Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gamecocks Geathers to test NFL waters

Being reported that USC junior defensive end Clifton Geathers has decided to test the NFL waters. He will submit paperwork to the draft advisory committee to see where he would be projected to go in the April draft. Unless he is a first or second rounder he expects to return for his junior season.  Having said that...LOHD expects him to return and it is best for him to do just that.

Two more current gamecocks may follow suit, this is a rumor, and they are junior defensive back Chris Culliver and possibly junior tight end Weslye Saunders also could submit NFL paperwork.

Why the interest by these juniors and others around the college football circuit?  Well, it is due to the fact that the current NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement is set to expire.  The result is a possible new agreement that could see rookie salaries drop in 2011 which means some juniors may think it is best to jump now to the NFL before the current deal expires (i.e $$$).

Fellow gamecock blogger - Garnet & Black Attack - dove into this issue better than I so make sure to check his opinion out - HERE.


Anonymous said...
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gamecock man said...

Thanks for the link.

The only one of these guys that worries me is Saunders. He's going to get the best projection from the NFL and may be swayed. The other two will stay put if they know what's good for them.

jr said...

Yeah boy that really worked out for captain and E cook last season!! I think E cook officially makes less than I do now.. Practice squad doesn't pay much... neither does a 7th round pick eh captain? But JR is glad captain landed where he did!!!
Coach JR evaluation:
Geathers is big and bad but he is still lacking the total domination… stay around another year and you could be1-3 round material. JR projected this year 3-5rounder
Saunders get real if Jared isn’t playing much and he was a 4rth rounder you’re pressing your luck, your blocking needs work…Jr projected 5-7 round
Cully you better hope NFL scouts don’t have any game film from UGA or Tennessee games… your not big enough for the league yet stay another year get bigger and you will have a great shot esp if you make all American or all SEC same goes for saunders…. JR projected 6-undrafted
JR says stay in school boys and you could increase your draft status by 2-3 rounds!!! Or a couple Million!

NFL draft said...

The NFL Draft

is creating a partnership with researchers at Boston University who are studying the long-term effects of brain injuries on players, the Associated Press reported.
“It’s huge that the NFL Draft
actively gets behind this research,” Robert Cantu, the co-director of the school’s research program, told the AP. “It forwards the research. It allows players to realize the NFL Draft is concerned about the possibility that they could have this problem and that the NFL Draft is doing everything it can to find out about the risks and the preventive strategies that can be implemented.”

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