Wednesday, December 31, 2008

From Tampa

Moose's outback bowl pick

Just want to say Happy New Years, hope everybody won't be to hungover for the game tomorrow at 11 AM.  

The saying goes, football is won in the trenches.  Well I feel Iowa has a better offensive and Defensive line.  I am not sure if Spurrier can cook up a game plan that can allow the Cocks to score enough points against a ball controlling offensive like Iowa has.  We are going to have to put points on the board every time we touch the ball.   If we consistently have 3 and outs, while Iowa runs Greene on long drives we might be in for a long drive.  South Carolina has the speed but do we really have the size to keep Greene from having a big day.  If Garcia is on, I think we have a chance against Iowa’s zone defense.  We will score but in the end Iowa’s physical style will wear us down, letting them score late in the 4th to win.


My prediction is Iowa 27  USC 17


After watching the Florida and Clemson games, I just don’t have much faith in the team.  I have been pleased with the reports that Garcia is actually making an effort to be a leader on the team.  Now I just need to see it on the field. 

5 keys to a Gamecock Win vs Iowa

Let's consider this the Outback are the 5 keys to a gamecock win vs Iowa in Tampa -

1. Stop the Run and do not allow Iowa to establish a ground game --- We have to put the game in Iowa's qb, let him beat us. I hate E Cook is out so D Stewart and the LB core has to step up today.

2. Carolina D - along with stopping the run they have to play close to perfect today. If it is up to the Iowa qb then our corners and safeties have to be ready. USC needs to create TOs and limit the big gains.

3. 3rd downs - On D, Carolina has to not allow them to convert. On offense, Garcia and squad has to convert and remain in control of the game. Keeping Iowa's offense off the field is not a bad thing.

4. USC Ground Game --- SC has to be able to run the ball vs Iowa whether it is Garcia (which I hope not as I envision plenty of time to throw the ball) or Davis/Baker/Maddox/Wallace. Somebody, anybody be effective. O-Line man up and create running lanes!

5. Carolina has to play with fire --- I want to see a pumped up Carolina team that is loving life. Play football kids, shut up and hit somebody. Play with passion and fire. I want to see it vs Iowa. Show the speed and control their power and win!

Most people think SC will lose...not I....going with a 24-20 USC win!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

SC v Iowa YouTube

h/t: SNEAD

Outback travel day

Today I fly out to Tampa so posting will be light heading into the big game.

I pray for 7 things as I head to Tampa -
Safe travels
Great weather
Carolina brings their A+ game
Garcia is ready to be the QB for USC
Carolina smothers the Iowa run
Carolina creates TOs on D
Carolina does not shoot themselves in the foot by doing stupid things like INTs or fumbles or false starts

simple right.....GO COCKS!

any other things to add?

Monday, December 29, 2008

Gamecocks v Iowa news thread

Some news for ya from the Press Citizen -

S.C. not 'stressing' over Greene
High drama for Spurrier
S.C. QB has checkered past
Hawk D among best ever
Greene to NFL?

SC Media outlets -

Postcard from Tampa, day 3
Ferentz, Spurrier miles apart in coaching style
Morris: USC watching budget, even at a bowl game
Outback Bowl preview: Big 10 power vs. SEC speed
Spurrier sees shades of Crimson in Iowa
Spurrier acknowledges it was a down year for SEC
USC foe Hawkeyes took a little while to take flight

unrealted news yet good news for USC fans
Chavis out of Clemson coordinator picture

Random USC and Iowa stats

Some random stats to help you zoom in on the next USC target come 1/1/09...

Iowa O-fence vs. SC D
Iowa averaged 30.25 points per game on offense.
USC gave up 20.25 points per game on defense.
Iowa averaged 373.92 yards of offense.
USC gave up 288.92 yards on defense.
Iowa passed for 184.6 per game on offense.
USC gave up 160.25 per game on defense through the air.
Iowa rushed for 189.33 yards per game on offense.
USC gave up 128.7 yards per game on defense on the ground.

Iowa Defense vs. South Carolina Offense
Iowa defense averaged 13.25 points per game given up.
USC offense averaged 21.67.
Iowa defense allowed 289.5 yards on average per game.
USC averaged 316.83 of offense per game.
Iowa allowed 191.25 yards passing per game.
USC passed for 218.5 yards.
Iowa allowed 98.33 yards per game rushing.
USC rushed for 98.33 yards per game.

Last three opponents-

Iowa: PSU (11-1), Purdue (4-8), Minnesota (7-5)
USC: Ark (5-7), Florida (12-1), Clemson (7-5)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Iowa putting bad spin on USC

Dear Iowa fans please do not believe everything you read in the Press Citizen as all is not that bad at USC. Yes we have had some academic issues, some coaches leave for UT and two straight losses but we like to believe that each game is its' own battle. Actually, we have a great D, a big TE, some WRs that are ready to play and a lot of young guys eager to win. So Iowa be scared as Garcia is back home "where the magic happens" as he was quoted recently; let's hope it is some of the black magic that Joe Morrison was known to cook up.

Here is the bad spin up in Iowa country -

Drama, drama, drama
S.C. QB Garcia has checkered past at university

Morning Cup of Gamecock News

A shot of Gamecock News -

Spurrier pleased with USC's first practice in Tampa
Lindsey twins are split for finale
Morris: Spurrier bloomed as Bandit
Reaves pushes Giles to USC
Bowl schedule, facts, more
Will Munnerlyn's mom know draft best?
Postcard from Tampa, day 1
Morris: McKinley leaves mark
Local players go bowling: Limited role OK with Brown
McKinley holds records, wants bowl victory
Hawkeyes fly behind do-it-all back Greene
Surging Brinkley keys USC's defense
USC works out in Tampa
Running back recruit Giles ready to join Gamecocks
Staley, USC figuring out his role with the Gamecocks
McKinley shines under Spurrier

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Gamecock's Munnerlyn is leaning toward NFL

Gamecock's Captain has eye on NFL

I agree with the above article that Captain needs to stick around for his senior year. So what you have 40 tackles, two TFL, two sacks and five passes broken up. Captain you have played below your potential in 2008 both on special teams and on defense. Where is the love of the game we all once saw? Or is it the cramps again? Captain could use another year in college to help his NFL standing. If he leaves early I think it will be a mistake and he runs the risk of not even being drafted...I mean there are some top talent expected to be in the NFL draft this year at Cornerback -
  • Victor Harris, CB, Virginia Tech
  • Trevard Lindley, CB, Kentucky
  • Malcolm Jenkins, CB, Ohio State
  • Vontae Davis, CB, Illinois
  • D.J. Moore, CB, Vanderbilt
  • Mike Mickens, CB, Cincinnati
  • Alphonso Smith, CB, Wake Forest
  • Keenan Lewis, CB, Oregon State
  • DeAngelo Smith, CB, Cincinnati
  • Domonique Johnson, CB, Jackson State
  • Darius Butler, CB, Connecticut
Captain - listen to us...stay for one more year! The above is just to name a few. You will not go in round 2 like LOHD predicts where E Cook and J Cook go. Right now you are rated at #15 out of all CBs.

As of today, you are not even projected to go in the first 3 rounds...look at the above list of CBs that are going pro...wait one more year and you will be at the top of this list.

What do you think - should he stay or go? 2009 Team Recruiting Rankings

South Carolina goes from #10 to #9....

