Friday, January 13, 2006

Damn Yankee's

New Jersey has a new state slogan.

The one that the residents of New Jersey picked was “Come see for your self” which makes no sense.

I like some of the runner ups like:

If you think New York sucks, check us out!

Home of the Soprano’s

That smell is us

Come smell for yourself

What Garden?

You Have The Right To Remain Silent; You Have The Right To An Attorney!

New Jersey and You - Perfect Together

Cheaper then Connecticut

New York’s landfill

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

things you don't see everyday

So a couple weeks ago I come home from work, a little groggy from sitting behind a desk all day. Check the mail, and go through my normal ritual when I get home. As I opened my back door to let my dog out (Bailey) I see this woman popping a squat in my back yard. As Bailey is going crazy, I yell “what are you doing” and this starts a conversation with the crazy peeing lady.

Lady: I had to pee

Me: IN my back yard

Lady: My plumbing went out and the plumber is in my bathroom

Me: you could drive up the street to the gas station

Lady: You know how nasty those gas station bathrooms are

Me: Better then my backyard

Bailey: Bark, Bark

Me: shut up bailey

Lady is done, pulls up her pants and climbs over my fence

Lady: You need to get this fence fixed

Me: What happened to my fence?

Lady: oh it gave way when I was climbing over it

Me: You have got to be kidding

Me: thanks for stopping by to piss in my yard, have a good day

I have slowly learned not to take the easy way out; I should have decided to buy a house in the suburbs instead of living in the ghetto near downtown. Although I can’t complain about the 3 minute drive to work everyday, or the money I save on gas each day.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Leaving Carolina

On monday Coach Spurrier watched his two best defensive players leave early for the pro's. As well as two other players transfer and a third player become Academically ineligible. Next year might be another rollercoaster of new players and mixed emotions.

Player Pos. Status Comment
Ko Simpson DB Declaring for NFL draft First-team All-SEC selection at rover in 2005
Johnathan Joseph DB Declaring for NFL draft Tied for SEC lead with four interceptions
Dustin Lindsey LB Academically ineligible for 2006 Third on the team with 58 tackles
Antonio Heffner QB Transferring to Tennessee State Started in 48-7 loss to Auburn
Albert Ashcraft RB Transferring to Western Carolina Plans to run track