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5 Keys for a Gamecocks Win Today v Arkansas Razorbacks

Time to unleash the Gamecocks!

I hope you had the time to read my preview/prediction and also my opinion piece before today.  As LOHD always does we like to lay out to the "5 keys to a win" and here goes...

1.  Don't Hurt Yourself Carolina --- let's avoid the turnovers on offense today and please no dumb flags either.  If Carolina can avoid dumb mental errors then they will find success on the offense side of the ball.

2.  Pass Protection for Garcia --- he needs time to pick apart the Ark-kansas defense.  SC ranks 94th in nation in allowing 2.67 sacks per game.  I hope to see zero with a determined performance from the SC O line.

3.  USC D must step up --- SC ranks 76 in nation against the run and allows 153.33 yds per game and I hope to see improved play in stopping the run today.  Michael Smith can not be allowed to run up and down the field on USC.  USC has to stop Mallet is that simple.  They have get at him and pressure him.  Force him to make mistakes....check how USC ranks on D -
  • Pass Efficiency Defense ranks 21 in the nation with a rating of 106.10
  • Total Defense ranks 16 in nation with allowing 294.67 yds per game
  • Scoring Defense ranks 25 in nation allowing 19.00 pts per game
  • Pass Defense ranks 3rd in nation with allowing only 141.33 per game
  • Sacks rank is 54th with 2.11 per game
  • Tackles For Loss ranks T-52 with 5.89 per game
4.  Unleash the Gamecocks O --- I want to see the gamecocks move the ball.  Anyway is fine with me but to win this game SC will have to have TDs not just FGs.  Spurrier needs to find ways to move the ball and get it to the playmakers - Alshon, Gurley, Moe and Saunders.  Don't be afraid to throw the deep ball to keep UA honest.

5.  "Fire in the Belly" --- been saying this for years.  I want to see Carolina come out wanting this game and playing at a high level.  I know it is early but I want to see how bad they want it in their attitude, swagger and performance.  Don't take a single play off and get after it!

Still think Carolina 31-23...thoughts?

South Carolina Stat Rankings Coming into Arkansas Game

Here is how South Carolina stacks up against the 120 teams ranked in Football Bowl Subdivision

  • Rushing Offense ranks 87 in the nation with 129.22 yards per game
  • Passing Offense ranks 41 in the nation with 237.00 yards per game
  • Total Offense ranks 71 in the nation with 366.22 yards per game
  • Scoring Offense ranks 95 in the nation with 21.89 points per game
  • Rushing Defense ranks 76 in the nation allowing 153.33 yards per game
  • Pass Efficiency Defense ranks 21 in the nation with a rating of 106.10
  • Total Defense ranks 16 in nation with allowing 294.67 yds per game
  • Scoring Defense ranks 25 in nation allowing 19.00 pts per game
  • Net Punting ranks 78 in nation with 34.94 net yards average
  • Punt Returns ranks 52 in nation with 9.80 yds per return
  • Kickoff Returns ranks 73 in nation with 21.08 yds per return
  • Turnover Margin ranks 59th in nation and is dead even in the TO margin at  .00
  • Pass Defense ranks 3rd in nation with allowing only 141.33 per game
  • Passing Efficiency ranks 76 in nation with 125.25 rating
  • Sacks rank is 54th with 2.11 per game
  • Tackles For Loss ranks T-52 with 5.89 per game
  • Sacks Allowed ranks 94 in the nation allowing 2.67 per game

Friday, November 06, 2009

Gamecocks v Arkansas Preview/Prediction

The South Carolina Gamecocks (6-3, 3-3 SEC) will make their final road trip of the regular season on Saturday as they travel to Fayetteville to take on the Arkansas Razorbacks (4-4, 1-4 SEC).

For the first time in a month, the Gamecocks are not ranked as they suffered a disappointing loss to Tennessee due to turnovers. But they must quickly adjust, and learn from their mistakes as the Razorbacks are coming off a nice win over Eastern Michigan by the score of 63-27.

USC is 7-10 all-time versus Arkansas, and only have won one game out of four attempts in Fayetteville. For the Gamecocks, this game means a lot, and is considered by some a must win. The reason there is a lot on the table for Carolina, is that for two seasons straight there has been late season collapses. In 2009, this can not happen again. Luckily, the sixth win has been achieved, but that is no longer good enough in the eyes of some, and if the "New Carolina" is going to establish itself, then the Arkansas game must be won.