2009 Team Ranking (updated 12/26/08)

1. LSU
2. Ohio State
3. Texas
4. Alabama
5. USC
6. North Carolina
7. Oklahoma
8. Michigan
9. South Carolina
10. Florida State
11. Georgia
12. Notre Dame
13. Miami
14. Florida
15. Michigan State
16. Arkansas
17. Tennessee
18. Penn State
19. Stanford
20. UCLA
21. Texas A&M
22. Nebraska
23. Auburn
24. Illinois
25. Mississippi State

LOHD Holiday Laugh

The video has become a youtube success and was produced, of all places, right here in Gamecock Nation's birthplace- Columbia, SC by First Baptist Church.

h/t Mattheus Mei

Friday, December 26, 2008

The Duce set to drop in 09'

This sounded more like a Christmas wish than reality but apparently its true according to the Post and Currier! Duce Staley will be coming back to the Gamecocks Football team, this time as a coach. I can't think of anyone better to bring in than him (maybe ST, but since that isn't happening who better than Duce?).

In fact, it seems like this move was on every fans mind in the last year. I can't count the number of times this was suggested at tailgate. There is no other former player with as much passion for Carolina as him. He wears it on his sleeve and isn't afraid to let every and anyone know. I applaud this move and look forward to seeing what he can do to change the attitude around the team and get us primed for the SEC East Crown in 09'.

By the way - I like the vintage uniforms in the pic above, anyone up for bringing those back?

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Hope Santa is good to everyone and have a great Christmas!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ok Lanning you can play in the Outback Bowl

Lanning gets OK to play in bowl

Good news for the USC punter, hopefully we will not need him as the USC Offense will be rolling against Iowa.

USC reports 11 secondary violations to NCAA

USC reports 11 secondary violations to NCAA

They are just secondary so no big deal.

Gamecock News Thread

Here is a shot of gamecock news-

College Baseball Pre-Season Poll

Coming out in the Jan. 2, 2009 edition of Collegiate Baseball newspaper will be a analysis of the top 40 teams going into the 2009 College Baseball season.

Notice that THE University of South Carolina is not ranked in the top 40...what is up with that?

That is utter BS if I ever saw it. This press release is way off in my book but it is important to keep in mind that it is a preseason poll b/c it will not end up that way even though I agree that LSU is the favorite to win it all in 09.

Here is their Top 20 -

1. Louisiana St. (49-19-1)
2. North Carolina (54-14)
3. Rice (47-15)
4. Georgia (45-25-1)
5. Stanford (41-24-2)
6. Arizona St. (49-13)
7. Florida St. (54-14)
8. Louisville (41-21)
9. Texas A&M (46-19)
10. Texas (39-22)
11. Mississippi (39-25)
12. Georgia Tech. (41-21)
13. Cal. St. Fullerton (41-22)
14. Oklahoma St. (44-18)
15. Baylor (32-26)
16. Fresno St. (47-31)
17. San Diego (44-17)
18. Miami, Fla. (53-11)
19. Kentucky (44-19)
20. U.C. Irvine (42-18)

Oh and the new USC baseball home will have no name in it "THE RAY"

Early 2009 College Football Rankings

Not sure if this site is credible but found it interesting who and where they ranked some folks....Vandy at 23, Miss at 11, BC that high? They also went ahead and picked Florida to win the SEC East and 'Bama to win the SEC West.

Here is their Top 25 going into 2009 -

1. Florida
2. Alabama
3. Texas
4. Oklahoma
5. Southern California
6. Oklahoma State
7. Ohio State
8. Georgia Tech
9. Georgia
10. Penn State
11. Ole Miss
12. Pitt
13. Virginia Tech
14. Texas Tech
15. Iowa
16. LSU
17. Utah
18. Minnesota
19. Boise State
20. California
21. UNC
22. BC
23. Vanderbilt
24. FSU
25. East Carolina

Gamecock Club News

09 payment will be the same as the 08 payment - Freeze proposed for Gamecock Club dues

This is the best news from Hyman and USC in awhile and to me this was a easy decision. I mean on one hand we got ticket sales hurting for Tampa trip and gamecock club dues are due in by 12/31/08.....oh and through all this we are in the toughest economic cycle since the depression....

Finally bad news out of clemson

Clemson reserve Chambers arrested

Not that I wish ill will just tired of all the negative stuff out of USC's camp with players not passing classes, coaching staff changes, etc. Not to mention now the world of academia is getting watchful over USC athletics...geez.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Gamecock Basketball Update

This is the first basketball update of the season as yes it is that time of year. USC will take on The Citadel today. And here is a news thread for ya -

Gamecocks Entertain Cross-State Rival The Citadel Saturday

Bad News
Starting guard Branden Conrad is out indefinitely
Body count shrinks to nine for USC

Good News
Downey on Naismith watch list
Horn sees Jackson as perfect fit

Academic Casualties adding up in Gamecocks Camp

Now USC punter Spencer Lanning has academic issues as does fifth-year linebacker Dustin Lindsey. These two are appealing but if the appeal fails it may mean 4 gamcecocks could be sitting out as these two will be joining starting safety Emanuel Cook and reserve offensive lineman Kyle Nunn.

Wow to go guys...really.

Lane Kiffin getting another USC Coach

Vols go after USC's strength coach

Seriously, Lane stop. Go to some other school to keep taking members of their coaching staff. I know we got Giles that you wanted but now you got possibly two of our former coaches on your staff...can we call it even?

Assistant strength coach Dan Austin will oversee USC’s lifting and conditioning through the bowl game. Spurrier plans to hire a full-time strength coach in January.

Brad Scott....What?

Or does anyone else find this comment freakn' hilarious...

OL JeRquari Schofield (6-6 296) of South Aiken when asked about his choice being between Clemson and Tennessee right now in the recruiting process, had this to say about Brad Scott in the Spartanburg Herald & Journal...

"I'm still committed to Tennessee right now but I still have my eyes open. Coach (Brad) Scott has come down to my school every now and again. I know he's a very prestigious offensive line coach."

What? Did I miss something here as Clemson's o-line was horrible in 08. What kind of orange kool-aid are they giving these kids.....

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Passing classes at USC is tough for another one

Geezz...passing two classes must be tough at USC. As reserve offensive lineman Kyle Nunn joins E Cook with problems passing 6 credit hours. Both now will miss the Ouback Bowl game vs. Iowa. Thanks guys!

Also Middle linebacker Dustin Lindsey’s eligibility is in question so watch this one as he works through the appeal process. Some reason I am not surprised with this one...

Also due to E Cook giving up, it has forced Defensive Coordinator Ellis Johnson, who is not job hunting despite expressed interest in Army, to switch from a three-safety to a three-linebacker package but that on paper is a better fit against an Iowa offense that relies heavily on its ground game....we hope.....losing E Cook no matter what you think is not good.

All SEC Team by SEC Bloggers Continues

Today, we bring you the SEC Power Poll All-SEC Defense.
Check with these sites throughout the day to find out who made the cut as the inaugural SEC Power Poll All-SEC Team continues to roll out across the blogosphere:

The Red Solo Cup: Defensive Line
Garnet and Black Attack: Linebackers
Save the Shield: Cornerbacks
Gate 21: Safeties

And don't forget to
take a look at the All-SEC Offense if you haven't already -

Alligator Army: Quarterback
The Dead Guy: Running Backs
Team Speed Kills: Offensive Line and Wide Receiver

DB Jonathan Davis is a Gamecock

DB Davis commits to play for Gamecocks
Davis makes USC commitment official

You may recall that a few days back the rumor was that defensive back Jonathan Davis (5-9 205) of Tucker, Ga., had became a USC commitment over the weekend with OL Rokevious Watkins (6-4, 320 lbs) and OL Steven Singleton (6-3, 310 lbs) of Georgia Military JC. But daddy Davis said not true but now it is true. Confused? Don't worry about it, the bottom line is Jonathan Davis joins the long list of USC Commitments for the upcoming season. Welcome!

