Friday, December 29, 2006

Its game day Bitch's

Well it is a bowl game, which sounds pretty good if you have been a gamecock fan for a long time. The Outback bowls were great while I was in School but last years Shreveport, Louisiana poor-white trash bowl was hard to swallow. Granted we blew a large lead to a crappy Missouri team, which we should have smashed.

The bowl sets up a match up of bowl troubled team with Carolina being 3-11 in bowls games in the last 100 years and Houston losing there last 5 bowl appearances. If Carolina can stop the Houston high flying offense we assignment football, and have a balanced offensive attach, we should win by double digits. If Fred and Carlos decided to play there normal touchdown corner football we might be in for a long day against a Conference USA powerhouse.
My final prediction
SC 38 Houston 17
Cory Boyd & Blake Mitchell Co-Liberty Bowl MVP's
Kevin Kolb 15- 40 Passing with 3 picks

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Politics: A look at Barack Hussein Obama

We here at LOHD like to talk about many different things "from sports to politics, with a little mixture of some antics from our crew and a splash of the unusal."

In talking about politics it seems that the race for 08 is shaping up. So every so often on LOHD we may throw a "bone" at ya with some politcal thoughts to satisfy the need for a 'leftover hot dog.'

Here is a thought for that 'dog.....Seems the national media is pushing for a Obama vs. Clinton on the left and a Romney vs. McCain on the right, to determine the next Chief. African American vs a Woman. POW vs. a Mormon.

Well, LOHD ran across a interesting piece on Obama. Becasue let's be honest who is this guy and where did he come from. We know the famous speech he gave that sent chills up some spines of Liberals that they have not felt since JFK. Obama's trick of voting like a liberal and talking like a moderate is working. The media is eating it up right now but what is this guy all about?

Well here is a interesting fact: The nonpartisan National Journal gives Mr. Obama an 82.5 liberal rating in the Senate. For comparison, National Journal gives Sen. Hillary Clinton -- the other most-talked about Democratic presidential wannabe -- a 79.8 rating. But the media is talking about the "other" Obama that is more liberal than most liberals, the media is in love with this smooth talker that talks big picture stuff. His record as a state senator does not even get a thought and has been effectively wiped clean since he entered the U.S. Senate? I guess it is fitting since the early days of Bush before he ran where not really discussed. Election 08 seems to be on the front burner with the media so look for more thoughts in the future.

What another serving....Read more here: Washington Times (Editorial)

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Bugs Bunny changeup...

that is what former University of South Carolina star center fielder Marcus McBeth calls his change up. The Oakland A's just added him to their final 40 man roster---as a releif pitcher. Yes I said pitcher, you may remember him as a 6-foot-2, 195-pound outfielder. McBeth was considered by many as the best defensive center fielder in college baseball as a junior. I am sure McBeth never thought when he was a fourth-round pick of the Oakland A's in the 2001 draft that his pro debut would be as a pitcher but after inconsitent batting things like this happen.

While he's not guaranteed a spot on the A's 25-man regular-season roster, McBeth will get a shot in spring training to make the team. If not, he likely would be sent to the Class AAA Sacramento River Cats. McBeth has a fastball he can throw in the low to mid-90s along with a devastating change-up. He is working on a slider. McBeth had 25 saves and a 3.07 ERA in 70 1/3 innings last year. Baseball America this month ranked him as the No. 8 prospect in the A's organization.
Also did you guys see where USC is ranked number 3 in the Pre-Season College Baseball Poll (Clemson is number 2 and Rice is number 1)....should be a interesting 2007.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Memphis on my mind...

You may remember that LOHD wrote a blog about Kevin Kolb (pronounced "cob") who is the QB at Houston. {It can be read here.} He was my sleeper pick for the Heisman but we all know how that turned out. But he still puts up big numbers and the offense is much like Texas Tech. Highest score wins. So the USC defense and offense will have their hands full for the game but the main thing is not to give up like they did vs Mizzouri last year.

Kolb is the real deal...His career statistics are insane -- 12,578 passing yards; 82 touchdowns; 60-percent completion percentage. He has claimed nearly every school passing record. His 49 consecutive starts rank fourth all time among Division I quarterbacks, behind some familiar names: Georgia’s David Greene (52), Rivers (51) and Marshall’s Chad Pennington (51). Kolb is the C-USA career leader in total offense with 13,424 yards, good for fourth on the NCAA all-time list. After throwing 15 interceptions last season, Kolb has thrown for 27 touchdowns with three picks for the NCAA’s second-best touchdown-to-interception ratio.

Here lies the obstacle to USC claiming victory in Memphis.

If Fred "I pulled my hammy" Bennett, Stoney and the Captian can step up and not allow a big play then USC should win this game. And just knock the passes down....too many tip passes caused us some "L's" this past season. Also put pressure on Kolb....i.e blitz. If Nix and the 'D' allow Kolb to stand around in the pocket and pick his targets it could be a long evening with Memphis blues. With that said the offense has to put up numbers too....big numbers which I know Spurrier can do.

So with all that being said....who is going to Memphis to watch the game?

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Follow up on SC Recruiting...

To follow-up on a previous article on LOHD.

I mentioned how the current SC recruits have a certain "wow" factor in a previous post you can read here.

