Thursday, August 31, 2006

Miss St Stream of Consciousness

4:17 First Beer

6:20 The grill is lit; 1st bourbon

7:24 More Fighting Cock. Preseason preview - Lou Holtz says Notre Dame will not only win the Heisman and the national championship but every Irish player past, present, and future will be cannonized

Do you think they'll let Lou still do this show when he can't talk anymore?

7:50 George (my friend) defends Vanderbilt's football tradition
George "We had a good football season last year"
Me "You only won 5 games"
George "It should have been 6 but we botched a FG against Middle Tennessee State"

7:53 Holtz says Notre Dame is underrated at #3. Senility takes hold.

8:00 ESPN starts coverage. Odds on SC losing: 1 in 4.

8:03 Miss St interception - prediction wasn't bad - turnovers matter.

8:05 Jasper Brinkley lights up Michael Henig - maybe he is as good as advertised?

8:06 Miss St badly hooks FG SC 0 Miss St 0 11:59 1st

8:11 Miss St's illegal noise makers are really annoying. The NCAA got rid of the 5 yard penalty, but it is still against SEC rules. Maybe we should put speakers on the field and blare ACDC whenever another team takes the field.

8:22 Apparently the average college football fan spends 3.124% of his life watching Beck's Light commercials

8:26 Blake out with ankle injury - Smelley in. 4:36 1st

8:28 SC 1st down - Cory Boyd 2nd effort - late hit - Miss St late hit #3; SC #75 (Thind) called for retaliating

8:40 end of 1st q. Blake gone; Defense playing well; Sidney 1 catch

8:45 Smelley goes deep on 1st; McKinley great catch; lost of pass interference; 1st down

8:47 Herbstreit: "Spurrier wants to get Smelley quality reps tonight" Check

8:49 SC - 3 MSU - 0 12:09 2nd - Can Succop keep it straight?

8:52 Blake just has stiches - good news

8:53 Switching back to beer, going to have to pay attention

8:57 7:37 2nd How fucked up is the SC punting formation? It's working though - MSU 15 total yards at best on 3 returns

9:07 Officials call a 15 yard "crack back" on Syvelle -> crack back is not a penalty; chop block is; ESPN can offer no replay

9:21 :33 2nd quarter some scrub qb almost throws to 5 yd line -> going for it on 4th and 7 -> scrub runs short of 1st down

10ish - getting drunker - updates coming less frequently

10:44 What did I tell you? Cory Boyd 19 yards; MSU worn down

10:46 8:19 4th How about Ryan Succop? 3/3 FGs Fake punt for first down; player of the game

10:52 6:00 4th Tyrone Nix's D is going for the jugular -> how nice is that? Attacking to obliterate - well done Tyrone

11:01 4:17 4th MSU President tore a tendon in his foot running with the o-line. He's supposed to be a four star general. Folks 4 star generals don't hurt their foot running

11:07 1:26 Victory Formation; Player of the Game: Ryan Succop, just like Tyler said

Mississippi State preview

8:00 pm ESPN
Davis Wade Stadium Starkville, MS
South Carolina -6.5 O/U 40

Mississippi State is not a good football team. Sylvester Croom appears to be inept. They have won 6 games in two years ... combined. That being said, they return almost everyone, especially on defense. Look for them to be better this year. Don't expect 9-3 and an Outback bowl win, but look for 5-6 wins. Most people who think Mississippi State can go to a bowl think they will beat us or Ole Miss in addition to their gimmes.

This game is nearly impossible to forecast. South Carolina has unknowns at offensive line and defense. Mississippi State is a close knit team with another year of experience ready to break out .... or they are the same group of losers from last year. The most likely scenarios are a comfortable SC win or a close game. Few if any people outside of Starkville (and few in Starkville) think that Mississippi State can blow South Carolina out. Sorry I can't be more specific

The match-up

SC offense v. Miss St defense

Offense should be South Carolina's strength (and compared to the defense it certainly is). Defense is Miss State's strength. This is a matchup that bodes well for the Gamecocks. The edge should be Spurrier. Rarely can a coach overcome what players do on the field, but in close calls coaching makes the difference.

The line play will be huge. South Carolina's line has to be able to get at least a stalemate with Mississippi State. That won't be easy. (By the way, did you hear that starting guard James Thompson has been suspended for up to 4 games?) Miss State's interior line is good; they are large, and they will be tough to block. They are backed up by a stud at middle linebacker: Quinton Culberton #2 (expect to hear his name a lot). If the young line can get a stalemate at the line, then Cory Boyd and Mike Davis can get tough yards and Blake can throw to Sidney. If that happens look for a lot of points. If Blake plays the game on his back, it could be a along night.

