Friday, September 12, 2008

How to Make History

No gamecock team has ever beaten a #1 or #2 ranked team in the country. Spurrier said he came here to take our program to places its never been. This was nearly accomplished in the heart breaking loss to Auburn a few seasons ago. But as the story of our beloved gamecocks go we came so close, but let it slip through our hands as Jared Cook dropped the sure TD pass to send the game to OT.

What better time to make history than now. As questions begin to swirl around our program the opportunity to make a program statement couldn't be better. Win this game and our season is back on track, for the next couple of weeks at least. Win this game and we show progress, we accomplish another unimaginable goal, and do something here that has never been done before. Most importantly, win this game and we will shed our old images of the past and truly believe anything is possible. So how can we do it? here is how..

1. Its starts in the trenches, first and foremost our O-Line must give Smelley/ Garica enough time to read the field. Our D-line must take advantage of UGA's only Offensive weakness the OL. Ladi is our difference maker here.

2. Will the Real Cock-n-Fire please stand up? We need another WR to step up and make plays. We cannot throw it to Cook, Saunders, and Lecorn all game. Joe Hills is our difference maker here.

3. Steal the "show," Establish the run first& last. We need a big play from one of our backs by committee. Davis will take the bulk of the load but Maddox or Baker needs a 50 yrd TD scamper to give us a lift. Besides UGA's defense is ranked in the 70's. Baker is the most elusive back so I'm picking him as our Difference maker.

4. Everyone and their grand ma knows this one, Stop UGA's Moreno period. Difference maker is Jasper, he has to have a huge game.

5. Finally stop Matt Stafford aka tell him you have tickets to Talladega or something... In seriousness I'll take our DBs straight up vs him and his WRs. Its our strength vs theirs something is going to give. Whoever wins this battle will win the game. Captain is our difference maker here.

JR will never predict a loss its just not in him. You should never play a game thinking you will lose. In an unbelievable game the Gamecocks actually up end UGA, 27-20.

Gamecocks Game 3 Prediction (UGA)

Without Kenny and a decent QB to run Spurrier’s high flying offense, I have a feeling the Dawg’s might have a field day against the Cocks. Carolina defense can only stop them so many times before they run out of gas. Especially if we are paying 5 bucks a gallon to fill the tank. Damn you Hurricane Ike. Stafford didn’t have his best game last year against USC, but look for him to bounce back this year. Johnson will have his defense ready to stop Moreno, which should leave the secondary open for Green and Massaquoi to have chances of making some big plays.

Smelley will start but the big question is when and how much will we see of Stephen Garcia. Running back by committee will also be in effect against the dawgs as Spurrier is finally going to let Maddox, and Baker have a chance to run this season. Cook will still be the go to receiver, so what for the Dawgs to double team him early, to see if they can get Smelley to throw a bad pass. USC leads the country in interceptions, so let’s hope the offense can keep them to a minimum.

My prediction

UGA- 24
USC- 12

See you tomorrow

Smelley to Start

Chris Smelley will start at quarterback against second-ranked Georgia but the question is 'how long he will stay under center?' Seems redshirt freshman Stephen "golden boy" Garcia may see some time.
Thoughts? I think Smelley is on a short string for the INT and he gets pulled.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Well if you haven't heard by now there was a fight at the Russell house today involving USC Football players and two non-athletes. Apparently no one was arrested (as speculated) and the police are seeking two non athletes who apparently started the whole thing....

However, here were some on site reports/ accounts of the fight...

Beecher threw a punch but it was picked off.

I saw Taylor Rank was involved. When the campus police arrived he tried to run but only got 2 yards.

I saw Jariel King actually tore some kid head off who was wearing a GA hat and they were going to play catch but the only QB there was Garcia and the offense just seemed too complicated so the coaching staff told him not to throw it.

then smelley tripped over a leaf blowing in the wind for a sack. the OL actually tried to stop the leaf but whiffed completely. On first down the leaf fell from the tree the noise was so loud King flinched causing a false start. Apparently he thought it was an audible.

succop was trying to kick someone and it got blocked!!!!!

Mike davis was still mad at the fridge so he mauled a table and chair!

The fight broke out at the GMP cash register when Maddox fumbled his peach cobbler in the direction of Jasper, who had an opportunity to catch it before it hit the floor. But instead he let it bounce off of his chest, ruining his new Sean John shirt. He was then so enraged that he tossed Scotty Spurrier in Maddox’s direction, but missed and instead hit Barnes, Hills, and Whitlock, who where staring in amazement at the complexity of the buffet line.
Upon seeing that a melee was about to break out, the offensive line jumped in an attempted to bring peace, however they were easily tossed aside by the much smaller receivers. Hilarity and sadness ensued until Addison walked by, completely unaware that a fight was going on. He slipped on the cobbler and tried to catch himself but fell into Ladi. Ladi tipped over and squashed all of them. Fight over.

Feel free to post your account of the fight.

Is it finally time?

Looks like a QB storm is brewing. No one knows for sure who the starter will be against UGA yet and the rumors of Garcia are running wild like Corkey into a fence... It all started when Garica was mentioned two weeks ago after Beecher was hurt in the opener. Because of the injured Beecher, Garcia moved to #2 on the depth chart. We have all heard a number of times from Spurrier that he is "just not ready yet." This was echoed again as early as Tuesday of this week.

