Friday, August 24, 2007

Another Gamecock gets arrested...

Another black eye for carolina!

Greenville News / AP reports:

University of South Carolina starting safety Emanuel Cook, who made the All-Southeastern Conference freshmen team last year, has been arrested on gun charges. Cook, 19, was charged with unlawful possession of a pistol at 9:30 p.m. last night along with another man, 21-year-old James Edward Gore III, according to a USC campus police report and the Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center. Gore was charged with carrying a concealable weapon in a restricted area, according to the Detention Center.

A USC officer was conducting surveillance operations when he saw two men with a gun in the parking lot on campus. After calling for backup, officers approached the two men and saw one of them “attempting to hide something” inside a 1999 silver Ford Crown Victoria, the police report said. A high point .380 pistol was found in the glove box of the car, as well as a loaded magazine on one of the two men, the report said.

USC coach Steve Spurrier said Cook had been suspended,
citing university policy.
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Not so Fast...

Mitchell is appealing his suspension for missing too many summer school classes. He states that he thought he already served his time for the 2 practices he was held out of....blake-y is confused over all this.

Greenville News reports:
Spurrier said if Mitchell doesn’t win his appeal, red-shirt freshman Chris
Smelley would start, adding sophomore Tommy Beecher would also play in the
opener against Louisiana-Lafayette on Sept. 1. But if Mitchell can play, he will
start, Spurrier added. No timetable on appeal decision.

Does Mitchell have a argument here?

This is like a soap opera.

Duce is loose on the sidelines...

Former USC and NFL tailback Duce Staley will replace Rob DeBoer, who is in the middle of a federal lawsuit stemming from his involvement with an on-line music retailer, as the sideline reporter on the Gamecock Radio Network.

Not sure if this is a plus for his career or a step back? Good luck to him and he should have some good sound bites on the radio.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Breaking news from Spurrier

Blake Mitchell has been suspended for the 1st game of the season.

Check out Spurriers website for more details

good god man, come on.

Fuck lion ?

Suprisingly today's biggest story is not the 30 runs Baltimore gave up last night. It is the interview of Marques Slocum, a Michigan defensive lineman. Everyday Should Be Saturday has the link, here.

Does this interview remind you of an interview anyone else has given, or in your opinion would give?

So little Time, so many stories part 1, freshman year UGA

My first college football road trip came early in my freshman year, when Lou’s Gamecocks travel down to Athens after losing the week before to NC State in the hurricane game. Not sure what to expect, when rolling up the UGA campus blasting 2001, trying to figure out where the Fraternity house we were staying at was located.

I really don’t remember much from Friday night except going from room to room trying to find free liquor since somebody had stolen my beer from the downstairs ice maker. Granted I was 18 years old and those 18 beers were pretty high on my priority list at the time. After finding the room where the guy had a dance floor and a bar set up, I was home for the evening.

The following day was pretty blurry as well with a lot of jackass Jawga fans yelling about how great they were. Then a drinking contest broke out between a homeless black guy and Brad, which turned out to be more entertaining then the football game. Looking back now that was probably a bad idea to cheer on a fellow brother while partaking in a drinking contest with homeless people.

Well this is where the story goes a little crazy, because most of us headed to the game and lost track of what happened with the drinking contest. Returning to Columbia that night on probably one of the coldest nights of all time, riding in the back of a Jeep wrapped in a sleeping bag. You wouldn’t think it would 30 degree’s outside in early September in Georgia, but it was.

Well after returning the great state of South Carolina we heard the myth or legend that makes college stories great. Brad had won the drinking contest against the poverty stricken drunk in the parking lot before the game and had entered Sanford stadium to see Courtney Leavitt shank a extra point to keep the spread in tacked. Well after stumbling out of the stadium Brad thought that everybody had left him so he chased down a cab and said “Columbia please, I have cash.” Well on the 3 ½ drive back to the Capital City, Brad finished off his handle of Jim Beam and passed out in the back of the Cab. When the taxi arrived in Columbia, Brad told the driver to drop him off in Five Points as not to let the cabbie know where he lived. So Brad exits the cab and pretends to get money out of the ATM on Blossom Street, then takes off running towards Salty Nutt and Pavlov’s. Where Brad found a nice place to hide and sleep in a Green Dumpster behind Salty Nutt.