Former Gamecock Watson resurfaces

Seems the AIFA is the place to be....Along with former USC QB Blake Mitchell, who signed with the with the Carolina Force, now a another former gamecock has joined the ranks of AIFA pros.

Former USC running back Derek Watson has also signed to play in the AIFA. Watson is on the roster of the Charlotte-based Carolina Speed, according to the team's web site.

Gamecock DB to Transfer

Reserve defensive back to transfer

USC reserve cornerback Jamire Williams is leaving the program and plans to transfer to Alabama State, according to a source close to the football program.

Issue is playing time....WHAT? Hello Mr. Williams you are a redshirt freshman. Maybe earn the PT? I know USC is bringing in some nice freshman to make it more competitive to fill the shoes of losing E Cook and possibly (doubt it) Captain and Stewart but this is crap. I feel learning the position and earning it would be a better way but good luck at Bama State.

McKinley headed to the Senior Bowl

McKinley headed to the Senior Bowl

South Carolina’s all-time leading receiver, Kenny McKinley said Wednesday he has been invited to play in the Senior Bowl on Jan. 24 in Mobile, Ala.

This makes 3 gamecocks playing in all-star games!


Gamecocks headed to East-West Shrine Bowl

Some members of the Gamecock Football team got good news this week and will be playing one more game after the Outback bowl.
USC middle linebacker Jasper Brinkley and offensive lineman Jamon Meredith are playing in the East-West Shrine Bowl on Jan. 17 in Houston.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

All SEC Blog Poll Selection at TE --- Jared Cook

The crew at LOHD take great pride in being part of the roll out of the All SEC Team conducted by the many blogs that are part of the SEC Blog Poll. We were asked to submit are ballot which you can view HERE and we have been asked to focus on one of those players as part of the roll out of the All SEC Team chosen by SEC Bloggers. Please visit the blogs listed at the end of this to view all of the players on the SEC Bloggers ALL SEC Team for 2008.

2008 All SEC Team Selection at Tight End

USC's TE Jared Cook

Jared Alan Cook was born April 7, 1987. He is a junior that is pursuing a degree in retailing but most likely will be playing in the NFL come the start of football in 2009. Some of you may recall that he has a brother, Jason Cook, that plays football at Ole Miss. I am sure Jared found great pleasure in helping the gamecocks beat Ole Miss in 2008.

Jared is listed at 6 foot 5 inches tall and weighs in around the 240lbs area. He is a beast and a total mis-match for opposing defenses. He has been clocked at a 4.37 in the 40-yard dash with a 39.5-inch vertical leap. He has progressed nicely in his career after leaving North Gwinnett High School in 2005. He has seen time at WR and TE throughout his career as a gamecock.

Let's take a glance at the stats...

-Redshirt year in 2005.
-2006: Six catches for 113 yards, an average of 18.8 yards per catch. Saw action in all 12 games either at WR or TE.
-2007: Started the season slated as a WR but quickly moved into the TE role on a more permanent role. Again played in all 12 games with 3 starts. Was third on the squad with 30 receptions for 421 yards (second on the team), averaged 14.0 yards per catch, and nabbed 3 TDs.

-2008: Was a coming out year for him as he was selected to the All-SEC 2nd Team by the AP and 1st team All SEC by the league coaches. He was a semifinalist for the Mackey Award, which goes to the nation's top TE. Cook is second on the team with 35 receptions and 550 receiving yards while leading the team with a 15.7 yard per reception average. He has the 2 longest receptions of the season by a Gamecock - a 66 yard TD catch vs. Arkansas and a 63 yard reception at Ole Miss. He has 2 TDs to his credit this year. His best day was vs. Vandy where he had 8 catches for 111 yards.

Mr. Cook is rumored to be going to the NFL in 2009. Which really and truly can you blame him? He is rated by NFL Experts as being somewhere in the #2 to #4 TE Draft Prospects. We all can agree that a legit TE in the NFL is hard to come by and many say he could be the next Antonio Gates.

What he has going for him is speed, big body, can take a hit and strength...all of which is hard to find in a TE so it is no wonder that the SEC Bloggers voted him to the ALL SEC TEAM in 2008.

The inaugural SEC Power Poll All-SEC Team Offense is being rolled out across the blogosphere today. A look at who's releasing which positions-

Alligator Army: Quarterback
The Dead Guy: Running Backs
Leftover Hot Dog: Tight End
Team Speed Kills: Offensive Line and Wide Receiver

So make sure to visit and again congrats to Gamecock Nation's very own Jared Cook!

Gamecocks Joke of the Day

Columbia Police reported that an individual attempted to "egg" Coach Steve Spurrier's home last night.

The report stated:

An empty egg carton was recovered at the scene. Two eggs hit the Coach's house, 3 eggs went over his house and hit his neighbor's back door, 2 eggs hit the houses of each of his next door neighbors, and the remaining 3 eggs were found broken on the ground near the cart on.

Looking at what was hit and missed, police officials say they are considering USC Quarterback Chris Smelley as the primary suspect.

Former Gamecock Blake Mitchell part of Carolina Force

Yesterday Greenville's newest sport to try to call the Bi-lo Center home made a announcement that I thought was interesting.....

Former University of South Carolina quarterback Blake Mitchell has signed with the Carolina Force, Greenville’s new entry into the American Indoor Football Association.

Greenville's pro indoor football team signs ex-USC quarterback Blake Mitchell

Mitchell was a three-year starter for the Gamecocks, passing for 5,992 yards in his career. He threw 38 touchdown passes, had a completion percentage of 61.8, and a record of 14-12. That shaved head look is not good for him and the 200 bucks a game he will make and 250 bucks if they win so not like he will get rich....thoughts?

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Even Tim Tebow would frown on this...

Bless their heart is all I can say and shouldn't he have a #15 jersey on.....what is next a Stephen Garcia song in 2009?

Why doesn't USC go after Edwards?

Now Virginia Tech has received a decommitment from Tyrell Edwards of Marlboro County (Bennettsville, S.C.); should USC step in and go after him?

Edwards was recruited by the Hokies as a linebacker/tight end and a probable greyshirt. He was not happy about greyshirting and is now considering North Carolina State, Vanderbilt, Illinois, along with the Hokies. Tyrell's has a twin brother Tariq is still committed to the Hokies.

What is the story here? In-state guy but no love from USC? I feel that J Cook will go to NFL giving us Sanders as the starter at TE so wouldn't having Edwards in be a good thing?

Ellis Johnson interested in Army

Johnson interested in Army

Why can you not just be happy Ellis as the Def Coor for the Gamecocks? Is it that bad?

E Cook a letdown for Gamecock Nation

E. Cook out for bowl game; career likely over

Another Article

So 6 hours of class time was too much? This is a big disappointment. USC could have used the strong safety E Cook against Iowa’s Shonn Greene but so much for the team. We knew you were good and most likely headed to the NFL but this is stupid. Best of luck I guess and hope that NFL gig works out.

