Friday, December 28, 2007

A new day is ahead for Carolina - Mr. Philpot

Wait until next year right? As most Gamecock fans are growing accustomed to saying. But just maybe we mean it this time...

This week there was a article on Clemson's site that pissed not only our friend 'JR' off but many from the gamecock nation. You can read it HERE. Seems Mr. Philpot has been "drinking the kool-aid" from Clemson.

I will be the first to say "hats off" for the 1981 national championship even if it is a wee bit tainted (I will get to that towards the end of this). Danny did well at Clemson no doubt about it but by him doing good he was asked to leave or Clemson was going to be hit hard with NCAA sanctions for "him doing good." But that is not the point here - the issue is Mr. Philpot does not think USC will ever be a consistent winner which I, along with the USC rebuttal, disagree. Read the rebuttal HERE.

So what is in store for USC in 2008 and can Spurrier & Co. turn it around - I say yes. This blog has gone on the record that by 2010 USC will be playing for the SEC title. Spurrier has been at SC for 3 yrs. Give the poor man time! It is not like he inherited a great program from Holtz like Les Miles did from Saban. Spurrier is not a miracle worker despite some Carolina fans thinking he is. It takes time to build a program. That is what Spurrier is doing....building a program at USC that has consistent winning seasons and tradition NOT a winning season here and there. Don't you get it --- he is laying the foundation that will lead to great things.

Coach Steve Spurrier believes the Gamecocks could be a stronger team in 2008 – and he has plenty of evidence to back up his belief. As he’s said on more than one occasion, last year was the program’s best recruiting class in his three years (also it looks like the next class could be a good one) combine that with the fact that USC also will return two key defenders who were hurt, middle linebacker Jasper Brinkley (provided he doesn’t change his mind and opt to turn pro) and defensive tackle Nathan Pepper along with the Lindsey brothers (Dustin and Jordin) and Captain, who was hurt down the stretch.

The Gamecocks also return the majority of their players. as this blog as stated many times but it is not a excuse...that the 2007 squad was young. On offense USC loses five seniors (all starters) among its top 24 – QB Blake Mitchell, TB Cory Boyd, C Web Brown, TE Andy Boyd and FB Lanard Stafford. Losing the heart of the team in Corey Boyd, he will be missed, but I am sure someone will step up and I think that will be Jasper. Speaking of defense, USC loses six seniors, although only one was a full-time starter, DE Casper Brinkley. Also gone will be DE Ryan Brown, DT Joel Reaves, OLB Cody Wells, DB Brandon Isaac and SS Chris Hampton. There are any number of question marks, however, starting at quarterback, where red shirt Stephen Garcia will get his shot to replace Mitchell and beat out Chris Smelley and Tommy Beecher for the job. But the biggest question is up front on both sides of the ball, which was a problem all year and the main reason USC could not run the ball on offense and couldn’t stop the run on defense.

Keep in mind that every year USC plays a top ten schedule and ends up with an average record and maybe a top 25 ranking. But Clemson on the other hand plays a laughable schedule and ends up a top 20 team with a respectable record. I truly think that the next two years will be some of the best ever for USC. Maybe a SEC championship will finally come to Columbia. But with the rest of the SEC east getting better with us it will be a challenge. I predict that Steve Spurrier will win a SEC championship at South Carolina before Tommy Bowden will win a ACC championship at Clemson.

So what will happen in the SEC in 2008.....after a one-year hiatus, Florida should be back in the national title mix as Tebow, Harvin and the entire defense return. I think in the SEC East there are 3 teams in the mix in 08 - UGA, UF and USC. In the West, LSU could be better offensively with quarterback Ryan Perrilloux stepping in for Matt Flynn, although the Tigers’ defense has holes to fill. Alabama will have a senior quarterback in John Parker Wilson. And it will be interesting to see what Nutt does with the mess he inherited from Ed Orgeron in Oxford. But the SEC West is LSU's to lose and the sleeper is Auburn.

The USC schedule next season closes with a five-game stretch against LSU, Tennessee, Arkansas, Florida and Clemson. Every game will be difficult, as it should be. There are no off weeks when you’re competing in the SEC or against your arch-rival. What should USC do? Step up to the challenge. Make plays. Play with effort. Play smart. Go for the kill when it has the chance.

Oh --- back to Mr. Philpot and his article. He failed to mention some things that Marc Hudgens on August 6, 2007 wrote so let me post them here.

"The year after the National title, the NCAA investigated Clemson for recruiting violations committed by Ford and ex-coach Pell and subsequently hit the football program with two years probation including no bowl appearances during '82-83. Because Pell was already underway in rebuilding Florida at the time (and committing more infractions there as well), Ford was the lone responsible party to take the fall.

Once that wind blew over, another came along. In early 1985, South Carolina investigators determined that three coaches were dispensing prescription drugs to athletes. Then, in 1989, the NCAA began formal investigations into the program to see if major rules violations were committed. If found, the Clemson football program would be hit with the 'death penalty', which basically means a total suspension of football for two years. This by far was the most serious time for Clemson, and Ford was under tremendous pressure.

Ford also had other problems in addition to NCAA violations. In 1985, former Ohio State administrator Max Lennon was named Clemson's president. Upon his arrival, Lennon declared that athletics would be subordinate to academics. Given the football program's immense success, Lennon's hiring spelled doom; it led many to believe that not even the school's president was willing to defend the program.

Between Lennon and the looming death penalty, Ford and Clemson football as a whole were in major trouble. In 1989, rumors swirled that Ford was going to be fired, and they proved to be true. On Jan. 18, 1990, under three weeks after a solid 27-7 Gator Bowl win over the West Virginia Mountaineers, Ford was forced out and, quite possibly, the death penalty may have been averted as a result.

Clemson made quick work on Ford's replacement. On Jan. 22, only four days after Ford's firing, the Tigers named Arkansas' Ken Hatfield as their new head coach. Enraged fans erupted and students marched on the president's home to protest the firing of Ford and hiring of Hatfield. A player boycott was also threatened. However, their outcries fell on deaf ears -- an era was over and a new one was beginning."

Since the end of the season in 1991---Clemson has a 56% winning percentage since 1991. Clemson won 0 conference championships. Clemson has finished 2nd in the conference 0 times, unless you count within the little Atlantic division. Clemson has a powerful 9-45 record against ranked teams since 1992. Clemson has an average conference finish of 5th. Clemson has a bowl record of 4-6, which includes 1-3 against the SEC. Oh, but Clemson won a national championship, and we beat their rival (USC). Well congratulations Clemson,here is a toast to your great football program for being average....please quit thinking that you are so storied as a football program...please.

Let's do something....let's look at Spurrier in his 9th season and compare records with Bowden. Heck let's look back after 10 years from today and compare records, etc.....I have a pretty good feeling that the canary will be singing a 'different tune'. I know you will be quick to point out history and the overall record but history is learned from and Spurrier is about to re-write the future of USC. As my father would say - "all in due time."

Enough said or am I missing something?

Vacation is over, time to get back to work

Well it is good to be back in South Carolina, hope everybody had a wonderful Christmas and is now ready for some bowl games and college basketball. What happened to Football on Christmas, I had to watch the NBA for the first time in a couple years on the big day.

Did anybody see the article in The State today about USC reporting 10 violations to the NCAA. My favorite violation was “men’s basketball players received “an impermissible snack” before practice”. What kind of snack was it, yogurt, animal crackers, big mac? If anybody knows please give me a heads up.

Last night before the Holiday bowl, I watched the 1st half of the UNC game against Nevada, Tyler Hansbrough is my vote for Douche bag of the year. If the ACC officials would call a foul on this guy, he wouldn’t be that good. Last night in the first half alone he should have had 4 fouls that were never called. I hate when basketball officials give the good teams all the calls, if it had been Dominique Archie flopping around trying to take those charges, he would have fouled out in the first half.

