Friday, March 24, 2006

The next 'Mike Tyson'.....

Okay this story is a mixture of funny and sad. Funny that this three year old girl is beating the crap out of a 5 year old boy and it is being video taped yet sad that the parents are behind this and shouting instructions. You decide.....

In Texas (yet again....anyone else notice strange things happen in Texas....wait I am from Sc...can not talk much on that one)......A Fort Hood soldier and his wife have been accused of injury to a child for allegedly forcing their 3-year-old daughter to beat up an older boy as they videotaped it, Killeen police said.

The fight allegedly occurred Saturday while the couple babysat for the 5-year-old son of a friend, police said. When the boy's mother arrived to pick him up, she turned on the couple's video camera, which had previously been used to tape the children playing.
Police said the tape shows the soldier commanding his daughter to knock the victim down, kick him and hit him in the face. The girl follows her father's instructions as the boy cries and pleads for her to stop, police said. The tape also shows the man declaring his daughter the "winner," and he shoves the boy and demands to know why he didn't defend himself, police said.

Look out Mike Tyson.....

Wet T-Shirt Contest Gone Bad...

Bay County (FL) sheriff's deputies made their first lewd and lascivious arrests of spring break.
It started with a wet t-shirt contest that took place Tuesday night at Hammerhead Fred's bar on Thomas Drive.

Investigators say the male DJs and customers used alcohol to help encourage the female participants to remove the t-shirts (old college trick), expose themselves, and allow the audience to fondle them and bite their breasts (interesting?). Capt. Rickie Ramie of the BCSO Special Investigations Unit explained, “They had taken a contest and basically there were females up there performing oral sex on one another, that was the original complaint. (Complaint? I guess the person inside the bar wanted more and did not get it so he/she complained) And we sent in a couple of investigators in at the time to see what was taking place. Inside they saw, certainly things that would be classified as violations of the law." Deputies arrested six people. Thirty-two-year-old Charles Ray Bunch of Panama City is accused of solicitation for lewd and lascivious conduct by the contestants. Seventeen-year-old Jacqucin Strong of Orange Beach, Alabama was arrested on nudity and indecent conduct. Also charged were: Louis Adrian Green, 34, of Essixville, Michigan, Christopher Scott, 21 of Saginaw, Michigan, Dianna Chang , 23 of Naperville, Illinois, and an Illinois man was charged with resisting an officer without violence.

I bet mom and dad our proud....

The bigger the Fro ………

Guess who is back with a even bigger afro, no need for a helmet this season

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Peanuts and breast-milk....

That is what has been served up on the genda under the State House Dome this week....I am glad that our legislators are getting 'down to business' in Columbia this week and enacting some 'good laws'. I mean who cares about government spending increases or addressing the re-paving of roads across the state....let's foucs on 'nutz' and 'breasts'.....the articles follow.....give us some feedback on these topics. Should peanuts or moon pies be the state snack and what do you the readers think about breast feeding in public?

Boiled peanuts could become official state snack food
Associated Press
COLUMBIA - The slimy, juicy boiled peanut is on its way to becoming South Carolina's official state snack food.

A Senate committee passed a bill Wednesday that would recognize 'that this truly Southern delicacy is worthy of designation as the official state snack food.' The bill defines the snack as peanuts, still in the shell, immersed in boiling water for at least an hour. It doesn't say whether you should open the slick shells with your hands or teeth. 'Boiled peanuts are a delicious and popular snack food that are found both in stores and roadside stands across the state,' according to the bill. The proposal, passed by the House last month, now moves to the Senate floor.
* * *

Senate panel approves breast-feeding bill
Associated Press
COLUMBIA - A bill to allow mothers to breast-feed their children in public without being ordered out of sight passed a Senate subcommittee Wednesday. The measure, approved by the House last month, allows women to breast-feed anywhere they have the right to be and exempts breast-feeding from indecent exposure laws.

