Saturday, December 06, 2008

USC baseball stadium should be called THE RAY

Boo this name....LOHD sticks by our plea to call the new Baseball Stadium - The Ray.

USC's new baseball stadium will temporarily be called Carolina that is intimidating and original. Why not call it a the baseball diamond while you are at it? If feel that we need to honor Ray Tanner, the man behind the black magic with the Carolina baseball team and the man who will bring USC a national championship soon. Also it will be a great tradition and attention getter. Don't sell out to corporate America, sell out to the fans that will be sitting in those bleachers.....Eric Hyman call it The Ray!

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Recommended Gamecock Reading Today

I would like to ask Gamecock Nation to read THIS ARTICLE from Ron Aiken with the Columbia Free Times entitled "Spurrier: Apologize to Fans Personally or Retire Now."

Here is a snipit to strike your interest -
The sad facts of the 2008 season are that USC started off terribly with Smelley at the helm, got back on track with Garcia, then slid off the rails again in humiliating fashion, all because Garcia pisses Spurrier off to no end.

Also post your comments if you agree with his take on things. Yes we all know the last two games were poor showings but coaches can not control the play of players. Do agree Smelley should have been pulled in the CU game. Also think or should I say agree that there is a little more to the QB situation that Spurrier likes to share...maybe ego has something to do with it?

Garcia Staying with Gamecocks

Thanks to fellow LOHD blogger JR we get the answer during a interview with Garcia recently. JR is the one holding the tape recorder to the left and no he does not work for WIS but is a faithful LOHD reporter seeking the truth.

Anywho....Garcia clears up the rumor posted here on LOHD that Garcia was transferring and talks about the "goings on" in the program and the upcoming bowl game.


LOHD Bowl Pick'm Challenge

If you haven’t done so already, join our Bowl Pick ‘Em group through Yahoo Fantasy Sports. Once there go to "join a private group" and type in the following -

Group ID: 17647

password: hotdog

Final SEC Power Poll Results

The final SEC Power Poll of the regular season is up at Garnet and Black Attack. Also be on the look out for the SEC Power Poll All-SEC Team, something new coming soon.

Oh and here is my final ballot ---
  1. UF
  2. Ala
  3. UGA
  4. Ole Miss
  5. USC
  6. LSU
  7. Ark
  8. UK
  9. UT
  10. Vand
  11. Aub
  12. MSU

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

USC Rumor Mill --- Garcia to Transfer after Bowl Game

Alright Gamecock Nation, I have to put out there the latest rumor...don't you just love the end of the season drama. From bowl game suspense, coaching changes, speculation of which players are leaving for the NFL to recruiting battles....oh the drama.

Well here is the latest rumor to hit the streets.....Stephen Garcia will transfer after the bowl game to South Flordia! Anyone hearing this? Thoughts?

I for one second don't believe it and don't see why he would leave now. He has worked too hard to get into USC, stay in USC, put up with the Spurrier rotation, battle Smelley, quit now. I call bluff on this one as he is slated to be the starter in 2009 and the fan favorite.

McCorvey & Spurrier Can Not Agree / So Go Hire Taneyhill

Seems the deal to bring the former Mississippi State Assistant Coach and OC over to USC has ended. Not sure if it was the best hire for the team anyway but I am not Steve Spurrier as he hopefully knows what is best for the team. Not surprising really that this did not work out as McCorvey would go from being a OC and a Assistant Coach to a WR Coach for USC. Moving down the line in my view....

So I would like to take this opportunity to renew our case for Spurrier to Hire Taneyhill. Steve at least make the call as it would be a positive news spin this week.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Dear Spurrier - Hire Steve Taneyhill as your new QB Coach

LOHD has a plan. We feel a very good one and Spurrier you need to listen.

Hire Steve Taneyhill as your new QB Coach.
You may say why or is he qualified. Stop and think about that.

He is currently the Head Coach of Chesterfield High School. He has won a state championship at Chesterfield and 2 coaching a 8 man team (back to back) at Cambridge Academy. He was the USC QB and fan favorite from 1992 to 1995. As a Gamecock quarterback, Taneyhill compiled 8,380 yards in total offense, completing 753 of 1,245 passes.he threw 62 touchdown passes in his career. So he has the credentials.

But why should he be your next QB Coach besides his coaching experience? Simple...he connects to today's players. At 33 years old he knows what the kids face and the realities that exist. He also can relate to them because he has been in their shoes a little more recent than you (no disrespect). Most important, he has the passion and attitude to be successful. He has that ego that either pisses you off or you love. Remember Steve when you had it? Let's get it back at USC. Let's put Taneyhill on staff and let him rally the kids a little. I think in 2008, we were missing this. I am sure he will make football fun again as we are dealing with 18-22 year olds.

Oh and another point....I think he can get Garcia in check. He was Garcia. He can relate to Garcia and get him "coached up" to play football. Spurrier, listen, I know you demand perfection and when accomplished your offense is unbeatable. BUT perfection is hard to attain and what I feel we truly need is the "fire in the belley." Create the 'fire' and the determination to be perfect will rise up.

We need a coach that is young and can relate to these kids; we need Steve Taneyhill as your next QB Coach. I am sure he can help recruit also as he some name recognition.

So Gamecock Nation...whatca think? Could Taneyhill jump in and do the job? Come on Steve...swallow the pride and do this as it could prove to be a great hire!

Rumor Mill---Dabo fires Vic Koenning/Targets Ellis

Dabo Swinney goes to work as "the man" today and takes care of some house cleaning duties as he gives Vic the pink slip no surprise there but the rumor is Dabo has talked to Ellis Johnson about the opening but I call bullsh*t on that. No way Ellis leaves Carolina for this gig. Why would he? He has a solid defense and got a fat contract. I think the UT former DC John Chavis is a better fit.