Well, ESPN analyst Tom Luginbill has South Carolina rated as the number 5 Top Recruiting Football Class for 2007.

Having commitments from 7 out of the top 150 players does wonders not to mention a few out of that 150 are still looking at SC (i.e Carlos Dunlap, DE -- rated number 9 in the country and the number 2 DE).

Tom Luginbill's Top Five 2007 Classes as of 12/20/06

1. Notre Dame
2. Texas
3. USC
4. Florida
5. South Carolina

Let's look at Football Attendance...

USC ranked 19th in attendance in the nation, averaging 75,630, according to NCAA figures. The Gamecocks were sixth among Southeastern Conference schools, with Tennessee (105,789) leading the way.

Michigan led the nation in attendance at 110,026. Clemson University was 15th, averaging 81,000.

Expanding the stadium would help...

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Monday, December 18, 2006

Damn it Dev, give Riley back her sweater

Showering in Bacon really pays off

Merry Christmas, you can open your eyes now

Good week for USC Recruiting...

Last week, had Clemson's class ranked 14th in the nation, one spot ahead of South Carolina. had Clemson 15th and USC 23rd, while ESPN analyst Tom Luginbill gave USC the edge because of the "wow factor."
The decisions of Barnes and Garcia will affect the rankings, both have the "WOW" and analysts believe USC will jump past Clemson in the final rankings. ranked Barnes No. 47 and don't forget Garcia a top 10 QB recruit.

Last week was a great week for USC. They landed six more commitments to the list of recruits, and the Gamecocks are expecting more prospects to join the fold this week.

Earlier last week, athlete Pat Dimarco, defensive lineman Donte'e Nicholls, linebacker Alonzo Winfield and wide receiver Mark Barnes all committed to the Gamecocks. On Sunday defensive back Sam Pope (6-foot-1, 195 pounds) of SW Mississippi JC and tight end Mat Williams (6-4, 230) made their pledges. The big name was Barnes, a top 50 recruit in the nation. He can play either side of the ball and will have an immediate impact.

USC will add two commitments this Tuesday from Ocala, Fla., teammates defensive back Antonio Allen (6-1, 195) and wide receiver Dion Lecorn (6-0, 205).

Sad to see Cade Thompson leave but with Mitchell, Smelly and Garcia....I think it was wise for him to go. A good luck to Doughty, who left the team to go pro......not sure about that but we shall see.

Things are going good and Def. Coor. Nix removed his name from the UAB job search last week so it seems 2007 is shaping up nicely.....

Friday, December 15, 2006

Just when you thought you knew, you have no idea...

Alright this rape case against the Duke players is getting stranger by the day. This case has more drama that a soap opera and more errors than the OJ case....time to bring in the CSI guys to solve this case. Read the latest on this case and now the accuser is pregnant......I know this is a serious matter but can we say this has the makings for a Lifetime TV movie.

Poltical Thought...

Okay....we have a proposed 30-cent tax increase on cigarettes going into the 2007 SC Legislative Session. I disagree that the proposed tax should offset income taxes. Income taxes have already been cut and are pretty low compared to other states. The tax revenue generated should go towards funding state health care programs and retain other state revenues to fund important initiatives like better roads, more state troopers and economic development. IF IT IS PASSED.

No one likes to pay more taxes, but there's a pretty good case for not insisting on an offsetting cut if the cigarette tax is increased. South Carolina's cigarette tax is the lowest in the nation at 7 cents per pack vs. a national average of 92 cents. The 30-cents per pack increase being sought, which still leaves our tax well below the national average, would generate $107 million in revenue. That money could come in handy in a state that has 700,000 uninsured residents which really when you 'boil it down' hurts everyone. Cost of health care keep going up and many employers are cutting health benefits....something needs to take place to help this problem why not place a tax on something that causes some of these health problems.

What do you guys think about a 30 cent increase on the tax???

Thursday, December 14, 2006

For your Thursday reading pleasure...

Here is a good article for Thursday to be read while at work or killing time. It talks about the "strange" season that the ACC had with Wake Forest stealing the show and how - well simply a unique season with more drama than 'Days of Our Lives.'

Click here...

More on SC Basketball...

Eight games into the season the USC men's basketball team is 6-2. Anyone expect better? Perhaps. Most would have predicted USC would have beaten UC-Irvine and lost to Southern Cal on its west coast swing.

Where does USC stand as it takes a break for exams? Again, it's early, but here's some thoughts based on the RPI thanks to

---USC ranks sixth out of 12 SEC teams in RPI and is 59th overall in the nation. Arkansas (7), Alabama (28), Tennessee (38), Mississippi State (49) and Kentucky (58) are ahead of USC.
---Of USC's wins, the victory at Southern Cal (RPI 78) is the strongest, although the win at Baylor (191) could be important down the road if the Bears make some noise in the Big 12. Lipscomb (149) has the next highest RPI of the teams USC has beaten.
---"Good'' losses - UC-Irvine, on the road and sporting a 135 RPI. The Clemson loss will no doubt hurt because it was at home but the Tigers have an RPI of 17 right now.