Finally the Leftover Hot Dog Gamecock basketball spot light of the week

This week it is Mitchell Carter

Check out these career stats as a gamecock

Rebounds: 3 vs. UNCA (12/28/06)
Blocks: 1 vs. Georgia (2/10/07)
Steals: 1 at Georgia (1/10/07), Kentucky (1/16/07)
FG Attempts: 1 vs. UNCA (12/28/06), vs. Kentucky (1/16/07)
Minutes Played: 9 at Georgia (1/10/07)

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Some reading for the "back to work" blues

This article pisses us off here at the LOHD. I know it was written the day before Christmas but we are just now getting around to reading it. Some may say that the "truth" hurts but I truly feel that Spurrier has something good brewing in Columbia. He is in it for the long haul and will complete what he set out for - a SEC title. It may not be in 08 but I think by 2010 USC will be playing for the title....what do you think of the ESPN article?

Here is a sample of what it says:

"With Spurrier set to turn 63 (albeit a young 63) next spring, you can't help but wonder how much longer he will hang around if he sees that winning a championship at South Carolina just isn't going to happen. The Gamecocks will be better next season, but so will Florida, Georgia and Tennessee. Here's something else to consider: The five-game stretch that led to South Carolina's undoing this season is the same next season … with one notable exception."

Oh, and This article is interesting as it highlights what each player gets for being part of a team that goes to a bowl game.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Monday, December 24, 2007

LOHD Christmas List

'Tis the season and for the most part we here at the LOHD have all of our shopping done but we do have a few things left on our list that we hope Santa can bring us in 2008.
Here are 10 things still on our list that we are wishing for in 2008:

1. A 8+ win season for the USC Football team and trip to a new's year day bowl.
2. A trip to the NCAA tourney for the USC Men's basketball team.
3. The USC Baseball Team goes to Omaha in 08.
4. USC beats clemson in football, basketball and baseball in 2008.
5. Van Groder and the USC defense is ranked in the top 10 for total defense in 2008; also Ray Rychleski and the USC Special Teams does not allow a blocked punt ever again against clemson or any other team for that matter.
6. Penny gets EMT of the Year and never gets pee-d on again.
7. "Where's Waldo" books are scrapped for "Where's Rishi" books.
8. JR completes a sentence without using a curse word.
9. USC does away with the "Mic Man" thing for good.
10. Dev's "bowtie" chili gets picked up by Campbell's soup for a new product.

What else should be on the list? Feel free to add............

Sunday, December 23, 2007

USC Basketball gets a much needed win

Fredrick hit five 3s in the final eight minutes, and Devan Downey hit the game-winning shot with two seconds remaining to lift USC to an 85-82 victory against College of Charleston.

It didn’t erase the sting of the loss to Baylor, but it helps. Three days after losing a game it had led by 20 in the first half, South Carolina (6-5) rallied from a 15-point, second-half deficit.

Let's hope this trend of winning even if it is the "come from behind and win by a few points" type continues...

I feel this current team has the talent to compete...But Odom has to run set plays besides isolation plays for the defenses will stop it. So the team has to step the little things like hitting free throws and rebounding to go along with those plays.

I do agree with Moose that this is the make or break season for Odom. If he does not take the team either deep in the SEC Tourney or to the NCAA tourney then it is time for Hyman to have a sit down discussion with Odom to let him know that he is fired. Odom has had enough time to develop the "program" and with that we have 2 NIT titles to show for it. Great we are the 66th best team in the country for 2 years straight. We can do better and let's hope the win over C of C is a start.

I know the season is young and as the SC state motto says - Dum Spiro Spero, meaning "While I Breath I Hope."

Gamecocks beat Klempson

South Carolina beats rival Clemson for the third consecutive season on Saturday, 64-43, at Littlejohn Coliseum.

SO WHAT if it was women's basketball...we beat clemson dang it!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Baseball already

First Baseball poll is out

Collegiate Baseball Newspaper's NCAA Div. I Pre-Season Poll Rank School ('07 Record) Points

1. Arizona (42-17) 496
2. South Carolina (46-20) 493
3. Arizona St. (49-15) 491
4. Mississippi (40-25) 487
5. North Carolina (57-16) 486
6. Rice (56-14) 483
7. San Diego (43-18) 481
8. Texas (46-17) 478
9. Wichita St. (53-22) 476
10. Michigan (42-19) 473
11. Vanderbilt (54-13) 471
12. Florida St. (49-13) 468
13. Clemson (41-23) 466
14. Miami, Fla. (37-24) 464
15. Missouri (42-18) 461
16. Cal. St. Fullerton (38-25) 459
17. Long Beach St. (39-20) 455
18. UCLA (33-28) 452
19. Oregon St. (49-18) 451
20. Kentucky (34-19-1) 447

day 2 of operation Fire Uncle Dave

Dave think about the children, that love Gamecock Basketball, there little hearts can’t take much more of this. If we lose to College of Charleston tomorrow, be thankful that the students are not in town, or there might be some rioting going on in the Vista Granted Uncle Dave you did win Back to back NIT championships which might be one of the hardest things to do. No worries Uncle Dave, you can still come to the games, hang out in five points, and walk around talking to your giant hands. We just need to win some basketball games, preferable against some SEC teams so we have the chance to make the NCAA tournament

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Fire uncle Dave

I was a Dave Odom supporter for the past 2 years saying that once he got the 2 transfers in and Holmes and Muldrow in the line up that he would be able to win some big games. Well after watching the game last night, I am pretty much done with Dave Odom. Hyman go ahead and post a want ad at for a new basketball coach. I am sure you can get a deal if you hire a women’s basketball coach at the same time. With a 20 point lead in the first half, I was feeling pretty good about our team after the exam break. I am now thinking we could be the worst team in the SEC again this year, even with Kentucky sucking it up. Ole Billy Gillespie is already on the hot seat after the first 10 games, word on the street is, he will be gone after the season. Any team that has a big man, and large guards will beat Carolina this year. Downey, Fredrick’s and Brandis are all midgets compared to the guards in the SEC.
JR any word on a new Basketball coach? How about Tony Bennett from WSU, he could be a good fit.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

VanGorder Named Defensive Coordinator

Yeap we were late to post the "breaking news" due to us here at the LOHD do have jobs, contrary to popular belief, but thanks to the commenter on this blog that forced us to post and to quit being productive employees so we can get USC news to the masses ASAP. Anyway, according to Defensive Coordinator hunt for USC is over.

Brian VanGorder has accepted the same position with South Carolina.

A press conference is scheduled for this afternoon at 4 p.m.

VanGorder, 48, was the Falcons' linebackers coach this year under Bobby Petrino, who bolted last week for Arkansas. It will be the fifth coaching stop in as many years for VanGorder. VanGorder has more than 25 years of coaching experience. During his stint in Athens, Georgia posted a 42-10 record, won one SEC championship, two SEC East Division titles, three consecutive bowl games and posted three consecutive top-10 finishes. The Bulldogs ranked among the nation's top defenses every year under VanGorder. During his final season at Georgia in 2004, VanGorder's defense finished in the top 10 in scoring defense.

This is a great move for Spurrier and USC! What do you guys think?

Oh and we were right - Fred Chatham got the "pink slip" today.

Where is Mr. Johnson today...

That is Ellis Johnson that we are talking about not Magic Johnson who has been with Hilary in Iowa doing some campaigning. The rumor is that Ellis is coming to Carolina to coach...right?.... but it now seems that he may be playing hard to get.

Today..... he is interviewing for the Defensive Coordinator job at Georgia Tech today, this according to a article in the AJC -- here.

So is he pulling a Tommy Bowden and playing teams against each other to get a good contract or is he just a 'hot commodity'?

Light it up Powell

That is what "Dunkie" the Dakota Wizards mascot on the left yells.

