Thursday, July 26, 2007

Sad news from Wake

A truely sad story from the world of College basketball.

Wake Forest basketball coach Skip Prosser died on Thursday morning of an apparent heart attack shortly after jogging.

The ole Ball Coach

Spurrier has had some great quotes over his coaching career but yesterday he dropped this one.
A media member had asked him about how important it was to beat Clemson at the end of the season last year.

This is what Spurrier said-

“We thought we did some great by beating Clemson last year, then Kentucky goes out and beat them.”

Another Gamecock

I don't know if anybody saw this but Brian Buscher got called up by the Twins a couple days ago. This has been a pretty good year for Yardbird alumni in making the jump from the minors to the majors.

Also the state had an article about Sheldon Brown being on the cover of Sports Illustrated for the upcoming preseason football issue. Brown is only the 3rd gamecock to represent the school by being on the cover of SI.

I wonder what school has had the most representatives grace the covers of SI, both in college and during there pro careers?

Michael Vick a hit in California

Well the land of fruit and nuts has finally come up with a decent idea, A minor league team is going to have Michael Vick dog awareness day, where fans will get in for free with the donation of there Vick/Ron Mexico jersey's. They are going to burn the jerseys on some time during the game. You can also bring your dog to the game to show appreciation for mans best friend. I am getting a little burned out on the Vick situation, but I have a feeling with the football season starting up soon that the story will drag on.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Media Day Trivia

I only have one right now but the SEC has restricted all SEC Media Guide books.

What is the max number of pages a SEC school media guide can contain?

Also coming out today is that all fall gamecock practices will be closed to the public and media. Coach Spurrier doesn't want anything leaking out this year.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

SEC Media Day

Well with Media starting up tomorrow, what are your votes for SEC East and West Champs.
Top QB in the East and West?
Top Rb in the East and West?
Pre season Defensive Player of the Year?
Pre-season Offensive Player of the Year?

Bonus question- How many times will ESPN run the story of Ray-Ray and his little brother?

Monday, July 23, 2007

on how the times are changing

That is right rat-tails and jean shorts are not cool any more. Besides that a true landmark in the Columbia area, Jaco's Corner is for sale, for a low asking price of 1.6 Million. They are hoping that a developer is going to buy the location to build restaurants and shops to help build up that side of the stadium area. This story ran in the state on 7-21-2007, but I was at the lake and didn't have a chance to read the paper. So I figured I would throw this story out there.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Interesting point from CU fan..

made today in Gville News Voices section. Today, I was watching the final round of the British Open (watching Harrington blow up on 18 and Garcia missing the a playoff which I am pulling for PH) and reading the Greenville News when I ran across this point in the Voices Section. It is a letter submitted in the editorial section and it made me laugh to myself while thinking "bless his heart."

It is written by John C. Edwards. It is titled - Spurrier's success may help at Clemson. It reads: Congratulations to a recent letter writer for telling it like it is about Clemson football (Clemson settling for mediocre football). My hope on this unhappy situation is that when Coach Steve Spurrier continues to improve at South Carolina and continues to beat Clemson, it will bring about the lifting of the "Bowden curse."

The last letter that this author refers to basically said that Clemson fans, under Bowden, have settled for "so so" football results and to look to this season as another dose of "almost." I agree here and still say this is Bowden's make or break year. Either put up 9 wins or call it a day. Many in the fanbase are growing tired of Bowden and this letter caps it off. I assume the "Bowden Curse" he refers to and its' lifting says that Tommy needs to go. I do hope Mr. Edwards is right and that USC will continue to improve and the tide of the rivalry has shifted to USC dominance. What do you think?

You guys remember Mr. Kimrey and his toss?

With the season approaching soon and freshman reporting this upcoming week let's take a step back in time and watch a great play in USC history.

(h/t - flousc on YouTube)