Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Steve Spurrier Jr vs Moe Brown?

Well, as if defeat in the bowl game is not enough it seems what the message boards have been saying is "sorta" true.  More action off the field of play than what USC gave on the field.

According to THE STATE Sports beat writer, Joe Person, Coach Spurrier Jr and USC WR Moe Brown had a "heated discussion."  Person writes -
"...no punches were thrown. The incident supposedly began when Spurrier Jr. approached Brown in the locker room to congratulate him on a good career. But Brown was having none of it, and started yelling at Spurrier Jr., upset that he was not featured more prominently.  Brown only had a couple of passes his thrown his way against UConn, one of which he dropped. He finished with one catch for 12 yards against the Huskies, and was USC’s second-leading receiver on the season behind freshman Alshon Jeffery."
Not good that a senior is doing this stuff in the locker room in front of others.  Everyone who bleeds garnet and black was upset with the outcome of the game but not the right way to handle yourself Mr. Brown.  I wish you the best in the future.  Anyone think Spurrier Jr would have won this fight?

Seems the whole team concept has not been bought into by the gamecock players yet which is also so so bad to think about after five years of Spurrier.  And to make matters worse, Mr. Person writes about the hours leading up to the game -
"...Spurrier said Garcia and other players hung out in the lobby of the team hotel taking pictures and signing autographs with fans a little longer than Spurrier would have liked."
I feel this is a tell-tell sign of the lack of leadership and USC not taking UConn serious. 
Now that Norwood is leaving who is going to step up to be the leader?  Coaches can only do so much and it seems the team is too worried about their own self-image to put 'team first.' 

I think Spurrier needs to knock some heads around and make these kids realize why they are at USC (student first of course (?)...then WIN some football games!).  We need to develop a "team first" attitude this off-season and stop this crap.  We need kids on this team that want to win football games at USC and we need these kids to become leaders not just on the football field but examples to the public.  So many look up to these knuckle-heads and for them to do stupid sh*t like this is grossly disappointing.

I still feel strongly the best is just around the corner for USC but we keep having dumb things like this spring up that is simply not good for the growth of the program.  Off-season job #2 after recruiting is to get the team thinking the right way and if it means some kids not being gamecocks then so be it.  Can not wait until Southern Miss as the gamecocks need something to cheer about....



Moose said...

A lack of leadership has been a problem for the gamecock program since Spurrier got here.

I felt Norwood and Mo Brown were excellent examples of Senior leaders for most of the season. I kind of felt like with there help this season might be different. Well for the most part it was the same ole stuff that always happens, except we final beat a over hyped Clemson Team.

We better hope that things change soon or it might never turn around. I guess we can always hope for a successful baseball season, when does that start?????

Flounder said...

yeap baseball....Feb 16th is around the corner...