Time to step up Dion Lecorn and Darian Stewart!

Gamecocks set to take on North Carolina Central

The University of South Carolina men's basketball team (6-1) ends an 11-day break for exams today with an 8 p.m. home game against North Carolina Central.

Devan Downey leads the Gamecocks in scoring, averaging 19.6 points per game. Zam Fredrick (15.6), Mike Holmes (11.9) and Evaldas Baniulis (11.4) also are averaging double figures in scoring. Holmes (9.3) and Dominique Archie (8.0) lead the Gamecocks in rebounding. USC is outrebounding its opponents by six per game.

N.C. Central is winless this year after 11 contests.

USC is #135 on the RPI list and NC-Central is #342.

Raley-Ross set to return
USC's Baniulis offers a defense
Men's pregame: USC vs. N.C. Central

I say Gamecocks by 17 points....

Cory Boyd Update Part II

Former Gamecock Boyd cut in Denver

Well it seems just when you want to report good news about a former Gamecock making it in the NFL they get cut. That is want happened to Broncos RB Cory Boyd who lost his spot on the 53 man roster Monday and seems he is headed back to the practice squad.

Good luck Cory and keep working....

Monday, December 15, 2008

Cory Boyd Update...

Cory Boyd has resurfaced due to the injury bug taking a toll on the Denver Broncos tailback corp.

Latest victim - Peyton Hillis. Hillis injured his hamstring in the second quarter of the game vs the Kansas City Chiefs. The injury left Spencer Larsen, who was still recovering from a bruise on his left hip suffered the week prior against the Jets, as the only tailback in uniform.

With the recent injury to Hillis, Denver coach Mike Shanahan signed Cory Boyd from the practice squad. Cory signed with the Broncos on November 4 after being waived by Tampa Bay. The Broncos now have a bus load of RBs -PJ Pope, Michael Pittman, Andre Hall, Torain and Anthony Alridge, on injured reserve, and Selvin Young has been ailing for months. Now with Hillis and Larsen limping from injuries, Cory got first team reps this past week as the Broncos prepared for their game this past Sunday in Charlotte with the Panthers.

Also of note, Andrew Pinnock has been performing well in practice for the Broncos. Andrew, who is wearing #38 and Cory #30, are both part of the Bronco system.

Boyd sees no action vs. Panthers

LOHD Bowl Challenge - Call for Players

If you haven’t done so already, join our Bowl Pick ‘Em group through Yahoo Fantasy Sports. Once there go to "join a private group" and type in the following -

Group ID: 17647
password: hotdog

Sir Barkley throws in his two cents

Sir Charles took time away from Gambling and running for governor of Alabama to throw in his two cents about why Auburn didn’t hire Turner Gill as there head coach. Of course the hot top in main stream sports is why there is a shortage of black coaches in Division 1 football.

From…. I think race was the No. 1 factor,” Barkley, who played basketball for three seasons at Auburn during the early 1980s, told “You can say it’s not about race, but you can’t compare the two resumes and say [Chizik] deserved the job. Out of all the coaches they interviewed, Chizik probably had the worst resume.”

Any thoughts about what Auburn was doing when they hired Chizik, should they have hired Gill? This isn't the first time Barkley has spoken about about race in sports and I am sure it won't be the last.

Bowl Maddness is getting closer...

Well reason #1 why we will never have a playoff system for Div 1 College Football is set to begin very soon. Seriously as long as we have big money being thrown around for TV rights, etc and not to mention bowl payouts....the BCS computers will have a job.

Here is a link to the bowl games and payout associated to each - HERE.

Below are the dates, times, TV networks and match-ups for each game of the 2008-09 bowl season.

EagleBank - Dec. 20, 11 a.m. (ESPN) Washington, D.C. - Navy vs. Wake Forest
New Mexico - Dec. 20, 2:30 p.m. (ESPN) Albuquerque, N.M. - Fresno State vs. Colorado St
St. Petersburg - Dec. 20, 4:30 p.m. (ESPN2) St. Petersburg, Fla. - USF vs. Memphis
Las Vegas - Dec. 20, 8 p.m. (ESPN) Las Vegas - BYU vs. Arizona
New Orleans - Dec. 21, 8 p.m. (ESPN2) New Orleans - Southern Miss vs. Troy
Poinsettia - Dec. 23, 8 p.m. (ESPN) San Diego - Boise St. vs. TCU
Hawaii - Dec. 24, 8 p.m. (ESPN) Honolulu, Hawaii - Notre Dame vs. Hawaii
Motor City - Dec. 26, 7:30 p.m. (ESPN2) Detroit - Florida Atlantic vs. Central Michigan
Meineke - Dec. 27, 1 p.m. (ESPN) Charlotte, N.C. - North Carolina vs. West Virginia
Champs Sports Bowl - Dec. 27, 4:30 p.m. (ESPN) Orlando, Fla. - Wisconsin vs. Florida St.
Emerald - Dec. 27, 8 p.m. (ESPN) San Francisco - Cal vs. Miami
Independence - Dec. 28, 8 p.m. (ESPN) Shreveport, La. - N Illinois vs. Louisiana Tech - Dec. 29, 3 p.m. (ESPN) Birmingham, Ala. - North Carolina St. vs. Rutgers
Alamo - Dec. 29, 8 p.m. (ESPN) San Antonio, Texas - Northwestern vs. Missouri
Humanitarian - Dec. 30, 4:30 p.m. (ESPN) Boise, Idaho - Nevada vs. Maryland
Holiday - Dec. 30, 8 p.m. (ESPN) San Diego - Oklahoma St. vs. Oregon
Texas - Dec. 30, 8 p.m. (NFL) Houston - Rice vs. Western Michigan
Armed Forces - Dec. 31, Noon (ESPN) Fort Worth, Texas - Houston vs. Air Force
Sun - Dec. 31, 2 p.m. (CBS) El Paso, Texas - Oregon St. vs. Pittsburgh
Music City - Dec. 31, 3:30 p.m. (ESPN) Nashville, Tenn. - Vanderbilt vs. Boston College
Insight - Dec. 31, 5:30 p.m. (NFL) Tempe, Ariz. - Kansas vs. Minnesota
Chick-fil-A - Dec. 31, 7:30 p.m. (ESPN) Atlanta - Georgia Tech vs. LSU
Outback - Jan. 1, 11 a.m. (ESPN) Tampa, Fla. - South Carolina vs. Iowa
Capital One - Jan. 1, 1 p.m. (ABC) Orlando, Fla. - Michigan St. vs. Georgia
Gator - Jan. 1, 1 p.m. (CBS) Jacksonville, Fla. - Klempsun vs. Nebraska
Rose - Jan. 1, 4:30 p.m. (ABC) Pasadena, Calif. - USC vs. Penn St.
Orange - Jan. 1, 8 p.m. (FOX) Miami - Cincinnati vs. Virginia Tech
Cotton - Jan. 2, 2 p.m. (FOX) Dallas - Texas Tech vs. Ole Miss
Liberty - Jan. 2, 5 p.m. (ESPN) Memphis, Tenn. - Kentucky vs. East Carolina
Sugar - Jan. 2, 8 p.m. (FOX) New Orleans - Utah vs. Alabama
International - Jan. 3 Noon (ESPN2) Toronto - Connecticut vs. Buffalo
Fiesta - Jan. 5, 8:30 p.m. (FOX) Glendale, Ariz. - Texas vs. Ohio St.
GMAC - Jan. 6, 8 p.m. (ESPN) Mobile, Ala. - Tulsa vs. Ball St.
BCS National Championship Game - Jan. 8, 8 p.m. (FOX) Miami - Oklahoma vs. Florida

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Gamecock Commit wins SC Mr. Football

Gilmore Wins Mr. Football

ATH Stephon Gilmore of South Pointe was named the winner of the Mr. Football Award in South Carolina for 2008.

