Saturday, August 18, 2007

Scrimmage Time for the Gamecocks...

The scrimmage, which is set to start around 5 p.m., is open to the public.

Look for Garcia to get some PT with Beecher down. Garcia is looking more and more like a strong candidate to be redshirted with fifth-year senior Blake Mitchell entrenched as the starter and Spurrier saying sophomore Tommy Beecher and redshirt freshman Chris Smelley are ready to play.

Also Mike Barnes moves to WR -- like we don't have enough. The preseason roster lists 13 -- and make that 14 now that freshman Mark Barnes moved from safety to wide receiver Friday.

And Senior DE Jordin Lindsey was back at practice yesterday, which means he is academically eligible this he will play this season....Thank God b/c we need him up front.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Commitment to Detail: a USC Gameplan

Simply the best article about the Gamecocks this it HERE.

I leave ya with a quote from Cory Boyd to close the article:

"Every man has to dig deep in himself to find a challenge, and I think this is Coach Spurrier's challenge," Boyd said. "At the same time, he's trying to instill that in everybody. We all want that challenge. We want to beat the Georgias and the Tennessees. This year, we feel if we put out our best effort, the sky is the limit."


Also if you want to know more about the USC Pass Offense then check out this article in The State - here.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Kelley signs...

Former University of South Carolina point guard Tre Kelley has signed a two-year contract to play for a team in Croatia. Kelley led USC in scoring last year at 18.9 points a game, finishing his career with 1,488 points for eighth-best in school history.

Kelley will play for Cibona Zagreb in Belgrade and hopes this will led to a life in the NBA.
We hope so....

Coming out swinging...

Seems some clemson fans are having trouble realizing that the tide has this post and this post at Danny Ford is God.

They support their argument well and let's face it - facts are facts...can not argue that but I do feel South Carolina is on the upswing unlike the Bowden Boys who seem to be stuck in 4th gear. They have not won a conference crown in 16 years and still talk of 1981 but we all can agree that trophy is a little tainted in scandal but as they would say "at least we got one." I will give ya that.

As long as Tommy B is there they will not make it over the "hump." They had their window of opportunity in 2006 and with Daddy Bowden re-vamping his team, GT peaking, Butch and Co in charge at UNC, WF turning heads, NC state with a proven coach, Beamer Ball still having success....I could go on....I think things are changing in ACC land. Clemson reaching the glory land again is not looking good. While over in the SEC, the gamecocks are mounting a charge to the top. The shift in the ACC is much like what is going on in the SEC but USC is the one turning heads and shifting long standing position. Clemson on the other hand might want to change their focus and enjoy finishing in the middle of the pack in the ACC. It is no longer a FSU show but CU is not in the mix of contenders.....until Bowden gets the boot. CU fans can talk all they want to and they may have a more storied program but let's look to the future and most will agree USC is in better position for future success!

Go read the post and voice your thoughts here....

USC, Gamecock Club gets served...

court docs that is as they are getting sued by Joe Rosen for more than $1.5 million in damages over now having to pay for parking as part of the membership in the gamecock club.

Read full article here.

Do you think he has a argument? Where is crummy on this?
I see his point in the case but it will be hard to win this case but I hope I am wrong.
Also here is a practice report from the Greenville the O Line did not do great and Spurrier is not happy. We all can agree that the O Line and how they perform is a key to a winning season. And let's all hope that the injury Captain suffered is not a lingering one.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I told you Soccer is Gay.

So, apparently there's this Brazilian soccer player named Richarlyson. The owner or coach of another team inplied that Richarlyson might be gay. Richarlyson sued for slander (problem being he now has to prove the statement was false, that he is not gay). MSNBC has a whole article on this here.

The judge who heard the case dismissed it and had this gem to add to his opinion

“Not that a homosexual can’t play soccer,” [Judge] Filho wrote. “He can, but he must form his own team and federation, setting up matches with those who want to play against him.”

Later on in the opinion: "Soccer, the judge said, is a “virile game” but “not homosexual.”

Marcelo Cerqueira, president of the Grupo Gay da Bahia, said there are several gays in Brazil’s pro league, but they fear disclosing their sexual orientation over losing their jobs.

“This case is important to uncover the issue about gays in soccer, to create debate,”

The article finally points out: There have been no public declarations of homosexuality by Brazilian league players. Some well-known players have posed nude in gay magazines.

For the one millionth time, soccer is gay.

Down goes Wallace...

University of South Carolina reserve tailback Bobby Wallace will miss five to six weeks after fracturing his right clavicle (shoulder). That means the 5-foot-7, 196-pound Conway junior would be back by the middle or late September.

Wallace played in seven games last year, rushing for 107 yards, including an 88-yard touchdown run. He also had two receptions for 29 yards.

USC should be fine with Boyd and Davis but I bet B. Maddox is a happy man b/c this may help his chances to avoid what should be a redshirt year.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Deboer gone, Ellis next?

