Friday, June 06, 2008

What has happened to the Youth of today?

Man I sound like an old man when I say that, but sometimes you have to draw the line. I would say the line was drawn when Stephens county high school pitcher Cody Martin deliberately toss a pitch at the umpire during the class AAA championship. Check out the store and let me know what you think? Was the punishment server enough, or should more be done. Matt Hill the catcher was asked by the college he was suppose to play for next year not to come, that he was no longer welcome to play.

USC - Joke of the Day

A farmer from South Carolina dies and, being a heathen, goes to Hell.

When he gets there its 95 F with 90% humidity, but Satan notices he's kicked back on the brimstone relaxing comfortably.

He asks, "Why aren't you miserable like everyone else here?" The farmer replies, "Oh, this is like a warm spring day in Columbia. I like it."

Angry, Satan turns up the thermostat until its 100 F and 95% humidity. Still, the farmer's happy..."This is like a good June day on the farm. Not bad at all."

Furious, Satan turns it up to 105 F and 99% humidity. Everyone is even more miserable, except the farmer from South Carolina still resting...."Hey, this is like a good August day on the farm bailing hay. Feels good the hotter the better."

In a total rage, Satan turns the thermostat down to minus 25 F. Within seconds, the air becomes chilly and frost appears, soon followed by solid ice everywhere.

Satan smirks, watching the farmer. The confused farmer looks down at the frozen ground for a moment, suddenly jumps up excitedly, looks around everywhere and begins to laugh, scream, and jump for joy.


More USC players drafted

Some more Gamecocks get the MLB nod:

University of South Carolina junior left-hander Will Atwood of Greenville was drafted Friday by the Washington Nationals and was the 361st player selected in the draft.

USC catcher and designated hitter Phil Disher was selected in the 15th round by the Houston Astros, the 452nd player drafted.

Former USC pitcher Nick Fuller, who was kicked off the team in March 2007 after being charged with grand larceny and burglary, was picked in the 25th round by the Atlanta Braves.

Then in the 26th round USC signee, Justin Dalles, was selected by the Toronto Blue Jays. Dalles is a catcher from St. Petersburg Junior College whom coach Ray Tanner feared would sign if he were picked in the top 10 you are telling me there is a chance?

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Gamecock Darnell Drafted

Gamecock James Darnell was selected # 69 by the SD Padres. He played 3b for the cocks and should do well in the majors. Darnell recorded 41 career homers in a three-year career with the Garnet & Black, tied for ninth on the USC Career List. Scouting Report...Good luck JD!

Top USC recruit drafted 38th overall

One of the University of South Carolina’s top recruits was selected in the supplemental section of the first round of today’s major league draft.

Hartsville High School right-hander Jordan Lyles was selected by the Houston Astros with the 38th pick....chances of him signing with Carolina is now pretty much zero.

Former Gamecock Chisenhall Drafted

Lonnie Chisenhall, you know the former Gamecock whose career ended abruptly after he was arrested on burglary and grand larceny charges, was drafted today in the 1st round by the Cleveland Indians as pick #29....scouting report. He played for Pitt Community College after this.

I must say that the USC baseball team missed him this year...could you imagine the difference if we had him in 08? geez...

Havens drafted by Mets

Another Gamecock drafted in the first round....USC SS Reese Havens goes #22 today to the NY Mets in the MLB draft...scouting report.

First time 2 USC stars drafted in 1st round since 04 when Landon Powell was drafted at No. 24 to Oakland and Matt Campbell #29 to KC Royals.

Smoak Goes # 11 in Draft

USC 1b Justin Smoak goes # 11 in today's draft to the Texas Rangers - scouting report.

Highest gamecock drafted since....well the guy he is set to join up with in the Rangers organization, former gamecock Drew Meyer....Never would have guessed he would go outside the Top 10....thoughts?

USC Baseball Team Members set to be drafted

Three South Carolina juniors expect to be high picks in the Major League Baseball draft. Several experts have first baseman Justin Smoak going in the first ten picks of Thursday's draft. He led the Gamecocks with a .383 average this season and 23 home runs. He is South Carolina's all-time leader with 62 homers.

I agree with the experts and predict he goes to San Fran at number 5....they need some power....but if not he will fall to #9 and go to the Nationals but will not fall out of the top 10 b/c the Astros at #10 would select him if he is still on the board.

Infielders Reese Havens and James Darnell also expect to go in the first few rounds. Havens had a .359 batting average this season and hit 18 home runs, while Darnell hit .306 and had 19 homers. Havens could go in the 1st round but only if NY Mets get him other than that chance not much hope to land in the 1st round. Darnell should go in round 3.

