Friday, April 07, 2006

Stories from the Construction Zone

Hello all this is my first post and some of you will have already heard me relay some of these sotries, but i feel that everyone should get to hear about some of the people i encounter through my job and some of the funny things i have seen people do or say.

The first tale occurs several months ago oh wait this isnt a tale it is very short. So i am Chilling leaning on the hood of my car over seeing the building of 2 homes, when i look up just intime to see a Lexington County inspector bust his rear end while trying to walk off my lot. Granted it had just rained and my neighborhood is nothing but nasty clay. Anyways this dude's feet start to slide out from under him and he does the whole arm wave thing you know what i am talking about, but it just doesnt work as usual and he falls on his fanny fanny. Well he gets up and looks around and thinks he escapes and about the time he takes a couple more steps he sees me just looking at him and smiling and he knows that i know that he fell down.

The next story takes place up in Ticks part of the country up in Boiling Springs. Well i am working in this neighborhood helping out up there because hell i am a swell guy. Anyways I am walking the hood and decide to check in on the cleaners. These girls are some what attractive, but about as country as hell, but i will give it to them for having all their teeth. Well I come in and they dont know that i am there yet and i over hear them talking about children this that and the other. You know the usual man i have 2 kids and that is all i want and not me i want more. Of course since it is in Ticks neck of the woods they start having kids up there early like 14 because hell there aint nothing else to do up there especially when walmart closes and you cant hang out in the Ingles parking lot. Well the new girl who is this little 18 year old girl is going on and on about how she wants kids. THey ask her does she think she is ready and does she have a husband. In true redneck fashion her answer is hell yeah i am ready i have raised to puppies and no i dont have a husband but i have a boyfriend and hoping i get pregnant so he has to marry me.

And last but not least lets not leave out my witnessing a case of indecent exposure. SO i am pulling into my new neighborhood on Thursday and i ride around back to get something out the construction trailer. I see my landscaper's truck and him standing on the side of the road at my concrete wash out with his back to his truck. By the way he is a CLEMSON GRAD WHO ALSO PLAYED FOOTBALL FOR THEM. So i dont think much of it until i get closer and sure enough the hick from clemson is taking a leak in the concrete wash out pit. So i get out and i am like dude what are you doing and he responds "nature was calling". I asked him why he didnt use to porta john on the way in and he said he didnt feel like walking across the parking lot to use it. i said man i know you are a clemson grad end every one pees outside just dont be doing it right on the edge of the street in case a homeowner drives up. What is up with old people having to pee every 5 minutes anyways

Later from the construction site

"Shoeless Joe" Jackson returns to watch the Drive...

In a surprise appereance...Shoeless Joe Jackson, who is from Greenville, SC, made a apperance for the opening of the Greenville Drive. The Drive defeated the Catfish with a 6-1 victory. The Drive are part of the Red Sox organization and are a single A team. The stadium has a little green monster of their own, see pic, which some guy from the other team hit a homer over. It truly was a great venue with a kids playground area, Shoeless Joe's actual house is right outside the stadium, they had cheap food / beer and a grassy area in the outfield if you want to sit and watch the game.

Check out the pics above of the venue and look for more from the Drive later on.

Way to go Odom

USC, Odom land Lee Central star
Lee Central forward Mike Holmes is the No. 42-rated prospect in the nation

This is what Carolina needs, highly rated prospect with a gold chain and a nice grills. We need more thug players; we have been getting soft with all these Florida players. True SC gangster power is the way we need to go, other schools have been feeding off of our strengths. Maybe now people will take Odom’s recruiting seriously.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

The "Drive" set to play....

The 'new' minor league baseball team is set to begin play tonight in there new stadioum in the West End of downtown Greenville (SC). The Drive is a part of the Red Sox organization and there new stadium sits 5700 and has a smaller verison of the famous 'wall' in Boston. The game is a complete sellout for tonight at 7:05pm but of course I will be there.....many of you may remember the Captial City Bombers in Columbia...well this is the same organization. They left Cola-town and decided that G-vegas is the place to be.

Prom and drinkin'

I saw this article on and thought to myself.."what about personal liberty and freedoms?".....I know one may agrue that it curbs teen drinking, DUIs and possibly deaths but is anyone thinking about the rights of these teens. I know many schools look for 'drunks' at proms and do some things to try and discourage drinking before or after prom but a blood-alcohol test? Wow....these kids better get there early b.c it could take awhile to get through the door.

You decide and after you read this...

Hilton Head High to require blood-alcohol test to enter prom
HILTON HEAD ISLAND, S.C. - Hilton Head High School students will need more than fancy dresses and tuxedos top get into this year's prom. They'll also have to pass a blood-alcohol test.
The school decided to test all students to see if they have been drinking after several students arrived at last year's prom drunk, said Obie Schramm of the Beaufort County School District.
"Unfortunately, there's always a handful of students drinking, and that makes it hard for everyone. We don't want something terrible to happen," Schramm said.
School officials will administer the tests, principal Helen Ryan said.
Alex Clare, who is helping to organize the prom, said he supports testing for alcohol.
If I'm not drinking, then it doesn't bother me. I think some people are mad at it, but I can see why (the school) did it," Clare said.
Beaufort County school officials said they will look at Hilton Head High's plan before deciding whether to do blood-alcohol tests at the district's other three high school proms.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Election and Campaign Season is here...

Election season has begun and should be a fun season of political talks and discussion. I will now work to bring to this readership some great insights and commentary.

I was surprised that Coble won re-election for Mayor of Columbia, his opponent put up a great fight (probably the best in the 16 year tenure that Coble has been Mayor) but fell short. Proves that 'grassroots' campaigns work and it is not all about money. Money can not win all the campaigns but it does help!

Wedgie anyone?

Teacher charged for giving student 'wedgie'

A charter school teacher in Albany (NY) is out of the classroom and in the courtroom.
Police say Mark Holley gave a 10-year-old New Covenant student a wedgie during a summer school program sometime between July and August 2005. The 41-year-old is charged with endangering the welfare of a child. The mother of the boy told investigators she reported the alleged incident to school administrators immediately after it happened, but New Covenant did not file anything with the police department until January. The principal of the school says Holley is on administrative leave.


Another great example of our society and says alot about our education system. My question is did the teacher use two hands for the wedgie or one? Big difference and should be taken in consideration...

To Dev

This has been a hell of a month, I was separated from my brother, who was thrown out of a car window, my father left me in a car for three weeks, and now I have a dog wearing a jean jacket chasing after me. Dev please come pick me up asap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS. I miss you, and I have included some updated pictures of me and the dog that is harassing me

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Quotes of the day

“Don’t marry a striper, just date one”

“If you are going to have a crappy job, at least have one on a beach”

Monday, April 03, 2006

Happy holidays

This is the official mascot for Cinco De Louie, the holiday of May. It consists of a month long celebration of a Mexican drinking holiday and my birthday. This year’s theme will be drinking as it has been for the past couple years. As a surprise I might even throw in some athletic events to keep the masses at bay. Stay tuned for a schedule of events and happy cinco de louie.