The mascot and the fans love them some Carlos Powell. He has been showing them why he was the 2nd overall pick in the D league draft about two months ago and he has not let the team exec's down since then....look at his stats through 9 games:

2007-08 D-League Statistics

22.4 - PPG
5.4 - RPG
4.0 - APG

Soon, I think Mr. Powell will be "called up" to the big boy league to join the likes of Balkman because the other two alum got cut.

Carolina Alums get cut...

According to the NBA Transaction wire both ex-Carolina 'ballers' Brandon Wallace and Tarence Kinsey were waived yesterday.

Guard Tarence Kinsey, a 6-6, 189-pound guard, was averaging 3.6 points and 1.1 rebounds in 8.7 minutes in 11 appearances this season. An undrafted free agent out of South Carolina, he averaged 7.7 points and 2.0 rebounds in his rookie season with the Grizzlies in 2006-07. Kinsey came on strong late in the season when he was named the NBA’s Western Conference Rookie of the Month after averaging 18.8 points, 5.0 rebounds, 3.0 assists and 2.63 steals last April.

Wallace signed as an undrafted free agent on July 10, 2007. The 6'9" forward out of the University of South Carolina did not appear in any regular season games for the Celtics. He averaged 1.2 points in 4.7 minutes per game during the preseason and was assigned to the Utah Flash of the NBA Development League on November 13, 2007. He averaged 12.5 points and 9.2 rebounds in six games for the Flash.

We here at LOHD hope Kinsey and Wallace get picked up real soon by somebody other than a european league!

FSU is going down the drain

With news of this ESPN Report yesterday and this on Rivals...maybe FSU fans should re-think their love for Bobby because he is losing control of the program.

It is being reported that "as many as 20 Florida State football players will be suspended from playing against Kentucky in the Dec. 31 Gaylord Hotels Music City Bowl, as well as the first three games of the 2008 season, for their roles in an alleged cheating scandal involving an Internet-based course." Somebody gots some explaining to do....Jumbo may get his chance sooner than he thought b/c enough is enough with the CEO...I mean Head Coach Bowden.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Peach Bowl Game Plan getting fuzzy for CU

Upstate news outlets are finally getting around to reporting that things are not all "peachy" for Clemson as they prepare to take on Auburn in the "Tiger Bowl"...I mean the Peach Bowl. The State newspaper covered this earlier today - here - but it always takes the Greenville News a little later to catch a news story especially if it is bad news about Clemson.

Seems some of their players forgot why they are at Klempson or at least forget to do the second reason as the first is to play football, right? Chris Capote (OT), Nick Watkins (MLB), and Tramaine Billie (LB) are all three out due to being ruled academically ineligible to play. All three are fifth year seniors. All three are definitely out. Also, linebacker Courtney Vincent was pulled over for a DUI charge but is still practicing with the team and is still expected to play (Bowden has balls for that...maybe he knows something we don't?).

Oh and check out Mr. Billie's website - here.

Cheers to Corey Boyd

Throw your hands up......We here at LOHD salute you Mr. Corey Boyd. As he received a diploma during commencement exercises for December graduates at the Colonial Center. His degree is in hospitality management.
Thank your for your leadership and hardwork on the field and you will be missed!
Best of luck in the future and your next beer is on us or at least Moose.

Rumor has it

New Coach at USC

not the one we are all waiting to hear about - the next defensive coordinator - but a new 'Special teams coordinator' for the USC football program. Sounds interesting doesn't?

Today, it was announced that the University of South Carolina football program added Ray Rychleski to the coaching staff. Seems we stole him away from the University of Maryland and is a good hire.....Read more about it HERE.

So what will happen to Shane Beamer and Fred Chatham? They both shared the title of Co-Special Teams someone else about to get a "pink slip" or re-assigned?

Was the two block punts against Clemson the end of Beamer Ball at USC? There was a rumor out on the "Gamecockcentral" message board after Nix left that Fred Chatham was going to be next to leave.....does this mean that there is some truth in those message boards? Chatham may leave but I think Shane Beamer will stay but get a new set of tasks.....anyone got thoughts?

Disturbing at best

UConn-97 SoCar 39

Anybody want to talk women's basketball

Monday, December 17, 2007

Rumor: Johnson offered DC job at USC

South Carolina may have its next defensive coordinator.....Sources close to the Mississippi State program have told Gamecock Central that Bulldogs' defensive coordinator Ellis Johnson has been offered the job and that he will likely accept.

GamecockCentral is reporting that Johnson, a former head coach at The Citadel, was offered the job Sunday night in a phone call by Gamecock head coach Steve Spurrier. Conversations between the parties took place "throughout the weekend," the sources said. Mississippi State officials expect Johnson to accept the job, the sources said.Mississippi State made an effort Monday to retain Johnson, offering him a two-year contract. However, the financial terms will not approach what USC is willing to pay Johnson, sources said.

As the world turns on the next DC for USC...

Defensive Coordinator that is...for USC? I encourage you to visit The Garnet and Black Attack - HERE because he breaks down the contenders for the Def. Coordinator job, as Borat would say, "very nice."

However, it seems the Bud Foster (VT Def Coor) rumor had some truth to it because The State is reporting that "Foster told reporters in Virginia on Saturday that he turned down an offer to serve as Spurrier’s defensive coordinator — the second time in nine years he has done so."

Below is a recap of what the 'rumor mill' is producing as far as candidates for the USC Defensive Coordinator job:
  • Jon Hoke (Texans)
  • Charlie Strong (Florida)
  • Ed Oregron (unemployed)
  • Jon Tenuta (Georgia Tech)
  • Brian Van Gorder (Falcons)
  • Kevin Steele (Alabama)
  • John Chavis (Tennessee)
  • Reggie Herring (Ark)
  • Ellis Johnson (MSU def. coor)

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Ol' Bennett...

Where art thou Fred Bennett? LOHD had a love / hate relationship with Mr. Bennett. But we are glad to see that he is doing well in Houston and not playing crappy defense, which it seemed at times he did a lot of at USC.

Bennett has three interceptions in the last five games. As you know, Bennett is a rookie this season and has had a good campaign in 07. He took the starting cornerback job away from veteran DeMarcus Faggins and has been Houston's best defender in the secondary after Dunta Robinson (another ex-USC DB) was lost for the year. He has played in 9 games and recorded 41 tackles to go along with those 3 INTs.

We here at LOHD wish him continued success but boy do we miss yelling at him during games!!!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Dr. Sorensen leaving USC in 2008

It looks like Dr. Andrew Sorensen will be retiring in July 2008 from the University of South Carolina. He became president back in December 2002, and has had a good run. If you are were a student at USC, then you have come across Dr. Sorensen in the student section at a basketball or football game. I know I have spoke to him a couple times in a drunken stuper, granted I don't remember what all i said but I am sure it was worth his wild.

Boyd has chance to shine

Suck it up least you get another chance to play and represent the University of South Carolina in the post-season.

Tailback Cory Boyd was invited to play in the 83rd East-West Shrine game Jan. 19 in Houston, this is a good opportunity for him to showcase one last time to those NFL scouts.

He is deserving of the chance; Boyd led USC in rushing this season with 903 yards on 180 carries with nine touchdowns. He was second in receiving with 36 receptions for 405 yards with one touchdown.

Boyd is just the second player in school history to rush for more than 2,000 yards (2,267) and make more than 100 receptions (117). Brandon Bennett is the only other player to do that.
Also, Boyd is only the second player -- Stanley Pritchett is the other -- to top 1,000 yards in rushing and receiving in his career.

Good luck and make us proud!

USC baseball - Top 5 program in the Southeast

According to, North Carolina is the top program in the Southeast, followed by Miami and then the University of South Carolina, then Clemson University and in fifth position is Florida State.

I say that Tanner has done a wonderful job and I must agree with list above concerning top college baseball programs in the Southeast. UNC has been to the big dance a lot lately and Miami has a great track record. USC and Clemson are two of the best and I love when they go head to head. When Tanner (notice I said when and not if) wins the national championship, I see them moving up the list.

