Saturday, April 28, 2007

draft day special

And with the 7th pick the 2007 NFL draft the Minnesota Viking select Adrian Peterson RB from Oklahoma.
Penny “Brady Quinn is going to be a dolphin" Forget your old ass Trent Green "Brandy Quinn is going to be a dolphin

And with the 8th pick in the NFL draft the Atlanta Falcons select Jamaal Anderson DE from Arkansas.

Penny " Brady Quinn is going to be a dolphin" Forget your old ass Trent Green "Brandy Quinn is going to be a dolphin

And with the 7th pick the 2007 NFL draft the Miami Dolphins select Ted Ginn JR WR The Ohio State

Then there was a moment of Silence, it seemed like a lifetime.

Penny asked the question why? If anybody has a answer please do tell.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Debate thoughts from LOHD...

I hope you all watched the debate last night. Which candidate do you like going into 08? Who do you think will win the Dem nomination?

The eight candidates that have announced on the Dem side that participated in the debate recently in O'burg:

Hillary Clinton
Barack Obama
John Edwards
Joseph Biden
Dennis Kucinich
Chris Dodd
Mike Gravel
Bill Richardson

My thoughts on this:

No one really "won" the debate in my view. Some stood out for certain reasons and gave good answers. Some need to re-think why they are running or step to the side and stop wasting air.

Here we go----Gravel is the old grandpa of the group that you don't want to get angry and always wants to yell about something yet you hear him speak and you think "what is the point?" Clinton was Clinton gave the answers yet no real connection with the crowd. She knows her stuff yet seems programmed. Obama...catch the fever right....well he gave his "new idea" thoughts yet his lack of experience shined at times. Edwards was his typically self.....never really answers the questions and focuses on his bullet point list of things to say. Likes to talk big picture things yet if these ideas come true...hello taxes. Richardson, seemed a little out of breath at times yet had a great grasp of the issues and his experience could be seen at times. But was a little too forceful, if he gets his act together he could make a run at this thing or at least be a player for a VP slot. Dodd and Biden simply like to see their face on TV and hear themselves talk. Kucinich....bless you...sorry joke there but he has no chance so I will not say anything else.

It really comes down to Obama and Clinton as leading the pack. They have money, name and a force of volunteers. Edwards and Richardson are next on the list and they could seize the day if they focus on the issues and connect to the voters. Not sure if the "Two America" thing is connecting so much. Feel the Obama shine will fade as the year goes on and more learn about his record. Edwards and Clinton just need to sharpen their message and be themselves more stop sticking to the bullet points and talk to the people. Dark horse is Richardson if he gets it toghether. The other guys need to step to the side...they have grabbed headlines so their mission is done.

08 will be fun to watch and hope all LOHD readers stay tuned....thoughts?

friday's poll questions

The random tandem of poll questions brought on by our new found class here at the LOHD.

1.) White or red wine, and for some of you pink.
2.) Bloody Mary or Mimosa
3.) How do you like you oysters, Raw, steamed or fried
4.) Favorite place to take a first date.

A new chant?

Spurrier closed a recent Gamecock Club meeting by saying the Gamecocks needed a chant.

Borrowing a longtime Penn State tradition, he directed the crowd in a “We are ... Carolina!” chant.

We do need more tradtions at Carolina but not sure on this one...what do you guys think?

Thoughts on it, love it, hate it, will it stick?

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bonjour, mes amis

Due to my recent stint with the Food Network, opera stages of the world and my neverending ability to make horrible , horrible choices when I have had more than three drinks that lead to some pretty incredible stories, Moose has invited me to post blogs. I will write of issues that affect me during the particular week. Last night, I drank too much of this.

Publix wine of the week: Sterling Napa Cabernet Sauvignon

A great dry, intense wine that compliments even Cashwell's cut of beef. Dark ruby in color, the 2003 Cabernet Sauvignon opens to spicy notes of raspberry and black cherry with hints of cedar and toasty oak rounding out the nose. Flavors of briar, blackberries, raspberries, hints of roasted coffee and an earthy, savory spiciness coat the palate, and lead to a long, elegant finish and can be purchased at Publix for under $10. So next time you fire up the grill, grab a few thick cuts of filet, salt and pepper with a splash of worstershire sauce ONLY, and a bottle of this wine. Skip the Bud Light and try something new.


Dear advice man,

I know you live in a different area code but I just read in the Free times that Pub on Frink is coming back. They are requesting you to come down to cut the ribbon, drink the first beer, take the first shot, and flirt with the first male bartender at the new Pub on Frink. We at LOHD are aware of your current live in wife situation. That is why they have delayed the grand opening 2 weeks in order for you to get the proper approval needed for you to leave Charleston. Please advice man they are counting on you.

Poll questions

Well it is that time again, more poll questions! Since I don’t want to talk about the Clemson game from last night I figure this is one way to get past it. Feel free to answer.

1.) Favorite breakfast food
2.) Chips and Salsa or Potato chips and French onion dip
3.) Favorite thing to grill
4.) Favorite fast food restaurant. (any jack in the box fans)
5.) Midday snack- Fruit, junk food or something else

Is he that good?