SC Defense v. Miss St Offense

Mississippi State's quarterback (Michael Henig)is supposed to be something special in the making. Don't buy the hype. His reputation was made against Ole Miss in the Egg Bowl. To his credit, he played well, but he also played against a team that went 1-7 in conference and had just come off a Auburn-Arkansas-LSU stretch that may have tired them out just a bit. He will be rusty, and he will make mistakes; he may have a big play or two, but don't worry about it. Most of his success will probably come from our defensive errors.

Miss State's running game should not be much better. They have a sophomore (Brandon Thornton) at 5'10, 188 to rely on. They also have two tackles that did not start last year. If Nathan and Marque can clog the middle, even without penetration, it will be difficult for the Bulldogs to get anything going on the ground.

SC's defense still has to stop Miss St; they won't stop themselves. Miss St will probably score around 20 or so points because of the youth of our defense. Anything under that will be a victory, but that should be good enough to win.

What to look for

1. Its the first game of the season. Look for turnovers and penalties; these are always important, but usually magnified in the opener.

2. Control of the line of scrimmage will be key. Without time Blake can't pass; with time Henig might just be competent enough to be annoying.

3. How does South Carolina play as a team? Do they play together, to they get after the ball, are they scared to be in Starkville? South Carolina's biggest enemy could be themselves.

Defense preview


I was going to do a full defensive preview, but because of reasons outside of my control (laziness and lack of information) it will be considerably shorter.

What we know

Short answer: almost nothing (except that Stanley Doughty might be the laziest person ever to come through the SEC)

Fred Bennett, the only returning starter, is a bit of a mystery. After his sophomore season in which he appeared poised to turn into a lock down corner one of two things happened last year. Either he was overshadowed by Ko Simpson and Jonathan Joseph or he wasn't doing nearly as good a job as he did a year before. At times he had the amazing ability to not only be soft against the run but also to get caught out of position on play action passes. That being said great seasons often follow mediocre ones (think about the year after a sophomore slump).

The rest of the secondary is anyone's guess. Captain Munnerlyn looked good in early practices but then they were closed to the public. He was later not allowed to practice while the NCAA took its sweet time, so there is no telling where he is. Also he is listed on the depth chart as playing the same position (boundary corner) as started Carlos Thomas. Speaking of which Carlos could do anything. He could still look like a receiver afraid to come up against the run, or he could be the next coming of Sheldon Brown. Expect something in between. As for the safeties, flip a coin because I don't know. They will be young and probably out of position.

The linebacking corps is more of a mystery than the secondary. JUCO transfer Jasper Brinkley appears to be the real deal, but nothing can be surmised until he plays against SEC competition. His play will go further than any other defender's in determining whether our defense will be worth its salt. Freshman Rodney Paulk will get playing time early. He is smaller than most linebackers, but fast. Cody Wells and Marvin Sapp will also play. Again flip a coin about their play, especially early in the season.

The defensive line may have some good surprises. Marque Hall and Nathan Pepper both earned their starting positions from further down in the depth chart through work ethic and talent. This means one of two things: there isn't much talent on the d-line (possible) or these guys are pretty good. Time will tell, but don't judge them on the Mississippi State game since the Bulldog line is quite big and physical. The ends will have Casper Brinkley (Jasper's twin) and Jordin Lindsey (Dustin's twin) seeing a good bit of playing time. I have no idea what to say about these guys. Throw a dart at the dartboard.

The defense will not be the strength it was last year. In fact it could be a real problem. There is some good talent on the depth chart, but it is for the most part very green. If injuries can be avoided, look for them to progress throughout the season.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Who you with

Well we are here, this week college football starts. As every body’s predictions are coming to a peak, followed by anticipation and planning for tailgating and places to watch the road games. Well all that comes to an end on Thursday when the season starts. Someone once said “College football isn’t life or Death, it is more than that”. So I was thinking of some quotes that I hope to hear this season.

Wow Mississippi state really sucks

Damn Jawga is really over rated

Wow Steve Spurrier owns Urban Myers

Poor Wolford, Willie Corn could have started there in Middle School

I really thought Kenny Irons had a shot @ the Heisman trophy, I guess not.

Tables have turned Tater fans

Wake Forrest again, come on Bowden

Thank God Duke isn’t on our Schedule

Thank God Temple is.

First George now Sydney

Put in Smelly!

Fans buy your tickets to Glen Dale

Bye Bye Fat Phil

Mitchell to Rice for another Touchdown

Please fill free to add!!