Friday, August 01, 2008

Big Recruit Signs

Per, Columbia (S.C.) four-star safety Damario Jeffery had offers from coast to coast, including tenders from almost every SEC and ACC school.
In the end, though, there was no place like home for the 6-foot-3, 211-pounder, as he announced moments ago that he was staying home and playing for South Carolina Gamecocks.

rumor has it

Rumor has it that Clemson will wear all purple for there season opener against Alabama in Atlanta. Like the only time before, they will try to impress College Gameday by wearing all purple. This time it will include a new purple helmet with a orange tiger paw. There is also rumors out of Nike that Clemson might throw in a black jersey this season.

Clemson was also voted 2nd worst uniform in college football last week by Campus Squeeze and before that on the Bleacher report.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Early LOHD Season Prediction

Here's how I see our season going in 2008 with "light" analysis of each:

Sure Wins:
-Wofford-because it's Wofford.
-UAB- Not enough talent to over top the gamecock d; will stick around for a half.

Probable Wins:
-NC State-Strength is running backs and receivers-we should be effective against both, especially the receivers given the strength of our secondary; no line on either side of the ball and a horrible secondary; a double digit victory is not out of the question.
-Vanderbilt- Loss of personnel makes them the Vandy of old; inexcusable loss last year anyway because Vandy was (and remains) under talented compared to USC; this is a revenge game and I would not rule out a blow out victory in Nashville.
-Kentucky- Another "celler dweller" with a loss of personnel. Way too many losses of talent to compete four quarters with USC. They really could have difficultly scoring but a serviceable defense could give us a few problems, but it will not matter in the end. Another conceivable 10+ point victory for the Gamecocks. Spurrier makes it 16 in a row.

Should Win:
-Ole Miss-Nutt's rebuilding but is a scary good coach-you have to admit that even if you don't like him; the Rebels have no offense to speak of, but scare me because we don't seem to be able to find a way to beat these guys; all said, we have more talent and should come away from Oxford with a close win (less than 7 points).
-Arkansas-always play us tough but lost a ton of personnel and will be adjusting to a new system; this game may provide Spurrier with the opportunity to blast a "quality" SEC foe in front of a huge crowd at the Brice.

Toss Ups:
-Tennessee --Spurrier hates Phat Phil and the Gamecocks will have revenge on their minds after a close OT loss last year; talent gap has narrowed significantly and I see this one going either way (the winner takes it by three or fewer points)
-Clemson --If I was not sporting garnet colored glasses, I would put this one in the category below based on history and the talent differential. I don't think the latter is that great, but it's enough along with Clemson's mental edge in this one to conceive of another loss to our rivals from the Upstate. However, the rivalry factor puts this one into the toss up category along with the fact that this game has been very close every year in recent memory with the Gamecocks last victory in Death Valley against a "more talented" team. Fact is, we have a more talented coach that could take Clemson's players and kick our asses pretty bad. That intangible alone makes this one winnable. Like Tennessee, this one goes to one of the schools by three points or less.

Probable losses (but all winnable):
-Georgia -- Admittedly, interchangeable above with Clemson as a toss up as we always play them tough early (and occasional win); I'm however drinking the cool aid that they're the best team in the country; they were the best team at the end of last year and lost no one. I hate to say it, but this could be a 10+ point UGA win.
-Florida -- I think Spurrier will keep this one close, but Florida overwhelms us with talent. To say we will have to play our "A" game is an understatement.
-LSU --lost their quarterback and some other key players, so this one is not inconceivable this year, especially in front of a home crowd. With that said, LSU has planty of potential "NFL talent" on the roster and will be formidable. However, out of the "probable losses", I think this one is the most winnable. LSU will not be as good as Florida or Georgia this year.


If we win the "wins", "probable wins" and "should wins" (collectively, the "win" categories), we go 7-5. One slip up (which is conceivable) and we're 6-6. If we take care of the "win" categories and win one toss up and upset a "probable loss team", that's 9 wins. This would be a special year in my opinion. At the end of the day, I think 6-6 is the worst the 08 team will do in any combination, and 10-2 in the best this team will do in any combination. So the record will be somewhere between 6-6 and 10-2. I predict 8-4, with wins against all of the "win" categories and a victory against Tennessee at home. That makes us 5-3 in the SEC and.....See you at the Chick-Fil-A bowl.

