Friday, January 01, 2010

USC Gamecocks Forward Mike Holmes booted from Basketball Team

LOHD always knew there was more to this story (i.e fighting) since his eye injury but it seems due to what Coach Horn describes as "internal matters" that the USC forward has been dismissed from the team today. 

Holmes played six games this season, then suffered an eye injury due to “horsing around” at home. Since then Holmes was only seen at women’s basketball games, not attending his own team’s games which we questioned awhile back as being very odd.

Holmes averaged 11 points and 4.8 rebounds a game this season in the team's first six games.  He has a good academic record so he should be able to transfer to another program and continue his career as a ex-gamecock.

We wish him the best and proud of Coach Horn for making what is a tough decision.  The gamecocks were and will be in need of improved inside play.  This is another setback for the gamecocks that had high hopes to start the year.


Anonymous said...

rumor is holmes got in a fight in the usc locker room this past week with a teammate

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