Playing quarterback and cornerback, the 6-foot-1, 180-pounder led the Stallions to a 15-0 record this season, capped off by a 35-21 victory against Rock Hill rival Northwestern last Friday night in Clemson to claim the South Carolina Class 4A, Division II championship. Gilmore passed for 1,146 yards and 13 touchdowns and rushed for 1,147 yards and 12 touchdowns this season.

Gilmore is a future gamecock so this is great news for Gamecock Nation and with E Cook possibly leaving for the NFL he could get some early PT time in 09.

USC has a great recruiting weekend is reporting that commitments came in this weekend for the Gamecocks from OL Rokevious Watkins (6-4, 320 lbs) and OL Steven Singleton (6-3, 310 lbs) of Georgia Military JC. Also rumored is that DB Jonathan Davis (5-9, 205 lbs) of Tucker, GA made a pledge to USC but there is some conflicting reports regarding if this is truly accurate.

Tampa (Fla.) Hillsborough running back Lindsey Lamar was in this past weekend to scope out USC so let's hope after Giles that Lamar comes also. Having them both would be awesome!

Nabbing 2 big boys up front with JC experience could be a huge boost in 09. To go along with these two we need Timberland OL Quinton Washington (6-4 315) to make his commitment to USC, as it has been reported that he is leaning towards SC. Getting OL's in for 09 is crucial!

SEC Blogger Poll --- All SEC Team

Many of you are aware that LOHD participates in the SEC Blog Poll. We have been asked to submit our All-SEC Team for 2008 and here was our ballot---

QB - Timmy Tebow - Florida
RB - Knowshon Moreno - Georgia
RB - Charles Scott - LSU
WR - Julio Jones - Bama
WR - Percy Harvin -Florida
L - Andre Smith - Alabama
L - Micheal Oher - Ole Miss
L - Herman Johnson - LSU
L - Clint Boling - UGA
C - Antoine Caldwell - Alabama
TE - Jared Cook - South Carolina
DE - Robert Ayers - Tennessee
DE - Rahim Alem - LSU
DT - Terrence Cody - Alabama
DT - Peria Jerry - Ole Miss
LB - Brandon Spikes - Florida
LB - Eric Norwood - South Carolina
LB - Dominic Douglas - Mississippi State
CB -D.J. Moore - Vanderbilt
CB - Trevard Lindley - Kentucky
S - Eric Berry - Tennessee
S - E Cook - South Carolina
P - Tim Masthay - Kentucky
K - Colt David - LSU
All Purpose - Dexter McCluster - Ole Miss
KR- Brandon James -UF
PR- Javier Arenas - Alabama

Make sure to check out our pal at to view the final ballot which should be up soon.

Gene Chizik....Was that a Sneeze?

Auburn hires Chizik

When someone says to me Gene Chizik is in at Auburn, I have to think that was a sneeze and got to say to them "bless you." Seriously, close your eyes and think about this. Better yet try time you are in the office blow your nose and say Gene Chizik real fast. I guarantee that someone will say "bless you."

Not sure about this hire at Auburn...seems Auburn could have done better but maybe they know something we don't. Yeah he is one heck of a defense coach but his head coaching career at ISU did not blow anyone's socks off. Come on the Chief rival 'bama has Saban and you, the Auburn fan, has Chizik. Hmmm....


Saturday, December 13, 2008

Two Gamecocks Dismissed from Team; Broadhead may be in troblue

Reserve receiver Chris Hail and seldom-used defensive tackle Donte'e Nicholls have been dismissed from the team for multiple violations of team rules.

Also USC campus police are investigating an incident involving USC backup offensive lineman Ryan Broadhead, who allegedly caused $300 in damages to a door at the dormitory where the majority of the players live.

Come on....Hail and Nicholls were non-factors but Broadhead needs to get in line!

Sports Blog Heisman Trophy - LOHD Ballot

LOHD was asked to particpate in the first annual Sports Blog Heisman Trophy process. And here is our ballot ---

1. Sam Bradford, Oklahoma
Sam was the fuel to a powerful offensive machine in 2008. What sealed it for me was not the number of TDs but the helicoptering leap that failed to score at Oklahoma State. He showed the leadership that is the essence of the Heisman.

2. Colt McCoy, Texas
Not this year but if he stays can we say 09 Heisman?

3. Tim Tebow, Florida
Will go down in the top 3 best QBs in college football history but truly is a product of the system plus he already has one and the legend is getting watered down as the comparisons of Superman continue.

To view the winner and get a understanding of the process please visit The Blue Workhorse and view the RESULTS.

UPDATE (12/14/08) --- Oklahoma quarterback Bradford wins Heisman

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Playoffs or end to Gamecock Chicken Curse

Which one do you believe will happen first?

I found a good read today over at our pal's site - Team Speed Kills - with his discussion yet most important his 6 team playoff system. As you know LOHD is big fans of a playoff system but it will be years until it happens. It all boils down to money. Greed that is.

As long as we have a hundred or so bowl games dishing out millions of dollars and don't forget conference profit sharing....well the chance of a playoff race is slim despite the recent Congressman wanting to replace the BCS with playoff. I do feel the system is broken and almost to the point of a joke with some of the bowls and their names. Not to mention how some teams get chosen for a bowl game....just look at Clemson going to the Gator Bowl for example number 1. Something is wrong with the system - yes - but until we find a way to remove (or make the playoffs as lucrative) the money issues then the BCS and bowls will continue.

The Gamecock "Chicken Curse" well not sold on its existence but have always said that Gamecock football is king for finding ways to beat themselves in games and a lot of people point that to the "Chicken Curse." Where did this originate you ask ...... well legend has it that "Pitchfork" Ben Tillman, a former South Carolina Senator and a founding father of Clemson, during heated debate in the South Carolina State Legislature over the establishment of Clemson University as some in the body that day did not want to establish Clemson College...well due to this heated exchange Tillman later that day slammed a pitchfork into the ground on campus at Carolina, declaring the USC to be cursed. As we know, the establishment of Clemson moved forward but the "curse" still lingers.....

Anywho.... go check this out and make sure to vote!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Gamecocks thinking NFL

Alright these are the guys rumored to be exploring the NFL standing....

DE/LB Eric Norwood said Monday he filed his paperwork last week with the NFL's advisory council, which, well, advises prospects where they'd be drafted in April. Makes sense for him after the All SEC nod recently and let's be honest he is a beast.

Norwood is USC's all-time leader with 42 tackles for loss and is third on the all-time list in sacks with 22. He is the active SEC leader in sacks and tackles for loss. Norwood also was selected first-team All-SEC by the league's coaches in 2007.

Other Gamecocks expected to check their statuses through that council are SS Emanuel Cook, TE Jared Cook, CB Captain Munnerlyn and spur Darian Stewart.

Jared Cook, selected to the AP second team All SEC Monday, is a semifinalist for the Mackey Award, which goes to the nation's top tight end. He is second on the team with 35 catches for 550 yards and two touchdowns. He led the team in yards per catch (15.7).