Clemson junior forward James Mays declared for the NBA draft but will not hire an agent so he could come back. Testing the waters they say...

If he doesn't hire an agent, Mays, who averaged 12.2 points and 5.4 rebounds per game last season, will have until June 18 to decide whether to withdraw his name from the draft and stay at Clemson.

An honorable mention for the All-Atlantic Coast Conference, Mays set single-season records for assists (95) and steals (69) by a frontcourt player for the Tigers (25-11).

Mays is the third Tigers player to declare early for the NBA draft, with Sharone Wright leaving after his junior season in 1994 and Will Solomon passing up on his senior season in 2001.

Is he really that good?

I feel this is a bad move but heck it is clemson and this means they could lose some talent and suffer next year so okay.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Keep Swinging Smoak and big game looms...

Justin Smoak currently has a hitting streak of 23 games. Wow!

Smoak, who's raised his average from .295 to .337 in the streak that includes nine multi-hit games, is now two games shy of the school record set in 1976 by catcher Greg Keatley.

He leads USC in homers (14) and RBI (50). He also has 34 walks to 25 strikeouts with an on-base percentage of .451. Not too shabby...

We here at LOHD hopes he keeps hitting especially tonight...USC faces Clemson again.

USC is ranked No. 5 in the coaches' poll, No. 9 by Baseball America and No. 10 by Collegiate Baseball. USC (32-10) won the first game of this year's series, 12-0, March 3 at Clemson and both games in Columbia, 3-2 and 4-2. Tigers recently lost to Elon...yes I said they lost to Elon...13-12.

Last time USC swept the series - in 2000 the Gamecocks won both games in a weather-shortened series, but in 1985 Carolina won all six games.

Oh the Drive...

Last night, we attended our first Drive game of the season. The Greenville Drive are our Class A Minor Legaue team here in Greenville and are part of the Boston Red Sox organization. Currently they are in their second season and have a 9-10 record this season. Gabe Kapler is the Manager this year which is interesting since he was a former player and has no coaching experience....he played for the Red Sox and was part of their Championship team.

There wasn't much to cheer about for Greenville Drive fans last night, as the Drive fell 8-0 to the Asheville Tourists. Josh Papelbon pitched a scoreless ninth inning for the Drive, if that name sounds familiar it's because brother Jonathan is currently closing games for the Boston Red Sox. Josh Papelbon currently has 4 saves and a 2.89 ERA for the Drive.

What's most arresting about Josh is his sidearm delivery, in which the ball gets released from about an inch above the mound. "Submarine" pitchers like Papelbon have been around for years, the most famous being the late Dan Quisenberry of the Kansas City Royals.

news from outside of the football stadium

So there is a new bar opening behind Carolina Walk called the The Loose Caboose, it is suppose to open in late May or early June. They are going to have a front patio and back deck with plenty of HDTV's to watch the games on gameday as well as live music every saturday during the season. They are going to make a kiling.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Humane society is the devil

So the story goes like this, Bailey figured out how to get out of the fence yesterday. One of my neighbors said that Crazy Mary, mental patient that wonders the streets of rosewood had let bailey out of the fence. So any way somebody calls animal control to come pick bailey up because he is running the streets causing chaos. Which I find hard to believe since bailey pretty much sleeps 20 hours a day. So I go to the humane society, where they charged me 50 bucks to pick him up for some kind of boarding fee for 2 hours of being in a cage. Then they slap me with a 150 fine for letting my dog run free in the city limits. I asked them where they found him at, in my yard. The Columbia humane society is a piece of shit; I wouldn’t get a dog if you live in Richland County.

You have to have your dog registered with the city, which cost 10 bucks a year.
You have to have you dog tagged with microchip, which cost 20 bucks.
You have to have your dog neutered or spayed, if not fines of up to 250 dollars if caught by the humane society. (Unless you have a license to bread your dog)

I Plus the redneck women that work there were rude, fat and stupid. It took me almost an hour to pick up Bailey because they misplaced him in a one of the cages. I could hear him barking from a mile away.

Damn you Columbia humane society.

USC suffers a setback in the polls...

After losing two of three at Ole Miss this past weekend, the University of South Carolina fell from fourth to ninth in this week's Baseball America poll released Monday.

Vanderbilt (35-8) remains atop the poll, followed by a pair of Atlantic Coast Conference teams -- Florida State (37-6) and Virginia (34-9). Clemson University (26-13) is No. 19. Ole Miss (27-15) moved up one spot from 24th to 23rd.

USC (31-10) returns to action Tuesday, playing host to Davidson (17-24).

Monday, April 23, 2007

SOS is everywhere

As reported on the news, Kenny Chensey brought Steve up on stage to sing him Happy Birthday to him on Friday at the Colonial Center. After the song there was a mixture of yells and boo's. Spurrier grabs the microphone and says, "Clemson this is only the beginning."

You got to love Spurrier, and how in his short career at Carolina, he has grown to hate Clemson just like the rest of Gamecock nation.

You know there isn't a damn thing to do in your State

When you have over 92,000 at a spring game.

God lord Alabama

damn Nick Saten