Friday, April 20, 2007

Beer law follow-up...

LOHD wrote about this issue recently and wanted to follow up on the story. It looks like craft beer is on its way. A bill that would increase the state's alcohol-by-weight ceiling from 5 percent to 14 percent made it through its last step in the state House. It had a good bit of legislative momentum. But now it's on the Gov's desk, which means it's as good as law.

Estimates put the timeline for your access to these high-gravity beers at sometime this summer.

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

A good 'W' on the diamond...

South Carolina hit four solo home runs and behind a solid six-inning effort from starting pitcher Mike Cisco earned a 4-2 win over 13th ranked Clemson on Wednesday evening at Sarge Frye Field in front of 5,821 fans. USC is now 30-8 on the year; Clemson is 25-11 this season. Both teams will meet one more time on Wednesday, April 25 at Clemson.

The victory gives USC its first season series win over the Tigers since 2001 and levels Tanner's record against Clemson at 19-19 during his 11 years at USC.


Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Spring Game review...

Now that the Gamecock faithful has had time to think about what took place this past weekend with the Spring Game...what are the thoughts of the LOHD readership concerning the performance of the football team? How did they look? Who performed well or who sucked?

As we know, the Black team won 14-7 over the Garnet squad in South Carolina's annual Garnet & Black Spring Game, held in front of a crowd of 35,153 at Williams-Brice Stadium this past Saturday.

Let's hear the reviews on how they did...

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

What is in a name?

This is a little news of the "strange"....A couple in Sweden has named their daughter Metallica. “It suits her,” says Karolina Tomaro, 27, the child’s mother.

Metallica has been baptized, but the Swedish National Tax Board refused to register the name, saying it was associated with both the rock group and the word “metal.”

What kind of country lets the government approve or reject names? Sweden.

In Sweden, parents must get their children’s names approved by the tax office, which is in charge of population registry and personal ID numbers, kind of like Social Security numbers. (AP)

First it is odd that they want to name their kid this but what is really strange is Sweden must approve the name of you child.....Thoughts?