Saturday, November 01, 2008

5 Keys to a USC win v TENN

The Gamecocks are trying to become bowl eligible for the fourth time in four seasons under Spurrier and looking for their first victory against Tennessee in Columbia since 1992. That Halloween-day loss to USC prompted Tennessee to fire Johnny Majors and promote Fulmer, who took over for Majors for the final three games before being named the head coach at the end of the season.

Tennessee enters with a 3-5 record, including 1-4 in the SEC. Four of the Volunteers’ five losses have come to ranked teams. Like USC, Tennessee has struggled offensively but features a solid defense.

So in this SC v UT match-up, what does it take to win for the Gamecocks... I touched on some concerns I had with the Vols here but now let's get down to the 5 Keys for a USC Win...

1. USC Must Establish a Running Game - No doubt about it. SC must be able to get some running plays to work against UT. It will help control the pace of the game and take pressure off the USC QB. If we can not run the ball and help the passing game then it could be a long night.

2. SC O-Line must do 2 things - Gotta Protect the QB today as UT has a nasty front on D. No more given up 5+ sacks like in the LSU loss. Garcia needs time to pass. Trust me they have study and will send the house against USC up front all to put pressure on Garcia. Our boys must be ready to max protect. Also the second thing is they have to knock people around and create running lanes. Time for the O-line to be men. I tired of talking about piss poor play upfront.

3. Garcia - He has to play well the entire game. Don't throw near UT SS Berry. I feel this is our game to lose and the key is Garcia.

4. Eliminate TOs - We can not beat ourselves today and give UT chances. Throw the damn ball away instead of taking sacks and don't force anything (Garcia). I desire to see 1 game where we do not TO.

5. Pressure UT QB - I feel we must rattle him today and get in his face every play. I want to see him roughed up this game b.c we can not allow him to have all day to throw the ball. Knock him down, talk crap to him and get in his head.

So there you have it...simple this time...nothing fancy as this is going to be a great SEC game. Fulmer will have the boys fired up as his butt is on the line this game. USC has had time to prepare. I want to see the offense working on all levels. It is past time for USC to have a near flawless game and open up the playbook some. SC has a great D...they will be ready but it boils down to QB protection, eliminate mistakes and smart decisions for the USC offense.
I feel this will be in our favor tonight despite a freezing game, especially where I sit, but I think I will be high-fiving Jesus a lot tonight as good things are in store....
My prediction is a 31 -17 USC win in this game.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Sad News...Rush's Founder Passes

Rush’s spokesman Dave Ruddle says George Rush died Wednesday night after a long illness. He was 70. More HERE.

Rush's Restaurant is a great spot to get some "hang over" remedy food or a good burger for any occasion. Oh and don't get me started on the fried chicken.....I am sorry to hear the news and hope this does not affect one of Columbia's landmark restaurants.

A visit before the USC v Tenn game may be in order to show respect for the sad news today....

What do you think

Will we see a new running back tomorrow in USC freshman RB Kenny Miles?

what the hell is wrong with people

If it isn’t Ron Morris bashing USC and Coach Spurrier, then it is somebody else.
This time it is Ken Burger of the Charleston Post & Courier say that “Just as the USC job turned the once-funny Holtz into a mumbling moron, it has now reduced Spurrier to a pitiful pile of poo.”
Read the article and let me know what you think. It has been a pretty hot topic on local sports talk shows here in Columbia.

S. Carolina - Did You know?

A win over Tennessee would guarantee Carolina at least a .500 record and make them bowl eligible for the fifth consecutive season.

The Gamecocks went 6-5 in 2004, 7-5 in 2005, 8-5 in 2006 and 6-6 in 2007.
It's the first time they've gone four straight seasons with at least a .500 mark since 1987-90 (8-4, 8-4, 6-4-1, 6-5).

The last time they went five or more consecutive seasons with a .500 record or better was from 1928-34.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Like what I'm hearing from USC hoops

I like what I am hearing from the Darrin Horn lead USC basketball team. I know football is not over but preseason hoops is around the corner and before we know it hoops action will be in full swing.

Zam Fredrick is quoted in this article with respect to USC predicted to finish 5th in SEC East.

Here is what he said -“I don’t believe that we’re going to finish fifth,” Fredrick said. “We return everybody, with a different system, and a lot of teams lost a lot of key players and are trying to find themselves. I just feel we’ll be in the thick of it.”

I truly believe that a new era has begun for the USC hoops program (both men and women). Horn will get this program to new heights beyond what Odom did for us. Not going to get Obama on ya and talk about change and hope. But it does begin with attitudes. Yes Carolina basketball has not reached the level we have grown to expect but pieces of the puzzle are in place with a new coach, the new facilities....wait, I am beginning to sound like a Clemzen fan.

