Saturday, August 04, 2007

Fogler to replace Dean Smith

Former University of South Carolina men’s basketball coach Eddie Fogler has been appointed to the NIT selection committee.

Fogler coached at USC from 1993 to 2001. He is replacing his former coach and boss, North Carolina coach Dean Smith. Hopefully, he will never have to choose us for the NIT as the USC men's basketball team should be going to the NCAA field of 65 each year. But it is good to see a USC guy in that position.

In Other News

Monte Lee, 30, replaces longtime assistant Jim Toman, who left to become the head coach at Liberty University. Mr. Lee had been for five years a volunteer assistant baseball coach on staff at the University of South Carolina

Friday, August 03, 2007

Pre-Season Top 25

2007 USA Today Coaches Poll – Pre-Season Top 25

1. Southern California
2. LSU
3. Florida
4. Texas
5. Michigan
6. West Virginia
7. Wisconsin
8. Oklahoma
9. Virginia Tech
10. Ohio State
11. Louisville
12. California
13. Georgia
14. Auburn
15. Tennessee
16. Rutgers
17. UCLA
18. Penn State
19. Nebraska
20. Arkansas
21. Florida State
22. TCU
23. Boise State
24. Hawaii
25. Texas A&M

***Univ of South Carolina got 90 votes and Clemson got 30 votes.

Keys Please...

Let's begin to think what are the KEYS for the USC Football Team this upcoming season, here are my four keys for this season:

1. O-line -- much like the past 2 years, EVERYTHING this season depends on the O-line. Personally, I think the pressure of a winning season is on the O-linemen. Line play is as much talent as it is want and desire. These guys have to come out strong and want to crush whoever is in front of them. You can't play timidly on the line. The O-line must come together and play together as a unit. Time to step up boys. Blake needs a strong O-line to perform at the level where Spurrier needs it.

2. Defense must stop run -- Our defense projects to be the best we've had in a long time. The secondary is still a little of a question mark but not a weakness by any means. We must stop the is simple. We can not allow McFad and others to put up big rushing games.

3. 'Carpe Diem' Blake - Blake hasn't had the luxury of ever playing behind a good OL in college but I'm quite confident if he gets that protection, he will look much more like that QB we saw vs Ark. Blake also seems like the type of QB that plays best when he's hungry. When he first came out in '05, he had a lot to prove and being an inexperienced QB making his debut for Steve Spurrier certainly brought a LOT of pressure. After sitting on the bench for most of the '06 season and getting his chance to come in at halftime against Arkansas, he also played his best. I think Blake can be a All SEC Guy and this is the year to step up. We got the running backs that can do their job so Blake do yours -spread the ball around and air it out sometimes. Keep the defense in check and we should count up 8-9 wins this year.

4. Defense and Special Teams must create - This means simply that the defense needs to create turnovers, run some fumbles / INTs back and don't give up on 3rd and long. The Special Teams unit must create opportunities for the offense. Block a punt or FG. Run a TD back on kickoffs or punts and establish great field position.

What are your keys to this upcoming season? What did I miss? Comments?

Thursday, August 02, 2007

thursday night

South Carolina just release that USC will open the season with back to back Thursday night games for the 2008 season, NC state on August 28th and the following Thursday @ Vandy.

What do you think about that?

The state ranks the SEC QB's

Well that The State newspaper ranked the SEC QB's....

1. Andre’ Woodson Kentucky Senior
2. Erik Ainge Tennessee Senior
3. Brandon Cox Auburn Senior
4. Tim Tebow Florida Sophomore
5. Blake Mitchell South Carolina Senior
6. Matt Stafford Georgia Sophomore
7. John Parker Wilson Alabama Junior
8. Matt Flynn LSU Senior
9. Chris Nickson Vanderbilt Junior
10. Michael Henig Mississippi State Junior
11. Casey Dick Arkansas Junior
12. Brent Schaeffer-Mississippi-Senior

Well I want to see your list of QB's in the SEC. Is Tim Tebow a better Qb then Blake Mitchell?

Pearce moving on up...

