Saturday, May 30, 2009

Gamecocks to take on ECU

The ECU Pirates beat Binghamton 11-7 earlier today so now with the ECU win, they will face Gamecocks at 6pm today in the winners side of the ECU regional.

Here is a quick look at the number 1 seed ECU heading into this regional...

Conference: Conference USA
Ranking: No. 18 Baseball America
Record: 42-17
Last 10: 7-3
Invite: At large
Top bats: Ryan Wood (.387, 13 HR, 55 RBIs), Stephen Batts (.368, 14 HR, 61 RBIs)
Top arms: Seth Simmons (3-1, 2.63 ERA, 9 SV), Chris Heston (7-0, 3.44 ERA)
Key stat: Had at least 10 hits in 41 of 59 games this season.
Quick facts: Had five of 14 players on first-team all-conference squad. All nine regular starters are hitting at least .317.

I feel USC will need to score often today as this game may be a game of offense b/c ECU can score some runs. Left fielder DeAngelo Mack, right fielder Jackie Bradley Jr. and Merrifield, in that order, are South Carolina's three leading hitters and we need them to step up today. USC will need strong pitching and no errors for the entire 9 innings today.

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ECU Regional Schedule update for today

Session 2 (East Carolina vs. Binghamton): Friday, May 29 - Rescheduled due to weather. Will resume at 10 a.m. on Saturday, May 30.

Session 3 (George Mason vs. ECU/BU loser) - Will begin as scheduled at 2 p.m.

Session 4 (South Carolina vs. ECU/BU winner) - Will begin as scheduled at 6 p.m.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Gamecocks win in Greenville vs. the Pats

The Univ of South Carolina baseball won their opening game against George Mason today after a 80 min weather delay by the score of 11-3.

USC improves to 39-21 and advances to tomorrow's winners' bracket game. The Gamecocks will play the East Carolina-Binghamton winner at 6 p.m. on Saturday.

SC Baseball vs George Mason Today

Despite winning 10 of their final 11 games to end the regular season, the Gamecocks will hit the road to Greenville, N.C., for East Carolina's regional.

Second-seeded USC's first game is at 3 p.m. Friday against third-seeded George Mason. With a 42-12 mark, the Patriots set a school record for victories. But they were ousted in the Colonial league tournament. It's George Mason's first NCAA appearance since 2004.

I am still sour that USC did not get a regional as many, including ESPN analysts who discussed the field, thought the Gamecocks (38-21) were deserving of the regional that went to the Pirates (42-17). Baseball America had predicted this also, even after the teams were knocked out of their respective conference tournaments. South Carolina had 18 victories against the RPI top 50, compared to just five for ECU. USC got robbed....

No crying as it is time to go to work today at 3pm for USC. First up George Mason and let's look at the key facts concerning this team:
  • No. 3 seed in the ECU regional
  • Conference: Colonial Athletic Association
  • Ranking: Unranked
  • Record: 42-12
  • Last 10: 7-3
  • Invite: At large
  • Top bats: Chris Henderson (.416, 14, 54 RBIs), Scott Krieger (.378, 20 HR, 80 RBIs)
  • Top arms: Mike Modica (11-1, 4.17 ERA), Shawn Griffith (4-0, 2.91 ERA, 3 SV)
  • Key stat: Has outscored opponents 428-256 this season.
  • Other stuffs: Krieger is the school’s career leader in homers, RBIs, hits, runs and total bases. The Patriots are 1-10 in five previous NCAA appearances.
South Carolina will start sophomore righty Sam Dyson (8-4, 5.31) in Friday’s opener against George Mason. George Mason will start senior lefty Mike Modica (11-1, 4.17). Dyson has struck out 89 and walked 33 in 95 innings while Modica has struck out 73 and walked 32 in 82 innings. Both pitchers have struggled with the long ball with Dyson allowing 18 homers and Modica 12.

Go Cocks! Take it one game at a time...

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

South Carolina moving up Fulmer Cup

With the arrest of SC DB C.C. Whitlock for trespassing and some other things, the Gamecocks are moving up the Fulmer Cup leaderboard with about 3 months to go. Currently, USC is at eight points, tied with Marshall at No. 7.

Audio of Spurrier and Kiffin

Spurrier asked about Kiffin apology remark, confronts him by elevator.MP3

(h/t to Year 2 on )

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Darrin Horn said that Devan Downey and Dominique Archie are still weighing options......LOHD still feels that both will come back to USC for another year...