Just give Horn some time and let him work that 'hilltopper magic' here. I think USC will surprise some people in 08-09.

Our pals over at Garnet & Black have a good preview of the USC team up and their preseason ranking here.

No Ron...

Ron Morris is back to being wrong with his opinion writing on the actions of USC. His latest column - HERE - basically says that The University of South Carolina was wrong for their contract extensions. WRONG! More like GREAT MOVE HYMAN!

I think it was the right move to reward "excellence" with the football program and to try to create stability within the program. Also Tanner deserves every penny (if not more) as he is one of the top baseball coaches out there....USC has to keep him happy.


Interesting stat...

USC ranks first in the SEC in total defense and seventh in total offense. Only twice has a Spurrier-coached team finished with a defense ranked higher than the offense – both times at Florida.

In ‘97, Florida ranked No. 1 in the SEC allowing 286.6 yards per game and No. 2 in offense at 461.9 ypg. The following year, Florida was second in defense (290.5 ypg) and fourth in offense (421.3 ypg).

courtesy of

What happened John

Well John Daly is up to his old antics. I never thought I would read the headline " To Drunk for Hooters." What happened to John Daly? I guess you can take the boy out of Arkansas but you can't take the Arkansas out of the boy, or something like that.

The Drinking Daly fact of the day: Daly once claimed that he drank a fifth of Jack Daniel's every day during the year he was 23 years of age.

The Daly quote: "I believe nicotine plus caffeine equals protein."

SEC 4th

Looking over the Jeff Sagarin NCAA football ratings from the USA Today , I noticed that this "fuzzy math" has the SEC as the 4th best conference this year thus far.
Big 12, Big 10, ACC then the SEC.

I don't see the ordering ending like this but it is interesting to see with roughly 8 games down. Also shows that the playing field is "level" more so this year than in years past. Just look at Duke and Vandy; teams that use to be "bottom dwellers" that are now teams to not take for granted. Been hearing for a few weeks now that the SEC is having a down year and looking at the rankings does yield to that fact. Tennessee and Auburn are having down years which drags the conference as a whole down. But I easily will say that the SEC is a totally different brand of football and I would put them up against anyone.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bad break

Did anybody see the highlights from the Houston vs. Marshall game from last weekend? What this video to see what happened.

I hope this kid will be able to come back from that type of injury.

Gamecock LB Norwood Named Lott Quarterfinalist

LOHD sends a big 'Congrats' to South Carolina's Eric Norwood.
He is one of twenty collegiate defensive players to earn a spot on the Lott Trophy quarterfinalist list, it was announced today.

More via - HERE.

USC TE Jared Cook is "OK"/ Succop doing 'research'

J Cook is "ok" according to Spurrier in this article and should play. This is an update to a earlier report this week that he could not play against Tenn. Thank God is all I can say b/c we are talking about a TE that has clocked a 4.37 40-yard dash with a 39.5-inch vertical leap. Excellent target that creates the mis-match.

Also what kind of "research" is Succop doing? Seriously. Just kick the damn ball through the goal posts. Stop thinking about the money you will be making in the NFL and help the gamecocks win 3 out of 4 remaining games at least.

Gametime Change

The University of South Carolina has moved up the Kickoff time from 7 to 1 for the Arkansas game. The game will not be available on TV.

We salute you, "Mr. Leave the Game Early Guy"

You know the commercials and the think of that as you read this that some guy posted on

Bud Light presents....Real Men of Genius.
(Real Men of Genius)

Today, we salute you, "Mr. Leave the Game Early Guy"
(Mr. Leave the Game Early Guy)

Time ticking, Team trailing, Spirit Soured, You get up to leave, with that "I don't care anymore" look on your face.
(Call me a quitter.)

You start your trek to the door; unemotional blank stare...with everybody else waving their keys at you, thinking you're either a loser, or you must need a bathroom bad.
(They're pouring it me now...)

Yes, you tuck your tail and walk, claiming you'll save five or ten minutes in traffic....Is that all you got player?.....Unfortunately, yes....that's all you've got.
(So little pride...)

But, you'll be back next week. Claiming to be the die hard among us. Who's in the house? Some guy who won't hang....that's who's in the house.
(But, I am a true, loyal fannnnn!........)

So, crack open an ice cold Bud Light, Mr. Save Some Face.....Because, you really get the pickle, when we're talking about fickle....
(Mr. Leave The Game Early Guy!)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

SC Quote of the week

Per Marvin Sapp from the The Big Spur

"I love the fans intensity and passion," he said. "People don’t think we notice but we play off their passion and intensity. I just want to thank the fans because they are always there regardless and I really appreciate that.”

