Saturday, October 25, 2008

USC SEC stats through 8 games

So how does USC look statistical in the SEC? Well since it is a bye week and there is nothing else to write about besides some contract extensions and a kid quiting the team.

Major area to improve is the USC rushing attack....USC ranks last in the SEC and 109th among 119 teams nationally in rushing offense, averaging 100.2 yards per game. The Gamecocks have fared worse against SEC teams, averaging 60.2 ypg. and 2.1 yards per carry. The team has not rushed for 100 yards against an SEC opponent.

Area to take pride in.....The Gamecocks rank first in the SEC and sixth nationally in total defense, allowing an average of 256.1 yards per game, and fourth nationally in pass defense (140.4 ypg.).

Other SEC Team stats going into today's games and after 8 games from USC ---
  • USC ranks #8 in scoring offense
  • USC ranks #6 in scoring defense
  • #7 in total offense
  • Again #1 in total D
  • Again last in rushing Offense
  • #8 in rushing defense
  • #2 in pass offense
  • #2 in pass defense
  • #6 in Pass Efficiency
  • #5 in Pass Defense Efficiency
  • #4 in Kick Returns
  • #11 in PR Avg
  • #6 in INTS
  • #10 in Punting
  • #1 in Kick Off Coverage
  • #7 in FGs
  • Tie for #1 for PAT Kicking
  • #9 in Defense Sacks
  • #12 in Sacks given up by offense
  • #1 in 1st Downs
  • #9 in opponent 1st downs
  • #3 in 3rd down conver
  • #7 in Opponent 3rd down conver
  • #3 in 4th down conver
  • #3 in Opponent 4th down conver
  • #4 in penalties
  • #6 in opponent penalties
  • #6 in TOP
  • #11 in Turnover margin as a team
  • Tie for #4 in Redzone Offense
  • Tie for #4 in Redzone Defense
As we can see some work to be done going into the final stretch of the season but like JR things are looking good for Carolina in their upcoming match-ups just need to get better as a team on the offense side and continue to play "lights out" on Defense.

USC DE Quits the Team

USC reserve defensive lineman Clark Gaston has quit the team and plans to transfer to a smaller school, as stated by THE STATE.

Gaston, a redshirt sophomore from Cleveland, Tenn., began his career as a fullback, moved to tight end in the spring and shifted to defense this year. He appeared in two games.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Well deserved contract extensions for Tanner & Johnson

The State and Joe Person are reporting that two well-deserving USC employees got some work done on their contracts. God knows that Tanner is one of the best college baseball coaches around and USC needs to do all that they can do to keep him happy b/c he will bring a national championship to Carolina. Johnson also has proved his worth this year so far with a very good defensive scheme each game.
I must say that I approve and here is the full story ---

The executive committee of USC’s Board of Trustees approved contract extensions today for Gamecocks baseball coach Ray Tanner and football defensive coordinator Ellis Johnson. Tanner received a raise of $25,000 per year and was given an additional year, taking his contract through the 2013 season. Tanner’s media compensation went from $100,000 to $125,000, making his annual guaranteed income $370,000. Johnson, in his first season with the Gamecocks, also was given an extra year through the end of the 2011 season. Johnson did not receive an increase in salary, which will remain at $350,000.

see ya part 2

After last night’s lose to WVU, I have a feeling Tommy Tuberville might be looking for a new job after the season. He might be the only coach in Auburn history to beat in-state rival the University of Alabama six consecutive times, but I don’t think that is going to save his job this year. Nick Satan has the tide rolling and will probably crush Auburn at the end of the season in the Iron Bowl. My question is, will Clemson go after this Tommy to replace the last Tommy. Even if C.J. Spiller said he won’t return unless Dabo is hired as the permanent head coach. Will Tennessee fire Phil after this weekend if Bama blows them out on national TV?

If Auburn does fire Tommy, does this throw a curve ball to Clemson fans who have already hired Will Muschamp as there next coach. I am sure Muschamp would choose Auburn over Clemson. He was Auburns defensive coordinator before heading to Texas.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bye week reflection, perched at 5-3

Its that time of the year for a Bye week and its time to reflect on the season so far. Heading into the home stretch of the season we still aren't quite where we want to be and still don't know where we are. Are we the team that is going to finally put it together and win out down the stretch like in 06 or are we going to continue to lose games that we should win and collapse like 07? To find the answer to this question lets examine what we have learned through the first games and use that to predict our future.