The State has a article HERE about the upcoming draft.

LOHD will keep you posted on where all area SC base-ballers end up....developing....

UPDATE - NO USC players selected in Top 10

USC and Downey are Free

What began six years ago as a tempest of allegations of extra benefits and academic malfeasance will conclude quietly Friday when the NCAA probation period ends for South Carolina's football more HERE per The State.

And on top of that Devon Downey is 100% free (for now) for what really boiled down to being nothing more than a bitch slap and not anything really major....full article HERE or HERE

Something fishy in Klempson

I read this article today per The State and must think to myself that something is awfully strange in Klempson. Number one we know everything is strange when talking about clemson...i mean think about the orange overalls..... but that is not the point today.

To have 3 baseball players leave and as of 10am not a peep in the Greenville News....hmmm. We all know how the greenville news has a love-fest for Clemson and CU can do no wrong and 'goodness no' to reporting anything bad about clemson. Anyway....

Seems Jackie Leggett has some issues besides his team sucked in 2008...seems now 3 players are leaving and you could say 'big deal' but for a team to suck then lose 3 palyers......hmmm...

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Attention now on CFB...

Time to focus on college football now since our baseball team cold not get it together. No one really cares about the NBA .....I hope the Celtics win....and the MLB is way too long of a now we will look to football since August will be here before we know it. Less than 3 months to kick-off....I mentioned before in this post a couple of days ago the crew at LOHD will try to post some rambles on the world of college football especially THE University of South Carolina in the weeks leading up to fall practice.
So here goes some links for your reading pleasure --
-Toughest Schedules in 08 - looky who is #26
-Phil's Top 25 -- looky who is #18
-Look at returning starters in 08 --- USC up there with 18
-Phil Steele's 08 All SEC --- I see some SC names
-Garnet and Black Attack had a good find with this --- Bart Wright sees a lot riding on the Clemson-Alabama tilt in Atlanta.

LOHD in the coming days will be posting its' Preseason Top 25 so make sure to check back very soon!

Be the Face of USC

The University of South Carolina is launching a new campaign looking for for young alumni to be the face of Carolina for one year....more HERE....and make sure to watch the video as the football team could learn a thing or two from that Sorensen tackle.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Gotta View This

USC baseball fell well short in 08

"Tanner admitted that his players could not close their ears to the cries of USC fans who believed this club should have been every bit as strong as the 2002, 2003 and 2004 teams that played in Omaha"....gotta agree that this team should have done more than 2 losses to NC more of this article from Mr. Morris - here.

Any early predicitions for next year's team? I just hope we don't suffer like Klempson did and lose so many players that we basically suck in 2009. The State has a good view of the 09 team HERE

PROJECTED 2009 LINEUP per The State

CF: Whit Merrifield, sophmore
SS: Bobby Haney, junior
C: Justin Dalles, junior
LF: DeAngleo Mack, reshirt junior
3B: Nick Ebert, junior
1B: Jeff Jones, junior
DH: Jesse Barbaro, reshirt junior
RF: Adam Matthews, freshman
2B: Scott Wingo, sophomore
P: Sam Dyson, redshirt sophomore
P: Blake Cooper, junior
P: Mike Cisco: senior

Monday, June 02, 2008

Raleigh Re-Cap

Mr. Morris writes HERE and then here is a article from The State, which is more true b/c that has been the Achilles heal of the team.....if they can not smash the ball with power then it has been hard for USC to play "small ball" in the 08 campaign. HERE are some thoughts from the Greenville News.
Thoughts -- Why do you think the gamecocks fell short this year?

Meanwhile, if you get really bored at work today you can watch construction of South Carolina's new baseball stadium live via a webcam - here

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Need 3

After a hurtful lose to NC State yesterday, the gamecocks now are faced with the need to win 3 straight....can it be done....I say yes!

Update - Havens is the man with the walk off HR to aid the gamecocks to a win over JMU. After James Madison tied it in the top of the ninth inning, shortstop Reese Havens’ cranked a two-run home run over the fence for a 7-5 victory for USC.....more here.

Next up round 2 with the Pack - USC leads 1-0 after another HR from Reese in the Botm of the 1st. Havens is 4-for-11 in the regional with 2 HR and 4 of 5th and NC State just hit a solo HR to make it 1-1. Well the gamecocks are tied 1-1 in the bottom of the 5th. There is a weather delay right now after some lightening....after a single with bases loaded in the top of the 7th off USC P Bangs this puts NC State up 2-1....well that is all she wrote as the gamecocks could not battle back after a few over / season over --- 2-1 victory for NC state....USC finishes 40-23. Not how they wanted it to end.