UT on my mind...

The University of South Carolina will take on Tennessee this week. UT is coming off a loss to a very good 'Bama team. USC, as we know, had a bye week and got to rest up for the upcoming 'prove it or lose it' portion of their schedule.

I gots to thinking about the Vols and what are they capable of, the match-up for SC and after watching the UT game what do they bring to the game...hear is what to watch for this week:

1. Vols pressure. Vols can bring the heat on Garcia which we know how that brings. USC O line has to be ready to play and protect the QB. Vols secondary is suspect which could play into our favor. Hopefully they did not watch LSU's 2nd half playbook and pressure our QB....if they get to Garcia and rattle him then it could be a long night.

2. Vols O line is good...this could prove interesting for USC as we need to pressure UTs young gun. Bama was unable to put much pressure on Vols quarterback. USC's big nasty's will have to play really tough up front and control the line. Shut down the Vols rushing attack and force Stephens to throw against a very good USC secondary.

3. "Ears pinned back"...Vols are coming to Carolina with nothing to lose. Playing away from the pressure of a home crowd, I expect them to be playing with no fear. Also playing for Fulmer, which could be his last season, against Fulmer's sore spot - Spurrier.

4. USC's Offensive line must create running lanes. If they suck, USC will suck. UT D is good - The Vols are 23rd against the run and 20th against the pass. So USC's ability to control the game is needed here which means USC has to be able to run.

5. TOs. USC must not beat themselves vs. UT.

USC v UT tidbits

  • Series Record: UT leads, 21-3-2
  • Last Meeting: UT, 27-24, OT (Oct. 27, 2007 at Knoxville)
  • Tennessee is 0-3 on the road this season
  • Home teams are 16-13 (55.2 percent) in SEC intra-conference games this season.
Florida's streak of 250 consecutive games without being shutout is now the second longest active streak in NCAA FBS behind only Michigan (296). Tennessee is the SEC's second highest active streak at 179 games.

I hope we end UTs streak this week...think USC can pitch a shut out?

Be sure to visit our pals this week who write about Tennessee in the blogsphere -
Rocky Top Talk
Loser With Socks
Gate 21

Monday, October 27, 2008

Former Gamecock sets franchise record

LOHD wanted to say congrats to former USC DB Dunta Robinson for setting the Houston Texans franchise record for INTs over the weekend. Mr. Robinson was selected out of the USC neighborhood in the 1st round (10th pick) by the Houston Texans in 2004.

The Associated Press reports Houston Texans CB Dunta Robinson recorded his 12th career interception in the team's Week 8 win over Cincinnati {35-6}. Those 12 INTs place Dunta in the franchise record books.

3rd Annual Chili Cook-off Nov 08, 2008 (arkansas game)

It is that time of year again, the 3rd annual tailgate chili cook off will take place on November 8, 2008 before or after the Arkansas game depending on game time. So if you like it hot, or not come on out to our tailgating lot down off South Stadium road down past the Loose Cockaboos on the right hand side.
Prizes will given to Best tasting, best name and as always the fan favorite Write in votes.

Why is USC 5-3? 3 stats why...

I point to 3 reasons other than "sacks allowed" for the cause of a 5-3 record ---

Rushing Offense - USC ranks 108 out of 119 (100 a game)
Turnover Margin - USC ranks 110 out of 119 (23 lost!)
Tackles for Loss - USC ranks 105 out of 119 (4.5 a game)

For the Gamecocks to close out the season with a 8-4 record as LOHD predicts then these three categories above and the "sack giving" needs to be reversed!

The meat of the schedule is before us and time to man up! Offensive line needs to create running lanes and protect the QB. No more TOs on offense...please! Defense, I know you are me everyone knows this.... but could we create some TOs so it could lead to easy scores or better field position?

Anyway, I know that the Gamecocks will be pumped to take on UT as the gamecocks could provide the "death nail" for Fulmer....

South Carolina no longer last in NCAA

For sacks allowed - HERE

Thank you Hawaii for allowing your QB to get punished more than we do thus far in the 08 season.......

Garcia Gets Start vs UT / Cook out???

Glad to see that Stephen Garcia will be the starting quarterback in the Gamecocks’ Southeastern Conference game against Tennessee on Saturday. The Greenville News has the full story HERE.

This will be the same situation as last time with the young gunner getting the start but could see Smelley come in if Garcia is not getting the job done. Smelley comes off the bench better so this is not really any news as we all know Garcia is the better QB but he is a Spurrier QB so the leash is short.
Bigger news is that J Cook could miss the UT game....that is not what we want to hear on Monday