Taking a look at our Losses (3), there isn't a single game here that we can say we couldn't have won. All three losses we had the lead/tied at Halftime and all three times we lost by 7 points by late game collapse/ mistakes. Turnovers Killed us in these games, everything from goal line fumbles, blocked field goals, bad decision INTs, and so many dropped ints by our defense that could have changed the games completely. I think its safe to say that in the next games we will not get blown out but we might drop one due to turnovers.
Taking a look at our Wins (5) we have played to the level of our competition. We haven't blown anyone out really (seriously beating a bunch of 12 year old ACC boys doesn't count). Our best win here is the Ole Miss game on the road. We fought our way back into the game after trailing early. The Kentucky game we were more in control of, i thought. At any rate, we know we can win tough ones on the road when faced with adversity. So fear not when Clemson takes the early lead because an ass kicking is a coming.

now for position evaluation

QB - B- oh please Steve would we stop playing Musical QB's and let Garcia finish out the year and get that valuable experience. Maybe he would learn to throw the ball away, audible, and make the correct throw faster if you let him play more than one full game. Garcia has been pretty darn good, sure he has made a mistake here and there but over all i think he still gives us the best chance to win.... Smelley is his same inconsistent self and i don't know who Spurrier thinks he is fooling by commenting on Garica getting sacked against LSU. You know damn well if that would have been Chris "concrete shoes/under presser interceptor" Smelley we would have seen more sacks and INTs than Tommy Beecher playing one Half.

OL- D- the only thing that keeps this from being an F is the fact that we have won 5 games and that King is one bad Dude. One has to wonder why we complain about our QBs not doing this or that while deflecting the obvious reasons for the Sacks- Piss poor blocking. Now i know we have some good ones, i just wonder why they aren't playing? Please tell me why Q. Richardson is not in there? if the man can take 7 stabs to the back I'm sure he can pancake a DL man or two.

RBs- C- do we have any? (cricket chirp) we need help and fast.... thinking a lot of this has to do with the above mentioned Group... Feel that seat burning yet Hunt? you must have one damn good secret on Spurrier to keep you on staff...

WRs- C -Its good to have Kenny back and Barnes start to emerge. but we need more help- Hills if your listening, we are waiting on you kid!

TE- A -you guys have done great keep up the good work Cook and Saunders, maybe block better?

Defense- A- you guys have played great everyone seems to know their role and really, this is the reason we have been in every game. Ranked in the top in SEC and Nation, can't ask more than that. If we could get EJ to Blitz more, fix the cramps, catch the ints, and move Addison Williams to scout team or transfer, we would be A+....

---OK now we've had reflection what does the future hold.....

Tennessee W 27-17
Arkansas W 34-13
Florida L 27-20
Clemson W 21-17

8-4 and an all too familiar place...

Outback Bowl in Tampa vs Michigan ST

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

JR's master piece


LOHD wanted to say best wishes to Crummy and his bride Katherine, who where married this past weekend in WV.

Clemson's loss; USC's gain

Seems the departure of Tommy Bowden is having its' ripple effects on the recruiting trial and honestly that is the gamble you take when you cut loose your head coach at the mid-point of the season. So this was to be expected, just like this was too (then this too) in the aftermath of firing Bowden. Well, there is another causality of the mess in Clemson, SC with RB Ben Axon (6-1, 200) of Bradenton, Fla., recent de-commitment from Clemson and going with USC.

All I can say is keep it coming and thanks Clemson! Welcome Mr. Axon to the Gamecock nation and hope you can see we need alot of help running the ball!

Monday, October 20, 2008

USC Basketball picked to finish 5th in SEC East

The USC men's basketball team with their new head coach have been picked to finish 5th out of 6 teams in the SEC East in a voting by a select panel of both SEC and national media members.

USC junior guard Devan Downey was selected to the All-SEC first team.

Complete story HERE

USC v UT set for 7 p.m.

USC's game against Tennessee on Nov. 1 will kick off at 7 p.m. and be televised nationally on ESPN2, the SEC announced today.

The Gamecocks (5-3, 2-3 SEC) are off this week, while Tennessee (3-4, 1-3) plays host to No. 2 Alabama on Saturday.

USC's QB Garcia tackled by referee vs. LSU

Nice! Don't come over the middle with him around; looks like Jasper may have some competition!

South Carolina #1

In sacks allowed.....HERE.

This is the root of the problem and one reason USC has 3 losses in 2008. Hope Mr. Hunt is polishing that resume b/c this is unacceptable for any program. I know Spurrier and Hunt are buddies but Div. I is more of a business and times like this action is needed. Not saying mid-season action is needed but a serious look needs to be given at the end of the year.

During this off weekend a lot of work needs to be given to the problems on the O line. USC needs to a running game to balance the passing attack.
My favorite quote to describe the play of the O Line comes from Duce Staley on the USC post game radio show after the LSU win.
He said -

"You could not drive a nail through the holes the USC Offensive Line was creating...."

Bowl Projections show USC heading to Tampa

In the latest bowl projections done by, they show THE University of South Carolina Gamecocks heading to Tampa Bay for the Outback Bowl. The opponent would be the Gophers or the Hawkeyes.....I would prefer the Hawkeyes.

Complete Bowl Projections HERE


Sunday, October 19, 2008

LSU Tigers beat the Gamecocks 24-17

LSU escaped Columbia with a win.

Full Story - HERE

I will write more later....any thoughts from the gamecock nation concerning the loss???