And what of the near future? USC's next four foes aren't going to help its RPI: Princeton (188), UNC-Asheville (304), Jacksonville (254) and Western Carolina (159). Then comes Kansas, which at this point has the nation's 60th RPI. But a victory over the Jayhawks on Jan. 7 would certainly help USC's chances of making a trip to the NCAA and give it a boost going into its SEC schedule, which starts with a trip to Georgia three days later.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Reports from the Shrine Bowl

Scrimmages from the SC team practice in Spartanburg, Cliff Matthews crushed Willie Korn at the end of the scrimmage. Was asked after practice why he hit his QB so hard, he said "I just want Willie to get use to getting hit by me, because it is going to be a long 4 years for him" You got to love it.

Are you Amish

I finally uploaded some pictures from the past couple of months. He is one of my favorites.....

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Let's take a look...

At USC men's basketball team so far this season.

Through 7 games the offense is lacking and is the problem as wintessed by LOHD blogger Moose. I know Dave Odom is a fan of the Hooiser (the movie) style of basketball with the 3 passes before a shot (at least it seems that way). This season so far is marked with a clear sore spot --our offense. They are dead last in the SEC in scoring offense averaging 65.1 points per game. They are last in the SEC in Team FG % at 42.3%. They are last in SEC 3 point shooting at 27.5 %, having attempted 142 shots from behind the arc which is the 6th most in the SEC but second to last in making them at 39 3 pt FG made. There is a bright spot and that is Free Throw shooting were the Gamecocks are cashing in 72% of the time, which ranks them 2nd in the league as a team.

The gamecocks are lead by Tre Kelley and Brandon Wallace in most stat categories. They are not the problems, the problem lies in the rest of the team not producing. This could make for a long season for Gamecock basketball fans. Defense is doing well, like always but we could use a injection of stellar offensive playing. And yes I said "stellar."

I hope for Christmas Dave Odom has asked Santa for some O-Fence!

Bowden takes a swipe...

Mr. Tommy Bowden seemed to take a little swipe the other day at the USC faithful. In his press conference, the issue was discussed of some Clemson fans not being happy with the performance of the Tigers over the last half of the season and job security issues. This is how the news article when...

"Losing to South Carolina certainly added to the grumbling, but Bowden had to laugh at the reminder that USC coach Steve Spurrier received a half million dollar raise after completing a 7-5 season.

"That's amazing how this thing works because I'm at a place where seven gets you fired," he said. "He's at a place where seven gets you a raise." "

I consider that a swipe but one could see some truth behind it.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Nintendo Wii's are not safe

I found this website yesterday about how the Nintendo Wii can be dangerous. So if any of you were lucky enough to get your digits on one of these, please be careful. There are reports that the safety strap doesn’t work, and the remote will go flying, breaking tv’s, windows, and even hitting other people.

another awesome southpark pic

Friday - Water Cooler Talk...

Okay, since everyone is talking about the BCS slap that Michigan received over the weekend, what do the readers of LOHD think? Should Florida be playing THE Ohio State Univ for the championship or should it be a rematch game with Michigan? Post your comments.

Here is a interesting look at the debate and what could have been if the BCS was not in place.....ESPN article.

Oh a side note, I am in favor of a playoff system. Have the Top 10 teams battle it out. Seed 1 and 2 get a bye the first round. This would put away all doubts on who is the champ, only the strong survive. Also the whole bowl system is terrible, it seems every team that is in a big time conference and has a winning record goes to a bowl. I know that is a money thing but the playoff system would be a lot more fun and interesting to watch. Maybe throw in a couple of bowl games for the teams that did not make it to the "big dance" but reduce the number of bowls...not every team goes...maybe limit it to 8 win teams. I know it is not a perfect system and I don't have all the answers for how it would work but I am simply saying that a playoff system needs to be in place.

What do you guys think----stick with BCS or go to a playoff system?

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Garcia is a gamecock


Knock the f*ck out

awesome to say the least

Carolina signed who

Here is a list of 4 and 5 star recruits that USC has signed since 2002, and you wonder why Lou couldn't win at South Carolina. Now remember the name Aryhel FreemanQB, because he was the 11th best dual threat QB in 2003, guess who was ranked 12th.......... Troy Smith.

Damn it LOU


2002 recruits
Troy Williamson
Jackson, SC

Moe Thompson
Goose Creek, SC

Darel Slay
Goodman, MS

Cory Peoples
Milledgeville, GA.

Ricardo Hurley
Greenwood, SC

Kenny Irons
Dacula, GA

Randy Jackson
Milledgeville, GA

Jabari Levey
Moncks Corner, SC

Aryhel Freeman
East Point, GA

2003 recruits
Marcus Lawrence
El Dorado, KS

Blake Mitchell
LaGrange, GA

Syvelle Newton
Bennetsville, SC

Demetris Summers
Lexington, SC

2004 recruits
C.J. Barber
Rock Hill, SC

Dorian Capers
Beaufort, SC

Marque Hall
Marshville, NC

2005 recruits
Jonathan Hannah
Hope Mills, NC

Brandon Isaac
Blackville, SC

Shea McKeen
Mays Landing, NJ

O.J. Murdock
Tampa, FL

Carlos Thomas
College Park, GA

Mike West
Citra, FL

2006 recruits
Garrett Anderson
Irmo, SC

Clarence Bailey
Trenton, NJ

Hutch Eckerson
Lumberton, NC

Kenrick Ellis
Lake Worth, FL

Chris Smelley
Tuscaloosa, AL

Kevin Young
Clearwater, FL

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

So who is the worst of 06?

