn rushing attack as they will try to run 20+ times today.  Connecticut boasts a talented tailback duo with the inside-the-tackles power running of Andre Dixon and speedy Jordan Todman, who does his best work around the edges. The tandem combined to average 177 rushing yards per game this season.  For Carolina to escape the State of Alabama with a win it must be done by not allowing UConn to have success on the ground.

2. South Carolina's offensive line vs. UConn's pass rush -- UConn knows how to get to the QB, either with pressure from senior DE Lindsey Witten or from multiple blitz packages led by LB Lawerence Wilson. SC was 11th in the SEC and 104th nationally in sacks allowed at almost three per game. If the Gamecocks can't find ways to slow down the Huskies' pass rush, they could be in store for a long afternoon. But they can take some confidence from holding up against Clemson's pass rush, which was tops in the ACC.  USC O-line must play big today.

3.  South Carolina's passing game vs. UConn's pass defense --- If the Gamecocks can protect QB Stephen Garcia, there will be some opportunities in the passing game. UConn's weakness is its secondary, which has surrendered 245 passing yards per game. That's tantalizing for Garcia and his group of young, talented receivers, led by explosive freshman Alshon Jeffery. But the Huskies try to make up for their lacking pass defense by pressuring the quarterback. UConn ranks 28th in the nation in sacks, recording 2.5 per game. South Carolina is 108th in sacks allowed.  Garcia step up today - avoid sacks, play smart, connect and execute...simple stuff right?

4. South Carolina kickoff coverage vs. UConn KOR Jordan Todman and PR Robert McClain --- The Gamecocks have surrendered three kick return touchdowns this season. They need to be careful with Todman, who ranks 10th in the nation with a 26-yard average.  McClain aslo can do damage returning punts.  He had 15 returns for 222yards, averages 14 per return and has a TD to hang his hat on.  USC Coach Shane Beamer will need his boys to make solid tackles and give 100%.  Would love to see using the best out there today since it is the last game, no matter what just don't let special teams hurt the chances at a SC win.

5.  Last Game, Leave it on the Field --- it is the last game so play 110% today and give the gamecocks seniors the sendoff they deserve!

Go Cocks!

Friday, January 01, 2010

South Carolina Gamecocks v UConn Huskies Bowl Preview / Prediction

South Carolina vs. Connecticut, Bowl, Jan. 2, Birmingham, Ala.

Well, here we are with the last game of the 2009-2010 football season for the University of South Carolina football team. It has been a interesting “up and down” type season with many storylines and “what if’s.” Go ahead and push everything that has taken place to the side as this game is for all the marbles.

This bowl game is another showcase of the Big East squaring off against the perennially stout SEC. UConn (7-5) earned a berth by winning its final three games, including dramatic victories over Notre Dame and South Florida. South Carolina (7-5) ended a three-game losing streak with an impressive win over Clemson in its season finale. This will be the first meeting between the programs and should be a doozy.

Both teams view this game as being very important for their climb in each of their respected conferences. UConn will be playing with tons of emotion for a number of reasons and must find a way to bottle that up and play ball. For Carolina getting the 8th win is uber-important in the grand scheme of things and for Spurrier to show without a doubt progress is being made. Getting a win in less than 24 hours can really tee some good things up for the future of Carolina Football from energy in the fan-base to recruiting. But before we think about all that there is a football game that must be won.

What you will see in this game is a very talented UConn running game trying to be established in this game early and often versus a very talented gamecocks defense. UConn is weak in the secondary and Carolina must find a way to expose that fact. UConn also at times can have a suspect run defense and Carolina is coming off their best rushing game versus Clemson (223 yards). In many games, UConn plays like it is a shootout (averages 32 points a game) so for Carolina they must get stops on defense (South Carolina is 15th in the nation in total defense and third in the SEC, behind only Florida and Alabama) and play with a ball control mentality.  UConn can hurt Carolina if they are able to run and run and run.  Plus if UConn can get pressure on USC qb Garcia then it could lead to a long day with a Spurrier visor throw.

Just like last year’s bowl game for Carolina, which did not end well, this game and its’ success for Carolina rests with USC qb Garcia. I feel strongly the SC defense will do its part and slow UConn even if they try to pound it by running the ball. USC has the strength in its secondary to shut UConn down. On the flip side, USC must bring a balanced attack with mistake free play on offense.

Carolina has had time to prepare and will be ready to prove that they are building something special in Columbia – “New Carolina.” I think that Carolina, after settling down early and making 2nd half adjustments, will be in control of the game. Carolina will win this game which will yield that much needed/desired 8th win.