I think USC should give Ray Tanner a lifetime contract, like Duke did for Coach K, granted it is more "fluff" at the end of the day but I think he deserves it. If we ever lose him.....I don't want to even think about that....Hyman do your job and keep Tanner at USC.

Cook and others get awards from CFN

Saying his hits intimidated receivers, College Football News has named USC safety Emanuel Cook to its sophomore All-America first team. Cook led USC with 92 tackles this past season, including eight for 34 yards in losses. He also tied for team high with three interceptions and five pass breakups.

Also, CFN named tight end Weslye Saunders and defensive tackle Ladi Ajiboye as third-team freshman All-Americans.

Downey gets player of week nod

Little late on this but according to the SEC website, USC point guard Devan Downey was named the Southeastern Conference Player of the Week for the week of December 3-9.

Downey, a 5-9, 175-pounder from Chester, led the Gamecocks to a 68-67 vixtory against Providence in the Pizza Hut Big East/SEC Invitational, totaling 21 points with five steals and five assists in the victory. His fifth steal of the game led to a fastbreak layup for a 65-59 Carolina lead, ending a six-minute Gamecock scoring drought.

Downey ranks fifth in the SEC in scoring (18.4 ppg), is fourth in assists (4.8 apg) and second in steals (3.4 spg). The transfer from Cincinnati has scored in double figures in all nine games this season.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mitchell report

Well at 2 PM the Mitchell report will be release. Brian Roberts, former Gamecock will be on the list for taking a banned substance, as reported on ESPN earlier today.

In other baseball news Adam Everett signed with the Twins today after he became a free agent.
Minnesota seems to be the place for Gamecock players, since Brian Buscher could be the starting 3rd baseman next year for the twins.

Where are you at Ron Morris

A Clemson player gets a DUI, and you don't even hear about it. If it had been in Columbia, it would be on the ticker on ESPN five minutes after it happened. There would be 3 articles by Ron Morris about how Spurrier has lost control and Tommy Bowden is a saint. The Lindsay boys get attacked by angry Midlands Tech students and that is all we hear.

Damn the media.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Unsubstantiated Internet Rumors

Is this South Carolina's new defensive co-ordinator? Rumors overheard being discussed on 1400 The Team suggest that South Carolina may be in talks with Virginia Tech, DC Bud Foster about filling the job vacated by Tyrone Nix. Previous rumors had Foster as a candidate for the Arkansas job. Of course that article also said Bobby Petrino wasn't leaving Atlanta.

Loyal Reader "Anonymous" also pointed this rumor out in the comments to the previous post.

Delenda est Clemson

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

who will be the new Defensive Cord.

The word on the street is that Charlie Strong has contacted Spurrier about the position. Granted this is just a internet rumor but there is already a list out there.

Jon Hoke
John tenuta
Kevin Steele
ed orgeron

Would Gamecock fans take Charlie back? What if he comes in for one year and takes a head coaching job next year.

Nix to help Nutt at Ole Miss

It looks like Tyrone Nix's reign as sole defensive coordinator for the Gamecocks will last no more than two years. Media reports out of the Magnolia State on Tuesday morning have indicated that new Ole Miss head coach Houston Nutt has hired Nix as the new defensive coordinator for the Rebels.

So will Jasper leave now?

Who will Spurrier bring in?

Will this hurt recruiting?

Rumor - Nix to Ole Miss....

Several Media reports out of the Magnolia State on Tuesday morning have indicated that new Ole Miss head coach Houston Nutt has hired Nix as the new defensive coordinator for the Rebels......

Update --- New Mississippi coach Houston Nutt has called a press conference for 2:30 p.m. today to announce South Carolina's Tyrone Nix as the Rebels' defensive coordinator, according to multiple media outlets in Mississippi. This accoriding to The State at 12:27pm. Or HERE for Miss news.

funny stuff- Tebow

I saw this picture this morning on Gamecockcentral and had to post it.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Lindsey stabbed in 5 points...

According to The State, University of South Carolina defensive end Jordin Lindsey was hospitalized early Sunday morning, a day after the senior was stabbed in the neck with a broken beer bottle during a fight in Five Points.

Lindsey, a native of Mobile, Ala., was academically ineligible this season after his cumulative grade point average dipped below 2.0. The defensive MVP of last year's Liberty Bowl, the 6-foot-3, 254-pound Lindsey has one year of eligibility remaining.

Seems a night out went to far but the good news is he is okay.

Here is what the news media is reporting so far ---
"According to a Columbia police report, two men approached Lindsey around 4 a.m. Saturday in the 2000 block of Greene Street. During the ensuing altercation,
Lindsey was stabbed by one of the men, opening up a 4-inch gash on Lindsey's
neck.Gamecocks linebacker Dustin Lindsey drove his twin brother to the home of
USC quarterback Blake Mitchell and linebacker Cody Wells, where someone called 911.Jordin Lindsey was transported to Palmetto Health Richland and underwent surgery after losing a significant amount of blood. Columbia police are trying to identify the assailant and the other man."

UPDATE --- Clifton Epps, 18, a student at Midlands Tech, was charged with assault and battery with intent to kill after giving Columbia police a sworn statement detailing his role in the altercation that sent Lindsey to an area hospital with life-threatening injuries, according to the arrest warrant. More HERE.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Hoop it up

Well the Gamecocks tried to give the game away last night against Providence in Philly. Sheldon Brown was front row as Dave “big hands” Odom called a time out with 6.1 seconds left, giving the Friars a chance to draw up a play to try and win the game. In the end it all came down to a missed free throw by Weyinmi Efejuku. Mike Holmes looked pretty impressive, having a monster dunk that brought back memories of Ronaldo Balkman. I just don’t understand why we go away from what is working, in the first half Dave had the boys running a little high/low game, which was giving Zam and Brandis open looks from behind the arch. Then all the sudden we decided we need to swing the ball around outside for 20 seconds then try and drive to the basket. I hate to say this but the Friars should have won that game. Maybe they will get to work on there game while they are off for the next 2 weeks for exams.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

'Tis Bowl Season

Is having 32 bowl games best for college football?

I would say playoff system is best for the sport but no one listens to us b/c we are not advertisers / sponsors nor are we college presidents or league executives who see bowls as 'money trains'. I almost concur with the bowl selection groups that the USC Gamecocks did not deserve to go to a bowl at 6-6 with five straight losses to end the regular season. But did California, Oklahoma State, Colorado, Alabama, Maryland, Nevada or UCLA? They were 6-6 too!

Consider this year’s crop of 6-6 teams: Cal was 1-6 in its last seven games, and UCLA 1-4. Alabama, which beat out USC for the Independence Bowl, lost its last four games. And Colorado and Maryland were 2-4 down the stretch while Oklahoma State dropped three of its last four. Nevada was 1-2 in its last three games. The system not only allows 6-6 teams to go to bowls, it all but requires it given that there are 32 bowls that need to be fed from 119 Division I-A teams. In other words 53.8 percent of the nation’s I-A teams are headed to postseason play. I may be alone when I say that 32 bowls is way too many but I think having that many bowls is laughable. I am sure somehow we can come up with a better way....look at what the nation did on September 17, 1787. Now this is not a matter of grave importance like what surrounded a new Constitution but the point is that if we come together in a collective body we can logically solve problems that face us. Having 32 bowls is a problem in my view....I am we can solve it soon. Heck if Div I-AA (or whatever they call the league now) can do it - why not us?

But the media, sponsors / ad groups / league execs / college presidents love the bowls and the BCS and the fuss they create, right? Plus the bowls are good for media reports (i.e espn's 24 hour cycle) and water cooler talks so I guess nothing will change anytime soon until a big media storm or some big name teams get the shaft and the people revolt against the BCS system.

So the question is - Do you favor a bowl system or a playoff system?

Two Gamecocks make SEC all-freshman team

Two University of South Carolina defensive players made the All-Southeastern Conference freshman team announced Thursday.