On Offense v Arkansas Defense - The gamecocks must have success both on the ground and in the air.  The line play must be good as Garcia can not be sacked too many times or any at all would be good.  He needs protection this game and the line needs to help create running lanes.  I look for the ground game to be established by Miles, Giles and Maddox.  This leads to Alshon, Gurley, Saunders, Moe and Jason getting open down field.  Arkansas is lead by three people on D:  Wendel Davis 54 (33 solo), Jerry Franklin 47 (30 solo) and Matt Harris 44 (30 solo) so watch for them.

Ark D Stats
Points Allowed Per Game: 27.4
Yardage Allowed Per Game: 410.63 (264.13 passing, 146.50 rushing)
Turnovers Forced: 18 (12 fumbles, 6 interceptions)

Arkansas O vd Gamecocks D - Ark is lead by QB Ryan Mallet – 18 TD, 3 INT, 2,151 yds, 54.4% completion - and he averages 268.8 yds per game with his arm.  The Gamecocks may not be able to stop the run as shown in the UT and 'Bama game, but one thing they can do is play the pass. The Gamecocks are ranked second in pass defense, giving up only 141 yards per game through the air. In nine games this season they have only given up eight touchdowns via the pass. The Gamecocks are allowing 294.7 yards and 19 points per game, which puts them in the top half of the SEC.  Ryan likes to throw to:  Greg Childs 31 for 594, 5 TD, Jarius Wright 24 for 430, 2 TD and Joe Adams 19 for 425, 4 TD.  So the Gamecocks secondary need to know where those 3 are at all times.  Oh and while blanketing those guys please slow running backs Michael Smith (56 for 360, 2 TD) and Broderick Green (55 for 255, 6 TD).

Ark O stats
Points Per Game: 35.9
Yardage Per Game: 438 (295.8 passing, 142.2 rushing)
Turnovers: 10 (5 fumbles, 5 interceptions)

This game boils down to the gamecocks defense forcing TOs  by collecting some INTs and the Garcia lead offense having success mixing it up.  I feel confident that this game will play out to Spurrier's liken' after a key second half adjustment by Ellis.  I can see this game being won by Carolina 31-23.

Bar Review for Arkansas

I have visited Arkansas a dozen or so times but have never made it up to Fayetteville. Every U of A game I have attended has been in Little Rock, which I must say is a unique venue. Tailgating on the golf course is always a good time, even if I don't have a dog in the fight. Well Gamecock Fans be prepared for a sea of red and camo. Be prepared to talk hunting, basketball and then football. Remember that Nolan Richardson is not there coach any more, I believe he is still hiding in Mexico.

As I said before I have never visited Fayetteville, but I have heard a lot of good things about Dickson Street. I guess the place to be on Dickson street is, Brewski’s, so if you do make the trip please stop by and let us know how it is.

Wishing all Gamecock fans safe travels. As Lou Holtz once said, "Fayetteville is not the end of the world but you can see it from there."

Spurrier Quote on SEC title and Tenure

Found within this article -

Coach Steve Spurrier has this to say...
"Our plan is within the next three years, we've got a team that can compete for the SEC championship. That's our plan," Spurrier said on his call-in show. "If we can't do it within three years, they probably need to hire another head coach here and let him start his plan."

What do you read into this quote?

Thursday, November 05, 2009

More on Culliver issue - truth be told

Well the truth is out about Chris Culliver and his injury/discpline issue. It was already announced earlier this week that Culliver would not be making the trip to Arkansas with the team this week because of a shoulder/disciplinary reason. Seems USC defensive coordinator/defensive backs coach Lorenzo Ward along with Spurrier shed more light on the issue today.

Culliver's shoulder injury caused Ward to decide that Culliver wasn’t in good enough shape to play safety so on Monday he told Culliver that he was going to move him to corner back this week. Culliver didn’t take the news well. According to one report he actually walked off the field after he was told of the switch.

