Saturday, March 01, 2008

The stars must be aligned...

Because not only did the Gamecocks win 10-1 vs. Clemson today but the USC men's basketball team beat Auburn.

The men's basketball team improves to 13-15 and 5-9 in league play. The Gamecocks clinched at least one improvement over last year, getting their fifth league win. They also moved a game-and-a-half ahead of Georgia in the “race” to avoid finishing last in the East Division.

Bun of the day goes to -Shortstop Reese Havens with his two-out grand slam in the second inning. Havens finished with five RBI, tying his career high he set in USC 22-5 win over East Carolina in its season opener.

Even Ron Morris had something good to say about the gamecocks - here

USC is now 4-1 while Clemson falls to 5-1.

Time for a in-state battle...

Move over basketball, time to switch gears and foucs on something USC is good

South Carolina (3-1) and Clemson (5-0) are both ranked nationally, with the Gamecocks as high as No. 3 and the Tigers as high as No. 13 heading into the first of four games between the rivals. They play today and Sunday (in clemson) then again on consecutive Wednesdays in April.

USC right-hander Mike Cisco, who will start today against Clemson left-hander Ryan Hinson.

USC has won three straight and five of the last six against Clemson, but this year is different. Usually the teams have played at least twice as many games before squaring off. That's not the case this year with a new uniform start date for college baseball.

Baseball pregame report here.

Should be a great game on a sunny saturday...see you at the Sarge for the first pitch at 1:30pm for Game 1!

Capel to USC?

It is just a rumor but The STATE today wrote about this rumor that current Oklahoma coach Jeff Capel has emerged as a candidate for the South Carolina men’s basketball coaching job.

Capel, 33, is in his second year at Oklahoma after spending four years at VCU. He played collegiately at Duke and is the son of longtime Division I coach Jeff Capel Jr. South Carolina’s interest in Capel was also confirmed by The Oklahoman newspaper in Oklahoma City, which also quoted an industry source and a USC source has also confirmed the interest in Capel.

What do you think - is he the right man for the job?

Update --- Capel refutes USC report

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Carolina Baseball

The question of the day is, will Phil Disher be about to protect Justin Smoak, or is the Phil from 2 years ago back. He has always been a sucker for ball outside of the strike zone, especially the ones in the dirt. So far this season he is 4-18 with 6 strikeouts. I would never tell Ray Tanner what to do since he is one of the top baseball coach’s in the country, but you might want to switch your line up around if Phil is going to resort back to his old ways. On the bright side Carolina looked good yesterday in the freezing cold against UNC Ashville, even thought I was hoping Kenny George was a 2 sport star. He would have made a great first baseman. I guess we will see how good this Carolina team is when they take on the Taters this weekend. Let’s hope that Jack Leggett doesn’t complain about every call this time, it really slows the game down.

See you at the Sarge!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

4th round star

Article from The Item, about Fred Bennett, and how the pro's have not changed him. It is good to see a former Gamecock doing well in the NFL. Other NFL news this week, Troy ( i can't Catch) Williamson was traded for a 6th round draft pick to Jacksonville.
Also JR, what are your thoughts on the Charlotte Panthers off season moves? I see that Dan and Deshawn are gone, but they are bringing back Muhsin Muhammad.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

SEC baseball player of the week


Reese Havens • South CarolinaJunior • INF • Sullivan's Island, S.C.

Top weekend out of all Gamecock hitters batting 7-for-14 (.500) with seven runs and seven RBI to go along with four walks as Carolina defeated 24th ranked East Carolina in two of three games.
Tied a career-high in the season opener for hits with a 5-for-6 performance in 22-5 win over 24th ranked East Carolina … Also set a career-high in RBI in the game with five RBI as well … On-base percentage of .611 on the weekend
Oh how things have changed from last year, when Reese had problems at the plate.

The SEC: Middle Eastern Version

Found this on a LSU message board, thought it was pretty funny.

ALABAMA:Saudi Arabia - Once a proud country but wrecked by infighting and surrounded by enemies on all sides...Syria and Iraq have dominated them for years...very superstitious about the number 6...accomplishes a lot in the spring - offers very little in the fall.

LSU:Iran - New money...current superpower in the region but it will all come crashing down...mainly because they have a functioning retard as their leader.

AUBURN:Syria - Capable of dominating anyone in the region (just ask Al Qaeda). Syria and Iraq routinely expose Saudi Arabia for what they really are. Has terrorized mortal enemies for 6 years - not to mention 7 of the last 8...the Saudi's desperately want to enter peace talks (because talk is about all they do these days).

TENNESSEE:Iraq - Has good history but the country has been tanking lately...should rebound in the near future...loves having a good laugh with Syria.

FLORIDA:Al Qaeda - Evil infidels. Formed around 1990 but likes to speak as if they are the cradle of civilization.

GEORGIA:Kuwait - You hear alot of talk about riches and potential...but still very vulnerable to Iraq and many others...Kuwait now plays LOUD rap music at all their battles.

ARKANSAS:Palestinian territories - No one worries a lot about them unless they can be of some use (like winning a battle once in a while against Iran that shakes up the standings).

SOUTH CAROLINA:Libya - Has a charismatic ruler but is a desolate nation. Their leader can rattle his sword here and there but that's about it.

VANDERBILT:Israel - Leave them alone please. What have they ever done to you?

OLE MISS:Afghanistan - Has very little going for it (but their chicks are pretty cool).

MISSISSIPPI STATE:Qatar - Where the hell is Qatar?

KENTUCKY:Morocco - Not really part of the Middle East. Has other interests besides fighting (or playing football).

Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday Reading

For your reading pleasure today at work.....Check out these links on - ESPN and The Sporting News about Spring Football previews. Also ESPN posted their SEC rankings for the upcoming football season. And for those ACC fans out there here are links to ACC preview and ACC rankings (look who is number one...maybe they will not choke this year?).

What is that smell? Well by now you know baseball season is starting up and us Gamecock fans are excited b/c we are actually good. The Gamecocks beat ECU in game 3 this past Sunday as you know by now. So that was a good split with the Number 24 team. It is time to get exicted about the basesball season before us.....CSTV has their SEC preview up. Now go read and waste time at work!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Come on Gamecocks..

As with so many games, the University of South Carolina had its chances on Saturday down the stretch but blew it...and I mean blew it. You don't foul with 2 seconds on the clock! Especially on a 3 pointer! Geez....

During a timeout with 6.1 seconds left, Odom told his team to “man up” and not come off Hansbrough or MSU’s other primary 3-point threats. And do not foul 3-point shooters, although Odom did want someone to foul Jamont Gordon at mid-court. Dwayne Day tried, but no whistle came. Then comes the part were the team does not listen or respond to coaching..... with 1.1 seconds left in regulation, Evka Baniulis fouled Ben Hansbrough on a 3-point shot....oh he is a 76% FT shooter by the way! Just dumb is all I can say....the Gamecocks fell to Mississippi State 61-56!

Gamecocks Fall 13-4 To ECU in game 2

24th ranked East Carolina scored five runs in the third inning and added a grand slam homer from Brandon Henderson in the fifth inning on its way to a 13-4 win over second ranked South Carolina. The Gamecocks and Pirates split a day-night doubleheader after South Carolina won the opener 22-5 and will play the rubber game of the series on Sunday afternoon at 1:30 pm at Sarge Frye Field.