Earning a spot on the team from USC were defensive tackle/end Ladi Ajiboye and linebacker Cliff Matthews. They were named to the 2007 SEC All-Freshman Team, as selected by the league's 12 coaches. Ajiboye and Matthews who were part of one of the nation’s top recruiting classes last year.

Ajiboye, a 6-1, 294-pound defensive tackle made 10 starts, most among the Gamecock freshmen. The Riverdale, Ga. native who attended Hargrave Military for one semester before enrolling at South Carolina in January of 2007, recorded 39 tackles, including 3.0 sacks. He registered a season-high six tackles, including 2.0 sacks in the win at North Carolina and was credited with five stops against both LSU and Arkansas.

Matthews, a 6-4, 234-pounder from Cheraw, S.C., logged 26 tackles including 2.0 tackles for loss while starting each of the final nine games at outside linebacker. He moved into the starting lineup at LSU despite playing with a broken bone in his hand. He had a season-high four tackles against South Carolina State and matched that total against North Carolina.

Auburn led all SEC teams with six players on the team while Arkansas and Florida had four.

Heisman goes to...

The Heisman finalists were announced today with Florida QB Tim Tebow, Arkansas RB Darren McFadden, Missouri QB Colt Brennan, and Hawaii QB Colt Brennan going to NYC.

So who do you pick to win??? Will history be made Saturday (ESPN, 8 ET) as we might have our first sophomore Heisman winner?

MSNBC breaks each candidate down below also you can read more on ESPN by clicking here.

1. Tim Tebow, Florida
2. Chase Daniel, Missouri
3. Darren McFadden, Arkansas
4. Colt Brennan, Hawaii

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

4 USC players make All-SEC team

University of South Carolina had four players named today to All-Southeastern Conference team as voted on by the league's coaches.
Three players earned first-team honors --- wide receiver Kenny McKinley, defensive end Eric
Norwood and cornerback Captain Munnerlyn.
A Second Team Selection honor was bestowed upon Safety Emanuel Cook.

Bowden to stay at Clemson

Show me the money!! Like everyone knew he wasn't going to leave just using the talks as leverage. The Clemson Board of Trustees were called into an emergency personnel meeting this morning to approve a new contract for Bowden and possible extensions for him and his assistants. Soon after Clemson Athletic Director Dr. Terry Don Phillips announced that Head Football Coach Tommy Bowden has agreed to a contract extension.

According to The News of Northwest Arkansas, Bowden's total package at Arkansas would have been about $2.5 million or so annually, including money that he could have used to pay off a $2.5 million buyout at Clemson...but Tommy said no. Bowden has informed Arkansas athletic director Jeff Long of his intention so no more speculation.

News Reports to view for more details:

The State
The Greenville News
Charleston Paper

time out time out

Well last year Joe Pa ran off the field due to the Hershey squirts, well this years bathroom sports story goes to this KSU player. The clock was running down and he had to go, so what did he do? Well read this story to find out.

Well we never really had the drinking mans masters, but somebody did rank the best cheap beers. I would have voted for PBR for best cheap bear and best malt liquor would have to be Mickey’s.

Bowden has been offered the Arkansas job

Seems Bowden will need another dose of BC headache powder but this time b/c of the decision he has to make not b/c of BC.

Both ESPN and the Northwest Arkansas Times reported Bowden is one of three candidates to have interviewed for the Ark job recently. The STATE paper has a article about it HERE that states that Clemson Coach Tommy Bowden must decide whether to remain at Clemson or take the vacant Arkansas job with offers for both are on the table. This article from the Hogs' page discusses what is going on yet keep in mind right now it is all depending on who you believe b/c Coach Bowden has been quoted as saying he'd stay as long as Clemson wants him.

I do not think he will leave Clemson after 9 seasons to take the job; what do you guys think?

This will up the price for CU to keep him and he will use it to pump up the players and the recuriting trail but he has all he needs at CU - strong fan base, great facilities, support from the administration, the great white hope in Willy Korn, etc. His only "knock" is that he does not have a championship but 08 could be the year.....oh the drama of college football.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Hawaii, number 1?

You decided to vote Hawaii #1? Congratulations you're an idiot.

Undefeated Hawaii, ranked 10th in both the AP and Coaches polls, received a vote for 1st place in both regular season ending polls. What are these two voters thinking? Surely no casual fan would argue that the Hawaii Warriors are the best college football team in the country, much less a 'qualified' voter. I mean, I can't believe that it is really possible. Can you imagine someone seriously contending that Hawaii could defeat any of LSU, Ohio State, Virginia Tech, Southern Cal, Georgia and Missouri? No? Well, 2 people did.

Not as good as Hawaii.

You probably won't find these two voters arguing for Hawaii's undoubted supremacy. Likely the voters feel that Hawaii 'deserves' to be ranked #1. Afterall they are undefeated. You know the kind of person who would make this argument. The feel good guy. You know the feel good guy. He loves Boise State, the Big East, sportsmanship and trying hard. He values what would make a nice story or make a little guy feel good. He hasn't participated in sports since being cut from the C team when he was in 9th grade. Now he argues ridiculous positions of debatable importance, screams his lungs out for the winners at the special olympics (and they're all winners), and votes in the Top 25 poll ... for Hawaii.

FGG, you do understand a ranking, right? Best at top, the next best and so on and so forth on down? No? You only care that a team is undefeated? You don't care that Hawaii's SOS is 118? Do you know who has a harder schedule than Hawaii? Do you? EVERYBODY, (except Memphis).

Everybody in D-1 played a harder schedule than Hawaii. But you don't care FGG; you're happy that a small team is undefeated. You know who else is undefeated? Grand Valley State and Mount Union, thats who. Where are they in your ranking?

Also undefeated

What? What's that? Going undefeated in I-AA or D-III is not the same as D-1? Well, going undefeated in the WAC isn't as good as 2 losses in the Pac-10 or SEC. Concede that Mount Union and Grand Valley State belong on your ballot or acknowledge you can't look at a record without considering the schedule.

If the General had any real power, you'd be voting in the women's basketball top 25 poll so you could vote for all your happy stories and give out sportsmanship awards. But since I don't I'll just have to wait for Georgia to prove that a 2 loss SEC team is superior to your number 1.

Edit: The offending Coaches poll voter is Hal Mumme, coach of New Mexico State. Here is the ballot matrix. Mumme also had Georgia ranked #9 in his poll. Given his ballot, look for Mumme to take Hawaii and the money line and retire a wealthy man. Anyone with more time can sort through the AP voters that release their ballots, here.

Songs to go along with the Gamecocks 2007 Football Season?

So what songs would you associate with the 2007 Gamecock Football season???

I would have to say that "Build Me Up" by The Foundations is a good one. They built up the anticipation and hopes of the Gamecock nation only to "let us down." Went from number 6 to losing 5 straight....still hurts.

Also a song that is fitting for USC during bowl season is "I will be home for Christmas." After finishing 6-6, which is bowl eligible, USC is left out of the mix due to 63 other teams finishing their seasons better thus leaving USC to be home during the holidays. Sorry team no nice bowl gift bags for ya...

So I ask you what other songs would you associate with the USC football season??? Post them in the comment section.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

No bowl for gamecocks...

Seems the team and fans will be sticking around this holiday season with no bowl plans. After a crazy weekend in college football it was announced today that the South Carolina team (6-6) will not be part of the postseason.

The Gamecocks were among 10 SEC clubs with at least six victories while the league had only eight bowl tie-ins. Spurrier said the Independence Bowl, the last to chose an SEC team, thought that Alabama (6-6) was closer to the site and would likely be a better draw. And the hope for the bowl in Ft. Worth didn't work out either.

It was the fifth time since 1989 that USC has been bowl eligible and didn’t go to a bowl. The last time was 2004, when the school decided not to go to a bowl after a brawl with Clemson University. It was also the first time since 1988 that a team coached by Spurrier was bowl eligible and didn’t go to bowl. That year, his second at Duke, the Blue Devils finished 7-3-1.