Because of his reaction and his shoulder problem Ward and Steve Spurrier decided to leave Culliver in Columbia this weekend. Which is the right call! Good job coaches as this is the type crap that caused some poor playing over the years and if these guys are not playing "team" ball then ride the pine. I hope Chris figures things out and hope to see him in the UF or CU game but come back to the team with the right attitude please.

News from the Arkansas Side

Here are some news items from the other side....
Arkansas, which is 4-4, knows this weekend’s game is pretty pivotal to its bowl hopes. Win and the Hogs can clinch eligibility with a nonconference win v Troy.  Lose, and Arkansas must win two of its final three games to be bowl eligible.

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First look at 09-10 Gamecock Basketball Team & Thoughts

This is a repeat post from back in April on the SC basketball team. Thought since the season is kicking off tonight it would be good to re-visit our thoughts...

The 09-10 Gamecock Squad ---


PG: Downey

Devan is an excellent PG, even if he struggled down the final stretch this year. I believe he was simply worn out by the end of the year. Hopefully next year we can get him more rest. I expect Downey's stats next year to be ~20 PPG, 4.5 AST, 3 STL. I expect him to come back for the 09-10 year. I also expect him to be a contender for SEC POY!

SG: Brandis Raley Ross

Congrats to Brandis for being named the SEC 6th Man of the Year, but I would say he would be a below average starter in the SEC. He's a decent ball handler, but he looks to be in slow motion when on the court. Not explosive at all and not able to create his own shot. Throughout his career he has typically played well in out-of-conference play and then disappeared in SEC play. This changed (to a degree) this season, but he still has the tendency to disappear for games at a time. His biggest attribute is his 3-point shooting; however, his form seems to fluctuate throughout the season. As a result his shooting is very inconsistent. In games this year he seemed to benefit from the occasional defensive breakdown. A 2 guard needs to be able to create his shot or be money from 3 Brandis has not been either of these so their is some work to do. Big area to improve is being a better decision maker on the court.

SF: Dominique Archie

Dominique will most likely provide more of the same: ~11.5 PPG 8 REB. Very athletic and very good defender. By the time he is done next year NBA scouts will be drooling over him. He has worked very hard on his shot all over the court, coach just needs to find a way to keep him in the offense. He is a freak athlete and a wonderful defender that is finally at his natural position. Needs to work on handling the ball. He unfortunately disappears on offense on occasion. However, when he is assertive and aggressive he is a weapon. It has always been very easy to tell how Archie will play in a game: just watch the 1st few minutes and that will tell you all you need to know. Archie is a good SEC player who I see duplicating his All-SEC 2nd Team honors next year. Doesn't need to go to NBA as one more year can help him!

PF: Mike Holmes

Mike is only a soph and I see him continuing to improve. This year he was slightly under 11 PPG and 8 REB. I see those numbers improving to about 13 PPG and 8.5 REB. Foul trouble is a weakness (his flopping does not endear him to the refs). He is a beast and wants to dominate every time out. That does let him get frustrated from time to time. Overall Mike is a very good player (I'd say 3rd team All-SEC this year) and I see him being even better than that in the future.

C: Sam Muldrow

Muldrow showed occasional glimpses of greatness (see UGA game and KY game) but otherwise was very inconsistent. I often question his awareness as far as defensive rebounding and locating defensive players. I also think he needs to be WAY more assertive when rebounding offensively. There is no reason a man of his size should not get some offensive putbacks. He can be a very good shot blocker, but he is no Varnado. Varnado is extremely disciplined and still gets his blocks, while I think Sam gambles on blocks and thus allows some easy baskets. Sam definitely needs to bulk up and just be more assertive on both ends of the court. Many have been very high on Muldrow this year but I still consider him a slightly below average SEC center/forward.


Steed: hustles and provides decent depth, but at times he has really been a deficiency on the court (ex. MSU game in SEC tourney). Needs to work this summer on his game.

Evka: an excellent 3-point shooter who does not provide much else. Not much of a creator obviously, but that is ok as we need someone to keep defenses guessing with Devan driving and dishing. Also, he has become a pretty decent rebounder here at the end of the season as it seems he has quit shying away from contact. Unfortunately, despite his nice stroke from behind the arc he cannot create his shot at all. He is strictly a spot up shooter. His lack of speed often makes him unable to get open for a shot. As a result he often provides nothing on offense. On the defensive end his effort has gotten better but he is still a liability. I look to him to improve but to be much like he was this past year next year.