So which team this year is to be considered the worst college football team of 2006?

Here are the nominees for this award:

  • Duke at 0-12
  • Florida International at 0-12
  • Utah State at 1-11
  • Stanford at 1-11
  • Temple at 1-11
  • Eastern Michigan at 1-11

Rock the Vote by posting a comment...

the truth hurts

Even the SI writes are giving Clemson shit about there crappy season, check this ranking of bowl games.

Here is what they had to say about the Music city bowl.....

17) Music City: (Dec. 29): Clemson (8-4) vs. Kentucky (7-5). With so many playmakers on both sides, I'm tempted to rate this one higher, but what are the chances something involving Clemson will live up to its potential?

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

843 vs. 803

Well the gamecocks welcome back Alumni/ex-coach Bobby Cremins and his College of Charleston Cougars tonight at the Colonia center. The cougars have a lot to prove as there coaches returns for the first time since taking the job in 1993 and then quitting a day later. The gamecocks also have a lot to prove with a pitiful lose to Clemson last Saturday. I will be in attendants for my first basketball game of the season so hopefully the gamecocks can pull this one out. The big question is will the fans booo Bobby as an old coach or cheer for him as a alumni The game is on tv tonight, so look for Katharine and I, in are matching Ronaldo Jerseys with are garnet afro wings some where in the upper deck.

On a side note the super bowl bound Panthers crapped in there pants again last night on Monday Night football. Blowing another 4 quarter lead to bring there sorry season to a 6 and 6 mark. It might be time to move JR from the flag football team to the real team.

Monday, December 04, 2006

10 things from this weekend….

10.) Obie will eat anything at 3:00 in the morning after drinking all night, just ask Gail. While you at it, Ask Gail about the tip Tom-tom left here on Friday night.

9.) Don’t hold up a game of pool if penny is next in line
8.) The liberty bowl is better then no bowl.
7.) Dev’s birthday trumps a bachelor party
6.) Is there a better time to piss the bed then on your bachelor party?
5.) Tick is in Texas, (everything is big in Texas, just like ticks head.)
4.) Never grab a striper’s ass, unless you expect to get tossed to the curb.
3.) Who the hell would throw a pancake?
2.) Worst college basketball team- South Carolina
1.) Never leave steaks unattended at Boz’s house…….

If you have any questions please advise, I would love to embellish the story for you.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Something to think about tonight

Well with Matt C. bachelor party quickly approaching I figured I would try and make a guide to stripe clubs. Every bachelor party has its moments and most of the time, those moments take place in adult entertainment venues. So I figured I would compile a list of things you should not do in a strip club…… If you have done one of these please explain later, while I laugh my ass off.

1.) The first thing you should never do is pay with a debit or credit card, or us a ATM inside of a stripe club- Get money before hand, it will save you a small fortune in the long run.

2.) Never as a bouncer for any kind of drugs, including but not limited too (cocain, marijuana, X or my favorite Viagra)

3.) Never say, I will show you mine if you show me yours (hint- there job is to show you there’s with out having to see yours- ( I have been guilty of this a couple times)

4.) Never put a twenty into a dancer's G-String, and ask for change

5.) Never ask. Do I need cash for a blow job, or can I trade cocaine?"

6.) When the dancer gets completely naked shout stage dive!

7.) Never ask a striper if there outfits come in your size

8.) Never fold your bills into origami penises before stuffing them into the girls g-strings

9.) Never give a striper your phone number and tell them you will take care of them for ever (bad idea)

10.) Never ask for a “Lap dance to-go”

See you boys tonight, be ready to party

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Strippers smell like strawberries

Well I have returned back to work, which kind of sucks after being off for 8 days. Well since the regular season of college football is over, here are my questions for you to answer.

1.) Player that we will miss the most next year?
2.) Most improved player on the gamecocks
3.) Play that you think will improve the most over the off season?
4.) Who deserves national coach of the year
5.) Best overall QB in the nation
6.) Best overall RB in the nation
7.) Best overall WR in the nation

Bonus question
Favorite food on Thanksgiving

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Bowl predictions for this week...

Here is the latest look at bowl projections from ESPN as of Nov. 28th going into a crucial weekend when all of these questions will get answered. Numerous scenarios surround which bowl Clemson will go to (we hear the Gator, Chick Fil a, Car Care or Champs). For SC most say either the Chick Fil A (long shot), Music City, Liberty.

ESPN says For Clemson---

Champs Sports (ACC No. 4 vs. Big Ten No. 4/5)
Clemson vs. Purdue


Gaylords Hotels Music City (ACC No. 5 vs. SEC)
Clemson vs. Kentucky

ESPN says For South Carolina---

AutoZone Liberty (C-USA No. 1 vs. SEC No. 6)
Houston vs. South Carolina


Gaylords Hotels Music City (ACC No. 5 vs. SEC)
Boston College vs. South Carolina

I am going to go on a "hunch" here and say Clemson will go to the Champs Bowl and USC will go to the Music City Bowl. What do you guys think?

