Saturday, June 13, 2009

Downey to return to USC

What a great day...USC PG Devan Downey has said that he will come back to USC for his final season!!!

The State newspaper sports writer Seth Emerson blogs HERE that Devan Downey is pulling out of the NBA draft and plans to return for his senior season!

Downey released a statement through the team:

"I want to thank my coaches, teammates and fans for being so supportive throughout the process. It was a great experience for me, but the best decision for me right now is to come back to school."

USC coach Darrin Horn also released a statement:

"Devan and I have been on the same page throughout the process. The feedback he received from several NBA teams and personnel will continue to help him grow as a basketball player. Devan is a special young man and player, and we are glad to have him back for his senior season."

Seems this will stay live now - - This will be the site for the push to state why Devan is the favorite for SEC POY next season.

This is great for USC with Devan and Archie back in 09-10. Make sure to look at our team overview for 09-10.

USC PG Devan Downey Update

The State newspaper sports writer Seth Emerson has a update on USC pg Devan Downey on his newspaper site - HERE.

As we know he was in Milwaukee for his final workout (the team has a story on its web site, along with pictures and video, of Downey's workout).

Seems he will take the entire weekend to decide if he stays at USC, goes to Europe or takes his chances with the NBA draft....


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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Gamecock Clippings - Week in Review

A quick glimpse of gamecock related news for the week of June 11th for ya...

Gamecock Football

Gamecock basketball

Gamecock baseball

Other news of Note

USC nags a LB

Linebacker Brandon Golson (6-2 220) of Calhoun County committed to USC on Thursday

Calhoun County linebacker commits to USC

Ticket sales down at Univ of South Carolina but revenue up

LOHD touched on this before (as have the fans and here) and not sure that the economy is to blame fully on this one. I propose the question to you guys again -

Is the decline in ticket sales for USC football due to the economic climate or poor performance on the field?

Travis Haney at THE POST and COURIER reports -HERE- that ticket sales are down "11%" at Carolina currently. Eric Hyman stated today that revenue is up b/c of the seat tax.

I guess this explains the constant phone calls and emails trying to get me to buy more tickets besides the two I already have - "Risner (head of development for sc) said about 6,000 season tickets remain from the base 57,000 (11.4 percent)."

Good news is "The Gamecock Club has added 900 new members," which is not a surprise since you can join for 50 bucks now and get a full book. THAT PISSES ME OFF. As before it took me several years before I got a full book of tickets even at the half scholly level. Now you can pay bare minimum and get all the tickets. But again this has helped me as my seats have improved.

Risner closes with this, "This has been the most challenging time, probably, in the history of our development operation at South Carolina."

Hence more reason to change the way gamecock club operates. Do away with the business model and get back to focusing on the fans. Not to mention it helps to field a competitive squad. Sorry but truth hurts. And I remain committed - I am continuing my half scholarship dues, paid my seat tax and signed up for 2 season tix. All before I step foot in Columbia. Go Cocks!


Archie to return to Carolina

Looks like one of the two gamecocks looking to figure out there future will put off Europe or the NBA for one more year. I think it is a smart move on Archie's part, as he can improve his stock next season at Carolina and maybe even turn into a draft pick. I have a feeling Downey will take the money and run to Europe. One more year at Carolina can't make him taller.

Any thoughts on this, and what kind of impact will Archie have on the team next year.

More gamecocks drafted...

The New York Yankees drafted junior first baseman Ebert in the 32nd round with the 975th pick.

Alex Farotto, a senior left-handed pitcher, was taken in the 35th round by the Chicago White Sox.

The other USC has some explaining to do...

Seems the NCAA may finally bring the hammer down on the other USC as their coach calls it quits.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Devan Downey is '50-50' and Archie is still thinkin'

Per Seth Emerson of THE STATE, who reports HERE and HERE that USC PG Downey and USC F Archie are still trying to come to a conclusion of what to do with their basketball careers - come back to USC, try the NBA or possibly go to Europe.

Emerson writes that, "Devan Downey texted his high school coach today, saying it was “50-50” he would return to South Carolina."

Seems we have reports from all over the place saying all sorts of things from NBA to Europe to USC. I guess we all can guess until both of these kids make a decision. LOHD has said from the start that both would be better served to come back for another year playing college ball. I think both could raise their value but Devan nor Archie have asked us (yet?).

Stay tuned. They have a June 15 deadline for the decision.