It doesn’t matter if this story is true or not, it still made Brad a living legend at the University of South Carolina and gave us something to talk about for years. I don’t think I could have asked for a more eventful first trip to Athens, except for maybe a win. Please feel free to add, because there are plenty of more stories to come.

Final Scrimmage shows progress...

I feel the last scrimmage before the season starts showed the offense finally beginning to "mesh." I am looking forward to that game in a little over a week. It seems the backup QB questions was answered yesterday when Chris Smelley threw for 169 yards and three touchdowns and capped the scoring on the only two drives where the Gamecock offense drove the length of the field to score. Key injuries to watch but are not serious - Mike Davis, Jasper Brinkley and Bobby Wallace. All 3 should be a go for game 1.

Sidenote--I am liking Wes Saunders as the TE in our offense scheme, he has put up some good numbers this preseason. He and Jared Cook should be two to watch this season to sneak a TD in there a few times. I know old man Andy Boyd will start the season but that is probably going to be short lived and as a gesture of respect for the 6th year senior; after that it should be the Saunders and Cook show.

Here are the stats from the last scrimmage before the season starts:

Chris Smelley 16-12-1-169; Blake Mitchell 12-8-0-78; Tommy Beecher 6-4-0-20; Kenny McKinley 1-0-0-0.
TOTALS: 35-24-1-267.

Brian Maddox 5-40; Mike Davis 6-23; Patrick DiMarco 5-12; Bryan Kingrey 2-12; Tommy Beecher 3-(-4); Chris Smelley 1-(-6); Blake Mitchell 4-(-7).
TOTALS: 26-70.

Chris Culliver 4-68; Weslye Saunders 2-56; Taylor Rank 2-23; Larry Freeman 2-13; Clark Gaston 2-7; Matt Clements 2-6; Mark Barnes 1-19; Nick Prochak 1-18; Moe Brown 1-11; Kenny McKinley 1-9; Robert Pavlovic 1-9; Mike Davis 1-8; Paul Haile 1-7; Patrick DiMarco 1-6; Dion Lecorn 1-4; Lanard Stafford 1-3.
TOTALS: 24-267.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Silly Clemson...

Seems a little joke was played on Willy "The Great White Hope" Korn yesterday at practice. Greenville News reports that Cullen Harper, a fourth-year junior and the Tigers' projected starter when the season begins Sept. 3, faked a injury under instructions from Coach Tommy Bowden, even laying on the ground mocking pain while trainers scrambled to attend to him.

Well, the young frosh Korn nearly wet his diapers with excitement...Korn ran onto the field to take his first snap with the first-team offense. Minutes later he looked to the sidelines and saw Harper standing with a big grin on his face. Seems a little joke was played on Korn with the old fake injury trick.

Aren't they just funny guys in those purple uniforms.

So I throw this question out to you guys....should Clemson redshirt Willy Korn - yes or no?

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

102 isn't football weather

Man I drove thru Campus today and good god the students are back. Just last week it only took me 10 minutes to get home from downtown, today it took me almost 25 minutes. I don’t know if the kids can’t drive or they are looking out there windows at all the hot coed’s moving around campus before classes start on Thursday.

It also means that football season is less then 2 weeks away and tailgating for University of Louisiana Ragin Cajuns is just around the corner. I was going to start the year off with some good tailgating stories as well as stories from road games. If any body would like to chime in and tell a good story please feel free too.

Sorry I have been away from the blog, but my work decided to block all blogs for some reason. Pretty much killed my day of reading about football.

I will release the first story some time tomorrow.

Monday, August 20, 2007

All in the name of equity...

Clemson University announced its 2008 football seat equity plan today. The plan will re-arrange some seating at Memorial Stadium to reward higher level donors with prime seats that previously were in control of donors at more modest levels. For example, several thousand prime tickets between the 40-yard lines are in the hands of IPTAY donors at the most modest levels รณ a $140 club member is entitled to purchase two season tickets, a $350 member four. A few $10,000 donors, the highest IPTAY level, currently are forced into the upper deck.

The intent "is to balance longevity and generosity and embrace equity," Billy D'Andrea, senior associate athletic director for external affairs, said in June. Another words pay up or shut up. Clemson officials say the move is necessary to generate more revenue during a time reduced government funding has caused steady tuition hikes (ie greed).

