Saturday, July 21, 2007

Fred in 08

Not Fred Thompson but Fred Bennett. According to a report in the Houston Chronicle, the Houston Texans have agreed to contract terms with former USC cornerback Fred Bennett.

I think Cocktail can agree that this was the one player we loved to hate over the years. I see him getting burned numerous times at DB with the Texans just like he did at USC.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Quote of the Day

Boo Weekley at Carnoustie sits at 2-under 140 and is four strokes behind Garcia. But the best part of his game is his attire and "down home" attitude that he brings to the course.

Wearing camouflage long johns under his golf attire, Weekley was asked about his impressions of the British Open growing up. "I don't watch golf," he replied. "If it ain't huntin' and fishin,' it don't interest me."

That is the best quote from a PGA Tour Professional I have every heard at a Major!

Look out Deion..

USC may be getting a two sport star soon. Cliff Matthews, who joined the football team earlier this summer, could play basketball at USC. He is 6 foot 5 and weighs in the 220+ range. Not saying he is the "hope in the middle" that Odom needs (and lacks) but heck give the guy a chance and let him beat and bang in the middle. This is great for Odom if Spurrier allows b/c Matthews is a great athlete and we need size.

Reported by Gamecockcentral - USC spokesperson Michelle Schmitt confirmed Matthews and Odom had talked twice already."(Odom) basically told him he was welcome to come out for the team, as long as he followed two steps," Schmitt said. "One, he had to have permission and the blessing of coach (Steve) Spurrier, and two, he had to have his grades in order." Matthews led Cheraw to the AA lower-state championship game this past season.

Also Aaron Ellis is gone, which I feel is not good but "it is what it is." He was 6'8 around 200lbs and had great potential. We could've used him but maybe he was the "diamond in the rough" that Odom is known to recruit (or try too) but ended up too rough around the edges.

Gamecocks representing...

The 2007 SEC Coaches Pre-Season All-SEC Football Team was released on Thursday.

Here are the Gamecocks who made the various teams:

Andy Boyd - Second-team tight end
Cory Boyd - Third-team running back
Jasper Brinkley - First-team linebacker
Casper Brinkley - Third-team defensive line
Ryan Succop - Second-team placekicker
Ryan Succop - Second-team punter

Great for our guys but feel some others should have been mentioned (i.e Mitchell, Norwood, etc) but they didn't ask me. My only thought on the above is how did Andy Boyd make the list? Maybe since he is the grandpa of the team and been at USC the longest then seniority wins here.
I just don't think he is the second best TE in the league...what do you think?

What do you think

Please finish each sentence.

Michael Vick will _________________ next season.

Michael Vick will _____________________ in jail.

Dog fighting is____________________________.

Peta will go crazy and __________________________.

Q. Richardson will _________________ this up coming season.

Eric Hyman is a _______________________.

Fantasy dog fighting league ruined by Vick

What am I going to do until football season now. I was in 2nd place in my Fantasy dog fighting league with only 2 weeks left until the playoffs started. I have been riding my beagle from hell, aka the Green Dragon. Granted I am in the SEFDFL but I was hoping one day to make it to the bigs the WWDF (World Wide Dog Fighting League). Damn you Mike Vick.

Bailey aka Green Dragon
Breed 99% beagle- 1% Killer

Record (7- 6 in the Hound league)

(3-0 in the small mixed breed league)

(0-2 in champion fights)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

USC #25 toughest place to play...

in a recent article that can be viewed here on Willy B was determined to be the 25th toughest place to play on the NCAA College Football 08 game. Clemson is 23rd and "the swamp" is #1. What do you think?

I actually think USC should be higher than Clemson not just because of my deep dislike of the tigers but b/c of it is truly a different stadium now that Spurrier is calling the shots. SC fans are truly in the game and we sell out every season. Clemson got front page news in Greenville due to selling 58k tickets which again for the fanbase that loves to talk sh*t and always bring up 1981 I really thought they could pack them in better. Sad. A ticket to a USC game is hard to come by and the price is going up and will go up again next year. Meanwhile at CU, they give tickets to high school students to help "pack them in" at games that may be viewed as less desirable by the IPTAY club.

When Clemson plays a lower tier team look in the upper deck it is empty but view a USC game against a lower tier team and the stadium is full (at least until 3rd quarter). I agree that UF is a tough place to play (thanks to Spurrier) but just don't see how CU is higher than USC.

What do you guys think -is the rating correct? Wait we are arguing over a video game...which brings to question - whose got it? any good?

Must haves this season...

Click on the two links below to check out some cool tailgating products....goes back to why didn't one of us think of this?
***Crack A Cap! -- A Hat to help open those hard to open bottles
***Reef Dram Sandals - -- Sandals with a canteen hidden inside!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

News of the day...

