Friday, July 21, 2006

Saw this the other day...

I apologize for posting a editorial cartoon but thought this one was worthy because of the state of foreign affairs in the world right now. Not sure what the answers are to these I propose a question to our readership....."What would you do if you were President?"

Gamecock faithful....Check your pockets....

Soon you may be asked to put your money where your mouth is. Here is an article for you to read regarding the plans the USC athletics program is looking (Also notice some of the other articles within this news story comparing some of the facilites at each school.)

I agree that USC needs to invest some serious cash into better buildings, facilities and distribute some money to to the 'Olympic' sports. Take for example, the ladies tennis center is terrible on blossom street, I have sent better tennis courts in low income housing projects. I do think it is time for the gamecock faithful to seriously invest into "the program." Are improvements needed...yes....will they provide results "on the field?" That is the million dollar question and no one can really predict but it is hard to compete in the recruiting world if the stuff you have does not compare. Think about it like comparing cars to a 18 year old...... if you show these kids a 1985 Ford Bronco and the other person (school) shows them a 2006 Hummer H2 and ask them "Which do you like? and "Which do you want to ride in for 4 years?" What are they going to say? Love to hear some comments...

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Morals and college sports (or lack there of)

I don’t really have much to write about today but there are a few stories that I have heard relating to college athletics that I would like to bring up. The first story comes from our own gamecock nation. It seems our former Defensive end Moe Thompson is suing the university because of the way he is dismissed from the university. Also suing because he was not helped with academics because he has a reading and verbal disability. The only disability I see is that he is a thug for a lack of a better racial term. If you can’t read or talk, how the hell did you get into college, or out of high school? I know we live in the south and an education is 2nd behind football, which I am fine with. But when you screw up your life by stealing and then come back and want money for this. There is something wrong.

Then other story I heard was about Kentucky’s basketball program and For the past 2 years text messaging has been the big recruiting tool that every coach has been using. Even our own Gary Grey has de-committed because Charlie Weiss has been text messaging him every day since he signed (which is a totally different blog). Well this rising high school senior in WV has been getting recruiting post from UK students involving college girls and naked pictures trying to influence him to play at Uk. Will be the new recruiting tool, granted this player is under 18 and is receiving naked pictures, which seems to be morally wrong as well?

I would like some feed back on how the NCAA can be cleaned up. Some say a early signing period in football would help with recruiting violations as well as maybe a commissioner for each college sport that can rule on violations instead of leaving it up to the NCAA as a whole.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

the tell of the towers

Well as most USC students and alumni know, the Towers (aka honeycombs) are coming down this summer to build a new honors college (nerd dorm). Well one gamecock grad that wants to see his freshman dorms stay up. So he has started this website to show his support. I know a lot of you have many stories about living in the towers; I personally was a 3rd floor Snowden guy. My stay wasn’t very long but I enjoyed living there even though I spent most of my time away from Snowden. If any body has any good stories please tell as we honor our fallen dorm.