Friday, November 16, 2007

Now does this man look guilty to you?

With the news of the Home run king (cheater) Barry Bonds being indicted by a federal grand jury yesterday on four counts of perjury and one count of obstruction of justice. The indictments come after a four-year federal investigation into steroid use among athletes.

Take a serious look at the photo above.......Do you think steroids where used by Mr. Bonds or should credit be given to the Pirates/Giants strength coach and Bonds' trainer?

Is Gamecock basketball heading in the right direction?

I know we have seen the USC gamecock basketball team lately putting up points like never before but is the basketball program heading in the right direction? I mention this beacuse of recent published reports regarding recuriting classes.

With eight of the 12 programs in the conference landing a recruiting class inside the national top 30, the SEC tops the conference rankings. Notice who is ranked #12! That is right it is the Gamecocks...great job Dave for positioning SC to get a great 2008 class.

And looking at the top 150 prospects in America there is no one coming to Carolina. I guess that is why we don't have one of the top ranked classes for 2008 but here is the list of the Top 30....note the other SEC schools.

Any thoughts on the basketball program and its' direction?

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Will SC go bowl-ing?

So where will Carolina play in their post season bowl game?

Seems there is some drama to sort through on this one, most depends on if Carolina loses to Klempson or wins...follow me here -

It could be the Music City bowl, which shares the SEC’s sixth and seventh picks with the Liberty Bowl. The organizers of that bowl expects to choose from a handful of seven-win SEC teams. Music City organizers believe USC could reverse the negative momentum of a four-game losing streak by knocking off Clemson.

It could be the Liberty bowl but USC is unlikely to return to the Liberty Bowl for a second consecutive year.

It could be The Independence, which picks last among the SEC-affiliated bowls, is interested in Mississippi State, which has not been to a bowl since 2000.

USC’s prospects get cloudier with a loss to Clemson. SEC officials have identified three bowls that could have openings — the Las Vegas Bowl on Dec. 22, the Texas Bowl in Houston on Dec. 28, and the Armed Forces Bowl in Fort Worth, Texas, on Dec. 31.

The Gamecocks are perched perilously on the bowl bubble with a 6-5 record and would improve their chances greatly by beating Clemson on Nov. 24. NCAA rules state that bowls must select a school with a winning record ahead of a 6-6 team.

So Carolina needs to win...simple right? Which bowl game do you think USC will end up going to???

Clemson, USC ranked near top of “Power Rankings”

Clemson University ranked 9th nationally and the University of South Carolina ranked 15th in's 2nd Annual "Power Rankings" released Wednesday.

Presented as an index of schools where students “can have the most fun while putting forth the least effort,” scores are based on 12 criteria, including stadium capacity, bar closing times, average February temperatures and the distance from the nearest Taco Bell.

Of 50 schools included in the ranking, Penn State University received the top ranking, followed by Virginia Tech.

Vote for Cocky

Vote For Cocky - HERE.

Do it everyday so SC can win Mascot of the Year!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Carolina Fans need to read this article

For the first time in awhile....I agree with Ron Morris at The State Newspaper.

He pens a great article - "Fans who doubt Spurrier's progress ignore signs" - and I totally agree. Give Spurrier time and let's all be patient with the coaching staff. Yes - we sucked the last 4 games and in others at times this season but I truly believe that in coming years he will succeed and prove all the doubters wrong.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Leftover Hot Dog facts

Apparently those of us that write for this blog, aren't exactly Norman Einsteins. Our reading level:

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Incidentally, most of the time we don't use many naughty words:

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While you're laughing at our mildly retarded writing style or PG vocabulary, consider this:

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I bet Moose would take substantially less though.

Drinking game for this weekend

A good drinking game for this weekend when you are watching the Ohio State vs. Michigan .

Also here is a good drinking game for basketball season, which has already started.

The game basketball ball drinking game of choice is Devon Downey touch, you have to drink every time Devon touch's the ball, and a drink for every time he scores (ie free throw, 3 pointers). Since USC actually a good number of games on TV this year, I should spend a lot of time smashed.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Ain't nothing like some beans and meat

The 2nd annual tailgate chili cook-off was a hit. We had 5 participants this year and I felt like everybody’s chili turned out great. Hopefully we will have a 3rd cook-off next year with even more participants. After tallying up all the votes, we had some pretty close races between best taste and most creative.

Winners of the 2nd annual tailgate chili cook-off

Best Name……El Scorcho Bungholio chili

Best Taste (which was decided by 2 votes)
1st place….. 3 bean gut grenade chili
2nd place… Old Fart’s chili

Most Creative chili (which was decided by 1 vote)
1st place…. Big Angry’s Jacked up rooster chili
2nd place... Buck Wild Hot N’ Cocky Chili

BTC written were pretty good this year as well.

Megan’s Awesome Cornbread received the most votes but in a distant 2nd was Stacy’s cheese dip. Also receiving votes was

Penny’s hot ass soup
TomTom’s Gator
Bring back the bowtie chili…. I need to throw up
Stacy’s suck ass chili with cheese

Well thanks to all that participated see you at the Clemson game.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Make it 4 in a row...

following the University of South Carolina’s 51-31 Southeastern Conference loss to the Florida Gators on Saturday.

Thoughts from you guys?