So do you think the 0-11 / 1-10 seasons were worse or does going 6-1 and No. 6 in the country to a 5 game skid hurt worse?

Thursday, November 29, 2007

A little salt for the wound

The above billboard is located on I-26 near Harbison, beside the Jamil Shrine Temple in Columbia and appeared this week after the loss to CU.
Gamecock fans what do you think of this????

Good news from the USC camp...

Three University of South Carolina players were named to the 2007 SEC All-Conference team as selected by, it was announced yesterday.
  • Captain Munnerlyn, earned a spot on the first-team defense, tied for the team lead with three interceptions while logging 47 tackles, including 40 solo stops, in 11 games.
  • Kenny McKinley, earned a spot on the second team, led the team with a school-record 77 receptions for a team-best 968 yards and team-leading nine touchdowns. He leads the SEC in receptions (77), receptions per game (6.42) and is second in receiving yards per game (80.7). He led the team in receptions in 10 of 12 games and in receiving yards in nine of 12 contests. He had four 100-yard receiving games, including a career-high 14-catch, 151-yard effort against Tennessee. He has caught a pass in 33 straight games.
  • Safety Emanuel Cook, also was a 2nd team choice, leads the Gamecocks with 92 tackles, including 77 solo stops. He ranks sixth in the SEC, averaging 8.4 tackles per game. He also is tied for the team lead with three interceptions.

The Sporting News also named Six University of South Carolina players to the 2007 SEC All-Freshman Team yesterday. All six Gamecocks are true freshmen and its' interesting to note that the Gamecocks were represented by more members on the 25-man squad than any other Southeastern Conference school.

(h/t: the cool chicken)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Football awards

Well now that the football season is pretty much over, unless Carolina lucks up and finds a crap bowl to go to. I will announce the tailgating and football awards for the 2007.

The first award goes to best gamecock haircut.......

Captain Munnerlyn

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Another "L" for USC

That was a devastating last-second 23-21 loss to Clemson and leaves Carolina's bowl hopes we deserve to go to a bowl?
Key to the Clemson win ----Well, the Tigers owned the ball, controlling it for 38:37 to just 21:23 for USC. Clemson ran 85 plays for 443 yards, including 214 yards on the ground, while USC had a season-low 52 plays for 364 yards, including just 80 yards rushing on 21 carries.
Corey Boyd is the man and it was good to see McKinley set the record.
Lot's of questions now though swirling --- why was Addison on Kelly at the end of the game b/c it is a mis-match? 3rd and 4 and we call a run play? How did they succeed on 3rd and 18? Why 2 blocked punts? Will there be defensive coaching changes for USC?
But for now, a bowl game could be in the picture but that is uncertain for the gamecocks and here's why: The SEC looks like it will get two teams in the BCS -- the LSU-Tennessee winner in the title game and Georgia. That would place nine of the SEC's record 10 bowl eligible teams in bowls, with USC (6-6) and Alabama (6-6), a 17-10 loser at Auburn, fighting it out for the final spot likely in the Independence Bowl.

Whoever loses that would have to hope for an at-large berth, and there don't figure to be too many of those, although one that could be open is the Armed Forces Bowl on Dec. 31 in Fort Worth, Texas, if the PAC-10 gets two teams in the BCS. And that could depend on whether Arizona State (9-2) beats Arizona (5-6) next week at home. Arizona State is No. 6 in the BCS but will likely fall after losing to Southern Cal on Thursday.
For now, USC can only wait (will know next weekend if bowls plans are in the picture) and hope and wonder after finishing the regular season with five straight losses -- the most in coach Steve Spurrier's 18-year career as a head coach.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Keys to a Win against Klempson...

Let's keep it simple this week with the Keys to Winning for S. Car:

1. Stop the Run --- simply put....must limit Davis/Spiller. Please Nix!!!
2. Keep CU Offense off the field --- BC did a great job of this and that is keeping CU offense, led by Harper, off the field. This is done by SC having long drives and stopping CU on 3rd downs.
3. USC Special Teams --- USC can not allow CU long returns on kick-offs nor punts. Also the flipside of this is that Succop must be perfect in all he does today from FG attempts to punts.
4. USC must score quickly in the first half --- USC does not have to score first but we can not get behind to CU. We saw against Ark and UF that once we get behind we can not come back no matter how good the offense is in the 2nd half. A similar start could be devastating to a Gamecocks’ team that has been outscored 58-17 in the first quarter and 93-30 in the first half during its four-game losing streak. USC is 5-1 when it scores first this season, but that has not happened since the North Carolina game.
5. Intangibles --- USC must have a winning attitude and not quit. USC must do the little things like make open field tackles and play smart. No turnovers!!!

Prediction --- USC 27 Clemson 23

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thinking Clemson...

The USC-Clemson game Nov. 24 will kickoff at 7 p.m. and be televised on ESPN2. It will be the Gamecocks’ fourth consecutive appearance on ESPN or ESPN2 and sixth overall.

The four-game losing streak, Spurrier’s worst skid since his first year at Duke in 1987, has sent the Gamecocks plummeting from a 6-1 record and No. 6 national ranking to an unranked, 6-5 team in danger of not making a bowl game.

The long-time rivals meet again Saturday at Williams-Brice Stadium with the Gamecocks (6-5) looking to snap a four-game losing streak while 21st-ranked Clemson (8-3) looks to rebound from a 20-17 loss to Boston College that kept the Tigers from the ACC championship game. Clemson leads the series 63-37-4, including 48-29-3 in Columbia. USC won last year 31-28 and is looking for its first winning streak against the Tigers since the Gamecocks won three in a row from 1968-70. Clemson is 13-3 in Columbia in the last 16 games, including eight of the last nine.

SO let us look at Carolina for a second.....This is a big game especially after USC surrenders all-time highs in rushing yards (542) and total yards (651) in a 48-36 loss at Arkansas, USC allowed Florida to roll up 537 yards in a 51-31 drubbing. The 99 combined points are the most surrendered in consecutive games by a Spurrier-coached team.

"Got to try something different here, see if we can make something happen for the last game,” Spurrier said. Uh Yeah....The Gamecocks are ranked last in the SEC and 106th out of 119 teams nationally in rushing defense, giving up an average of 208.9 yards per game. The Gamecocks are ninth in the conference in total defense (372.2 ypg).Though USC is fourth in the country in pass defense (163.3 ypg), Spurrier believes that statistic is skewed because teams know they can run against the Gamecocks......UH Yeah there coach this is true and why clemson worries me. I hope Tommy Bowden did not read that last stat....Florida quarterback Tim Tebow passed for a career-high 304 and two touchdowns against USC, while rushing for 120 yards and a school-record five touchdowns. Tell tell sign of things not looking good on the defense side is ....USC has forced just one punt in each of its last two games.

It is never a good sign for a defense when opposing players are re-writing conference record books. But that was the case for Razorbacks tailback Darren McFadden and Gators quarterback Tim Tebow, both of whom jumped into Heisman Trophy contention on the backs of USC defenders.

Nix says the problems are threefold: failure to get off blocks, poor tackling and a lack of effort. All that added up to some sobering numbers against Arkansas and Florida: 99 points, 1,188 yards and a 22-of-29 third-down conversion rate for the Razorbacks and Gators.
Part of the third-down woes can be traced to first and second downs. Nix said USC has not forced opponents into many obvious passing situations. As a result, the Gamecocks have one sack in 88 pass attempts the past three games.

So what is on the line against CU? Well...a bowl berth for USC to start and that in-state pride thing is always important but really a bowl berth. USC has been bowl eligible since its sixth win on Oct. 13 at North Carolina, USC is suddenly sweating a bid. The SEC has a record number of teams eligible for its eight guaranteed bowl slots this year. While SEC officials have talked to other bowls that might have at-large spots, NCAA rules require bowls to take a team with a winning record over a 6-6 school. Six of the SEC’s 10 teams already have at least seven wins.
Spurrier said the Gamecocks are a “borderline” bowl team, although bowl and conference insiders believe USC will land a bid if it beats Clemson.