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Friday, November 24, 2006

Thoughts on the Klempson vs. USC Game...

CBS recently called THE University of South Carolina Football the best 5 loss team in the country; I believe them. This is a team that is two tipped passes away from beating Tennessee and Arkansas, an onsides kick recovery from beating Auburn, and a blocked field goal away from beating Florida. Each of those teams were ranked in the top 10 at the time. Clemson started the season on a roll and were talking about winning the ACC because of the "off year." But lately Clemson has had some problems and this should make for a great game. The last spread I saw had the Tigers by 5. Here are my thoughts for the game and I hope all of you guys will be joining me at the game.

Unfortunately, there has not been a lot to hang your hat on in this rivalry. Only three times (1979, 1987 and 2000) have both teams been nationally ranked when they met. So on-field play has not merited much attention outside state borders.

Most fans and participants do not know there actually is a traveling trophy that goes to the winner. It is called the Hardees Trophy, but it has no real significance like many other schools that exchange a victory bell, or a bronze boot, or an old bucket.

The No. 24 Tigers (8-3) have won the last four meetings and eight of the last nine against the Gamecocks (6-5), but the game received second billing for a while this week as a rumor surfaced that Miami might be interested in bringing Spurrier back to Florida next season -- even though Larry Coker is still the Hurricanes coach.

Clemson leads the series 63-36-4. The Tigers took last year's matchup 13-9, scoring the winning touchdown with 5:58 to go.

Since inserting QB Blake Mitchell back in the lineup the SC offense has been in sync. In his last three games, Mitchell has completed 60-of-82 passes for 876 yards with six touchdowns and one interception. The SC O-line has found itself and started to play like men and not boys despite the new faces on the line. The defense has played to the best of their ability and are finally playing as a unit. The SC special teams also have greatly improved besides a blocked kick here and there.

Clemson we know can run the ball. They have one of most talented backfield combos with James Davis and CJ Spiller in the country (see also McFadden and Jones for Ark-Kansas). The Clemson football team came into the season on a mission and had every opportunity to win the ACC. But having a offense so reliant on the run is hard to win big games....perfect example is the Virginia Tech game because Clemson was exploited. To stop Clemson on offense, Tech, and then Maryland, stacked the box and told Will Proctor he had to beat them. Which we all saw could not happen. Look for USC to attempt to do the same and SC has to do this also to win. Proctor is no Whitehurst and seems scared to throw the deep ball. He does have success in the 5 yard pass to the playmakers but has been slow to pull the trigger on a deep ball....not sure if that is coaching or the player to blame. Clemson's defense is good....up front they can win the battles but there are holes in the CU secondary and that is where USC has the advantage.

USC will win the game because of the air and having a balanced attack. The USC defense must stop the run and contain the 5 yard passes. Look for USC to be on a mission and play tough......

Carolina - 24
Clemson - 20

See ya on Saturday and Go Cocks!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy turkey day

We here are Leftover hot dog would like to wish you and your family a happy thanksgiving. If you would like to post what you are thankful for this holiday season please fill free to do so.

A SC Basketball Team 'Did you know'...

Yeah I know college football is going on but college basketball has also started. To kick the college basketball talk off on LOHD let this be the first discussion of college basketball. To start here is a "Did you Know"....

The longest active postseason win streak in the nation belongs to South Carolina. Last spring, the Gamecocks earned the dubious distinction of winning back-to-back National Invitational Tournament titles with a 76-64 victory over Michigan in the championship game -- which ran the program's streak to 10 straight victories in the Little Dance dating back to 2005. They were the first to win the NIT back to back since the 1940s.

This season the Gamecocks are 3-1 and off until it plays at The Citadel on Mon., Nov. 27 at 7:05 pm. They just got back from a west coast swing.

Coming next week LJ and I will furnish the LOHD with our Final Four Picks and Champ pick.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Cooking with LJ from Arkansas

Well with Thanksgiving almost here and the Clemson/ Carolina game approaching soon, here are three recipes for broccoli salad. We are all adults now and should bring a side dish to our parent’s house for Thanksgiving or at least some store bought cookies. It is time to stop mooching and start helping out. So here are three easy recipes I found.

BROCCOLI GRAPE SALAD1 head broccoli, cut stems and tops in small pieces1 c. celery, finely chopped1 c. green grapes1 c. red grapes1/2 c. bacon (about 8 slices), cooked and crumble the bacon1 c. toasted slivered almonds, can use sunflower seeds, alsoDRESSING:Mix all together. Pour and toss salad. Chill about 2 to 4 hours before serving.1 c. mayonnaise1 tbsp. vinegar

BACON-BROCCOLI SALAD WITH RAISINS 4 stalks broccoli, chopped (I use mostly the tips, so it takes more broccoli.)1/2 red onion, chopped (not too fine)1/3 to 1/2 c. raisinsMix the above ingredients in a mixing bowl. In a separate container, mix: 1 c. mayonnaise 2 tbsp. white vinegar Pour over salad to marinate in refrigerator for half a day. Just before serving, fry crisp bacon to crumble over salad.