To get you thinking college football if you are not already here are some articles for you to read this week:

Gamecock 2007 Previews Preview of USC - HERE
--SMQ Preview - HERE

USC News

--A good article on the condo market near the stadium and it seems Dave Odom is a "flipper." -HERE
--Spurrier leaves Richardson punishment to USC policy / Other Rice out / Raysor Questionable - HERE
--Trustees approve Spurrier’s new deal - HERE
--Welcome Mr. Holmes to USC Basketball - HERE

Clemson News

--This season, Bowden hopes to ‘finish the job’ (I say his job is on the line if not) - HERE
--Clemson football sets record for season tickets sold. Clemson has sold nearly 58,000 season tickets for football, breaking the previous record set nearly 20 years ago, the school said Tuesday. Some 57,991 season tickets were sold, eclipsing the 1988 mark of 57,625 by more than 350. To me this is sad!!!


--A nice article from the past - HERE
--Anyone think this GUY will play this season at QB for S Carolina?

Gamecock quote of the Day

From a old salesman at work who was talking about the recent trouble of gamecock football players.

"A watched pot never boils."

We will miss #4 this year...

Sidney Rice will be missed...

Glory to Old Georgia

Meet Georgia Bulldog Defensive Lineman Tripp Taylor. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Tripp, a sophomore in college, likes to beat up high school kids (classy) and then take their clothes off (gay?) and then urinate on them (psycho?).

From the AJC:
"For almost two long months, Charles Rogers says he's had to grit his teeth and wait for authorities to file charges against a University of Georgia football player who, along with several other college kids, allegedly stripped him of his clothes, beat him and then urinated on him during a Memorial Day weekend attack at Lake Allatoona."

Continue Reading: Bulldog Summer Hijinks

Everyone needs a little "TLC"

This blog has mentioned this before about the bar coming near the stadium and here is some more info courtsey of

Amy Rushing and Kelly Whitlock, owners of Kelly’s Deli & Pub in the Vista, are opening a new bar on South Stadium geared to Gamecock fans and new area residents.

The Loose Cockaboose (or TLC for short) will have indoor and outdoor bars, an outdoor stage and beach volleyball.

This is a great idea and one that should have been done 20 years ago. Also a pretty cool name, what do you think?

SC Freshmen Class Update

Some of you may already know about this but the recent reports concerning the upcoming August Practice have stated that Three members of the Gamecocks’ 32-player recruiting class will not play for USC this season. Gamecocks coach Steve Spurrier said recently that running back Eric Baker and defensive back Antonio Allen failed to qualify and would attend prep school or junior college. Michael Bowman, a three-star receiver from Wadesboro, N.C., had been denied admission to USC.

Also USC recruit Melvin Ingram is one of several USC freshmen whose initial eligibility remains uncertain. The others in questions so far are defensive backs Akeem Auguste and Arkee Smith and receiver Joseph Hills. Anyone heard any other news?

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A day closer to the 07 Season...

Where in the world is Tre, you may say... is reporting that Former USC point guard Tre’ Kelley is working out in Columbia after failing to receive an invitation to play in either of the NBA-sponsored summer leagues. Kelley, a first-team All-SEC pick, went undrafted and has yet to latch on with a team but it is noted that he is also exploring options of playing in Europe.

He has gotten some looks from NBA teams but no bites yet. I feel his best bet is a year or two in the Euro leagues and then come back to play in the NBA.


Show HBC some money...

Yeap...that is the Old Ball Coach pointing to AD Eric Hyman saying "pay up - you owe me." Seems Coach Spurrier's new deal from December may be amended to start his $500,000 raise six months earlier than planned. You may remember Spurrier agreed to a $500,000 raise and a one-year contract extension late last year. Spurrier’s contract after the raise is worth a guaranteed $1.75 million annually and runs through the 2012 season. Spurrier, who is 15-10 at USC, last year became the first coach in school history to lead the Gamecocks to bowl games in each of his first two seasons.
Full Article - HERE.

I say he deserves it; what do you think?

Richardson suspended...

Richardson has been suspended from the Gamecocks. He was among the top recruits in South Carolina’s incoming class, which was ranked in the top 10 by many recruiting experts. Not sure how long but I think it is safe to assume he will not play this year...redshirt coming b/c we know our legal team will "smooth" things over.

Why do our players keep the lawyers busy in columbia. Thoughts?

Quintin Richardson, an offensive lineman, was arrested this past Friday when deputies responding to an apartment complex shooting found marijuana in his pocket, authorities said. It was the same apartment complex where the 6-foot-4, 276-pound incoming freshman was stabbed during a fight June 24. Ross Montgomery Grant, 19, has been charged in the stabbing but has said he acted in self defense.

Richardson, 18, said in a statement issued by his attorney, Neal Lourie, that he needs to turn his life around. Yeah...that would help.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Spurrier Site...

Thanks to one of our readers, here is the LINK to the 'new' Steve Spurrier Site. It has news, videos, bios, etc. Pretty cool site for our coach and allows you to propose questions. Only catch is if you want to be a member it is 99 bucks.
Are you willing to pay? Thoughts on site?

Site info -

Cheaters in College Football...

Ever wonder who the big "cheaters" are concerning college football? Here is a nice Monday afternoon read by Mike Freeman at CBS.