Rob DeBoer has agreed to step down as South Carolina’s sideline reporter while embroiled in a federal lawsuit that alleges the former Gamecocks’ two-sport star marketed an online music retailer that a judge called a “classic pyramid scheme.”

Will Todd Ellis be next? Wasn't he the "top dog" of the scheme? Todd should get the boot if guilty but who would replace him....any thoughts?

Full article HERE.

New SC Plate unveiled...

The new plate, depicting a purplish Palmetto tree against a sunrise background of burnt orange, was announced by the Department of Motor Vehicles Tuesday after it received more than 100,000 votes in a public contest. News is reporting this will appeal to Clemson fans b/c of the look and colors...I don't want to hear that mess.

Any gamecock fans going to boycott the plate? Thoughts?

Injury bug biten'

Bobby Wallace hurt his right shoulder (bruise?) but should be okay according to reports. This could open up some PT for B. Maddox but still say he should take a redshirt this year. No way he is better that Davis and Boyd, who some say is the best RB pair east of Arkansas.

In addition to Wallace, Taylor Rank and Jim Hutton were limited due to right shoulder sprains. Joe Hills remains sidelined with a right knee sprain. Jamire Williams missed the evening practice with a hamstring injury. Jeremy Burgess was held out of action with a slight concussion.
Also in razorback land, their top WR target Marcus Monk will be out four-to-six weeks due to a knee injury sustained last week. Monk underwent arthroscopic surgery on his right knee Monday to repair a small tear that occurred during practice Thursday.

Monk will miss the first handful of games but should be ok for the SC game...boooo.

For those Golf Fans...

Some may not care about this bit of news but this is great b/c the company I work for has a Cliffs membership and I have played on all but 2 of the courses so far. Check out their website here. The courses offer some of the best views in golf. Pictured here is the Cliffs at Glassy that I played in May. It is the signature hole and is a par 3 that kinda has a drop off view overlooking Greenville. The pic does not do the hole nor course justice but trust me it is amazing.

Here is the news from the Greenville News:

Upstate developer Jim Anthony and professional golfer Tiger Woods today announced that Woods will design his first U.S. golf course for Anthony's new Cliffs development east of Asheville. The new development will be 3,000 acres and include 1,500 home sites called High Carolina.
Anthony's company, The Cliffs Communities Inc., has seven master-planned communities located between Asheville and Greenville, with golf courses designed by such notables as Jack Nicklaus, Tom Fazio, Ben Wright and Tom Jackson.
The project with Woods follows the announcement last year that Anthony and golfing legend Gary Player would collaborate on The Cliffs at Mountain Park on 5,000 acres in northern Greenville County. The centerpiece will be an 18-hole golf course Gary Player Group Inc. will design and build and should be open in 2008.

To think that 16 years ago Mr. Anthony was a pole climber for Duke Power and took a chance on some land north of Travelers Rest. One development leads to 8 and millions of millions of dollars. They have properties in Chile, British Columbia and the Bahamas. I have had the pleasure to meet Mr. Anthony once and you would never guess that this man is worth millions or started the Cliffs.
This is great for this area and great for golf fans....

Monday, August 13, 2007

Who impressed?

I know it is hard to tell how the team looks from a scrimmage that the starters sat on the sidelines but I throw this question out to ya....which player(s) from the offense impressed you from the scrimmage over the weekend?

Tommy Beecher 11-8-0-100, 1 TD; Chris Smelley 10-6-0-71, 1 TD; Stephen Garcia 8-5-0-50, 1 TD. TOTALS: 29-19-0-221, 3 TDs.

RUSHING: Bobby Wallace 7-28; Brian Maddox 6-21; Stephen Garcia 3-3; Chris Smelley 1-(-7). TOTALS: 17-45.

RECEIVING: Jared Cook 3-35, 1 TD; Weslye Saunders 3-33; Dion Lecorn 2-17; Larry Freeman 2-20; Bobby Wallace 2-15; Chris Culliver 1-42, 1 TD; Jason Barnes 1-15; Moe Brown 1-13, 1 TD; Brian Maddox 1-9; Freddie Brown 1-8; Clark Gaston 1-7; Scott Spurrier 1-7.
TOTALS: 19-221, 3 TDs.

Yeah that is Steve's son with a catch for 7 yards....anyway back to the question - who on offense impressed ya? I thought Cook and Saunders looked good and would be a huge help at TE. Maddox made a strong argument against a redshirt. Garcia I still feel needs a redshirt year.

Why the hate?

Our friend at ESPN, Mr. Lee Corso, said recently that "Butch Davis has a better chance of winning the ACC than Spurrier does winning the SEC." Corso also said the Heels have a strong chance to win the game this year vs USC.
I will agree that Davis will have UNC in a good position in 3 years to compete for a ACC crown but I feel that UNC will lose this year against USC. Spurrier will win a conference title before Davis will. Lastly,we all can agree Corso does not like the fact that Spurrier is at S. Carolina but 'those be fightn' words'. What do you guys think?