BROCCOLI SALAD 1 bunch broccoli (raw)1/2 c. onion, chopped1/2 c. raisins1/2 c. Spanish peanuts1 can or jar bacon bitsMix together, breaking up broccoli into bite-size pieces. Dressing to follow.BROCCOLI SALAD DRESSING:1 c. mayonnaise1/2 c. sugar2 tsp. vinegar

Also if you decide to watch the Arkansas/LSU game on Friday I will be sitting in the end zone about 10 rows up, so look for me and the family.

Have a great thanksgiving and go cocks!!!!!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A look at the bowl predictions for this week...

Here is the latest look at bowl projections from ESPN as of Nov. 20th:

For Clemson---

Toyota Gator (ACC No. 3 vs. Big 12 or Big East)
Clemson vs. Oklahoma
Meineke Car Care (Big East or Navy vs. ACC)
Navy vs. Clemson

For South Carolina---

AutoZone Liberty (C-USA No. 1 vs. SEC No. 6)
Houston vs. South Carolina
Motor City (Big Ten No. 7 vs. MAC)
South Carolina vs. Central Michigan

***This bowl could happen since the SEC is limited in their bowl tie-ins but have many bowl eligible teams. SC could move on to play in the Motor City Bowl since the Big Ten lacks a qualifier for this bowl.

Also they are saying it will be a Ohio State vs. Southern Cal Championship game and the SEC will have Arkansas in the BCS; also the ACC is slated to have GT in the BCS.

Monday, November 20, 2006

In the news.....Spurrier leaving?

Not to steal the latest news headline, sports talk or internet story but I thought all the "Spurrier leaving" stories floating around out there are pretty interesting. I wanted to post it here on LOHD for the readership. Here is the latest in this college football news saga.....keep in mind Larry Coker is still the coach and has not been "let go." I don't think the Ole' Ball Coach will leave SC.....SC presents a challenge to him. Numerous experts have told him "you can not win at USC" and to Spurrier this is the biggest thrill....proving them wrong. He did wonders with SC last year and almost got us playing in the SEC Championship. This year has been a "re-building" year and there have been plenty of positives this season to build on. 2007 is looking good for SC. Let's think.........Steve-O is 61 years old, his wife loves living in SC (she has stated this in the media how she wants this to be the last stop), golf is great in the area, they just gave 250 K to USC for the building program and I think all that factors in to him staying until he retires from coaching at the age of 67. Just my guess and I hope I am right......

CSTV reported on Sunday that South Carolina head football coach Steve Spurrier is leaving the Gamecocks to become head coach at Miami. The CSTV website first reported the story here, then stuck by it here despite denials from Spurrier during his Sunday teleconference. You can read the 'denials' about the news with this WIS-TV's piece and this article in The State. Also there is this article in The Miami Herald.

What do you guys think? Is Spurrier leaving USC? Why or Why not?

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Why did you leave??????????????

Plastic man had a decent game last night with 18 points, 7 rebounds and a block in 21 minutes of action against the NBA highest scoring team. After a slow start, it seems Balkman might be picking up some minutes for the Knicks. On the other hand the Carolina basketball team seems to have it own problems, expected to get blow out tonight against Southern Cal, due to pour shooting in there first two games. Carolina will need to get on track early if they have any hopes of making the NCAA tourney come March.

Since I was a Winthrop homer last year I figured I would start that scary rumor again, almost knock off UNC last night

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Puff Puff Give

WCJB-TV 20 Sports has learned Florida defensive end Jarvis Moss has been suspended for Saturday's game against Western Carolina. Moss tested positive for marijuana. After practice Tuesday night, Gator head coach Urban Meyer would only say "We're dealing with something right now, but I'm not ready to announce that."
Moss is one of the top defensive ends in the SEC. The redshirt junior from Denton, Texas has 47 tackles this season, including 4.5 sacks. He is the reigning SEC Special Teams Player of the Week after blocking a field goal at the end of regulation to save Florida's 17-16 win over South Carolina. Moss also blocked an extra point in the victory.

That is right kids the Chicken curse is in full effect this season.

I am sure Spurrier is looking for a appeal by the SEC.

What is the first think you hear after getting slapped by Bobby Knight

Click Clack

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Going Bowl-ling...

A look at the Bowl Projections from ESPN as of Nov. 13th.

Meineke Car Care (Big East or Navy vs. ACC)

Navy vs.Clemson
*** Navy has accepted the invitation.

AutoZone Liberty (C-USA No. 1 vs. SEC No. 6)

Houston vs. South Carolina

At the other end of the spectrum, it looks today like the winner of Ohio State-Michigan will play the winner of USC-Notre Dame in the national championship.

South Carolina has work to do, no question about that. It needs to beat Middle Tennessee this week and then knock off Clemson the week after if it wants something other than the lowest tier bowl. Two wins might get the Gamecocks as high as the Nashville game against a pretty good ACC (No. 5) team such as Maryland.

In need of some black magic...

USC (5-5, 3-5 in SEC) needs some "help" to get to a bowl it seems right now. Having losses in the last four games to ranked opponents by a total of 21 points. It seems that having 6 wins may not be good enough this year....we need 7.