Dabo No Danny

Dear Clemson Fan Base,

Please stop with the "danny ford" comparisons with the guy above. William Christopher "Dabo" Swinney just signed a 5 year deal and can remove the 'Interim' from his title after taking the tigers to 4-2 record to have them finish 7-5. Please note this is the same record as South Carolina in 2008. Great you got your man! But seriously, I know Clemson just won against the "arch rival" but stop for a second and separate the passion or should I say stop drinking the orange kool-aid. Dabo has his work cut out for him. Bowden was 8-4, 8-5, and 9-4 the last three years. Are you trying to improve the program or just maintain the same levels?
I agree he has upside and came at a good price since you still got Bowden on the hook. But do remember he was never a coordinator, and now he's a head coach. It's a big jump for a school whose money, support and tradition fits more in line with the SEC. In other words: win or walk.
Next year he should be okay and there have been comparisons of this is much like West Virginia but I think he will do well next year as far as a record. They will still have a good D in place, Spiller, a little shaky at QB with Korn and a improved O line. So he should win some games next year on talent alone but the true test/measure will be in year 2-3 (2010 & 2011). As the other ACC schools are on the upswing and USC is on the upswing it will be interesting to see what happens in Clemson, SC.
I guess it is a flip of a coin when you hire a new coach anyhow but seriously stop with the Danny Ford talk, please.

USC Caption Comments

Insert your caption comments as we need to get into the mind of Smelley this past Saturday as he sits beside Mike Davis on the bench during the Clemson win.

Monday, December 01, 2008

UT Kiffin has some explaining to do

Spurrier questions whether Kiffin broke rules

Welcome to the SEC Lane Kiffin. First job after making some calls to recruits and boosters is to answer the question Spurrier raises. He has been around a while and is not going to let the new kid on the block rock his boat. Wait...never mind as he let Dabo....forget it....back to the subject. It appears that Mr. Kiffin started working a little too soon for UT or before the ink dryed; question is will the NCAA take a close look at this or is this even a issue?
I do hope the hire of Dave Reeves will not hurt the SC recruiting hunt but I can not blame the guy because anyone in his shoes would do the same thing. I look forward to see how Kiffin responds and how UT trys to spin this one if there is truth to "the scandal."

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Updated Gamecock - Hitler Video II

USC O Line Coach Fired / Reaves Out

Breaking news: Hunt fired, Reaves leaving for UT

Hunt deserves the pink slip after a crappy year coaching the O Line.

I can not blame Reaves for leaving to join his brother-in-law, Lane Kiffin, at Tennessee. Their he will be the Volunteers’ quarterbacks coach and probably help with recruiting. Reaves interviewed with Kiffin two years ago with the Oakland Raiders, but decided to stay at USC.

Cornerbacks coach Shane Beamer will succeed Reaves as the Gamecocks’ recruiting coordinator, a position Beamer held at Mississippi State.

Graduate assistant coach Cedric Williams will take over the line for the Gamecocks' bowl preparations.

Two Questions---
1. How will this affect recruiting with the Clemson loss / Hunt fired / Reaves going to UT?
2. Will USC defensive coordinator Ellis Johnson leave for the head-coaching vacancy at Mississippi State. Johnson, who recently received a contract extension at USC, was the Bulldogs’ defensive coordinator for Croom’s first four seasons.

Fire Steve Spurrier Site Goes Up

It was bound to happen....I don't agree with it but do see the rational....

Clemson To Name DABO Coach

Report: Clemson To Name Swinney Coach

Gamecock Fans Sunday Reading

I recommend this HERE from our pal 'gamecock man' at Garnet&Black Attack. He sums up a lot of the same thoughts I have "the day after."

Random thoughts so far....
I still think a 70 percent healthy Garcia is better than a 100 percent healthy Smelley. No fingers should be pointed at the O Line this game or our defense. I would like to know how our special teams allowed that blocked punt? I do wish I saw a bit more of Maddox at RB yesterday as Mike Davis had a good game but there were a few times he would make it past the line and fall forward. I think Maddox/Baker could have done a little more given the chance.

I think it is also evident that USC needs a game breaker on offense like a Harvin or Spiller. We don't have that. Don't get me wrong we got some great talent but no true game changer. Spurrier pay attention and go recruit that....

Gald to see Spurrier is doing something right today by naming Garcia the starter for the bowl game. I honestly would not be sad if I never see Smelley suit up in a Carolina uniform. I know that is harsh but Chris has thrown 6 INTS in 2 games! Tee'd UF up for 21 points and then basically did the same for Clemson.

USC needs a leader on offense to step up. Defense is taken care of but the offense needs someone to step up. The likely source of this leadership is the QB (ie Tebow) but that is not the case. Tebow after the loss was man enough to say it was his fault for losing to Ole Miss. Smelley I would love to see you do the same...accept played like sh*t.

I will write more later....still digesting the loss!

Garcia to start for SC in bowl game

Is it just me or is this a day late?

Garcia Named Starter for Bowl Game

Clemson's Secret Weapon vs. Carolina

And no Smelley it was not your normal 2 INTs per game that Carolina fans have grown accustomed too but this time you went out and gave a 4 INT performance. Chris you are now on every Clemson fans Christmas Card list as you gave this game to them!

USC loses to Clemson 31-14

I got nothing really to say right now as this one was tough to watch. I blame Smelley for a bad (bad is a nice word for this) performance.

I will write more later on this game and some thoughts....

Gamecocks Fall To Clemson 31-14
Final Stats Notes