Lakeem Jackson: I am extremely excited about Jackson as he seems to have a very high basketball IQ. He can play the 2 or the 3 and is another great athlete which we need. He will get his dunks in this offense. I like about him the fact that he prides himself on defense. I love a good defender and that will be huge subbing out Archie for another defender. He is able to do a lot on both ends of the court and has shown very good leadership for his high school throughout this season. I think Jackson will eventually be an excellent player for USC and will provide some excitement. In his 1st season I see ~8 PPG 5 REB.

Spinella: It is hard to argue with his 35 PPG in high school. He looks to be significantly more athletic than Evka and could steal his minutes next year. Pure scorer who can shoot and take it to the rack. What I like about him is the fact he is a 6'5 SG. Zam was huge this year but Spinella's size matching up against the Tennessee's of the world will be huge.

Jefferson: Junior college forward Johndre Jefferson should give the team more frontcourt depth. I hear he is a player that knows his role. A Ben Wallace type in that he knows he is not skilled offensively and is a pure shot blocker/rebounder. That is huge for USC as rebounding has hurt us late. Can always use a sold role player to take some minutes off of the bigs as they have a tendency to get in foul trouble. Perhaps he is a Steed with more experience? Just needs to help get easy put backs and rebounds when in.

Galloway: Don't know much about him but we just need a backup who can handle the ball to give Downey a rest here and there. Will hopefully provide much needed depth for Devan. Who knows if he is the future answer at PG until he gets on campus, all I know is what I've read on the forums. Looks to be much less of a scorer than DD.

What this means:

PG: A+
SG: C+
SF: A-
C: C+

Bench: solid B....will be much improved next year when thinking about 08-09, both from a production standpoint and from a depth standpoint. Which is good news as you can tell at times we needed a deeper bench and especially during times we got in foul trouble. Seems the new guys also will bring some new energy to go well with the high risk/high reward style of Horn.

I think we can really be successful next year if Holmes/Muldrow elevate their games. I also look to the new guys to add where it counts. This team last year and this upcoming year has potential...we just need it every night. We will certainly have plenty of experience with 3 senior and 2 junior starters. Much improved depth will make us a tournament team in my view for 09-10. I hope we can defend the SEC East Co-Championship but UF/UK/UT will be better next year also....should make for a great SEC season and no more "weak SEC" talk!

2009-2010 Gamecocks Basketball Roster

Here is the men's basketball team for Darrin Horn in 2009-2010...


2 Devan Downey G
5-9 170 SR 3VL Chester, S.C.

12 Ramon Galloway G
6-1 170 FR HS Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.

5 Brandis Raley-Ross G
6-2 194 SR 3VL Gastonia, N.C.

1 Stephen Spinella G
6-4 190 FR HS Colts Neck, N.J.

14 Robert Wilder G
6-1 188 SR 2VL Chapin, S.C.


21 Dominique Archie F
6-7 216 SR 3VL Augusta, Ga.

25 Austin Steed F
6-8 235 JR 2VL Hephzibah, Ga.

31 Evaldas Baniulis F
6-7 215 SR 3VL Vilnius, Lithuania

15 Malik Cooke F
6-6 210 JR Charlotte, N.C.

30 Lakeem Jackson SF
6-5 225 FR HS Charlotte, N.C.

32 Johndre Jefferson F
6-9 210 JR JC Santee, S.C.


24 Mike Holmes F/C
6-7 230 JR 2VL Bishopville, S.C.

44 Sam Muldrow F/C
6-9 220 JR 2VL Florence, S.C.

Gamecocks Basketball Kicks Off Tonight

I know most are thinking about Ark-Kansas but the South Carolina men’s basketball team is back in action at Colonial Life Arena tonight!  Downey and crew look to get loose and start off a great year with a win.

They kickoff the 2009-2010 campaign with an exhibition against Kentucky Wesleyan at 7 p.m.  This will mark the second consecutive year the Gamecocks have hosted the Panthers for an exhibition game as Devan Downey scored 19 points in last year’s 75-55 win. Kentucky Wesleyan is already 2-1 on the young season winning one game in the Disney West Tip-Off Classic and then defeating Grand Canyon 71-49 on Sunday. They are led by 5’8 senior guard Desmond Stephens who enters the averaging 18 points per game.

