Saturday, December 27, 2008

Gamecock's Munnerlyn is leaning toward NFL

Gamecock's Captain has eye on NFL

I agree with the above article that Captain needs to stick around for his senior year. So what you have 40 tackles, two TFL, two sacks and five passes broken up. Captain you have played below your potential in 2008 both on special teams and on defense. Where is the love of the game we all once saw? Or is it the cramps again? Captain could use another year in college to help his NFL standing. If he leaves early I think it will be a mistake and he runs the risk of not even being drafted...I mean there are some top talent expected to be in the NFL draft this year at Cornerback -
  • Victor Harris, CB, Virginia Tech
  • Trevard Lindley, CB, Kentucky
  • Malcolm Jenkins, CB, Ohio State
  • Vontae Davis, CB, Illinois
  • D.J. Moore, CB, Vanderbilt
  • Mike Mickens, CB, Cincinnati
  • Alphonso Smith, CB, Wake Forest
  • Keenan Lewis, CB, Oregon State
  • DeAngelo Smith, CB, Cincinnati
  • Domonique Johnson, CB, Jackson State
  • Darius Butler, CB, Connecticut
Captain - listen to us...stay for one more year! The above is just to name a few. You will not go in round 2 like LOHD predicts where E Cook and J Cook go. Right now you are rated at #15 out of all CBs.

As of today, you are not even projected to go in the first 3 rounds...look at the above list of CBs that are going pro...wait one more year and you will be at the top of this list.

What do you think - should he stay or go? 2009 Team Recruiting Rankings

South Carolina goes from #10 to #9....

2009 Team Ranking (updated 12/26/08)

1. LSU
2. Ohio State
3. Texas
4. Alabama
5. USC
6. North Carolina
7. Oklahoma
8. Michigan
9. South Carolina
10. Florida State
11. Georgia
12. Notre Dame
13. Miami
14. Florida
15. Michigan State
16. Arkansas
17. Tennessee
18. Penn State
19. Stanford
20. UCLA
21. Texas A&M
22. Nebraska
23. Auburn
24. Illinois
25. Mississippi State

LOHD Holiday Laugh

The video has become a youtube success and was produced, of all places, right here in Gamecock Nation's birthplace- Columbia, SC by First Baptist Church.

h/t Mattheus Mei

Friday, December 26, 2008

The Duce set to drop in 09'

This sounded more like a Christmas wish than reality but apparently its true according to the Post and Currier! Duce Staley will be coming back to the Gamecocks Football team, this time as a coach. I can't think of anyone better to bring in than him (maybe ST, but since that isn't happening who better than Duce?).

In fact, it seems like this move was on every fans mind in the last year. I can't count the number of times this was suggested at tailgate. There is no other former player with as much passion for Carolina as him. He wears it on his sleeve and isn't afraid to let every and anyone know. I applaud this move and look forward to seeing what he can do to change the attitude around the team and get us primed for the SEC East Crown in 09'.

By the way - I like the vintage uniforms in the pic above, anyone up for bringing those back?

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Hope Santa is good to everyone and have a great Christmas!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ok Lanning you can play in the Outback Bowl

Lanning gets OK to play in bowl

Good news for the USC punter, hopefully we will not need him as the USC Offense will be rolling against Iowa.

USC reports 11 secondary violations to NCAA

USC reports 11 secondary violations to NCAA

They are just secondary so no big deal.

Gamecock News Thread

Here is a shot of gamecock news-

College Baseball Pre-Season Poll

Coming out in the Jan. 2, 2009 edition of Collegiate Baseball newspaper will be a analysis of the top 40 teams going into the 2009 College Baseball season.

Notice that THE University of South Carolina is not ranked in the top 40...what is up with that?

That is utter BS if I ever saw it. This press release is way off in my book but it is important to keep in mind that it is a preseason poll b/c it will not end up that way even though I agree that LSU is the favorite to win it all in 09.

Here is their Top 20 -

1. Louisiana St. (49-19-1)
2. North Carolina (54-14)
3. Rice (47-15)
4. Georgia (45-25-1)
5. Stanford (41-24-2)
6. Arizona St. (49-13)
7. Florida St. (54-14)
8. Louisville (41-21)
9. Texas A&M (46-19)
10. Texas (39-22)
11. Mississippi (39-25)
12. Georgia Tech. (41-21)
13. Cal. St. Fullerton (41-22)
14. Oklahoma St. (44-18)
15. Baylor (32-26)
16. Fresno St. (47-31)
17. San Diego (44-17)
18. Miami, Fla. (53-11)
19. Kentucky (44-19)
20. U.C. Irvine (42-18)

Oh and the new USC baseball home will have no name in it "THE RAY"

Early 2009 College Football Rankings

Not sure if this site is credible but found it interesting who and where they ranked some folks....Vandy at 23, Miss at 11, BC that high? They also went ahead and picked Florida to win the SEC East and 'Bama to win the SEC West.

Here is their Top 25 going into 2009 -

1. Florida
2. Alabama
3. Texas
4. Oklahoma
5. Southern California
6. Oklahoma State
7. Ohio State
8. Georgia Tech
9. Georgia
10. Penn State
11. Ole Miss
12. Pitt
13. Virginia Tech
14. Texas Tech
15. Iowa
16. LSU
17. Utah
18. Minnesota
19. Boise State
20. California
21. UNC
22. BC
23. Vanderbilt
24. FSU
25. East Carolina

Gamecock Club News

09 payment will be the same as the 08 payment - Freeze proposed for Gamecock Club dues

This is the best news from Hyman and USC in awhile and to me this was a easy decision. I mean on one hand we got ticket sales hurting for Tampa trip and gamecock club dues are due in by 12/31/08.....oh and through all this we are in the toughest economic cycle since the depression....

Finally bad news out of clemson

Clemson reserve Chambers arrested

Not that I wish ill will just tired of all the negative stuff out of USC's camp with players not passing classes, coaching staff changes, etc. Not to mention now the world of academia is getting watchful over USC athletics...geez.

Monday, December 22, 2008