USC Gamecocks have 2nd toughest nonconference schedule

Per Chris Low at ESPN, the gamecocks have the 2nd toughest nonconference schedule in the SEC. Ouch...especially after Phil Steele said our complete schedule is the toughest in the NCAA going into the 09 campaign.

Here is the list -

1. Georgia
2. South Carolina
3. Alabama
4. Mississippi State
5. Florida
6. Auburn
7. Vanderbilt
9. LSU
10. Tennessee
11. Kentucky
12. Ole Miss

D Mack goes to Yankees

The New York Yankees picked up a pair from the in-state powers, taking USC junior outfielder DeAngelo Mack in Round 13 (405th). D Mack led the Gamecocks with a .361 average with 14 homers and 60 RBIs.

Spurrier loses out on Montana

The Seattle Times reports that Nick Montana, the son of former NFL great Joe Montana, has decided to play football at Washington. ESPN has article HERE.

I had my fingers crossed on that one but I knew it was a long shot for this kid to come all the way to the east coast to play football.

USC's Sam Dyson hears his name called

South Carolina sophomore right-handed pitcher Sam Dyson has been selected in the 10th round of the 2009 MLB Draft.

Dyson was the No. 303 overall pick in the draft by the Oakland Athletics.


USC's Catcher gets drafted

South Carolina junior catcher Justin Dalles has been selected in the sixth round of the 2009 MLB Draft. Dalles was the No. 176 overall pick by the Baltimore Orioles.


USC baseball signee picked by Brewers

USC commitment right-handed pitcher Brooks Hall of Anderson (T.L. Hanna High School) was taken in the fourth round by the Milwaukee Brewers.

He was drafted with the 136th overall pick.

USC fans still watching MLB draft

Rounds four through 30 will be held today, with the final 20 rounds Thursday.

We have seen Owings and Myers get picked...who is next?

USC fans are still waiting to hear if the names of current gamecocks - C Justin Dalles, OF DeAngelo Mack, P Blake Cooper, SS Bobby Haney, IF A Crisp, P Parker Bangs, P Sam Dyson and 1b Nick Ebert.

Other Signees that could be drafted and will face a decision to go pro or be a gamecock -
  • JC Robert Beary, who is listed as a utility person from Apopka, Fla.
  • RHP Ethan Carter from Newprt News, Va.
  • RHP Brooks Hall from Anderson
  • JC player at 2b Adrian Morales from Hialeah, Fla.
  • 3rd baseman Christian Walker from Limerick, Pa.

Another USC signee gets picked

Catcher/third baseman Will Myers of High Point, N.C., was picked in the third round by the Kansas City Royals with the No. 91 selection overall. Myers was rated No. 31 nationally by Baseball America magazine.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

USC signee gets drafted

No not Dyson but the Gilbert High shortstop and USC signee Chris Owings. Rated No. 84 nationally by Baseball America, the 5-foot-11, 170-pound infielder was chosen 41st by the Diamondbacks.

Now the question is will he sign or play for the Gamecocks?

Owings drafted 41st by Diamondbacks

Recent Spurrier Interviews

Check these recent interviews of the Gamecock Head Ball Coach -

Spurrier cautiously optimistic about Garcia

Steve Spurrier Q&A: 'I can't worry about how people remember me'

So to sum it up for ya: 4-5 more years for Spurrier at SC, wants to lead USC to promise land, "in Garcia we trust," players like players, coaches like players and no more pooping at the end.

Blake Mitchell where did you go?

The trials of Blake Mitchell continue...

You will recall that the SC Force signed former University of South Carolina QB Blake Mitchell for the 2009 season. But after starting the first two games, and losing the first and second.... Mitchell is no longer with the team. What happen and where did you go?

Monday, June 08, 2009

USC baseball gets some signees

Good news for USC baseball fans out there... 2 pitchers and a infielder are signing up to be a gamecock for 2010. Also pitcher/utility man Alex Satterfield out of Laurens Academy announced today that he wants to be a gamecock in 2011.

I welcome the help, especially pitchers, to getting USC on track to visit the CWS again in the near future.

87 days till kickoff...

There are 87 days until the season opener.

Now that we have entered into the summer months we will begin to analyze the upcoming football season and report on some other things brewing.

Good news of the day is that Clemson lost last night.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Gamecock Clippings - Weekend Edition

Gamecock Football

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Gamecock Baseball

Gamecock Alum
In other news...

USC Fairgrounds with trees

Is it worth $225 to ya?