Friday, August 11, 2006

Hall Yes....

I urge everyone to visit this site. It is dedicated to trying to convince Bud Selig to allow 'Shoeless Joe' into the Hall of Fame. On this site you can read the story of what went down and got him kicked out of baseball and you can sign the petition to get him into the Hall of Fame.

Many of you know the story about Joseph Jefferson Jackson, known to the world as "Shoeless" Joe Jackson. "He was undeniably one of the greatest baseball players the game has ever known. From humble beginnings in the textile leagues of South Carolina, he rose to the pinnacle of the sport. Right or wrong, Joe Jackson was banned for life from baseball for his part in the infamous "Black Sox Scandal" for helping seven Chicago White Sox teammates to throw the 1919 World Series. There is controversy over what part Jackson played in the scandal, but it is clear that he got caught up in a scheme that was created and executed by others. In the end, he accepted $5,000 in hush money and new about the "plot." So he was guilty by association but his stats deserve consideration into the Hall of Fame. Look at this - He holds the third highest lifetime batting average in history (.356 over a fourteen year career). (Only Ty Cobb and Rogers Hornsby surpass his mark.) And he still holds the record for highest batting average for a rookie in his first full season (.408). Not to mention the "Babe" gives credit for his swing to Shoeless Joe."

And did I mention he is from Greenville, SC.......But the man is long gone, passed away some 50 years ago, and now is the time to get him in the Hall of Fame. I hope you will visit the site....and I ask you do you think "Shoeless Joe" belongs in the Hall of Fame?

Thursday, August 10, 2006

The start of the 2's....

Well boys and girls....two a days have begun and I hope all are excited about the upcoming season not just for USC but for college football in general. This season should be a good one across the country with many stories un-folding like - Can Texas repeat? Is the Southern Cal run coming to an end? 25 years ago Clemson won it all, what will they do this year? And let's not forget the other football teams in the state of SC...especially Furman or "FU" as they are known. They are ranked #5 going into the season and you may remember last year they made it to the final four on Div 1-AA. Anyone notice how funny it is to have on one hand the "Cocks" and the other "FU."

"FU" go "Cocks!"

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I am ready

Here is the thought of the day; Mississippi State could be the first team in college football history to lose to the gamecocks twice in one season.

SC on August 31
Jacksonville State on October 14

Granted I am not sure how Jacksonville state stole our name or how good there football program is but it can’t be any worst then the Bulldogs.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Well I am back from Colorado, where the weather was perfect, never once got over 80, in the mid 50’s at night. Partied like a rock star in Denver with Creech for his birthday and then in Winter Park for Katharine’s cousin Lindsey’s wedding. Open bar is always my favorite type of wedding. When I returned home on Sunday night, the fence had been erected and now the two little monsters are trapped in my back yard. The first thing Deuce did when he got home was jump thru the screen door. I am currently reading the book Marley and me, about a young couple and there adventures with a troublesome yellow lab. I will you know how I like the book when I am finished. I usually don’t read much so it might take me a couple years to finish the book.

Well my vacation time is gone, so now all I have to look forward to is Football season, check blog below for our predictions. Hopefully by the end of the week we will have our guest football expert’s predictions and analyst of the upcoming season for our gamecocks.

That smell...

Is in the air once again with about three weeks to go until USC kicks off the season against MSU on Aug. 31st. The gamecocks are doing the practice thing and I encourage everyone to keep up with what is going on at or at a new site by The State paper at

And I read this the other day that I thought was interesting...."In addition, Gamecock fans will experience the latest in technology when they arrive for the home opener on Sept. 9 against Georgia. Fans are encouraged to arrive at the gates to Williams-Brice Stadium early, as a new barcode scanning system will be utilized to gain access to the stadium." USC seems to be going high tech and getting fancy...

So how many games does the readership think USC will win this year? Please post your predictions....