"I think this is a good public policy statement here," said Sen. Joel Lourie, D-Columbia.
Advocates hope it will encourage mothers to breast-feed, rather than bottle-feed, their children. They testified today about the health benefits of breast-feeding to both the mother and child.
"Anything we can do to help women feel comfortable breast-feeding benefits society," said Dr. Harvey Kayman, a pediatrics professor at the University of South Carolina's School of Medicine.
Mary Beth Mullaney says women often go to a hot car in 90-degree weather or sit in a dirty public restroom to breast-feed because they fear being asked to leave. Mullaney, a lawyer, said she did not feel comfortable breast-feeding her 5-month-old son when she moved to South Carolina from New York because of the dirty looks she received. "We need the support from the state," said Dawn White, a spokeswoman for the South Carolina Breastfeeding Action Committee.

South Carolina is one of just 11 states nationwide with no law on breast-feeding, she said. The state ranks near the bottom nationally in the percentage of women who breast-feed.
The bill was written after a clerk at a Victoria's Secret store in Mount Pleasant last year suggested that a woman go to a bathroom to nurse her child.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

News of the strange --- Cat survives 80-foot fall from tree...

SUMMERVILLE, S.C. - 'Piper' the cat may have used up a life or two but was unharmed after falling nearly 80 feet from a tree. She had been in the tree for eight days when a rescuer started up to save her Monday. But a scared Piper crept away until the limb underneath her snapped (bad kitty).

She fell 80 feet, twisting and turning in the air before slamming onto the ground. It looked like a catastrophe, but Piper wasn't even dazed, scampering off before her owner Rodney Colvin could catch her.

Piper was found a few minutes later under a vehicle. Her owner said she had no broken bones and was only a little dehydrated.

I wonder if the cat landed on its' feet (you know the old saying)??? Something tells me the dog had something to do with this....

Be careful in Texas....

To put more 'thought provoking' news out their to our readership and doing some research I ran across an news story about a Bar Sweep in Texas.

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission sent a message to bar patrons last week. TABC agents and Irving police swept through 36 Irving bars and arrested about 30 people on charges of public intoxication. Agency representatives say the move came as a proactive measure to curtail drunken driving. North Texans interviewed by NBC 5, however, worried that the sweep went too far. At one location, for example, agents and police arrested patrons of a hotel bar. Some of the suspects said they were registered at the hotel and had no intention of driving. Arresting authorities said the patrons were a danger to themselves and others.

"Going to a bar is not an opportunity to go get drunk," TABC Capt. David Alexander said. "It's to have a good time but not to get drunk." Dallas comedian Steve Harvey agreed with the Texas residents who said the arrests infringed on individual rights. "If a guy's got a designated driver, go ahead and let him get toasted," Harvey told NBC 5.

Texas law states that inebriated individuals could be subjected to arrest anywhere for public intoxication. Harvey and other North Texans called the measure extreme. "That seems to be an extreme case," one man said. "You are self-contained, in the hotel, you're not going in the streets, it seems a little ridiculous." TABC officials said the sweep concerned saving lives, not individual rights. Harvey and others interviewed by NBC 5 said they believe drunken driving to be unacceptable, although Harvey wanted to confirm that the United States remains a free country.

"Freedom of drinking should always be allowed, and it is only American to let a guy get drunk where he wants to get drunk," Harvey said.

To me this seems a little extreme....I know drunk driving is bad and against the law but drinking and having a good time should not be. Some of these people were in a hotel bar and many were guests of the hotel. I guess next time you are on a business trip in the Texas area be careful at the hotel bar or out entertaining could be subject to arrest. This also could be a case of entrapment along some lines but bottom line this is bad public policy.


I have noticed a sad trend with this blog. EVERYTHING is about sports. There has to be more going on than freakin sports. Come on guys how about get a little more creative. All you have to do is open a newspaper and get this info. Maybe if you made a few phone calls or did a few interviews yourself it would be a little more interesting. I dont know if i speak for everyone, but that's just my opinion. And yes I know, my opinion does not matter.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Next up on the chopping block for USC is the 'Noles...

What time is it?? That is right it is game time....and the USC Gamecocks will be on ESPN tonight (Tuesday, March 21) at 7 p.m.

USC, 19-15 and 6-10 SEC, continues its quest to defend its 2005 NIT title when it travels to former Metro Conference rival Florida State University, 20-9 and 9-7 ACC (fifth place), on Tues., March 21 at 7 pm. Both won first round games: USC hosting Western Kentucky on March 15 (74-55) and Florida State hosting Butler on March 17 (67-63). USC is traveling to FSU because FSU is the higher seed (No. 2 to USC's No. 3).