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I want to see Spurrier and Lane in a cage match

Welcome back Steve. This is the Spurrier who all either grew to love or hate and have been missing.

In one corner you got...Lane....who I feel for certain if this whole UT coaching thing does not work out for Lane then he has a career for WWE. The next "Bobby the Brain" maybe? This guy can talk smack and ruffle feathers.....who cares if they are true and who cares about rules. Then you got Spurrier, who is known for shooting ya straight and stirring the water a little with some comments.

Let's face it...either you love these two or you hate them. I think this whole think should be played out in a WWE cage match!!! Could you imagine the spin and ratings.... Thoughts?

LOHD has been quiet on this subject b.c we feel Lane needs to win some games before he mouths off to other coaches. But it is interesting and quite funny. It reminds us of the kid on the playground who talks a strong game but can not back it up. Or the little punk who will hide behind others yet run his mouth at you and be glad "they are holding me back." Lane shut up already.....I now think Spurrier has put you in your place and no more talking from you after reading this....courtesy of Joe Person....

Minutes after the football coaches meeting broke up Tuesday evening, Spurrier was stopped by a group of reporters in front of an elevator. After a few team-related questions, Spurrier was asked about a comment made earlier in the day by UT coach Lane Kiffin. When asked if he were going to apologize again to Urban Meyer for accusing the Florida coach of cheating, Kiffin said he never had received an apology from Spurrier after Spurrier questioned whether he had passed the NCAA recruiting test before he began calling prospects.

Told of Kiffin’s remark, Spurrier shook his head, paused then turned around and faced Kiffin, who waiting to get on an elevator.
“I didn’t accuse you of cheating,” Spurrier said, pointing toward Kiffin. “I said, ‘Is it permissible to call recruits before he’s announced as head coach, before you take the test?’”

Spurrier then turned down back to the group of reporters and said:
“He took the test online and I didn’t know you could do that. I thought you had to take the test on campus, then get announced.” Kiffin, who turned red during the 40-second exchange, said something inaudible. Otherwise, he was silent while waiting for the elevator to arrive.

After Kiffin and several other coaches – Kentucky’s Rich Brooks, Auburn’s Gene Chizik and Arkansas’ Bobby Petrino – piled on to the elevator, Spurrier stepped on and announced again, “I didn’t say he broke the rules. I just said, ‘Is it permissible to make calls?’”

What to do with Axon and CC?

Well by now you have heard about two gamecocks, one a recruit and the other a current backup cornerback, who have recently had some trouble with the law. Spurrier is to decide in days but let's hear from you.

Ben Axon, according to published reports in Florida, was a passenger in a car stopped by Bradenton FL police last Wednesday night. The officer smelled marijuana, and Axon showed him 23 baggies of marijuana that he said belonged to Should Spurrier ax Axon?

Then you got C.C. Whitlock, who was arrested this past weekend near his hometown of Chester and charged with trespassing. This is the same guy that was part of the fight last year at the Russell House...LOHD interpretations of the event were perhaps a little off but nonetheless he was part of the fight that DID happen. So that brings us to this year when C.C. was not holding up the first part of "student - athlete"and got suspended by Spurrier. He just got back on the good side of Spurrer when the 20 year old was arrested early Saturday morning after refusing to leave a nightclub when asked to do so by club security, the owner and Fairfield County Sheriff's deputies. So should Spurrier wash his hands of this troubled youth?

Post your comments....should Spurrier kick both off the team? Should 2nd and 3rd chances be given b/c kids are kids right?

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Here is some news for ya to catch up on...

Times have been set for Friday's regional games

East Carolina Regional
Friday 3 p.m. USC vs. George Mason

Friday 7p.m. East Carolina vs. Binghamton

Clemson Regional
Friday 3 p.m. Alabama vs. Oklahoma State

Friday 7p.m. Clemson vs. Tennessee Tech.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Regionals are all set

USC will be the #2 seed in Greenville, NC.  


1.) East Carolina

2.) USC

3.) George Mason

4.) Binghamton


This regional looks really promising for South Carolina chances.   Clemson draws Bama and Oklahoma state to Doug Kingsmore.  


Hardest regional is UCI's draw of UVA, San Diego State and Fresno State.  Uva should feel shafted after winning the ACC tournament only to be shipped across the country. 

Will post more thoughts about the regionals after I have had some time too look over all the regionals.