Saturday, April 14, 2007

Joke of the Day...

After Chelsea returned from a date, Hillary asked her if she had a good time.

Chelsea said she had a wonderful time and she thinks she's in love.

Hillary said, "You didn't have sex, did you?"

Chelsea said, "Not according to Dad."

Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday the 13th...

Having a good Friday the 13th? LOHD wishes everyone a great Friday da 13th.

Did you know? Every year has at least one and at most three Fridays the 13th, with 48 occurences in 28 years an average of 1.7 times per year, according to Wikipedia.

Here's a few things of note about Friday 13th:
-The fear of Friday the 13th is called paraskavedekatriaphobia. (Say that 3 times fast)
-The first documented mention of a "Friday the 13th" is generally listed as occurring in the early 1900s.

4 min mile...

LOHD forgot to highlight a great thing last weekend. The first man in the state of SC on state soil ran a sub 4 min mile. Kudos to him and that truly is a feat.

State finally allows a four-minute mile. Story. Video. Photos.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

SC Beer Laws get looked at...

South Carolina has moved a step closer to increasing the alcohol-by-weight ceiling from 5 percent to 14 percent, which would pave the way for the legality of craft beer (a longer definition here) that enthusiasts say would help the state's economy (because folks presently travel to neighboring states) and allow for some of the world's highest-quality beers to be sold in your locale.

A bill that increases the limit from 5 percent to 14 percent passed the second reading yesterday and is scheduled for third reading April 10.

There's been a statewide effort behind this for a while, and you can track its progress here. (Here's a snazzy pro-craft beer flyer.)

Pending the outcome of the previously mentioned bill, there are other attempts floating around the statehouse right now to "pop the cap."

What do you think? What's your favorite beer that's too crafty for S.C. presently?

Monday, April 09, 2007

What the hell part 2

Did anybody else read this about our old gamecock basketball star.

what the hell

I don't usually read Men's health but this article caught my eye. It was also featured on WLTX. Men's health ranked Columbia SC as having the worst drivers in the USA. I am going to attach the article below, please post comments on what you think.

Columbia) - If you read the April issue of "Men's Health Magazine" an article called "The Capitals of Crash" may have caught your eye. After all, it says Columbia drivers are the worst.Driver, Wendy Hartshorne said, "I haven't experienced anything horrible. It doesn't seem like anything worse than anywhere else I've driven."According to the article, out of 100 cities, Columbia drivers are last when it comes to safety on the roads.To calculate the rankings, the rate of fatal accidents, deaths caused by speeding, accident frequency and seatbelt usage were considered.Most of the data comes from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Columbia resident, Dexter Ashford said, "If you have ever driven on I-26 around 5:00 or 5:30, it wouldn't surprise you."Still, Ashford says it's nothing to get road rage about.He said, "I think they're bigger things to worry about than how somebody rated our driving in Columbia."Sgt. Michael Modica supervises the Columbia Police Department's Traffic Unit. He says the stats can't be current.Sgt. Modica said, "A lot of times what we might have going on there is statistical data from 2005 because a lot of the information from 2006 is still being entered in our data and the highway department."Last year, Sgt. Modica says there was a decrease in traffic accidents by almost 12%. Fatal accidents decreased by 46%.Sgt. Modica said, "We really don't believe it's accurate. We've seen a lot of improvement in the city."The article also says St. Louis, Greensboro, North Carolina and Jackson, Mississippi has some of the worst drivers.The best drivers are in Des Moines, Iowa, Jersey City and New York.

Scratch off...

I have long been fascinated with the SC lottery , for many reasons but will save you all from my soap box.

What most interested me was how the lottery could sell tickets for a game when all of the top tier tickets for a game had already been won.

Look at it logically, if the average player knew that all of the prizes valued in a game worth 5000-50000 dollars in a particular game had been claimed already do you think that they would buy tickets for that game anymore? Of course not, the players would migrate to the next game. So some players of the lottery found out about this (smart people) sued the lottery commission and now the lottery commission prominently posts a display that says that the lottery continues to sell tickets for a game after all of the top tier prizes have been won.


Zach gets his green jacket...

A strange week at Augusta National saved the biggest surprise for the very end -- Johnson as the Masters champion, and beating Woods to get there. Strange to also see these pros shooting "Plus" scores and hitting into the woods or 4 putting on the greens. I know the course was tougher this year than in the past but still we are so use to seeing these guys "going low."

Well, the back nine was good to watch after a good Easter dinner....Johnson pulled away from Woods and the rest of the pack with three birdies in a pivotal four-hole stretch, closing with a 3-under 69 for a two-shot victory over Woods, Retief Goosen and Rory Sabbatini. It was only the second victory of his career.

Woods was within two shots after his eagle on the 13th hole, but all he could muster were pars the rest of the way. His last chance ended when his approach to the 18th settled 25 feet to the right of the pin. And for the first time ever in a major, Woods walked the final hole with no trophy waiting for him at the end and no one behind him on the course.

7-11 gets creative...

Too bad there are not 7-11 gas stations around here to enjoy their latest concept.
Read for yourself:
"If all goes as planned, the convenience store chain plans to refit 11 stores across the resemble the front of the Kwik-E-Mart, the convenience store that Homer and other characters frequent in the classic cartoon TV series.
Customers also will be able to buy products inspired by the nearly two-decades-old show, including KrustyO’s cereal, Buzz Cola and iced Squishees (the cup says Squishee, but the contents will be Slurpee).

The chain also will use pictures of Simpsons characters to promote 7-Eleven’s line of fresh foods, such as placing the face of Homer and his classic “Mmmm . . . sandwich” quip on sandwich wrappers. "