Related Story - Auditions open for Zam

Go Cocks!

Gamecock Web MD

What is G1C1 "aka the Cock Flu"? G1C1 is the medical condition caused by late season collapses on Saturdays in November. The disease usually strikes when expected, usually right around Halloween. Sometimes the flare ups are worst for die hard fans.

Symptoms of G1C 1. The symptoms can range from depression, anxiety, panic attacks to anger. Sudden overwhelming fear, excessive sweating, trembling, shortness of breath, sense of choking followed by chest pains, nausea and dizziness.

Diagnoses of G1C1. Find a friend that you watch the games with and ask them if you have done any of these since November started. Foul language and throwing of objects at TV's and family pets are a tail tail sign of a server case of G1C1. Usually followed by heavy drinking, mostly brown liquor. In extreme cases, you will find yourself threatening Eric Hyman that you are done with the university through message boards and local radio talk shows. Lighter signs of G1C1 are crying, looking for a new team to pull for, worrying about what highly ranked recruits watching the games are thinking. Questioning the head ball coach, offensive line play and why the defense can't tackle.

Treatment for G1C1: The only treatment is for the Gamecocks to win in November, and for you to stay positive. To get back out there each Saturday and watch the gamecocks play. Wear as much Garnet as humanly possible every day for a week. A quick fix treatment not yet approved by the NCAA is to attend the pep rally for the Gamecocks as they head to Arkansas tomorrow at 1:30 at the stadium.

Living with G1Ci: Just remember that even the team in the upstate suffers from a similar disease, called Taterifus, which usually occurring when playing Maryland, BC or Duke in September.

If you have any questions about the disease please contact your local gamecock club representative or leave a comment below.

Gamecocks Depth Chart going into Razorbacks game

Here is a early look at the depth chart heading into the Ark-Kansas game as of 11/3/09-

5 Stephen Garcia R-So. 6-2 219
14 Reid McCollum R-Fr. 6-3 218

47 Patrick DiMarco Jr. 6-0 243
46 Dalton Wilson R-Fr. 6-0 223

31 Kenny Miles R-Fr. 5-9 190
3 Jarvis Giles Fr. 5-11 183
10 Brian Maddox Jr. 5-11 224

1 Alshon Jeffery Fr. 6-3 217
81 Tori Gurley R-Fr. 6-5 227

9 Moe Brown Sr. 6-0 183
86 Stephen Flint Soph. 6'2 192

4 Jason Barnes Soph. 6-4 200
82 D.L. Moore R-Fr. 6-3 202

76 Jarriel King Jr. 6-5 312
68 Kyle Nunn R-Soph. 6-6 283

77 Garrett Chislom Tr.-Jr. 6-6 290
57 Lemuel Jeanpierre Sr. 6-4 294

57 Lemuel Jeanpierre Sr. 6-4 294
70 Garrett Anderson R- Sr. 6-4 315

55 T.J. Johnson R-Fr. 6-4 300
71 Nick Allison Fr. 6-4 285

66 Hutch Eckerson R-Jr. 6-6 290
72 Quinton Richardson R-Soph. 6-3 296

89 Weslye Saunders Jr. 6-5 280
87 Justice Cunningham Fr. 6-3 241


96 Clifton Geathers Jr. 6-8 291
52 Aldrick Fordham Fr. 6-4 258

91 Ladi Ajiboye Jr. 6-1 285
6 Melvin Ingram R-So. 6-2 297

95 Nathan Pepper R-Sr. 6-1 300
94 Kenny Davis R-Fr. 6-3 287

98 Devin Taylor R-Fr. 6-7 232
92 Byron McKnight R-So.. 6-4 229
90 Chaz Sutton Fr. 6-4 240

40 Eric Norwood Sr. 6-1 252
44 Tony Straughter Jr. 6-0 209

16 Shaq Wilson Soph. 5-11 210
41 Josh Dickerson Jr. 6-1 221

24 Darian Stewart Sr. 5-11 216
33 DaMario Jeffery Fr. 6-4 215

5 Stephon Gilmore Fr. 6-1 188
36 D.J. Swearinger Fr. 5-11 196

3 Akeem Auguste Soph. 5-11 180
17 Chris Culliver Jr. 6-0 190

21 Devonte Holloman Fr. 6-2 211
25 Alonzo Winfield Soph. 6-0 222

12 C.C. Whitlock Soph. 5-10 173
17 Chris Culliver Jr. 6-0 190

I am sure this will change before kick off.......

