Saturday, February 14, 2009

75-73 USC beats Bama

Holmes with a tip at the end of the game to lift USC over Bama. Another closing seconds win for Carolina, who has aged the fan base this year with so many close victories this year. Horn's boys came back from 10 down at half.... this was a big time win and a much needed 'W.'

Downey, Archie, Ross and Holmes all in double figures. Great Job and Go Cocks!

USC faces Bama

Time for the gamecocks to 'man-up' as they enter mid Februay tied for the SEC East division lead, the Gamecocks enter a two-game road stretch that could prove crucial to their championship chances and a berth in the NCAA tourney.

It starts today for South Carolina (17-5, 6-3 SEC) at Alabama (13-10, 3-6) then continues Wednesday night at Mississippi State. South Carolina is 1-10 all-time at Alabama, the lone victory coming in the Gamecocks’ 1997 SEC championship season. Bama has a 11-3 record in Tuscaloosa this season.
Carolina must slow Bama Senior guard Alonzo Gee today and I hope Bama Freshman forward JaMychal Green will not play today. For USC, Downey has to score as last game he was not the scoring force he has been which was okay as the team stepped up. I feel again that it will take the entire USC team playing togther, rebounding, eliminating TOs and making some FTs to win. I think they will do just that by making it a 7 pt victory today.

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--Horn, Gamecocks race toward new ground

SEC Hoops Power Poll Round Table

As many of you know by now LOHD is part of the SEC Power Poll Blog Network. From time to time a round table is conducted amongst the group to share insight on their perspectives of the SEC. This is the first round table for the basketball season and here are LOHD's thoughts -

1. What were the biggest surprises in the SEC over the first half of the season?

I feel the biggest surprise has been how the SEC East is wide open. I really thought going into the season that that UT would walk away with it. But the surprise has been that the play of USC, stepped up game of UF and weaknesses shown by UK and UT. Never would have thought that in mid-February that the SEC East would be a 4 horse race. I do hope that USC can win it all in the East.

2. Who is the SEC Player of the Year over the first part of the season?

Not just because we are a USC blog but I have to say Devan Downey gets my first place vote. He is 5th in scoring, 4th in assists and 1st in steals. Besides that he has made clutch shots and been the leader that USC needs. If I get to say who is my second place vote getter I am going to have to say Korvotney Barber at Auburn. Averaging a double double and has improved his team over that last few weeks.

3. Is the SEC really this down? Why or why not? What can the conference do in the postseason? Is there any hope for a Final Four team? Where does the conference go after this year?

I would have to say that the SEC is down when you compare it to prior years but the league is not soft by any means. Talent has moved on to the NBA and made a lot of teams level in playing ability which has made for a see-saw kinda year so far. I think 1 or 2 teams will make the NCAA tourney interesting but I don't see a final 4 team amongst the bunch as of right now. I feel this conference will improve and next year be stronger. Lots of young kids earning their stripes right now.

4.Which teams will make the Big Dance?

I would say LSU, Tennessee, Florida, South Carolina, and Kentucky. Mississippi State has an outside shot if they keep 2nd place in the SEC West locked down. Ole Miss, Auburn, and Vandy make the NIT.

Make sure to check on the complete wrap up of the round table at The Garnet and Black Blog

Week 6 SEC Basketball Power Poll

SEC Basketball Power Poll is up at so check it out by clicking HERE.

This was my ballot for week 6 -

1. LSU
2. UT
2. UK
2. UF
2. USC
6. MSU
7. Vandy
8. Auburn
9. Ole Miss
10. 'Bama
11. Arkansas
12. UGa

Gamecock related news

Some gamecock related info for ya -

Thursday, February 12, 2009

USC-Ole Miss game moved to Thursday night

The USC-Ole Miss football game will be televised nationally by ESPN on Thursday, Sept. 24, it was announced today.
The SEC game will be held at Williams-Brice Stadium with kickoff set for 7:30 p.m.
The Ole Miss game will mark the second Thursday night ESPN contest of the 2009 season for Carolina, as the Gamecocks will open the '09 campaign on Thursday, Sept. 3 at North Carolina State.

