Friday, October 27, 2006

It's a Garnet Day....

So it has been urged to wear the color Garnet to the SC vs. Tenn game....hopefully we can have more success this time than our last coordinated color wearing day.

So everyone wear your Garnet with pride for the game!

Amber Alert

A message from State of SC, an Amber Alert was released at 11:23 on October 26, 2006 for a 2006 Clemson ACC title, last seen in a Burgundy and Orange steamroller with a license plate ORE 203. Was born in the spring as ACC champs but was lost on October 26, 2006 in Blacksburg, Virginia. If you have seen this championship please call your local police station because it was stolen from Clemson.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Letter from WSU and how clemson sucks

Hello Gamecock fans,

Congratulations on your season so far and on getting ESPN GameDay to come to Columbia once again. I was there when they came for the UGA game two years ago and it was a great atmosphere. I will be there again on Saturday, and I'm hoping for a repeat of that atmosphere.The reason I'm here is that I -and a couple of my fellow Cougs- will be waving the Washington State flag Saturday morning, as we do at every GameDay location since 2003. (42 straight and counting.) After some of the experiences I've had, I thought I'd try a sort of pre-emptive explanation kind of thing. Let me preface this by saying South Carolina has had, bar none, the most hospitable, congenial, and downright friendly GameDay crowd that I've experienced.Like I said, for 42 straight GameDays, the Washington State flag has made it to GameDay. The flag "kit" is FedEx-ed around the country to various Cougs who live near the GD site for that weekend. The tradition started very much by accident. An alum happened to have a flag in Texas while GameDay was in Austin, and another alum in the midwest contacted him a couple weeks later to get the flag on another GameDay. And voila, a tradition was born.The stated goal of the Ol' Crimson Booster Club is: "If GameDay won't come to Pullman, we'll bring Pullman to GameDay." GameDay has made a grand total of 6 trips west of the Rockies. One to Salt Lake City, one to Tempe, AZ, and four to LA. Five of the six games involved the other USC. We're trying to get some exposure for not only Washington State, but the rest of the Pac-10 as well.That being said, we're not here to rain on your GameDay parade. We respect the fact that it is "your GameDay" and we respect the fact that we are guests on your campus. We're here, just like all the other fans, to celebrate the spectacle that is college football, and the brilliance that is College GameDay. We know we're "not in Pullman." We know Washington State isn't "playing here today." We know that nobody east of the Mississippi "cares about Washington State." But GameDay previews all the games that day, not just the one on location. And we care about Washington State enough to fly a little flag on national TV every Saturday in the fall, in the hopes of getting some notice for our football team. Quite coincidentally, we've won some admirers and fans along the way. Anything we can do for Wazzu is a bonus. Surely you won't notice one WSU flag in the midst of 500 USC flags/signs?Honestly, I expect no problems on Saturday. When I was in Columbia last time, the crowd was the best I've ever had for a GameDay. You USC fans might like this: I was in Clemson last week, and it was the most hostile crowd I've ever faced. Possibly the worst crowd any Coug has faced in the past 3 years. We had beer cans thrown at us. We had Clemson fans threatening physical violence, questioning our sexual orientation, trying to hit flag out of my hands with a pole, chanting "BURN THE FLAG! BURN THE FLAG!" Just all-around jerks about it, with a few notbale exceptions. But a couple of USC fans had braved the Clemson mob and embedded themselves next to us as a sort of show of solidarity. Very cool of them to throw themselves into the fire like that. Further cemented y'all's place in my mind as the #1 group of GameDay fans.So by all means, come up to us and say hi, ask questions, take pictures with the flag, invite us to your tailgate (lol), etc. We love to talk football and we're more than willing to take a few minutes and shoot the breeze. If you've taken the time to read this, thanks. See you on Saturday and good luck against the Vols.
GameDay sites + Ol' Crimson + Me:
Columbia, SC 9/11/2004
Raleigh, NC 10/23/2004
Hotlanta 12/4/2004
Blacksburg, VA 11/4/2005
Clemson, SC 10/21/2006
Columbia, SC 10/28/2006

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

NC State Finally wins

NC state won the Smash mouth Bass finishing National Championship today, this is a real college sport. Check it out. If I had only know that I could have gone to school on a scholarship for fishing.

Gameday Signs

With ESPN Gameday coming on Saturday, we will need some "Corso Sucks signs" since he will not pick Carolina to win a game this season, he even picked Vandy last week when they were in Clemson.

Here are a couple signs that I saw on gameday a couple weeks ago...

Monday, October 23, 2006

What is that smell

Well fall is in the air with Gameday coming to Columbia on Saturday for a great match up with the University Tennessee rolling in here. The big question is can Fat Phil get the goat off his back? Keeping in tradition of Spurrier kicking Tennessee ass at Florida and then again last year pulling it out with a field goal in Knoxville.

This week at tailgating will be our first annual Tailgating Chili Cook-off, so dust off your chili recipes and get ready to tailgate. The early spread has Dev’s “its never to spicy” chili as the favorite to win the cook-off. So if you think you can stack up again the big boys, bring your chili on down.

See you all on Saturday….

Rumor Mill: Gameday to Carolina?

Rumor goes like this----That ESPN Gameday and its' crew are coming down for the UT vs. USC game this weekend.

Is Gameday coming to Carolina for the UT game?? The news has been flowing from many "sources" but no official word yet.....anyone out there know different or is it true?