I think USC can win the game this saturday.....Oh and let's make sure we get Junior receiver Kenny McKinley...who had seven catches for 95 yards against the Gators, now has 69 receptions, five shy of the school record set by Sterling Sharpe in 1986...gets 6 catches this game please.

Happy Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at LOHD!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Almost game time

Well it is that time again, were as a gamecock fan you don’t know what to think. Clemson was steamrolling everybody until last weekend when they ran into the Eagles. Let’s just hope OBC has had enough time to find a wrinkle in the Clemson team, to allow us to do what we did last year.

So today’s I hate Clemson them is……favorite IPTAY acronyms

1.) I Plant Taters And Yams
2.) I Pay Ten Athletes Yearly
3.) Internet Porn Taught All Year
4.) I Plowed Ten Acres Yesterday
5.) It's prison time again ya'll

Monday, November 19, 2007

another cheap shot

I saw this guy selling Clemson 2007 ACC championships t-shirts on Saturday.
also this week we will have Gamecock vs. Clemson Trivia as well as start your own rumor about Steve Orr Spurrier.
I heard this morning that he has already excepted the Texas A&M job.

A shot of Humor for our CU friends...

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Thank you BC

BC defeated Klempson 20-17 last night.

Matt Ryan led the Golden Eagles with 31 of 47 passing for 315 yards, but the winning play was the go-ahead touchdown to Rich Gunnell on a play that was vintage Ryan. Drifting to his right to avoid a rush that had brought him down five times, he had full view of the field, and when cornerback Crezdon Butler gave up on Gunnell, Ryan struck for 43-yard touchdown.

I hope Nix and staff watched the game and saw how to shut down Clemson's running attack and limit those screen passes. Please Nix do lots of homework this week and get the Carolina D ready because meez thinks Clemson will be ready!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Now does this man look guilty to you?

With the news of the Home run king (cheater) Barry Bonds being indicted by a federal grand jury yesterday on four counts of perjury and one count of obstruction of justice. The indictments come after a four-year federal investigation into steroid use among athletes.

Take a serious look at the photo above.......Do you think steroids where used by Mr. Bonds or should credit be given to the Pirates/Giants strength coach and Bonds' trainer?

Is Gamecock basketball heading in the right direction?

I know we have seen the USC gamecock basketball team lately putting up points like never before but is the basketball program heading in the right direction? I mention this beacuse of recent published reports regarding recuriting classes.

With eight of the 12 programs in the conference landing a recruiting class inside the national top 30, the SEC tops the conference rankings. Notice who is ranked #12! That is right it is the Gamecocks...great job Dave for positioning SC to get a great 2008 class.

And looking at the top 150 prospects in America there is no one coming to Carolina. I guess that is why we don't have one of the top ranked classes for 2008 but here is the list of the Top 30....note the other SEC schools.

Any thoughts on the basketball program and its' direction?

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Will SC go bowl-ing?

So where will Carolina play in their post season bowl game?

Seems there is some drama to sort through on this one, most depends on if Carolina loses to Klempson or wins...follow me here -

It could be the Music City bowl, which shares the SEC’s sixth and seventh picks with the Liberty Bowl. The organizers of that bowl expects to choose from a handful of seven-win SEC teams. Music City organizers believe USC could reverse the negative momentum of a four-game losing streak by knocking off Clemson.

It could be the Liberty bowl but USC is unlikely to return to the Liberty Bowl for a second consecutive year.

It could be The Independence, which picks last among the SEC-affiliated bowls, is interested in Mississippi State, which has not been to a bowl since 2000.

USC’s prospects get cloudier with a loss to Clemson. SEC officials have identified three bowls that could have openings — the Las Vegas Bowl on Dec. 22, the Texas Bowl in Houston on Dec. 28, and the Armed Forces Bowl in Fort Worth, Texas, on Dec. 31.

The Gamecocks are perched perilously on the bowl bubble with a 6-5 record and would improve their chances greatly by beating Clemson on Nov. 24. NCAA rules state that bowls must select a school with a winning record ahead of a 6-6 team.

So Carolina needs to win...simple right? Which bowl game do you think USC will end up going to???

Clemson, USC ranked near top of “Power Rankings”

Clemson University ranked 9th nationally and the University of South Carolina ranked 15th in's 2nd Annual "Power Rankings" released Wednesday.

Presented as an index of schools where students “can have the most fun while putting forth the least effort,” scores are based on 12 criteria, including stadium capacity, bar closing times, average February temperatures and the distance from the nearest Taco Bell.

Of 50 schools included in the ranking, Penn State University received the top ranking, followed by Virginia Tech.

Vote for Cocky

Vote For Cocky - HERE.

Do it everyday so SC can win Mascot of the Year!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Carolina Fans need to read this article

For the first time in awhile....I agree with Ron Morris at The State Newspaper.

He pens a great article - "Fans who doubt Spurrier's progress ignore signs" - and I totally agree. Give Spurrier time and let's all be patient with the coaching staff. Yes - we sucked the last 4 games and in others at times this season but I truly believe that in coming years he will succeed and prove all the doubters wrong.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Leftover Hot Dog facts

Apparently those of us that write for this blog, aren't exactly Norman Einsteins. Our reading level:

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Keep laughing fucker. You're the one reading it.

Incidentally, most of the time we don't use many naughty words:

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While you're laughing at our mildly retarded writing style or PG vocabulary, consider this:

My blog is worth $8,468.10.
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I bet Moose would take substantially less though.

Drinking game for this weekend

A good drinking game for this weekend when you are watching the Ohio State vs. Michigan .

Also here is a good drinking game for basketball season, which has already started.

The game basketball ball drinking game of choice is Devon Downey touch, you have to drink every time Devon touch's the ball, and a drink for every time he scores (ie free throw, 3 pointers). Since USC actually a good number of games on TV this year, I should spend a lot of time smashed.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Ain't nothing like some beans and meat

The 2nd annual tailgate chili cook-off was a hit. We had 5 participants this year and I felt like everybody’s chili turned out great. Hopefully we will have a 3rd cook-off next year with even more participants. After tallying up all the votes, we had some pretty close races between best taste and most creative.

Winners of the 2nd annual tailgate chili cook-off

Best Name……El Scorcho Bungholio chili

Best Taste (which was decided by 2 votes)
1st place….. 3 bean gut grenade chili
2nd place… Old Fart’s chili

Most Creative chili (which was decided by 1 vote)
1st place…. Big Angry’s Jacked up rooster chili
2nd place... Buck Wild Hot N’ Cocky Chili

BTC written were pretty good this year as well.

Megan’s Awesome Cornbread received the most votes but in a distant 2nd was Stacy’s cheese dip. Also receiving votes was

Penny’s hot ass soup
TomTom’s Gator
Bring back the bowtie chili…. I need to throw up
Stacy’s suck ass chili with cheese

Well thanks to all that participated see you at the Clemson game.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Make it 4 in a row...

following the University of South Carolina’s 51-31 Southeastern Conference loss to the Florida Gators on Saturday.

Thoughts from you guys?

Friday, November 09, 2007

5 keys to a Win vs. da Gators

1. Involve Dion Lecorn more and J Cook ---The true freshman from Ocala, Fla. led USC with a career-high eight receptions for 109 yards against Arkansas. SC has to involve him more in the offense. Lecorn has shown a knack for getting open, a vital skill in Spurrier’s scheme, and then catching the ball when it’s thrown his way. Sixteen of Lecorn’s 19 receptions have come in the last four games, so he’s getting hot at the right time. Hopefully, Lecorn can maintain his current pace and force opponents to think twice before double-teaming McKinley. We need both he and McKinley to have great games against UF. Also get the ball into the hands of J Cook. Many times he is open in the middle of the field so let's get the ball to these guys. It will help free up McKinley and our run game.

