Friday, November 10, 2006

I am going to say....

I did not think Rutgers would win nor mount a impressive comeback. In case you missed it, the No. 15 Scarlet Knights stunned No. 3 Louisville 28-25 on Thursday night in front of a sellout crowd of 44,111, the largest to ever watch Rutgers play at home.
Here is some info I found interesting this morning:

"Painted on the red brick wall in the north end zone of Rutgers Stadium are the words: "The Birthplace of College Football." The Scarlet Knights were a part of the first college football game played more than 137 years ago, a 6-4 win over Princeton in 1869."

"The Scarlet Knights have played in two bowl games and were largely considered one of the worst teams in the country. For longer than anyone in the New York metropolitan area can remember, Rutgers set the standard for football futility, going 0-11 in 1997, 1-10 in 1999 and 1-11 as recently as 2002."

I hope USC was watching and it is time for the SC football team to begin to believe that you can win at USC. After the game many Rutgers players commented that they are winning because they "believe" in the coach, the fans and the school. Several times this season, I feel we fell short or did not perform on a higher level because the mentality of the team has not fully changed. It is a fact we have had our share of 6-5 seasons and a 0-11 / 1-10 season in there. Yes, there have been bright spots in our history but those are few are far between. BUT to perform at your best you must think you are the best. Spurrier has the team on the right path but it takes the team to begin to believe that they can compete and win the SEC title. We did well last year, got some good recruits in this year and next but until the team begins to believe and "buy in" on the coaching philosophy.... the gamecock faithful will always be happy to see 6 or 7 wins each year.

I guess only time will tell....

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

what is going on in the big 10

By Jack Carey, USA TODAY

Wisconsin coach Bret Bielema isn't a fan of college football's new speed-up-the-game rule that mandates the clock starts when a ball is kicked off rather than when it's received. But if Bielema can use the rule to his team's advantage, he will, and that's just what he did Saturday against Penn State.With Wisconsin having just gone ahead 10-3, Bielema, 36, twice had his team intentionally go offside on kickoffs in the last 23 seconds of the first half, minimizing Penn State's chances to score. The two penalized kicks took 19 seconds off the clock and left Penn State coach Joe Paterno, 79, livid and complaining to officials.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

This is great

Bowl Prediction

Meineke Car Care Bowl
Charlotte, NC
Bank of America Stadium
December 30, 2006,
ACC No. 6 vs. Big East: Clemson vs. Navy

Support the band, at least they have to stay for the whole game

Dear Gamecock fans,
The USC Marching Band has undergone many changes this year, from new music and drill at games to more playing and involvement in the tailgates outside of Williams-Brice. We want to let you know that we have been listening to you. We especially appreciate those of you who have written us with concerns or suggestions, and have been so supportive of the band.To say "thanks" we are going to let YOU decide the music for our last home game against MTSU. Send an email to: ""with the subject VOTE and let us know which of the following shows YOU most want to see:

1) Lynrd Skynrd
2) Dave Matthews
3) Journey
4) Van Halen
5) Heavy Metal (Zeppelin, etc.)

One vote per person please.Again, thank you for your concern and support this year.

Monday, November 06, 2006

The start of the "Renaldo Watch"...

Last week was the start of the NBA season and say what you will about basketball and the NBA......insert comment here.....we, as Gamecock faithful, have new reason to watch.

The reason is one of the Gamecocks own has suited up for the New York Knicks after being drafted in the 1st round with the 20th pick by the Knicks. The high draft pick was a surprise to many if not everyone. The person who is has the most riding on this is Isiah Thomas, Knicks Coach, because they could have easily picked someone else and addressed some needs on the team.

So with all of this being said we here at the LOHD are going to start the "Renaldo Watch" for the 2006-2007 season. Be on the look out for periodic updates concerning news surrounding Balkman and stats from his season. So let the games begin.....

First week stats (ending 11/5/06)

Played in three games last week. Listed on the depth chart as the backup SF. Knicks overall are 1-2 for the season. Balkman has averaged 5 mins of play in those three games. He is currently averaging about 1 point a game with 1 block and 2 rebounds. Not stellar stats by far but has made the hustle plays that has begun to win over the NY crowd. Hustle is his middle name the question is whether it will earn him more PT, right now he is not shooting the ball very well.....