Carolina 31-17. Go Cocks!

USC Gamecocks Forward Mike Holmes booted from Basketball Team

LOHD always knew there was more to this story (i.e fighting) since his eye injury but it seems due to what Coach Horn describes as "internal matters" that the USC forward has been dismissed from the team today. 

Holmes played six games this season, then suffered an eye injury due to “horsing around” at home. Since then Holmes was only seen at women’s basketball games, not attending his own team’s games which we questioned awhile back as being very odd.

Holmes averaged 11 points and 4.8 rebounds a game this season in the team's first six games.  He has a good academic record so he should be able to transfer to another program and continue his career as a ex-gamecock.

We wish him the best and proud of Coach Horn for making what is a tough decision.  The gamecocks were and will be in need of improved inside play.  This is another setback for the gamecocks that had high hopes to start the year.

Know your UConn Huskies: Jordan Todman, Andre Dixon and Robert McClain

This is the 5th / final installement of "Know your UConn Huskies" and for this one we want to highlight 3 players that get things going for the UConn offense and a corner that Garcia has to watch out for....

Huskie Running Back - Jordan Todman
This 5 foot 9 inch back is averaging 5.1 yards per carry and 96 yards per game.  He rushed for 1,152 total yards this season.  He touched the ball 226 times and got in the endzone 14 times.  Also had 20 catches out of the backfield for 184 yards.  And he has 476 KOR yards.

Huskie Running Back - Andre Dixon
Another outstanding back for UConn that had 206 rushing attempts that produced 988 yards this season.  He got 13 TDs to go along with his 4.7 yards per carry.  He had 1 catch for a TD and 112 rec'vg yards.  So Carolina can not relax when Todman is out because this guy can play just as good. 

Huskie Punt Return Man and INT Guy - Robert McClain
Let's just say this guy can take it to the house on any given punt return.  USC Special Teams Coach better tell the boys that a simple arm tackle will not slow this kid down as you must wrap him up.  He had 15 returns for 222yards, averages 14 per return and has a TD to hang his hat on.  Oh and he has gotten 4 INTs while manning one of the corners on defense.  He has 60 tackles, 4.5 TFL, 1 sack, 1 FF and 3 pass break ups.

Part 4 - Know your UConn Huskies: WR Marcus Easley
Part 3 - Know your UConn Huskies: LB Lawrence Wilson
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Comparing USC & UCONN Stats

Here is a quick look at how the Gamecocks and the Huskies compare in national rankings:

Rushing Offense Ranking
USC 91st / UCONN 41st

Passing Offense Ranking
USC 43rd / UCONN 46th

Total Offense Ranking
USC 76th / UCONN 47th

Scoring Offense Ranking
USC 96th / UCONN 23rd

Rushing Dffense Ranking
USC 46th / UCONN 48th

Pass Eff. Defense Ranking
USC 29th / UCONN 104th

Total Defense Ranking
USC 15th / UCONN 72nd

Scoring Defense Ranking
USC 21st / UCONN 60th

Net Punting Ranking
USC 93rd / UCONN 22nd

Punt Returns Ranking
USC 64th / UCONN 31st

Kickoff Returns Ranking
USC 66th / UCONN 10th

TO Margin Ranking
USC 75th / UCONN 54th

Pass Defense Ranking
USC 12th / UCONN 94th

Passing Efficiency Ranking
USC 71st / UCONN 61st

Sacks Ranking
USC 40th / UCONN 28th

TFL Ranking
USC 37th / UCONN 73rd

Sacks Allowed Ranking
USC 104th / UCONN 47th

Anything pop out at ya?

Gamecock Clippings / New Year's Day Headlines

Happy New Year!  I hope everyone was kept safe and had a good time.

Here is a morning shot of some selected gamecocks sports headlines and other info worthy of a read.....

Gamecock Football
News from the UConn Side

LOHD Heading to Birmingham for PapaJ Bowl

Well the bags and coolers are packed for the bowl trip.  I have had success in fighting off the hangover and ready for 2010.
Just checked the weather and I am thinking about making a trip to Wally World to pick up some long johns as it looks like it is going to be a pretty cold trip to Alabama.

I hope to bring home a Carolina win and have a good time. Make sure to check the blog later on as I am sure Flounder and Crew will keep you up to speed on the latest happenings in Gamecock World.

Next stop PapaJ Bowl!  Go Cocks!