Emanuel Cook, also a second-team choice for All SEC by AP, led USC with 87 tackles and topped the SEC in solo tackles with 62.

The Cooks are gone in my view and especially E Cook. Just look how USC has been recruiting this year with Gillmore and others coming in....Spurrier & Co I think know that E-Cook is gone. I feel Darrin Stewart is also just putting his toe in the water here and will stay to finish out his senior year. Probably wise too as he will be looked to in 09 to "be the man."

Oh and don't forget Jasper Brinkley. Brinkley, a senior, ranked fifth on the team with 54 tackles, including five for loss. He has 182 tackles in a little more than two seasons with Carolina, including 132 solo stops. I feel confident that he will be playing in the NFL on Sundays.

So who do you think will leave?
  • J Cook
  • E Cook
  • Captain
  • D Stewart
  • E Norwood
leave a comment....

Former Gamecock Duce Staley is loose

I commend former Gamecock RB Duce Staley for taking issue with former USC assistant now traitor....I mean now the current Tennessee assistant David Reaves. Seems Duce, along with many within the Gamecock Nation, are calling out David Reaves for his dirty recruiting tactics. The latest spat happened on a gamecock radio call in show, and Reaves participated in the call in show to try to defend himself. I give him kudos for calling in and having the balls to face the accusations but now it is a true case of "he said / she said" and no matter how you twist it David Reaves has burned the bridge in/to Columbia. This is the second dose of kerosene on the UT - USC rivalry as the first was Spurrier calling out Kiffin for getting to work very quickly.

More SEC Honors for Gamecock Players

The other day the SEC handed out AP All SEC Team Honors, now the league's coaches voted on what they viewed as the best in the SEC and University of South Carolina junior linebacker Eric Norwood received the 1st team hononrs as did junior tight end Jared Cook on Offense. On Second Team Defense there was Senior linebacker Jasper Brinkley and junior strong safety Emanuel Cook.

Good News Ellis not leaving Gamecocks

Seems that Ellis Johnson's former employer will end there interest in him as their new head coach as it has been reported by ESPN that Mississippi State will hire Florida offensive coordinator Dan Mullen to be its next football coach.

Again this is good news for Gamecock Fans as Ellis has been a great hire and hope he sticks around for many years.

Will be interesting to see how Dan does with MSU without a Tebow and now without Wesley Carroll, who started this season as Mississippi State's quarterback, who has been granted a release and plans to transfer.

What Iowa is expecting in the Outback.

News article from the Des Moines register

Iowa City, Ia. — Here’s all you have to know about the South Carolina offense: They have a quarterback named Smelley.Smelley — Chris Smelley — alternates under center with Stephen Garcia, and, collectively, the two of them make Adam Weber look like Tim Tebow.The Gamecocks, Iowa’s dance partner for the 2009 Outback Bowl, rank 54th in the Football Bowl Subdivision in passing offense, 109th in rushing offense, 97th in total offense and 92nd in scoring offense. In losses to LSU, Florida and Clemson, South Carolina averaged 243.6 yards of offense and converted just 10-of-41 third-down opportunities.

Some bowls are designed to be shootouts.This isn’t one of them.“I wouldn’t have predicted that,” Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz said tonight when asked about the Gamecocks’ struggles. “I really don’t know that much about them. I know this: (South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier) knows how to coach and he knows offense. And they’ll be ready to go, I know that.”So will Iowa fans. Take a bow, folks, once you find an airfare that won’t destroy your Christmas budget. The Hawkeyes are playing on New Year’s Day for the fifth time in seven years not so much because of star running back Shonn Greene (although that helped), or that massive win over previously unbeaten Penn State (although that helped too), but because of you.Northwestern beat Iowa, in Kinnick Stadium no less, and posted a better overall record (9-3), but bowls aren’t about standings — they’re about the bottom line. To the suits in Tampa, the Wildcats are a private school with a small fan base, alumni scattered across the country, and only a marginal presence in the Chicago media market.They’re a nice story. The Hawkeyes are a safe, proven investment.Bowls want fannies in the seats. Iowa faithful flock to bowls like ants to a picnic. If there’s a game in Uzbekistan, they’ll find a tent big enough to host a Hawkeye Huddle.Of course, the same could be said of South Carolina fans, which is part of what makes this game so intriguing — or, if you’re a bowl selection committee, so lucrative.The Hawkeyes and Gamecocks have never met on the football field, but they’ve got quite a bit in common. Each is the largest public university in a historically rural state. Each has a large-school rival that resides in another conference (here, Iowa State; there, Clemson). Ferentz has reportedly been on the radar for NFL teams for years; Spurrier, um, used to be.But the comparisons sort of end there.While the Hawkeyes galvanized their offensive identity over the final six weeks of the season — a little play-action and a lot of Greene — the Gamecocks have gone through more extended funks than the Dow Jones Industrial Average. South Carolina closed out its slate by dropping three of five, including back-to-back ugly setbacks against Florida and Clemson that saw Spurrier’s men outscored 89-20.“Hopefully,” the Ol’ Ballcoach told reporters tonight, “we can get back to playing the way we were (during) the middle of the season.”After a 31-14 loss to Clemson, Spurrier dumped his offensive line coach and his quarterbacks coach resigned to take a job with Tennessee. Through his first four seasons in Columbia, he’s made at least nine changes to his staff.“I’ve heard they’ve got a pretty good defense, though,” Greene said of the Gamecocks. “So I look forward to that challenge.”He heard right. They’re quick, salty and legit. First-year defensive coordinator Ellis Johnson has a reputation for being as creative — and aggressive — as they come. The Gamecocks have allowed eight passing touchdowns all season.Of course, it says here they’ve also surrendered 20 scores on the ground. If you’re an Iowa fan, you have to like the smell of that.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Giles is a Gamecock

Gaither (Tampa, FL) 4-star running back Jarvis Giles, one of the most heralded running back prospects in America this recruiting year, has chosen South Carolina over Tennessee. This is huge as the 5-foot-11, 180-pounder will play a great role in the USC backfield. Welcome!

For you myspace kids show Jarvis some Gamecock Nation love on his page HERE . Do notice how in his picture he is standing with Michael Phelps in Williams Brice.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Gamecocks make All-SEC Team

USC linebacker Eric Norwood was named to the AP first-team All-SEC defense today according to the SEC Site.

Tight end Jared Cook and safety Emanuel Cook were named to the second team.

USC WR Kenny McKinley and Kicker Ryan Succop get Honorable Mention accolades.

Here is how the AP handed out the other big awards -

COACH OF THE YEAR---Nick Saban, Alabama
FRESHMAN OF THE YEAR---Julio Jones, Alabama

Gamecock Recruiting Going Well

Rivals has the Gamecock recruiting efforts listed in the Top 10 thus far....keep it up!

Just need RB Giles to sign and OL Farms to come back on board to add icing to the cake.

Oh and we join Garnet and Black in welcoming DE Duane Chisolm (6-4, 245) of Beaufort who committed recently to the Gamecock Family.

I feel strongly that we need a Outback Bowl win to help keep the momentum as it seems the battles are beginning to occur heavier now with Dabo and Kiffin. Speaking of Lane did anyone see this article where he is talking to Giles about UT basically going towards a Southern Cal type offense...thoughts? Not sure if it will work up there in rocky top, just look what happened to Auburn when they tried to institute the spread. Gotta have the right athletes in place and something tells me the UT patience is thin.

Monday DYK related to USC Football

Did you know...