“We’ll wait and see as the season progresses,” Spurrier said when asked whether Garcia was in the quarterback mix. “Tommy Beecher and Chris Smelley were here all summer, working out with the guys. I really believe they deserve every opportunity to be our quarterbacks right now.”

Only two days later there is either a smoke screen or a new Era on the horizon. Seems like things are starting to turn more rapidly on the QB carousal. Both Beecher and Smelley had interesting comments toward the QB position. Beecher basically told reporters that Garcia and Smelley were taking the 1st team snaps (he didn't say if that was because he was still injured though, which very well might be the case). Then Smelley's comment, the most intriguing, was reported today...

“Umm, uh, I don’t know really how to answer that. That’s kind of a practice thing,” Smelley said. “I think there’s a reason why y’all aren’t out here on the field. So that’s all I’m going to say.”

Could this be the start of the Garcia Era? Fans are talking and it makes sense frankly. We know what we have in Smelley, we can rely on him as a solid game manager (aka back up, he plays better coming off the bench anyway ala LSU & NC state; i think he has a confidence issue?). Is he going to lead us to the SEC title, maybe but he has to show signs of improvement that we just aren't seeing. Beecher has been here a while and 4 ints against NC State, come on after 3 years in the system? Really no TDS and one pass longer than 10 yards?

So the question is why not Garcia, i mean seriously can he do any worse? I doubt he will throw 4 ints, but if he does so what? So did Beecher? If not now then why not let him finish out the season? I mean if we lose there is no reason to not let the kid play. We are kidding ourselves if he is not the QB of the future, so why not hand him the reins ala UGA and Stafford. Get him some big game experience this year and who knows what could happen next year?

off to kansas

Was it getting yelled at, home sick, missing his girlfriend or something else. I guess we will never know. As reported by the state yesterday, Ryan Doerr has transferred to Kansas State. I feel as if a guy can’t handle getting yelled at during football practice, maybe he shouldn’t be on the team.

I am not sure what Spurriers plan is for a kicker for the future, but from what I can tell there is suppose to be a stud recruit in Blythewood.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Don't mess with me

While drinking in charlotte last Friday night, we ran into a brushed up Ric Flair. Granted 10 drunk guys yelling at a ex-professional wrestler is always a good time. Just ask anybody who has ever since Mr. Flair at a Gamecock football game.

To shed some light on why Ric Flair was wearing a nice black eye on Friday, he got into a fist fight with his daughter’s boyfriend in Chapel Hill. The story goes that Ric Daughter’s (Ashley Elizabeth Fliehr) boyfriend ruffed her up, so the good father that he is, went up to Chapel Hill and took care of business. If you happen to see Ric on Saturday at the UGA game, I am sure he will tell you the story if you ask. Just don’t ask him about what he thought of the Vandy game, he about blackened my eye for even bringing it up on Friday night. Luckily I was able to smooth over the situation by giving him JR’s gamecock koozie. In return JR freaking bit me, like a rabid dog, or in some peoples cases a rabid stripper.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Five Phases of the Dreaded Gamecock Loss

Starting with the sound of the final whistle it goes like this. From the buddies at the tailgate spot to the callers on the post game show everyone is in denial. I can’t believe we lost to Vadny. They are the worst team in the SEC (east), Man how the ***k did we lose? This question rings in your head and won’t get out for days (like the Roast Beef slam done to Crummy). You think it was a dream and then you start to feel the first signs of soberness…

The next phase is remorse. You fell like you got wrapped up in the moment while declaring coach has lost his damn mind and players suck after 3 years. You push through the weekend and bring yourself to watch the coach’s show and think there must be something I missed or some silver lining which leads to the next phase…

The next thing you know it’s Tuesday morning and you got the #2 team coming to town, what are you going to do? By this point the loss is an old wound that hurts but it didn’t kill you. You remember there is still more games to be played. You start to think, man are we going to get crushed? We will if last weeks team shows up. Or are we going to come out and play a good game for a change? I know, maybe its time for one of our young guys to step up and make a name for himself (Barnes? Maddox?)? It’s Wednesday and you’re finally sober again you realize there is some….

As you poor through the statistical data of the last 3 or so meetings with your upcoming opponent you realize there is hope. So what if they are the pre-season national champ. Look what the panthers did to the preseason super bowl champ without their #1 WR Steve Smith? That’s right whopped those San Diego Jorts wearing truckers!
Now it’s Thursday and you’re reading about how no one is giving you a shot in hell, Herbstreit is making remarks about a woodshed & XO's, Chris Low is riding the Moerno/ Stafford Heisman train, and somewhere Tammy is calling another coach for help. This is great… we are being underestimated, flying right under the radar, and have a chance to catch UGA off guard. Its time for vengeance, its time for the Final Phase!!!

Its Friday suddenly you take pride in the fact that Spurrier owns the Bulldogs, he owns Richt, and if not for 4 red zone turnovers we would be enjoying a 2 game winning streak. You remember the victory between the hedges against the same team last year and now we play them at home. A big win here and we are right back in it. SEC speaking if you lose an SEC game its better to do so to a team that won’t be in the race for the east; this extinguishes the loss. Its time to go Folks, get ready, cut out of work early, and start partying at 501pm…

Now you have recovered from the loss, redemption is on the way. Take a sip of that kool aid and know that when you hear 2001 tomorrow you can’t look in your heart and say we don’t have a shot. Its time for Redemption, Its Time for Gamecock Football! Its us vs the world so instead of saying oh no, its...