USC hasn't played Florida State since it joined the SEC 15 years ago. But, the two met up at least twice a year when there were members of the now extinct Metro Conference (1983-91). During that span USC posted an 8-12 record vs. the Seminoles, including a 4-4 record in Tallahassee. The Series: FSU leads 16-13.

The Gamecocks are 17-8 overall in the NIT and are 10-1 under head coach Dave Odom. USC has made it to Madison Square Garden in New York four times: 1969, 1975, 2002 and 2005. Carolina played in the championship in 2002 and in 2005. USC took home the championship in 2005 while finishing as the runner-up in 2002 to Memphis.

Maybe this Tisby thing will not hurt us and our team will step up tonight...we shall see. Go Cocks!

Change the gamecock name??

I ran across this article in The State paper the other day as I was going through recent headlines in the political world. I know politicians mean well, at least they try, but this is terrible idea. It is one of those ideas that when the idea is "thrown out" there for discussion the friend beside the person with the 'great idea' should have lend over and smacked him in the back of the head and so "no dumby."

The idea 'thrown out' there for discussion goes like this....."A Richland County senator says the University of South Carolina needs to rethink its' 'Fighting Gamecock' mascot if the Legislature passes tougher penalties on cockfighting.
If the bill passes, "how can we as lawmakers and other leaders of this state justify a major institution in our state running ads and logos on billboards with a fighting gamecock with spurs on the feet?" asked Sen. Darrell Jackson. Jackson's question came as Attorney General Henry McMaster testified before a Senate subcommittee asking lawmakers to pass a bill raising the penalties for cockfighting, which currently is a $100 fine. The comment came after McMaster said some bill opponents say cockfighting is a part of South Carolina's culture."

The point of the matter according to Sen. Jackson is the issue of the 'spurs' and removing them from the mascot. This is like telling the Florida Gators to remove the teeth from the Gator.....just a dumb idea.

First PETA and now this....when will they learn that USC will not change its' mascot??

Monday, March 20, 2006

Tisby out....

University of South Carolina senior center Antoine Tisby, coming off his best game of the season and one of the best of his career, has been suspended and his college career is "likely" over, coach Dave Odom said Monday.

The 6-foot-8, 237-pound Tisby won't play Tuesday night when USC (19-15) travels to Tallahassee, Fla., to face Florida State (20-9) in the second round of the NIT or probably again if the Gamecocks advance in the tournament, Odom said. "I would not think that he would be back with us," Odom said. "It's not likely that he would be back."USC's official news release said Tisby was suspended for a violation of team policy, but asked if he faced legal issues, Odom said, "No, no. I think it said academic, didn't it? It's a university deal."

This isn't the first time Tisby has been suspended. Odom suspended him this season against Wofford after Tisby overslept and missed practice. Last year, Tisby didn't play in USC's exhibition game or its opener because of what Odom called "time management" problems. Later, Tisby was suspended for three games for undisclosed reasons. Tisby's absence leaves USC with eight scholarship players and without a true post player. Ousmane Konate (ankle) and Keving Palacios (broken foot) are out with injuries.

Talk about bad timing.....I can only hope that some "black magic" will help us get past a good FSU team.....

Bracket busting....

None of last year's Final Four teams will be around for this year's regional semifinals and George Mason sent half of them home early.
The 11th-seeded Patriots, one of the more controversial at-large selections in the field of 65, beat Michigan State in the first round and eliminated defending national champion North Carolina 65-60 on Sunday. Illinois, the 2005 runner-up was beaten 67-64 by Washington in the second round Saturday. Louisville, the fourth member of last year's Final Four, didn't make the tournament this season.
The last time none of the previous year's Final Four teams were around for the second weekend was 1988. Indiana, the defending champion, was eliminated in the first round, while runner-up Syracuse and UNLV were ousted in the second round. Providence, like Louisville last year, was coached by Rick Pitino and didn't make the field.

Seriously, who picked George Mason and Bradley to make it this far??? I am now a fan of the 'shockers'......