SEC Power Poll Resuts: Week 9

The results are up over at Team Speed Kills and the pool of SEC bloggers have weighed in...survey says:

1. FLORIDA (15), 235
2. ALABAMA (5), 224
3. LSU, 201
5. AUBURN, 149.5
7. OLE MISS, 115
8. GEORGIA, 98
11. KENTUCKY, 52

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Norwood Named Bednarik Semifinalist

Per the USC Offical Site -

University of South Carolina senior linebacker Eric Norwood is one of 16 semifinalists named for the 15th annual Chuck Bednarik Award, it was announced today. The Bednarik Award goes to the nation's Outstanding Defensive Player of the Year.

For the latest information on Norwood, please go to his website

Confess of you own a 'Gamecock Snuggie'

Actually - I would not tell anyone either.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Injury Bug bites Gamecocks...again

Well by now the UT loss has been swallowed by most and time to focus on the next game as it is very important especially with what lies after it - UF and CU.  Seems the task of beating a good Ark-kansas team will be a weee bit tougher now that news of possibly 3 gamecock starters being out.  This is just more to the IR report joining Paulk and T Rav.

Defensive end Cliff Matthews has been ruled out by coach Steve Spurrier after injuring his shoulder at Tennessee and it could be more but for sure he is a no-go versus Ark-kansas.  Today the team reported that safety Chris Culliver would miss the game after injuring his shoulder during the UT game.  As reported, this may also have to do with a little issue of him not telling coaches the extent of the injury and not playing up to his potential...nonetheless, he is not playing.  The thrid starter that could be out is offensive tackle Jarriel King due to a concussion, outside chance he could play but not looking good.

So as you can see the job of beating Ark-kansas is a little tougher due to some losses on both sides of the ball.  But the goal remains the same - to win - just the manner to which the goal is achieved is up to some new gamecocks.  Hope the result is a sound defeat of Ark-kansas on their home turf.

SEC Power Poll for Week 9: LOHD Ballot

1. Florida Gators
The Gators proved they don't need the ref's to help anymore.

2. Alabama Crimson Tide
Last test of regular season coming up - LSU.  Can Saban's offense score enough points?

3. LSU Tigers
Season rides on Bama game - win and you are in the hunt, lose and you get 2nd place.

4. Tennessee Volunteers
Everything is going in their favor now with strong D and lucky offense.

5. South Carolina Gamecocks
Setback vs UT, how will they respond? A lot riding on Arkansas game.

6. Auburn Tigers
The Tigers are back after a few weeks forgetting how to play football.

7. Arkansas Razorbacks
Hard to guage this team from week to week but big test vs USC coming up.

8. Georgia Bulldogs
I feel a Off. Coor is about to lose his job.

9. Ole Miss Rebels
Disappointment of the SEC in 2009.

10. Mississippi State Bulldogs
The Bulldogs are going in the right direction; this is just not their year.

11. Kentucky Wildcats
The 'Cats faithful have offically switched over to basketball as the football team struggles.

12. Vanderbilt Commodores
Vandy showed offense last game but no defense and now no qb - went from bad to worse.

LOHD Heisman Watch

Here is a list of kids we feel are leading in the debate.....

Tim Tebow, Florida QB
Season: 99 of 153 passing for 1,323 yards, 10 touchdowns and 4 interceptions. He has rushed 139 times for 551 yards and 8 touchdowns.

Case Keenum, Houston QB
Season: 285 of 398 passing for 3,293 yards, 25 touchdowns and 5 interceptions.

Mark Ingram, Alabama RB
Season: 153 carries for 1,004 yards and 8 touchdowns.

Kellen Moore, Boise State QB
Season: 153 of 227 passing for 1,905 yards, 24 touchdowns and 2 interceptions.

Colt McCoy, Texas QB
Season: 198 of 275 passing for 1,977 yards, 15 touchdowns and 8 interceptions.