I was reading the Charleston Post and Courier this morning and came across Travis Haney’s article about King and Garcia coming in the week for fall practice on time. Then I get to the bottom of his article which talks about what we posted about a couple days ago. Clemson internet guys sending packets to instate recruits about USC players getting in trouble with the law in Columbia. Here is what Haney said “I know Spurrier and Tommy Bowden have talked about this matter in a discussion that was described to me as somewhat heated. Clemson's coaches admitted knowing that such a packet had been sent out, but they said they weren't aware of who did it, either.”

I think there is more to this story than meets the eye. If the coaching staff knows about the packets, and did nothing about it. That should be some kind of recruiting violation. I wonder if the Clemson staff sends out packets with pictures of Clemson players getting out of trouble, or beating women. The package would probably say something like this, “come to Clemson, where you can get away with pretty much anything. Feel like throwing your girlfriend down some stairs, go ahead. You can still play on the team. ”

Party on

We will be having a welcome back party for Garcia at the five points fountain on Saturday from 1 AM till the cops come. Please wear your gamecock gear as well as running shoes. You will have to provide your own alcohol but we will provide the fun and games. There will be a get your head shaved to stay out of trouble booth, key your name into a car game as well a competition that will involve dizzy bat and a fire extinguisher. To end the night we will have a mini marathon thru five points while the cops chase us. The only way to win this game is if you don’t get arrested. If Garcia or any football player shows up, we might take a commanding lead in the Fulmer cup.

The Game Is On

It is being reported by USC that Garcia is returning to the gamecock football team and will join the rest of the team on friday for first preseason practice.

Thoughts? Garcia is our willie korn and is going to be the 'great white hope.". From this moment forward USC football will never be the same and the point that we all remember as the turning point. Not saying SEC champs this year but USC will be the SEC Champs by the time Garcia graduates.
Question is will beecher still be the starter for the NCSU game? I can see him starting but garcia will get majority of snaps.....

Did anyone see this???!!!

"Caught On Tape": Video of a New York City policeman striking an unprovoked bicyclist is raising concerns about police brutality. The officer has since been placed on desk duty.

Wow!!! This is ridiculous.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fulmer cup favorite

I saw this story on Gamecockcentral and figured I would share it with the LOHD. I have never been to Charlottesville, VA so I don't know how true this is.

UVA Junior offensive lineman Will Barker and redshirt freshman lineman Dave Roberts were picked up at Club 216 on Water Street at 3:45 Saturday morning. Police say both men admitted to stealing beer from a cooler at the nightclub. Both face larceny charges. Roberts, who is 19 years old, is also charged with being a minor in possession of alcohol and with using a fake ID

" get worst..."Club 216 is "Charlottesville, Virginia's only gay and lesbian bar and dance club.""

Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

2009 EASPORTS NCAA Gamecock Football

Calling out Clemson

Spurrier referenced two Clemson internet writers yesterday in his news conference, saying after a gamecock player gets in trouble with the law, they forward the reports to recruits thru out the state. He was referring to Cris Ard, the publisher of, and Roy Philpott, publisher of When asked about the allegations yesterday, both denied any involvement. Spurrier opened a news conference by pointing out that marijuana possession charges against Dion LeCorn were dropped on Monday. Ard and Philpott will probably forget to forward this story to all the instate recruits.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

LOHD's Hidden Gem on Offense

LOHD is going to share with you who we feel is the "hidden gem" on offense in 2008.

First, let's take a quick glance at what we got on offense.
Whoever the quarterback is will have wide receiver Kenny McKinley to look for down the field. McKinley compiled 968 yards and 9 touchdowns on a school record 77 catches last season and has a good shot at breaking every South Carolina receiving record this season. He didn't participate in the Gamecocks' spring game, but is expected to return in time for fall practices. Dion Lecorn will also return at receiver as the Gamecocks look for more consistency from their offensive line, which returns three starters. Senior tailback Mike Davis, who rushed for 518 yards and 5 touchdowns last season, will probably get the go-ahead at tailback in replacement of Boyd. The running game was ranked No. 101 in the nation last season with an average of 113. 7 yards per game, while the passing offense ranked No. 37 at 258. 2 yards per game. We know the two weapons at TE so who does LOHD think is the sleeper impact player on offense?