The AP news is reporting that Former University of South Carolina infielder Steven Pearce has climbed another step in the Pittsburgh Pirates organization.
Pearce, who has hit 25 home runs and driven in 96 runs this season at Class A Lynchburg and Class AA Altoona, was promoted on Monday to AAA Indianapolis. Pearce, a first baseman, is hitting a combined .337 for the season.

Always good to see former USC baseball players doing well and Pearce has a good shot in getting to the big league in the Pirates organization b/c let's be honest they need run support.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Gilbert Arenas, Socrate reincarnate?

Gilbert Arenas has been spending the offseason deep in philosophical thought. He has come to a conclusion which he posted on his blog. (HT Deadspin) I would summarize, but you need to read this verbatim:

There Are No Such Thing as Shark Attacks
I know this is random, but I just want to clear this up for people out there.
There are these things called shark attacks, but there is no such thing as a shark attack. I have never seen a real shark attack.

I know you’re making a weird face as you’re reading this. OK people, a shark attack is not what we see on TV and what people portray it as.

We’re humans. We live on land.

Sharks live in water.

So if you’re swimming in the water and a shark bites you, that’s called trespassing. That is called trespassing. That is not a shark attack.

A shark attack is if you’re chilling at home, sitting on your couch, and a shark comes in and bites you; now that’s a shark attack. Now, if you’re chilling in the water, that is called invasion of space. So I have never heard of a shark attack.

When I see on the news where it’s like, “There have been 10 shark attacks,” I’m like, “Hey, for real?! They’re just running around? Sharks are walking now, huh! We live on the land, we don’t live underwater.”

Giving a nickname to the Carolina D

The Matt and Tim show here in Columbia is having nickname week and are trying to come up with a nickname for the Carolina Defense. Anybody have any idea’s as what that should be? Some of the names they came up with yesterday that they thought were pretty good were…

Click Clack Sack Attach
Barnyard Bullies
Pain and suffering
Black Death

I like the night train express way, since Jasper's unofficial nickname is Night Train. I am not sure why, but that is what it is.

to get all fired up for football season, I figured I would also post some great tailgating slang that we have heard over the years.

Who you with!
Is your cooter fired up for_________
Fred Bennett Sucks
Tim Tebow has down syndrome
Who the hell drank my beer?
No women will ever tell me what to do.

Wow is there fruit in that mason jar.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Thinking USC Football...

USC Faces Tough Football Schedule in 2007 but let's break it down.
USC coach Steve Spurrier said the goal is to compete for the SEC championship. Compete the Gamecocks will, but win the SEC in 07?

Unlikely, especially given a schedule that ranks as the second toughest nationally, according to Only Washington has a harder schedule. But with Spurrier there is always a chance.......

USC plays at Georgia, LSU, Tennessee and Arkansas as well as back-to-back season-ending home games against Florida and Clemson. Can you say 4-4 in the SEC or 5-3 at the best and most optimistic? I hope not but no matter how much I bleed garnet we have to use logic here.

Let’s break it down:
Sure wins (2): Louisiana-Lafayette, South Carolina State.
Probable wins (4): Mississippi State, Kentucky, at North Carolina, Vanderbilt

Vandy will be a tough, as always, but talent wise we have a edge even if they return 17 starters. UNC is in the mits of a turn around at UNC thanks to the new coach. Butch and Co will do good things at UNC in time but not this year but should be a serious team in 09. UK will be a good one b/c of Woodson and Co. He is a great QB and has talent around him but at the end of the game defense will win and this is a area that UK is not strong in (UK gave up 28.4 ppg last season). MSU sucks --end of story. So there you have it -- six wins for another bowl trip. Most likely based off of that look out bowls in Tennessee b/c here we come.

Now let's move to the games that could go either way (4): At Georgia - USC has lost five straight to the Bulldogs and haven’t won Between the Hedges since 2001 and only three times since 1979. But it’s early, and the Bulldogs return less than half their defensive starters. I say this is the year we beat UGA. Every season in recent memory when we win against UGA our season is better. Look at 07 to be a W against UGA.