CJ Spiller, Clemson RB
Season: 113 carries, 574 yards (5.1 ypc), 4 TD's; 18 catches, 267 yards, 2 TD's; 3 KO TD's, 1 PR TD

Who is your leading candidate so far?

SEC Slate of Games for Nov 7th

South Carolina at Arkansas
ESPN Regional Syndicated Package
Arkansas -6

Tennessee Tech at Georgia

Eastern Kentucky at Kentucky
Institutional Point-to-Point

Furman at Auburn

LSU at Alabama
Alabama -9

Memphis at Tennessee
Tennessee -25

Vanderbilt at Florida
Florida -32.5

Northern Arizona at Ole Miss

SEC Preseason Awards Announced

The coaches preseason All-SEC first and second teams consist of a minimum of eight players on each squad, voted on by the SEC Head Men’s Basketball Coaches.

Below is the list of the SEC coaches’ preseason all-conference teams:


Devan Downey, G, South Carolina
Tasmin Mitchell, F, LSU
AJ Ogilvy, C, Vanderbilt
Patrick Patterson, F, Kentucky
Tyler Smith, G/F, Tennessee
Jarvis Varnado, F, Mississippi State
Michael Washington, F, Arkansas
Terrico White, G, Ole Miss


Dominique Archie, F, South Carolina
Wayne Chism, F/C, Tennessee
JaMychal Green, F, Alabama
DeWayne Reed, G, Auburn
Trey Thompkins, F, Georgia
Alex Tyus, F, Florida
John Wall, G, Kentucky
Chris Warren, G, Ole Miss

Monday, November 02, 2009

Gamecocks v Vols Postgame Reflections

South Carolina showed there is no margin for error in the SEC especially when playing a good defense and have a struggling offense.

Halloween night turned into a real-life nightmare for gamecock fans.  USC’s offense turned the ball over on its first two possessions, and the Vols scored on both ensuing drives as Tennessee blasted No. 21 Carolina 31-13 on Halloween night.
“They were a lot better than us tonight,” USC coach Steve Spurrier said. “We didn’t play very well and we got our tails whipped. Tennessee played well.”
Through the first 8 games, the Gamecocks had just 9 turnovers.  Saturday at Neyland Stadium, the South Carolina Gamecocks gave up the ball four times, in effect giving up any realistic chance of victory.  The gamecocks offense had glimmers of hope throughout the night with Garcia with over 300 yards and 8 different gamecocks catching a pass but it was not enough to dig out of the hole that was established less than four minutes into the game.  USC D aslo played well but again when you spot the opposing team 21 points, well it is tough.

The Gamecocks now face a game that they need to win and have a chance to do that.  In order to win, no TOs, strong D and a hungry offense.  This upcoming Ark-kansas game is in my view the most important of the season.

LOHD "Hot Dog Hero" of the game
LB Eric Norwood ---had a team-high six tackles, two pass breakups and a quarterback hurry.

Chew on this...
  • S DeVonte Holloman made his first career start, becoming the 17th Gamecock to make his first start this season.
  • KR Chris Culliver is 48 yards shy of overtaking Kentucky's Derek Abney (2,263) and moving into fourth place in SEC history for kickoff return yardage.
  • DE Devin Taylor blocked a field goal try, South Carolina's fourth block of the season.
  • QB Stephen Garcia threw for 300 yards for the third time this season.
What to work on in practice this week ---
  • Line play --- need the O line to get a bit better in creating lanes and better protection.
  • Fumble Drills --- no more please, teach to hold on to the ball.
  • Leadership --- I know the team is young but time to play much more experienced as this is when the going gets tough and the tough get going!
The Gamecocks head to Arkansas needing a win to avoid another late-season collapse. No. 1 Florida and surging Clemson are the final two opponents for South Carolina, so don't feel sorry for yourself as it is time tor respond---Go COCKS!

Gamecocks Eric Norwood has a site up

In case you have not heard or visited the site that the USC athletic department set up to promote senior linebacker Eric Norwood – - check it out!

The site includes video on Norwood, quotes from around the country about Norwood as well as news and notes.

Florida Kickoff time set

Looks like the Gamecocks will be hosting the Gators at 3:30 on November 14, 2009.