Georgia's 37-15 win over Auburn hurt the Gamecocks bowl hopes in two ways. First, it guaranteed a winning record for the Bulldogs (7-4), who would get the nod over USC if the Gamecocks finish 6-6.

Also, it might have cost the SEC its best shot of sending two teams to BCS bowls. Auburn's loss means that the conference will finish with only one 1-loss team. That could leave nine schools jockeying for the SEC's eight guaranteed bowl slots.

Kentucky (6-4) beat Vanderbilt Saturday to become bowl eligible and eliminate the Commodores from bowl consideration. Kentucky could get to seven wins by beating Louisiana-Monroe next week.

With the move to the 12-game schedule this year, bowls are prohibited from selecting 6-6 teams if there are schools with winning records available.

Our next game is by no means a push over. Middle Tennessee coach Rick Stockstill, a USC assistant from 2004-05, is closing in on a Sun Belt championship in his first season (looks like they will play Troy for the championship). Assured of their first winning season in five years, the Blue Raiders losses have come against three teams ranked in the top 25 -- Maryland (24-10), Oklahoma (59-0) and Louisville (44-17). Then we get to play Klempson, this game is of the type where records do not matter and it is arivalryvalary game. The South Carolina vs. Clemson game will have a noon kickoff on Saturday, Nov. 25 and will be televised either by ESPN or ESPN2.

Again, I am thinking the glass is "half full" and good things are going to happen. Not to mention didn't Spurrier saw after losing to clemson last year that "SC will never lose to clemson again with him as coach......"

Only time will tell......

Monday, November 13, 2006

The 'other' money-maker began.....

Friday night was the beginning of the USC Men's Basketball team....yes the season is already here.

The Gamecocks, who won the past two NIT titles, were on the ropes in this one, trailing 44-38. But at the end the South Carolina team improved to 15-0 all-time against South Carolina State with a 55-52 opening night victory Friday. It was a close and sloppy win but it was a 'W.' Going into the season our beloved Gamecocks are picked to finish 5th in the East. If anyone is in the b-ball mood SportsSouth will do a preview of the SC team at 9pm tonight (11/13/06) so check your cable provider and tune-in.

With that said here is a question:

Will the USC Men's Basketball team go to the NCAA tourney this year or the NIT again?

So close it hurt....

The USC football team gave a heck of a performance in "the swamp" over the weekend. We lead the whole game and yes take away 3 blocked kicks and well.....

This season has taken a toll on the gamecock faithful. We have five losses. All to Top 20 teams. Four of them by a touchdown or less. Three on tipped passes. And one of them - a emotionally-draining 17-16 loss to No. 5 Florida in "The Swamp" - by a fingertip.

I watched 'gameday' in the am on Saturday and saw Corso pick UF to win by 3 touchdowns....what. Let's give SC some credit. This is a 'new' SC that when everyone thought (national media) that Spurrier was making a crazy decision for coming to SC and that he can not win.....well he is slowly putting together a winning program. Last year, we got some breaks and won some big games with lesser talent. No one predicted the season we had last year.

So this year some had high expectations but this year was truly a rebuilding year if you look at it on paper. We have like 10 freshman playing pretty regularly on our team.....unusual in NCAA Div I.....hardly any Seniors besides White, Newton and Bennett. Took some hits with guys going pro in our secondary and our O-Line was a disaster in the beginning of the season. I mean we had 4 out 5 on the line with hardly any game experience. Two current starters are true freshman.....Wow....these kids were playing high school football this time last year.

I could go on and on but I truly believe that the tide is changing. I have said it before though that before we reach the mountain top we have to have the team 'believe.' Holtz tried and got us to a certain level but now is time to "take it up a notch."

We have in place a AD that is going to improve our current program which in today's world is very important to getting good kids to play for your teams. We need better buildings, academic center, etc. We have in place a stellar coach....yes I said stellar. We are getting the recruits in place and as long as the Ole' Ball Coach is coaching no matter the game we always have a fighting chance to win. My only hope is that Spurrier is thinking long term b/c it will take more than 2-3 seasons to change things. We need him to stay at least 7 years (by that time he could be the winningst coach in our history). The fans and media must be patient with USC. All of the losses this season "we had our chance." Yes there has been evidence this season of a talent gap but he are closing that gap. If SC could "buy" a break we all would be singing a different story but it seems that those little things are not going our way (chicken curse?), like a tipped pass actually falling to the ground and not being caught by the opposing team.

So despite the heart breaks this season, I think our "glass is half full."

Friday, November 10, 2006

I am going to say....

I did not think Rutgers would win nor mount a impressive comeback. In case you missed it, the No. 15 Scarlet Knights stunned No. 3 Louisville 28-25 on Thursday night in front of a sellout crowd of 44,111, the largest to ever watch Rutgers play at home.
Here is some info I found interesting this morning:

"Painted on the red brick wall in the north end zone of Rutgers Stadium are the words: "The Birthplace of College Football." The Scarlet Knights were a part of the first college football game played more than 137 years ago, a 6-4 win over Princeton in 1869."

"The Scarlet Knights have played in two bowl games and were largely considered one of the worst teams in the country. For longer than anyone in the New York metropolitan area can remember, Rutgers set the standard for football futility, going 0-11 in 1997, 1-10 in 1999 and 1-11 as recently as 2002."