Clemson University is joining the other 19 schools ranked in the top 20 in the nation in average home football attendance in announcing a new seat equity plan for its season ticket holders. The plan will begin with the 2008 season, but current season ticket holders will be sent a personal letter outlining the plan during the final week of September.

This is not a reseating of Clemson Memorial Stadium...All 2007 season ticket holders will have an opportunity to maintain their current seats. But if you choose not to pay then wave those seats goodbye.

What is their reasoning you say, well here is what they said to state their case...

"First, we must be competitive with the other BCS institutions. Second, we wanted to create a plan that is fair, equitable and reasonable. Third, we wanted to provide opportunities for current donors to retain their seats, as well as provide higher giving donors the opportunity to purchase seats in the lower deck between the 25-yard lines, if available.
"Fourth, it is essential to generate revenue for IPTAY so we can continue to provide scholarships and other support for our 19 athletic programs. And, finally, we will re-evaluate the system every five years."

A copy of the 2008 IPTAY Seat Equity Plan, as well as the 2008 IPTAY Seat Equity Plan Presentation are available on-line at

$700 bucks in PSLs for a seat on the 50 yard including tix or dues...just a seat fee.

Look out South Carolina fans we are next to do the "equity" plan...thoughts?

Troblue in WVU...

Two West Virginia University football players were arrested over the weekend and charged with transferring and receiving stolen property. James Thomas, 18, of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and Ellis Lankster, 21, of Whistler, Ala., were arrested early Sunday, Morgantown Police said in a news release. Morgantown police didn't release any other details, but a police dispatcher who declined to give her name said Monday that the stolen property was a computer.

Also last week, did anyone see this on the once "golden boy"....From AP reports....Former South Carolina tailback Demetris Summers was arrested for driving with a suspended license last week in his hometown of Lexington. Summers, who was dismissed from USC following a failed drug test in 2005, was released Aug. 7 from the Lexington County jail after posting a bond of $647.50. Summers, 23, was spotted driving a green Pontiac on George Street. The deputy that recognized Summers knew he had a suspended license, according to an incident report. The report stated Summers had been drinking when he was arrested without incident at 5:15 p.m. on Aug. 6 at Lizard’s Thicket on West Main Street. Summers does not face any alcohol-related charges. Authorities turned the car over to Summers’ mother when Summers was taken to jail.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Scrimmage stats..

Looking at the last scrimmage...the majority of the work was done by the second and third teamers, with most of the offense coming through the air. For the most part, the defense appeared to still be well ahead of the offense. Smelley, a redshirt freshman, took most of the snaps at quarterback. He completed 13-of-20 passes for 124 yards and a score. Starter Blake Mitchell was 5-for-9 for 55 yards. Tommy Beecher, who was hampered some with a sore shoulder, completed 5-of-8 passes for 79 yards and a touchdown. True freshman Stephen Garcia was 4-for-6 for 51 yards with an interception.....redshirt coming his way b/c he has not proven himself this fall.

Here are the stats from yesterday:

PASSING: Chris Smelley 20-13-0-124; Tommy Beecher 8-5-0-79; Blake Mitchell 9-5-0-55; Stephen Garcia 6-4-1-51.
TOTALS: 43-27-1-309.

RUSHING: Brian Maddox 4-21; Clark Gaston 2-6; Patrick DiMarco 2-3; Blake Mitchell 1-2; Jim Hutton 1-2; Stephen Garcia 5-(-9); Tommy Beecher 2-(-10); Chris Smelley 3-(-11).
TOTALS: 20-4.

RECEIVING: Mark Barnes 4-80; Freddie Brown 4-52; Brian Maddox 4-25; Weslye Saunders 3-49; Patrick DiMarco 3-25; Larry Freeman 2-31; Dion Lecorn 2-11; Moe Brown 1-13; Jared Cook 1-8; Jim Hutton 1-7; Scott Spurrier 1-7; Clark Gaston 1-1.
TOTALS: 27-309

One highlight I feel was when the backup placekicker Spencer Lanning connected on a 53-yard field goal. Granted he may not play this year due to Succop but Lanning will do well for the gamecocks in the future.