Coach Steve Spurrier said the exposure was welcomed.
"We appreciate ESPN for putting us on," he said. "It should be a heck of a game."

JR caught up with spurrier and here is what else he had to say...
JR- Steve you hear about Tom Tom getting on knee?

SS- yeah That dumbass... guess Nic won't be coming to see Big Lee in the bedroom at 4am anymore huh? I can't believe it took him this long i mean what? Moose got married several years back you know?

JR- Yeah true, you think you'll be able to make it to Oldman's Bachlor party next weekend?

SS- Naw, man shit... i thought you were in the stands in Tampa?
JR- I was?
SS- well i've got to do somehting about this offense ya know? Besides ya'll drink too much but let me know what happens incase your knockheaded ass needs a lawyer again..

JR- ha ha very funny...

JR- speaking of drinking, You think Phelps can out drink Garcia?

SS- Naw Garcia has got him there, but Phelps could smoke him out, you know? i just hope Garcia gets into the film room this year half as much as Gray got into fresman girls pants in 2003.

JR- good one ha aight well i know you got a lot to do so thanks for your time...

SS- No problem, give me a ring later...
JR- we'll do...

Look for more of "JR talks with Spurrier" coming this season to LOHD!

Sterling Sharpe, Ass of Asses

This article by Ron Aiken in the Columiba Free Times hasn't got a lot of pub yet, but I am sure it will as soon as the message boards get a hold of it. Please read and if you have a Sterling Sharpe story please share.

Free Times Issue #22.06 - 2/11/09 - 2/17/09

Sterling Sharpe, Ass of Asses
By Ron Aiken

To say former USC and NFL standout wide receiver Sterling Sharpe is a jerk is like saying New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick is curt. It’s accurate, but it doesn’t begin to describe the depths of self-righteousness their egos have plumbed.

Sharpe isn’t just an ass; he’s a colossal beacon of as#!holitude that can be seen from space. By comparison, he makes Dick Cheney look like Drew Carey, Joe Stalin like Yakov Smirnoff.

Why the peculiar venom, you ask? You might think I have a problem with his not wanting his number to re-enter circulation, even if it was to a prized recruit. That’s not the case. I understand and even sympathize with his position. And I also understand that because of the steroid era, Sharpe wasn’t welcomed back with open arms as he should have been and still harbors a grudge, though he clearly also loves USC.

It’s simply that I have no patience for athletes who look down on the very fans whose revenue and loyalty have supported them throughout their lives. Fans pay their salaries through the money they spend on paraphernalia, tickets and the like, fans cheer for them, pray for them when they’re injured and wish them well for the rest of their lives long after their fleeting careers are over.

Like many people, I have my own story of Sharpe refusing an autograph coldly, and before that moment of my life (I was in college at USC working at Peaches Records and Tapes and he often would come in to buy music) you could not have found a bigger fan of Sharpe than this guy. But my story is hardly isolated, and I’ve since spoken to and read reports from many, many passionate fans who dared to approach Sharpe while he was in public only to be turned away insultingly before their children’s eyes.

When you’re a jerk to fans, to caring fathers and children, you, Sir, are an asshole of the worst kind that sports success can produce in men.

When you start believing you’re better than a fan or an institution or another human being, or that you don’t have to abide by all the rules of celebrity, just the ones you enjoy, you’ve become someone with a soul as vacant as your head is large.

I don’t care, and neither do most fans, that he was a royal ass to the media, which he surely was. There’s always going to be a certain segment of fans who love when athletes — Barry Bonds, Gary Sheffield, Eddie Murray, etc. — stick it to nosy reporters. I get that; there’s quite the long history to draw upon for inspiration in every sport.
But it does not excuse it.

In Sharpe’s protest over his jersey, he told 107.5’s Jay Philips and Duce Staley that should the university decide to un-retire his jersey against his wishes, his “heart would be ripped out.”