This is the 115th season of intercollegiate football at the University of South Carolina, dating back to 1892. It is the 102nd-consecutive year in which South Carolina has competed on the gridiron. The University did not field a team in either 1893 or 1906.
Carolina owns an all-time record of 528-528-44.

That is right boys and girls the USC football team is a cool .500 ! Let's hope that the game vs. Iowa puts us going in the right direction and let's stay there as it has been a wild ride for Gamecock Nation to simply get to .500.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Gamecocks Outback Bowl Bound

The University of South Carolina football team has been invited to participate in the 23rd annual Outback Bowl in Tampa, Fla., on Jan. 1, 2009, it was announced Sunday. The Gamecocks (7-5, 4-4 SEC) will take on the Iowa Hawkeyes (8-4, 5-3 Big Ten).

Gamecocks Invited to Outback Bowl

Thoughts? I like the match-up at first glance....more later.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

USC baseball stadium should be called THE RAY

Boo this name....LOHD sticks by our plea to call the new Baseball Stadium - The Ray.

USC's new baseball stadium will temporarily be called Carolina that is intimidating and original. Why not call it a the baseball diamond while you are at it? If feel that we need to honor Ray Tanner, the man behind the black magic with the Carolina baseball team and the man who will bring USC a national championship soon. Also it will be a great tradition and attention getter. Don't sell out to corporate America, sell out to the fans that will be sitting in those bleachers.....Eric Hyman call it The Ray!

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Recommended Gamecock Reading Today

I would like to ask Gamecock Nation to read THIS ARTICLE from Ron Aiken with the Columbia Free Times entitled "Spurrier: Apologize to Fans Personally or Retire Now."

Here is a snipit to strike your interest -
The sad facts of the 2008 season are that USC started off terribly with Smelley at the helm, got back on track with Garcia, then slid off the rails again in humiliating fashion, all because Garcia pisses Spurrier off to no end.

Also post your comments if you agree with his take on things. Yes we all know the last two games were poor showings but coaches can not control the play of players. Do agree Smelley should have been pulled in the CU game. Also think or should I say agree that there is a little more to the QB situation that Spurrier likes to share...maybe ego has something to do with it?

Garcia Staying with Gamecocks

Thanks to fellow LOHD blogger JR we get the answer during a interview with Garcia recently. JR is the one holding the tape recorder to the left and no he does not work for WIS but is a faithful LOHD reporter seeking the truth.

Anywho....Garcia clears up the rumor posted here on LOHD that Garcia was transferring and talks about the "goings on" in the program and the upcoming bowl game.


LOHD Bowl Pick'm Challenge

If you haven’t done so already, join our Bowl Pick ‘Em group through Yahoo Fantasy Sports. Once there go to "join a private group" and type in the following -

Group ID: 17647

password: hotdog

Final SEC Power Poll Results

The final SEC Power Poll of the regular season is up at Garnet and Black Attack. Also be on the look out for the SEC Power Poll All-SEC Team, something new coming soon.

Oh and here is my final ballot ---
  1. UF
  2. Ala
  3. UGA
  4. Ole Miss
  5. USC
  6. LSU
  7. Ark
  8. UK
  9. UT
  10. Vand
  11. Aub
  12. MSU

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

USC Rumor Mill --- Garcia to Transfer after Bowl Game

Alright Gamecock Nation, I have to put out there the latest rumor...don't you just love the end of the season drama. From bowl game suspense, coaching changes, speculation of which players are leaving for the NFL to recruiting battles....oh the drama.

Well here is the latest rumor to hit the streets.....Stephen Garcia will transfer after the bowl game to South Flordia! Anyone hearing this? Thoughts?

I for one second don't believe it and don't see why he would leave now. He has worked too hard to get into USC, stay in USC, put up with the Spurrier rotation, battle Smelley, quit now. I call bluff on this one as he is slated to be the starter in 2009 and the fan favorite.

McCorvey & Spurrier Can Not Agree / So Go Hire Taneyhill

Seems the deal to bring the former Mississippi State Assistant Coach and OC over to USC has ended. Not sure if it was the best hire for the team anyway but I am not Steve Spurrier as he hopefully knows what is best for the team. Not surprising really that this did not work out as McCorvey would go from being a OC and a Assistant Coach to a WR Coach for USC. Moving down the line in my view....

So I would like to take this opportunity to renew our case for Spurrier to Hire Taneyhill. Steve at least make the call as it would be a positive news spin this week.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Dear Spurrier - Hire Steve Taneyhill as your new QB Coach

LOHD has a plan. We feel a very good one and Spurrier you need to listen.

Hire Steve Taneyhill as your new QB Coach.
You may say why or is he qualified. Stop and think about that.

He is currently the Head Coach of Chesterfield High School. He has won a state championship at Chesterfield and 2 coaching a 8 man team (back to back) at Cambridge Academy. He was the USC QB and fan favorite from 1992 to 1995. As a Gamecock quarterback, Taneyhill compiled 8,380 yards in total offense, completing 753 of 1,245 passes.he threw 62 touchdown passes in his career. So he has the credentials.

But why should he be your next QB Coach besides his coaching experience? Simple...he connects to today's players. At 33 years old he knows what the kids face and the realities that exist. He also can relate to them because he has been in their shoes a little more recent than you (no disrespect). Most important, he has the passion and attitude to be successful. He has that ego that either pisses you off or you love. Remember Steve when you had it? Let's get it back at USC. Let's put Taneyhill on staff and let him rally the kids a little. I think in 2008, we were missing this. I am sure he will make football fun again as we are dealing with 18-22 year olds.

Oh and another point....I think he can get Garcia in check. He was Garcia. He can relate to Garcia and get him "coached up" to play football. Spurrier, listen, I know you demand perfection and when accomplished your offense is unbeatable. BUT perfection is hard to attain and what I feel we truly need is the "fire in the belley." Create the 'fire' and the determination to be perfect will rise up.

We need a coach that is young and can relate to these kids; we need Steve Taneyhill as your next QB Coach. I am sure he can help recruit also as he some name recognition.

So Gamecock Nation...whatca think? Could Taneyhill jump in and do the job? Come on Steve...swallow the pride and do this as it could prove to be a great hire!

Rumor Mill---Dabo fires Vic Koenning/Targets Ellis

Dabo Swinney goes to work as "the man" today and takes care of some house cleaning duties as he gives Vic the pink slip no surprise there but the rumor is Dabo has talked to Ellis Johnson about the opening but I call bullsh*t on that. No way Ellis leaves Carolina for this gig. Why would he? He has a solid defense and got a fat contract. I think the UT former DC John Chavis is a better fit.

Dabo No Danny

Dear Clemson Fan Base,

Please stop with the "danny ford" comparisons with the guy above. William Christopher "Dabo" Swinney just signed a 5 year deal and can remove the 'Interim' from his title after taking the tigers to 4-2 record to have them finish 7-5. Please note this is the same record as South Carolina in 2008. Great you got your man! But seriously, I know Clemson just won against the "arch rival" but stop for a second and separate the passion or should I say stop drinking the orange kool-aid. Dabo has his work cut out for him. Bowden was 8-4, 8-5, and 9-4 the last three years. Are you trying to improve the program or just maintain the same levels?
I agree he has upside and came at a good price since you still got Bowden on the hook. But do remember he was never a coordinator, and now he's a head coach. It's a big jump for a school whose money, support and tradition fits more in line with the SEC. In other words: win or walk.
Next year he should be okay and there have been comparisons of this is much like West Virginia but I think he will do well next year as far as a record. They will still have a good D in place, Spiller, a little shaky at QB with Korn and a improved O line. So he should win some games next year on talent alone but the true test/measure will be in year 2-3 (2010 & 2011). As the other ACC schools are on the upswing and USC is on the upswing it will be interesting to see what happens in Clemson, SC.
I guess it is a flip of a coin when you hire a new coach anyhow but seriously stop with the Danny Ford talk, please.