Hopefully we can right this season with a big win against the #1 team in the country on CBS.

And remember they will be wearing special uniforms....

10 questions for this week

1.) Oregon a top 5 team?
2.) Does Southern Cal deserve to be in the top 15 after its 2nd lose of the season?

3.) After week 9, who has the best shot at making the National Championship game, Cincinnati, Boise State or TCU?

4.) What should the SEC do to Brandon Spikes for his dirty play in this past weekend’s game against Georgia?

5.) Who is hotter the Classic Erin Andrews or ESPN’s new girl Jenn Brown?

6.) Ugliest shade of Orange?

7.) Favorite Halloween costume from Saturday?

8.) Who is your Heisman favorite after 9 weeks?

9.) If the Big 12 North Champion is 6-6 and loses to Texas in the Big 12 Championship, they will end up being 6-7 and missing a bowl. What can the Big 12 do to make the North a better conference? Follow up from last week, they need all the help they can get.

10.) Better game this weekend PSU vs. Ohio State or LSU vs. Bama?

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Mumme Poll Ballot - Week 9

Mumme Poll here.  Again, the Mummepoll requires you to rank the top five teams and then just select, in any order, the next seven. This intent is for a more original polling format.

1. Florida

Solid destruction of Georgia locks up SEC East and spot in SEC Championship BCS Play-in Game.

2. Alabama

Off week to prepare for game with LSU, their last real obstacle to a Championship match-up with Florida.

3. Texas

Finally starting to look like the Top 5 team we thought they could be.

4. LSU

Dismantled Tulane. Meh.

5. Oregon

Dismantled Southern Cal. Impressive.
Georgia Tech

Game against Vanderbilt stayed close longer than it should have.


Game against Indiana stayed close longer than it should have.


Blew out UNLV. This is what should be done to inferior opponents.


No compelling reason to put them in the Top 5, but no rational argument to keep them out of the Top 12.

Boise State

Oregon win looks better again this week.

Penn State and Ohio State

Not so sure they belong here, but they are because no one else really has the resume to be here either.

Williams off Gamecocks 2010 commitment list

PER Phil Kornblut -

Due to grades, USC will not sign OL Elliot Williams of Georgia Military JC with the 2010 class.  

If Mr. Williams commits to getting his education at Georgia Military Academy, USC OL Coach will re-visit the idea to sign him in the future.  So it seems Elliot did not hold up his end of the bargin when pledging to be a gamecock and that means doing his part to pass classes so he could enroll at SC.

We here wish him the best and hope he gets everything in order so he can become a lineman at Carolina.

Nuggets sign ex-Gamecock Balkman to extension

It was reported today that the Denver Nuggets have signed backup Renaldo Balkman to a contract extension for a undisclosed amount. 

This is good news after his run in with the law prior to the season start after having his best season as a NBA player in '08-09 - 5pts a game and 3.8 rbs per game.  I know not amazing stats but he is a hustler and a good defender.

Gamecocks Baseball Gets a CF

Per Phil Kornblut -

Tanner's crew got a big boost over the weekend with news that centerfielder Mason Williams of Winter Garden, FL chose to play his college ball at Carolina.

Many regard this kid as the one of the best outfielders in high school so I am sure he will have impact on the gamecocks line-up.  He is a good left-handed batter and also pitches pretty good from the right-side.

Something tells me that Tanner is very pleased to land Mason.

Gamecock Clippings / News

Here is a sampling of selected news from gamecock world......

USC Football

USC football recruiting
USC Basketball

S. Carolina Falls from Top 25 / Back to work

This should not come as a surprise to anyone as this is what happens when you turnover the ball 4 times in route to a ugly loss by the score of 31-13 to a team that was 3-4 entering the game.  Carolina had no business losing to UT this way as it should have been a closer game and worth watching. 

Now, my gamecocks have some work to do and have to look in the mirror Monday morning.  The gamecocks enter what I feel is the most important week of practice all year as identity, goals, pride and a season is on the line.

I know this team is better than what they showed on Halloween and now it is time to swallow the loss.  Take it and learn from it as practice is Monday.  Game is Saturday.  Get to work, make the gamecock fans proud and Go Cocks!

USC out of AP Top 25; Texas back to No. 2