Friday, August 15, 2008

Its almost Mullett and Jort hunting time

I havent written anything in a while and usually when I do it is to call someone out, and why should this be any different. It is different since I am not calling out my friends except one aka Randy on the kickball team. Football season is right around the corner and with some of the teams we have coming to Williams Brice this year mullets and jorts should be abundant. NC State is up first and you know your either going to get someone with from the wine and cheese crowd or you are going to get some awesome mullets and jorts whose idea of wine and cheese is Boones Farm and cheese whiz. Then comes UGA dear god these people who are all high and mighty and there team is #1 in the Nation and yet they will bring some hot women and some dudes with chewing tobacco all over the front of their wife beater and their $2 flask from CVS shoved in the back of their tight a** jean shorts for those of you that havent figured out what jorts are yet. Then wofford and UAB come to town so next. Then come the fans that remarkable remind you of the fair oh thats right they smell like corn dogs. I am talking about LSU the defending National Champs. However these people i will not mess with since I have seen one bite the bottom of his can in order to shot gun the beer while walking into death valley (2 sorry Clemson). Tennessee arrives in their 1976 wood paneled station wagons that the tires are so flat because of all the philip fulmer look a likes that are pilled in. And then they start singing that song about how they had sex with their sister on top of some mountain or something. Arkansas follows the Orange colored cast of the biggest loser beginning of the season. I dont know too much about Arkansas and have never been there. I know a couple people from there but that is about it. If anyone else has an opinion of Arkansas please feel free to express it. Ok that is all for now I may write again in the next 6 months.

Darth Visor Strikes Back - Officers indicted in USC player arrest reports today that - "A Richland County grand jury Friday indicted the city of Columbia police officers accused of using excessive force against a South Carolina football player while arresting him last spring."

Remember this case dealing with the USC OL Kevin Young from HERE and HERE.

Read the Full Article from the newspaper- HERE - for more details....

Neal Lourie is the man ! Now will the cops strike back and target USC players even more??? This has to bring a smile to Spurrier's face today. I guess time will tell if this helps the situation b/w the police and USC but one thing is for sure Neal Lourie stands ready to defend them as he always has.....thoughts?

Hills pulled a gamecock?

Spurrier has coined a new medical phrase - 'the gamecock.' In the Thursday practice report on, Spurrier had this to say concerning gamecock WR Joe Hills and his injury -
"Joe (Hills) sprained his (left) toe," continued Coach Spurrier. "He pulled a "Gamecock." I guess we'll call it a "Gamecock" when you're going into the end zone and you relax. He was across the line but didn't realize Akeem (Auguste) was hustling and trying to break it up and fell on his foot. Hopefully, one day our guys will learn just because you cross the goal line or get near it, the game is not over. Guys are flying around trying to make plays."

This must be what Pepper had last year. So we have the other USC getting a nasty itch and now players on USC getting 'the gamecock'.....I wonder if any players from Jacksonville State suffers from this medical condition? Will PETA protest this?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tommy Bowden caught looking...

Please tell me that is not Tommy staring at Kyle Parker again? Enough is enough Tommy and be careful blowing that whistle....

Update on Smoak and Darnell

As reported - here- by The Greenville News USC's former 1b Justin Smoak and USC's former 3b James Darnell have some decisions to make...well it seems Darnell has come to terms with San Diego as reported HERE on their site.

Now we await Smoak and his deal closing or will it? - latest update is HERE from the Texas site.

USC DT Pepper update

As reported in the Gville News - here- Defensive tackle Nathan Pepper of Greenville was granted his medical hardship by the NCAA and has two years’ eligibility remaining.
This is good news for the Gamecocks as having Pepper around is a plus for the defense.

South Carolina ranked #4

That is right, the Univ of South Carolina has been ranked #4 by this site....thoughts?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Go ahead and admit it, you watched synchronized mens diving last night. You cheered for the American’s as they were eventually beaten down by the Chinese in probably the gay’s sport since figure skating. Granted blades of glory made figure skating pretty funny, but I don’t think even a movie can help men’s synchronized diving. At least televise Badminton or something instead of this crap. Watching diving is hard enough in the first place, besides adding a person that is doing the exact same thing.

On a different note, Michael Phelps is the fastest swimmer in the world. So I was thinking, whatever happened to the show Man verses Beast that was on Fox for a while. I would like to see Michael Phelps try and out swim a dolphin, it would be better TV then the Olympics.

Gamecock in the big leagues

Now that Nady is gone from Pittsburgh, former Gamecock Steve Pearce has taken on the role of starting right fielder for the Pirates. On Monday his single in the ninth inning gave the pirates a 7-5 victory over the New York Mets.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Cocktail's drink of the week

Moscow Mule
The Moscow Mule was created sometime before the end of 1942. Who exactly created the Moscow Mule is unknown, as proof is yet to be found.
  • 2 shots russian vodka (Smirnoff, Stolichnaya, Absolute) 
  • juice from 1/2 a fresh lime.
  • Ginger Beer (to taste).  Spicy Ginger Beer is the best.  Saranac makes a good one!!!  Also, there is a ginger beer in the mexican food and spice section in the grocery store. 

Squeeze the lime into a tall glass filled with ice, and then add the Vodka; finally, add Ginger Beer to taste, remembering that this is meant to be a long drink.

The official story was that the Moscow Mule was created after the second world war, which ended in 1945, and has been disproven.  I started drinking this drink in Upstate New York with some old polish friends.  But, be careful!!!   Because of the sugar in the ginger beer's induced hangover can be horrific!  Give it a try somewhere around the LSU game.

No Excuses - 2008 Carolina Football

Gamecocks - Hitler Video

Sense the "seat fee" talk got gamecock nation a little this should get a smile...

Gamecock - Clemson Rivalry Song

Ron Morris taking a swipe at clemson?

I had to read this article twice today to make sure I was witnessing Ron Morris take a swipe at Tommy Bowden and Clemson.
I can not beleive it.....I guess being called out by Spurrier and getting Gamecock nation upset at ya helped ol' ronnie turn the page and begin to truly be a sports editorial writer and not a writer full of bias towards one school. It is safe for all of us to agree that no school is perfect and the perception of it does more damage.

Full Article -

Any thoughts? What do you think should happen to Clemson sophomore safety/linebacker DeAndre McDaniel following the arrest and its' saga?