At Arkansas - The Razorbacks are team turmoil in the SEC, but the Gamecocks haven’t fared well that state, although they won the last time there 14-10 in 2005. IF and I stress IF we can stop the run then we have a chance here. Stopping the run was a big hurdle last year but I hope and pray Nix and Co have improved, learned and are ready. McFad ran like a crazy man against us. This is a maybe game here. I think we can win here and if our boys step up especially if we win the game at UGA we will win. But if we lose to UGA then are players will bring bad attitudes to the table and cause a L to go down in the record books. It is 50-50 here for a win in 07.

Florida at Williams-Brice Stadium - While the Gators are the defending national champions, USC should have beaten them at The Swamp in 2006. And it is Spurrier vs. his alma mater at his new home - ie EGO. Again we can win this game especially if we bring our "A" game. Should have won last year but us carolina fans are tired of saying "should have won" but I guess we have grown accustomed to "should have" b/c we can all agree there have been lots of them. Again this goes back to a win at UGA and at Ark. Win those and hello ego which translates to a great SEC game. Tebow is good, no doubt but he is still young and prone to errors. People say Tebow can’t pass, but when you run Meyers offense, the longest pass you have to make is 25 yards. The big question mark for UF is the fact that UF has to replace nine defensive starters this season. Force the offense to make errors and the game is ours. This is all up to Blake, he is the key to a win here. He has to perform at a All SEC level with this game. If he sucks well we suck. Right now, today, and let's be honest it looks to be in the favor of UF to win. But if we win at ego....Blake does great in the game....mark it as a WIN.

Clemson at Williams-Brice Stadium - New era has begun. I simply do not see us losing to CU this year. I say win here.

Almost certain losses (2): at LSU and at Tennessee. USC is 1-9 at Baton Rouge and 1-4-1 at home against the Tigers. While Spurrier gets the nod over Phillip Fulmer, the Volunteers still have more talent overall. USC is 1-12 in Knoxville the one win coming two years ago in Spurrier’s first year at USC. Tenn is the SEC East favorite and LSU is the SEC West favorite. I pick those two to meet in Atlanta. We will give it our all against these two teams but talent wise in 07 they have the edge and will win. I hope I am wrong!!!

So add it all up and what do you have: My worst case is we win 7 but I feel we will see USC ending up at 8-4 and could get 9 wins with a surprise win against Ark or UF.

Also, in case you were wondering, eight of the SEC’s 12 teams have schedules that rank among the nation’s top 18, according to The numbers: Auburn (5), Tennessee (6), Florida (7), Mississippi State (10), Kentucky (11), Georgia (14) and LSU (18).

What is your prediction for 2007? Let's hear those early comments before August practice rolls around.....

Monday, July 30, 2007

Oh Mr. Wright...

the orange has taken over the mind. For anyone that knows me, knows my dis-taste for Bart Wright, who is the Sports Editor for the Gville News, because of his very pro-leaning towards Klempson. In his eyes, CU can do no wrong and USC is the sour grape in his Merlot. He always celebrates CU in his columns, which can be understood since GVille is the heart of Klempson land. The Gville News always covers CU very well and anything they do makes the front page; while USC is on page 6 of the paper hidden away. Part of the brainwashing I suppose.

In his recent column on Sunday, he predicts CU to go 8-4 this year and off to another bowl game. He says that the FSU game is the "make or break" game for which I have to agree. He says that FSU will force CU to throw and which they should b/c we saw how CU did when teams (VT) loaded the box and forced passes to be made - L's. He says beating FSU is a "necessity" to get to 8 wins. He predicts wins at Duke and the other three nonconference games (but watch out for Central Michigan). I have to agree though with wins here. Wins at NC State and Maryland. A must split in the series of WF and BC. I think he is also saying CU will lose to VT. And a toss up at USC.

What do you think? I see a for sure losses at BC, VT, FSU and USC. If a loss springs up to a unlikely team like Duke in the past or a Central Mich or a fundamentally strong WF team then....Look out 7-5 and look out Bowden b/c if he finishes 7-5 the boosters will want his head. Even 8 wins may be enough for the "deep pockets" at CU to call for a coaching change....possible call to Rich Rodriguez would be in order. The boosters I have talked to over the years have begun to grow tired of 7-8 wins per season and are hungry for 9-10 wins or a ACC title. I have said it before that if CU does not win 9 games this year then Bowden needs to call Daddy and ask for help in a new job.