Seriously? I wonder just how he thinks the fans he spurns feel when they walk away from him? Has he no conception of the damage he does every single time he turns his back on people who have spent years worshiping him? How does he think the kids feel when they’re refused the small courtesy of an autograph even while wearing his jersey?

Personally, I’d love nothing better than for Sharpe to feel that way, if for just once in his life. And I almost — almost — wish the university would un-retire the number just to serve Sharpe a plate of humble pie.

But no, Sharpe is that rare individual who can convince you that karma doesn’t exist, because surely, if it did, his arms would have fallen off, his nose rotted from his face and his legs become useless strands of spaghetti. Truly, if ever anyone needed a karmic bitch-slap, it’s this self-righteous, ungrateful asswipe. Well, I don’t work at Peaches anymore, and fate has shoved me into a position where I can call a spade a spade, an ass an ass and a worthless human being I wouldn’t give two sh#!s for precisely that. Who knows, in that light, maybe karma has a chance after all.

Clemson Cake Football Schedule Released

Well today we get to see the Clemson 09 Football Schedule -

Sept. 5 -Home vs. Middle Tennessee State
Sept. 10 at Georgia Tech
Sept. 19 -Home vs. Boston College
Sept. 26 -Home vs. Central Michigan
Oct. 3 at Maryland
Oct. 17 -Home vs. Wake Forest
Oct. 24 at Miami (FL)
Oct. 31 -Home vs. Coastal Carolina
Nov. 7 -Home vs. Florida State
Nov. 14 at North Carolina State
Nov. 21 -Home vs. Virginia
Nov. 28 at THE University of South Carolina

Big bad out of conference foes from Middle Tennessee State, Central Michigan, Coastal Carolina and USC combined with the weak ACC.....let the SC news media spin begin on how 2009 is the year of the tiger.....

LOHD has the 2009 USC schedule on the right hand side of the blog to dare to compare.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Gamecocks Football Schedule Preview by Chris Low

Make sure to read this - HERE - as it is a early preview by ESPN's Chris Low who writes about the SEC. He breaks down the 2009 football schedule...thoughts?

Key Comment that I agree with -

The key stretch for the Gamecocks in 2009 will be the three games against Vanderbilt, Tennessee and Arkansas. They need to at least go 2-1 in those three games (and possibly 3-0) if they want to make any noise next season in the Eastern Division race and put themselves in position for a bigger bowl.

Also SC has to win the opener and the closer of the season for '09 to be a success.

Beecher is going to be part of the Flames

Ex USC QB Tommy Beecher, you know the guy who got roughed up vs NC State and decided that he was not going to play again in a real game situation....well he is going to Liberty and work with former clemson qb streeter....WTF?

Beecher headed to Liberty

Tuesday Gamecock News Thread

Old News you may have missed
Former Clemson Tiger Arrested

Gamecock News
Spurrier Settles Controversy Over Retired Number
Conrad hopes for return from injury
Morrison's legacy at USC looms 20 years after death
Garnet Army goes through boot camp
Mocs look super with USC transfer

ESPN Bracketology
- USC vs Minn

The State's Signing Day Wrap-Up Coverage for USC
Class ranks: USC 12th
2009 class player bios
Steals, impact players, more
Breaking down USC's class
SEC team signings
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Other News
Tennessee self-reports recruiting violations
Bryce Brown update - No mention of Clemson

Kiffin's Tennessee train is already derailing

Gamecock fans also have three more chances to catch the USC Men's basketball team at home, against Arkansas (Feb. 21), Kentucky (Feb. 25) and Tennessee (March 5).

Question on Gamecock Recruits

Concerning academics...I have heard a grumble that 2 recent signees for Carolina may have to go the junior college route first due to academics....any truth to that?

Anyone know if Defensive lineman Duane Chisolm of Beaufort and Receiver Charles Holmes from Rock Hill are facing qualifying issues?

DE Lemon not going to be a gamecock

First it was reported by the website UGA, that former Georgia defensive end Michael Lemon plans to walk on at USC this fall. But now that has changed according to this article in THE STATE .

I am going to say that this is possibly the best situation for both parties due to all the circumstances surrounding this issue.