Friday, January 06, 2006

triva question #2

What do the digits under Reggie bush’s eye’s mean, or under this Longhorn band members eyes .

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Can't stop the moose

On January 1, 2005 the first annual Polar Bear Olympics were held on Sullivan’s Island. The two highly competitive teams “Team Toyko” and “Team Frozen Tundra” were both a little hung-over but the action was intense. The first sporting event consisted of a highly anticipated game of woffle ball. Team Tundra wearing are stylish medium wife-beaters were the better team. The power bats of Moose Dragner and Don-key Desai were too much for the injury prone Team Toyko. The game got a little out of hand when Kev didn’t know that he had to run when he hit the ball. Old Man pitched a pretty good game for team Tokyo but Team Frozen Tundra just had to many secret weapons.

Then 2nd event of the day was a nice calm game of bocce ball on the beach. The Olympic uniforms were not made to stand the cold windy beaches in early January. As the pictures show Don-Key and I were freezing. But that couldn’t stop team Frozen Tundra from making a remarkable comeback. With a few minor hazards on the course, like a huge pile of dog crap couldn’t even stop the inevitable. With the women on the team leading the way, Pink Panda and B-ver were on fire. Even the master play of Oldness couldn’t hold Tokyo together.

After a long day of Polar Bear Olympic sports evens the after party at Tsunami’s was awesome. Great Sushi and sake made for all a good time.

BCS soaps

Forget Texas- Southern Cal, lets talk about who is banging Brady Quinn’s sister. Oh yeah that would be the guy that pretty much had a field day against Notre Dame on Monday. A. J. Hawk

I think ABC ended up showing more shots of Laura Quinn in the stands then the actually football game. Is this story really that big a deal?

And the trivia question answer will be posted tomorrow morning, so get your answers in. And Dev you can answer if you want

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Hey Crabman

My name is Earl is moving to Thursday night, for some crazy reason.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

1st trivia question from this weekend

The first trivia question from this weekends comment comes from JBB aka Brooks.

What is a squirrel tail?

Don't let me down 2006

Well the New Year’s weekend started out pretty bad with our Gamecocks flopping in the Independence Bowl. After jumping out to a 21 point lead, they decided to get donkey punched in the second half. Not sure how it happened because I decided to pound more and more alcohol as Blake Mitchell decided to ruin our 2005 season. But after drinking during the game, I was ready to drive to Charleston to start the New Years Celebration on the beach.

This year we decided to spend the New Years Eve celebration at the Charleston Aquarium. I highly recommend for next year if you will be in the Charleston area. The two floors of the aquarium were packed with open bars and buffet lines. Them menu consisted of shrimp and grits, crab cakes, tangerine meat balls and a chocolate fountain. The live band was some 70’s funk band that never seemed to be playing when I was downstairs trying to find the bathrooms.

My only complaints were, there were not enough fish for it to be called an aquarium, two piranhas and a 100 year old shark don’t count, and why can’t you distribute the champagne upstairs as well as downstairs. Damn Dev couldn’t find the champagne so I had to share mine with his drunken ass. But over all it was a really good time and I can see the group doing it again next year. Updates of pictures and more stores from the weekend will follow.