Saturday, February 18, 2006

A new hot dog

And we would like to welcome Deuce to the family. Bailey doesn’t really know what to think of him but I am sure in a couple weeks they will be best friends.

Friday, February 17, 2006

New to the crew

As Editor and Chief of LOHD, I have been conducting a nation wide search for a couple new beat writers, and the winner of the Southeastern contest was Ritch (aka Flounder). As posted in the notes he came across a story that might be of interest to those Goat lovers out there.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- Some Bowling Green, Ky., police officers found more than they bargained for after stopping by a Western Kentucky University fraternity party early Thursday.The officers discovered a live goat stuffed into a storage room of the Alpha Gamma Rho house with no food or water, standing in its own urine and feces, according to WBKO-TV in Bowling Green.The authorities cited 19-year-old Trenton Dakota Jackson with a second-degree count of cruelty to animals.Officials aren't sure why the goat was in the storage room and don't know how long the goat had been held captive. Some of the students told police the goat was going to be used in a hazing ritual.Brian Peyton, the president of Western's Alpha Gamma Rho chapter, said the goat was brought in as a prank, to make some pledges think they would have to have sex with it, WBKO reported. But Peyton told the TV station that the incident wasn’t related to hazing. He said that nobody actually was going to have sex with the goat, the TV station reported.The goat was sent to the Warren County Humane Society so it could be examined by a veterinarian.The fraternity has been ordered to stop all activities during an investigation. Alpha Gamma Rho has been cited for hazing three times since 1996.The executive director of Alpha Gamma Rho's national organization in Kansas City, Mo., said he's also suspended the fraternity chapter. The organization will send someone to the university to investigate the allegations and cooperate with university officials, director Philip Josephson said.

Hopefully PETA doesn’t get involved.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Love is in the air

Well after using Dev’s blog for my shameless self promotion of my blog, I figured I would bash him a little more with a true love story for the ages. Well it was a slow weekend in the off-season, and a Saturday if I remember correctly when we decided to drink a little bit. Well after gathering a group of people, we decided to visit a local pizza place for dinner and drinks. Well after a few cheap pitchers of crack-head beer, Dev decides to open a large can of worms by using an innocent word. Well the special word was awkward. When used in a sentence it would sound something like this. Bob, Vivian, Melanie awkward. Names have been changed for the privacy act of 1802. Not sure of the year but it sound good, I don’t have as large a staff as Dev, kind of a one man show around here. Well back to the story so Dev says one word and the looks of confusion, anger and for one male, petrified. After a few more hours of drinking, I left Dev at the bar to do more damage. I guess in a drunken stupor something awoke in Dev. And at 6:45 in the morning a loud bang at the door meant that Dev was home. Opening a unlocked door for a drunk Indian was a site that I will probably never see again. Dev was actually going thru remorse or his conscience had finally started working, 23 to late. But to make a sad story short, Dev ended up playing the greatest round of golf the next day. So I don’t think Karma has anything to do with it, almost a case of reverse Karma, start a huge fight, feel a little guilty and karma repays you with the best round of golf ever.

The couple is still together, Dev hasn’t had another run it with his conscience, so I guess the world is back in working order.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Valentines Day advertisement,

Well as I do every morning, I listen to 99x morning show and they do an advertisement for the Vermont teddy bears for valentines. Well the advertisement talks about an alternative to giving flowers and candy, give a teddy bear. Well they make there point that they are the hip thing to do. But the bear they are promoting is the redneck bear, “Georgia” and the advertisement says “ for the 17 year old mom in your life what is better then the Vermont teddy redneck bear”

quote of the weekend

Quote of the weekend comes from “Major league 2” since college baseball started for the Gamecocks this weekend. And with Valentines Day coming up here soon, I figured I would combine the two.

“Women, can’t live with out them, and they can’t pee standing up” Go figure - Rube Baker – back up catcher