By now you are saying...get to the point...well here is who we think will be a "hidden gem" in 08 -

Eric Baker.......Baker, in 2007, was at Fork Union Military Academy where he played on both sides of the ball... rushed for 800 yards and 10 touchdowns despite battling an ankle injury... a four-star prospect, was considered the eighth-best prep schooler in the nation by Check out these two videos - 1 and 2.

Look for Baker to emerge as the season progresses. I know he could face a redshirt but we are holding out hope for him. And Yes Maddox, Davis and Wallace are good backs but look for Baker to add that much needed spark on offense. Heck give him a screen pass and let him work some magic.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Cocktail's drink of the week

Foothills Hoppyum IPA

It pleases me very much that Columbia now has a market for great beer. Back in my CU days, I was surrounded by great microbreweries and was introduced to a huge variety of brews at a young age. Boulder breweries are on every corner and a large majority of restaurants have their own breweries as well. 10 years ago, Columbia had the brewery/restaurant Hop's, which was okay, but now the typical microbrewery has shifted gears and distribution is as much a part of business as a macrobrew. Meaning we don't have to go to the brewery, the brewery can come to us. Beer gardens, tap rooms and mega chains such as Flying Saucer have introduced the typical Bud Light supply and demand towns to great beers from all over the US and world. Alcohol distribution chains like Green's, Total Wine and McDougal's have spread and allow the consumer to purchase beers that we could otherwise only get on vacation.

Here's one to try: Foothills Hoppyum I.P.A. Foothills is a brewery based in downtown Winston Salem, NC. I have heard of this brewery before, but only until recently have the moved forward with distribution.

IPA's, which are my favorite, were created in the 18th century when beers would not keep over long sea travel. Especially in hot climates, which in turn would make the beer flat. Alcohol and hops were the only things that would prevent the beer from going sour. By the early 1700s, the British East India Company had established itself in India. It had a large number of troops and civilians demanding beer. The answer to the great beer problem finally came from a recipe created by George Hodgson at the Bow Brewery in East London. India ale was a variation of his pale ale, which Londoners had been drinking since the mid-1750s. Hodgson took his pale ale recipe, increased the hop content considerably, and raised the alcohol content. The result was a very bitter, alcoholic, and sparkling pale ale that could survive the challenges of travel and shelf life in India. IPA reached India in an enjoyable condition and Hodgson's success became legendary.

This particular IPA has a distinct citrusy hop and good ole Simcoe hop which gives a very pungent taste resulting in a great, dry brew. Word on the street is that it is arriving at Flying Saucer next week.

LOHD thinks Spurrier is just warming up...

I know after reading about the gamecocks are picked to finish 4th again in the SEC East and that the Spurrier Experiment needs to pick up steam....blah blah. USC fans have some patience! I too want 9 wins in a season on a consistent basis and yes a SEC crown would be nice. And LOHD feels we are getting there just give the man some time to get his players in there and correct some of the thinking that goes on....including the fans. Trust me a 5 game losing streak hurts but keep the faith in the gamecocks!

With the season a little over a month away it is important to look at where you have been and where are we headed. As a football program we are inching oh so close...

Just to show you guys exactly how close we are...Spurrier's record at South Carolina is 21-16. At first glance, not overly impressive right? Particularly not to someone unaware of the state our program was in when SOS took the reigns and/or the difficulty of our schedule year in and year out.

Well of those 16 losses, 9 of them are by 7 points or less.

Spurrier ALWAYS preaches the importance of winning the close games and that being the mark of a good team. Let's just assume we were able to win 4 of those 9 games mentioned above. Several games come to mind that could easily comprise these 4 (Mizzou in the Independence Bowl, @ Florida in 2006, either of the 2 Clemson losses that we led in the 4th quarter, UT last year, Auburn at home in 2006, etc etc).

IF we had won 4 or those 9 7pt or less losses, Spurrier's record would be 25-12, a winning percentage of 67%, and an average record of 8-4 over 3 years. I know I'm really playing the what-if game here so shoot me down if you must, but I think that really illustrates just how close we are to where we want to be!

Hopefully this year is the year that our boys get it together and win a few of those oh so important close games! GO COCKS!