USC Caption Comments

Insert your caption comments as we need to get into the mind of Smelley this past Saturday as he sits beside Mike Davis on the bench during the Clemson win.

Monday, December 01, 2008

UT Kiffin has some explaining to do

Spurrier questions whether Kiffin broke rules

Welcome to the SEC Lane Kiffin. First job after making some calls to recruits and boosters is to answer the question Spurrier raises. He has been around a while and is not going to let the new kid on the block rock his boat. Wait...never mind as he let Dabo....forget it....back to the subject. It appears that Mr. Kiffin started working a little too soon for UT or before the ink dryed; question is will the NCAA take a close look at this or is this even a issue?
I do hope the hire of Dave Reeves will not hurt the SC recruiting hunt but I can not blame the guy because anyone in his shoes would do the same thing. I look forward to see how Kiffin responds and how UT trys to spin this one if there is truth to "the scandal."

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Updated Gamecock - Hitler Video II

USC O Line Coach Fired / Reaves Out

Breaking news: Hunt fired, Reaves leaving for UT

Hunt deserves the pink slip after a crappy year coaching the O Line.

I can not blame Reaves for leaving to join his brother-in-law, Lane Kiffin, at Tennessee. Their he will be the Volunteers’ quarterbacks coach and probably help with recruiting. Reaves interviewed with Kiffin two years ago with the Oakland Raiders, but decided to stay at USC.

Cornerbacks coach Shane Beamer will succeed Reaves as the Gamecocks’ recruiting coordinator, a position Beamer held at Mississippi State.

Graduate assistant coach Cedric Williams will take over the line for the Gamecocks' bowl preparations.

Two Questions---
1. How will this affect recruiting with the Clemson loss / Hunt fired / Reaves going to UT?
2. Will USC defensive coordinator Ellis Johnson leave for the head-coaching vacancy at Mississippi State. Johnson, who recently received a contract extension at USC, was the Bulldogs’ defensive coordinator for Croom’s first four seasons.

Fire Steve Spurrier Site Goes Up

It was bound to happen....I don't agree with it but do see the rational....

Clemson To Name DABO Coach

Report: Clemson To Name Swinney Coach

Gamecock Fans Sunday Reading

I recommend this HERE from our pal 'gamecock man' at Garnet&Black Attack. He sums up a lot of the same thoughts I have "the day after."

Random thoughts so far....
I still think a 70 percent healthy Garcia is better than a 100 percent healthy Smelley. No fingers should be pointed at the O Line this game or our defense. I would like to know how our special teams allowed that blocked punt? I do wish I saw a bit more of Maddox at RB yesterday as Mike Davis had a good game but there were a few times he would make it past the line and fall forward. I think Maddox/Baker could have done a little more given the chance.

I think it is also evident that USC needs a game breaker on offense like a Harvin or Spiller. We don't have that. Don't get me wrong we got some great talent but no true game changer. Spurrier pay attention and go recruit that....

Gald to see Spurrier is doing something right today by naming Garcia the starter for the bowl game. I honestly would not be sad if I never see Smelley suit up in a Carolina uniform. I know that is harsh but Chris has thrown 6 INTS in 2 games! Tee'd UF up for 21 points and then basically did the same for Clemson.

USC needs a leader on offense to step up. Defense is taken care of but the offense needs someone to step up. The likely source of this leadership is the QB (ie Tebow) but that is not the case. Tebow after the loss was man enough to say it was his fault for losing to Ole Miss. Smelley I would love to see you do the same...accept played like sh*t.

I will write more later....still digesting the loss!

Garcia to start for SC in bowl game

Is it just me or is this a day late?

Garcia Named Starter for Bowl Game

Clemson's Secret Weapon vs. Carolina

And no Smelley it was not your normal 2 INTs per game that Carolina fans have grown accustomed too but this time you went out and gave a 4 INT performance. Chris you are now on every Clemson fans Christmas Card list as you gave this game to them!

USC loses to Clemson 31-14

I got nothing really to say right now as this one was tough to watch. I blame Smelley for a bad (bad is a nice word for this) performance.

I will write more later on this game and some thoughts....

Gamecocks Fall To Clemson 31-14
Final Stats Notes

Saturday, November 29, 2008

5 Keys to a Gamcock Win vs Clemson

I am going to keep this one real basic as I believe that Carolina is the better team entering today's contest. However, there are some simple things that must be done today to ensure a Gamecock victory....those are my 5 keys...

1. Play of Smelley --- Chris has to throw to SC players and stop the TOs. Make smart accurate throws and the game is ours. Also spread the ball around as I feel we play our best when that happens.
2. Execute Basic Football --- I mean that USC has to block and tackle. Do all the small things right today. No penalties. No TOs on offense. Play your position. Win the trench battles. Win the field position game. Clock Management. Don't over pursue. Play smart. Do all these little things and the WIN is easy.
3. Carolina Special Teams --- Succop must be accurate today and he has to boot the ball out of end zone. This will limit their Special teams threats. Same goes for Spencer Lanning. Keep the ball out of Spillers hands on special teams.
4. Carolina D must be ready --- Prove to all these Clemson haters why you guys are some of the best and the UF game was a joke. Limit Davis/Spiller but clogging the holes and tackling. Oh and watch the "bubble screen." Play tough, get after their QB, force a TO and no mistakes. It would help to have the D score some points.
5. Attitude --- Carolina has to go into this game and realize it is a rival but take care of business. Don't let the hoopla get in their heads or anything else. Today is about executing and finishing the job. Everyone knows that USC is the better team so prove it.

Well there you have it....simple I feel. No hard stats to prove a point just basic football as this is a rivalry game and all that does not matter. Plus it is the final game so it is time to put up or shut up!

My prediction is that USC will WIN vs. Clemson by the score of 24 - 13.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

USC random bowl thoughts before turkey dinner

Will USC go to the Chick-fil-A bowl or Outback?
Those two seem the most likely stops but the first is starting to seem the likely venue to me or it could be the pumpkin pie I smell. Anyway, with LSU taking a 'L' to Ole Miss recently it has changed some of the scenarios we have read about recently.
Assuming nothing stupid happens over the weekend like a UF loss, bama loss, Ole Miss loss or LSU is how things could shape up....
  • Ole Miss goes to the Cotton
  • LSU could end up at the Outback bowl
  • USC to the Chick-fil-a for the first time since the Gamecocks won the ACC title in 1969
However, if USC gets blown out by Clemson and Kentucky handles Tennessee, the Outback could go with Kentucky, bumping the Gamecocks to the Music City against an ACC team on Dec. 31.
Oh and another thing to think about is if Bama beats UF in the SEC Championship....that could push USC towards a trip to the Liberty Bowl. I will go on the record and say that this will not happen....NO WAY Bama beats the Gators.
I feel that a trip to Atlanta is going to happen, at least that is how I feel around the dinner table today and get back to us as we would love to hear where you think USC will end up "bowl-ing?"