2. SC needs to keep the score close in the 1st half --- For the third straight game, USC fell behind by double digits in the first half. The stretch began three weeks ago when the Gamecocks trailed, 17-0, to Vanderbilt in the first quarter. It continued in Knoxville two weeks ago when Tennessee led, 21-0, at halftime. Finally, Arkansas jumped out to a 21-3 lead before the end of the first quarter last Saturday night in Fayetteville. Florida has outscored its opponents 209-88 in the first half, including 35-7 last week in its 49-22 win against Vanderbilt.
Before this streak, USC had outscored all but one of its first seven foes in the first half. The exception was No. 2 LSU, which led 21-7 at halftime. After outscoring its first seven opponents 110-68 in the first half, USC has been outscored 66-16 in the first half during its last three games. There is no obvious theme among the first half to the last three games, although the Gamecocks were 4-for-20 on third down conversions with four turnovers that opponents converted into 24 points. How about for a change USC dictates from the start the flow of the game no more playing from behind.

3. SC Run Defense has to be ready, even if it is the QB ---Yes, Tebow is a great passer and has great receivers but we have to respect the run. Running quarterbacks have given the Gamecocks fits all year, beginning with the Cajun QB for Louisiana-Lafayette who went for 116 yards in the opener and continuing through LSU’s Ryan Perrilloux, another slippery runner from the Bayou who had eight carries for 59 yards in part-time duty. Tebow has carried the ball 144 times this season, an average of 16 times per game, for a team-leading 598 yards. The second-leading rusher for the Gators (K. Moore) has rushed just 87 times. Despite his well-deserved reputation as a bruising runner, the 6-foot-3 Tebow throws the ball fairly accurately too. He’s completed nearly 68 percent of his passes this season for 2,228 yards. Tebow can be dangerous as can another of the SEC’s top offensive threats - Gators receiver Percy Harvin, who against Vanderbilt became the first player in Florida history to have 100 yards rushing and receiving.

4. Win the Field Position Game and Ball Control---We need to control the clock, keep UF Offense off the field by the Gamecock offense moving the ball and win the field position game with outstanding play from the SC special teams unit.

5. SC must do the "little things"--- I mean factors you can’t quantify like intelligence, awareness, hustle and scrappiness. We need to tackle, our defense needs to get off their blocks quicker and knock passes down. Spurrier railed on the fact that USC often doesn’t play smart. In his words, they make too many “dumb plays.” Often, who recovers a fumble is the one who hustled the most. Here's a telling statistic - USC’s opponents have fumbled 16 times this season. The Gamecocks have recovered five of them. That’s less than one-third. That percentage must increase. Recovering a fumble is mostly a matter of awareness, hustle and aggressiveness. Clearly, USC must improve in all of those areas. They won’t become a great team until they do.

Prediction --- USC 24 Florida 20

Succop not on Groza list

South Carolina’s Ryan Succop was left off the list of 20 semifinalists for the Lou Groza award, bestowed annually on the nation’s best kicker.

Succop was a preseason first-team All-SEC pick, but Tennessee’s Daniel Lincoln is the only kicker from the conference who is a semifinalist. (Six made it from the ACC.)

Succop has made 12-of-16 field goals this season, and all 30 extra points, with a long field goal of 49. The junior’s misses have all been beyond 40 yards, but one of them was a 40-yarder at Tennessee that would have forced a second overtime.

Lincoln made two crucial field goals in that game. He is 16-for-18 on field goal attempts this year, with a long of 48.

I think Succop will go down as the best kicker in USC history when he is done playing but this just has not been his year....not surprised by him being left off though this year.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Some thoughts for the UF game...

Florida has dominated this series through the years, holding a 20-4-3 advantage in the series, including last year’s 17-16 squeaker in Gainesville. The Gators are 14-1 against the Gamecocks since they joined the SEC in 1992, though that 1 loss was 2 years ago in Columbia.

USC offense is rolling along into the game against UF. They have compiled 990 yards of offense the last two games even if the defense has been weak.

South Carolina is No. 1 in the nation again this week in pass defense -- Clemson is No. 3-- allowing a national low total of 149.2 yards per game. The numbers reflect less about a ferocious pass rush and great man-to-man coverage as they reveal about a historically bad rushing defense. The Gamecocks are ranked No. 104 against the rush this season, surrendering an average of 206.5 yards per game on the ground. Opponents have been running the ball an average of 42.4 times a game against the Carolina defense and gaining an average of 4.8 yards per carry. And they would choose to run, why? Those same offenses have passed an average of 28.7 times a game.

USC has converted 47.7 percent of third down opportunities last season. This year, the Gamecocks’ success rate on third down has tumbled to 36.5 percent.

Florida is third in the SEC in rushing at 189.44 yards a game. So watch out Carolina and be prepared. Gators are allowing only 105.6 ypg and 3.1 ypc on the ground so don't look for Boyd to be the sole hero in the game even if he has rolled up 254 yds the last 2 games.

Florida continues to have the SEC's highest scoring proficiency since 2000. The Gators have averaged 3.38 points per offensive drive, which tops Florida's 2001 mark of 3.27. The Gators have scored TDs on 46 of 101 offensive drives, a 45.5 ratio. It is higher than Florida's 2001 mark of 40.9 percent (59 of 144).

The biggest thing, in my opinion, against Florida is we have to play strong in in the first half. For the third straight game, USC fell behind by double digits in the first half. It is very difficult to keep playing from behind against good teams all the time. Granted, they’ve played well offensively in the second half but it’s been a case of too little, too late. Good teams will not surrender sizeable leads. SC needs to come out of the gate hungry and with fire in the belly. No more late game come back about for a change South Carolina dictates the game from the start!

FYI--- here is a good read for today that our pal JR referred us to - HERE...thanks JR.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Glass is half full when talking SC football

I hope we are not already planning for defeat. From today's STATE Paper article -here- and several other media reports it seems some are doubting the Gamecocks and focusing on next year. Yes, this season has been a roller coaster ride and we still have 2 games to go but let's not give up on the team and start talking about next year.... there is plenty of football left.

I feel we have a great chance to win the next two games....I really do. Let's stop to think about what the team is made up of and what is really a bright future for Carolina Football.

There has been 220 starters through 10 games this year and out of that:

Seniors - 63 starts (28.6 %)
Juniors - 57 starts (25.9%)
Sophomores - 64 starts (29%)
Redshirt Freshman - 13 starts (5.9%)
True Freshman - 23 starts (10.5%)

As you can see the bulk of play has been to guys that will be around the program for a few more years. Keep in mind also what Spurrier is doing at USC - changing the culture. That is not easy nor can be done in a short amount of time. Hence, "The Game is On!" slogan and media campaign. It was created to begin to think and focus on winning championships (for all USC sports).

Here is a great quote from the paper that helps to put this in perspective:
The question for a USC fan base weary of the ‘Wait ‘til next year’ refrain remains: When will be the Gamecocks be great?

Spurrier points to last year’s top-5 recruiting class and a depth chart dotted with 19 first- and second-year players (among 46 listed) as reasons for optimism.

“Maybe our team’s not quite as strong as we hoped right now. And we hope to be there someday,” Spurrier said. “... Right now, we’re eighth in the league in offense and defense and special teams hasn’t done much except rough the punters. We’re 6-4. I don’t know how to explain it.”

Center Web Brown, a fifth-year senior, agreed that Spurrier has yet to field his best teams at USC. “I think the program’s on the rise and it could be better in years to come.”

Well, I agree with both Spurrier and Brown. This year has been crazy and we have yet to play a complete game of football - where the offense and defense both excels - this season. We have gotten lucky at times and other times we can not catch a break (i.e Tennessee game).

So let's get focused on UF (USC is looking for back-to-back wins at home against Florida for the first time since 1936 and 1939) this week and quit talking about our rash of losses or what could have been or next year talk. Time to step up and win.