Thursday, June 19, 2008

Some thoughts on the team who wears orange

Sunday Morning QB breaks down Klempson and the chances in 2008 on the field...check it out here......and Year 2 has some thoughts on those clemsux rascals with a great analysis - what are your thoughts?

LOHD has touched on our feelings about Tommy "The Choker" Bowden and Company HERE and HERE and HERE.

As the world turns in Gamecock land...

Yes it is slow around these parts which means gamecock athletes are busy working out this summer before ramping up to take over the SEC in 09 and no one is getting arrested.

In other sports, if there any beyond USC sports, LOHD would like to share a great piece - here - about Tiger Woods. I think the article sums it up about how amazing he is and how lucky we get to watch him as it will be something we all will share with our grand kids one day.

In gossip news, we read recently from JR where our friend from long ago - Ryan O'Nasty - is involved with Carrie the words of Borat....very nice-a! I hope I am invited to the wedding....I just sayn! Seems he is not the only one of our old pals to be hooking up with Hollywood stars...we got David Reed (from the band formerly known as Thomas Reed Band then Thomas Reed then Closer then...well a solo gig) dating Kimberly Alexander from the Real World. Again, just invite me to the wedding.

Alright back to the important things and that is Gamecock Sports-
Seems that Hyman is using the baseball stadium to get rich or die tryin for USC at least. He has kept USC out of the red. Yes we got PSLs now at the new baseball stadium which could only mean one thing --- this is a test and next up -- seat fees for Willy B.....thoughts? I don't like it one bit and I know it is all about keeping up with our foes in the SEC but this is bad news.

Other news of interest from the USC Sports World -