I hope USC was watching and it is time for the SC football team to begin to believe that you can win at USC. After the game many Rutgers players commented that they are winning because they "believe" in the coach, the fans and the school. Several times this season, I feel we fell short or did not perform on a higher level because the mentality of the team has not fully changed. It is a fact we have had our share of 6-5 seasons and a 0-11 / 1-10 season in there. Yes, there have been bright spots in our history but those are few are far between. BUT to perform at your best you must think you are the best. Spurrier has the team on the right path but it takes the team to begin to believe that they can compete and win the SEC title. We did well last year, got some good recruits in this year and next but until the team begins to believe and "buy in" on the coaching philosophy.... the gamecock faithful will always be happy to see 6 or 7 wins each year.

I guess only time will tell....

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

what is going on in the big 10

By Jack Carey, USA TODAY

Wisconsin coach Bret Bielema isn't a fan of college football's new speed-up-the-game rule that mandates the clock starts when a ball is kicked off rather than when it's received. But if Bielema can use the rule to his team's advantage, he will, and that's just what he did Saturday against Penn State.With Wisconsin having just gone ahead 10-3, Bielema, 36, twice had his team intentionally go offside on kickoffs in the last 23 seconds of the first half, minimizing Penn State's chances to score. The two penalized kicks took 19 seconds off the clock and left Penn State coach Joe Paterno, 79, livid and complaining to officials.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

This is great

Bowl Prediction

Meineke Car Care Bowl
Charlotte, NC
Bank of America Stadium
December 30, 2006,
ACC No. 6 vs. Big East: Clemson vs. Navy

Support the band, at least they have to stay for the whole game

Dear Gamecock fans,
The USC Marching Band has undergone many changes this year, from new music and drill at games to more playing and involvement in the tailgates outside of Williams-Brice. We want to let you know that we have been listening to you. We especially appreciate those of you who have written us with concerns or suggestions, and have been so supportive of the band.To say "thanks" we are going to let YOU decide the music for our last home game against MTSU. Send an email to: ""with the subject VOTE and let us know which of the following shows YOU most want to see:

1) Lynrd Skynrd
2) Dave Matthews
3) Journey
4) Van Halen
5) Heavy Metal (Zeppelin, etc.)

One vote per person please.Again, thank you for your concern and support this year.

Monday, November 06, 2006

The start of the "Renaldo Watch"...

Last week was the start of the NBA season and say what you will about basketball and the NBA......insert comment here.....we, as Gamecock faithful, have new reason to watch.

The reason is one of the Gamecocks own has suited up for the New York Knicks after being drafted in the 1st round with the 20th pick by the Knicks. The high draft pick was a surprise to many if not everyone. The person who is has the most riding on this is Isiah Thomas, Knicks Coach, because they could have easily picked someone else and addressed some needs on the team.

So with all of this being said we here at the LOHD are going to start the "Renaldo Watch" for the 2006-2007 season. Be on the look out for periodic updates concerning news surrounding Balkman and stats from his season. So let the games begin.....

First week stats (ending 11/5/06)

Played in three games last week. Listed on the depth chart as the backup SF. Knicks overall are 1-2 for the season. Balkman has averaged 5 mins of play in those three games. He is currently averaging about 1 point a game with 1 block and 2 rebounds. Not stellar stats by far but has made the hustle plays that has begun to win over the NY crowd. Hustle is his middle name the question is whether it will earn him more PT, right now he is not shooting the ball very well.....

Friday, November 03, 2006

In honor of Ark - kansas....

had to post it....true clip from a U of Ark game earlier this season....and Go Cocks!

(we need this win.....)

Fight night round 2

Vanilla Ice


MC Hammer

In a match up that would have rocked the 90’s in a fight for the death. Who do you have?

Thursday, November 02, 2006

SEC arrests the gamecock.....

In a surprise move today the SEC invaded the Hen house off Shop Road in Columbia and made a surprise arrest. The SEC wanted to shut down "the gamecock" as he is known around town for his loud outbursts during Carolina football games on third downs. During the raid of the Hen house the 'gamecock' was found getting his weekly manicure while watching several hens "shake their tail feathers" to the Nelly song while drinking a handle of "fighting cock." The SEC reported on approaching the 'gamecock' to make the arrest he was over heard saying...."Oh no I heard them bad boys coming...Can't stop now....Got to continue my running...Because we go party till them lights come on."

Several SEC officials received cuts from the encounter but were pleased that this matter has been resolved and no more crowing on third downs. The 'gamecock' gave a statement to the news media at the time stating he was set up by a tiger in purple pants (I know strange sight). He also informed the media that "he is a 'cock and always will rise up for some fun, just doing my part to make everyone smile at games."

Coach Spurrier has vowed to get the best lawyer in Ohio to work the case because...well, he needs a client, so we should hear more from the great legal brain (before it gets corrupted) of "Crummy" on this issue soon. "Crummy" has stated that he plans to use the "Zipper" defense to help free his client. Look for more in the future on this saga......

ultimate fight night

Ok today is fight to the death Thursday

Today’s match is between

Zach Morris from Saved by the Bell


Brandon Walsh from Beverly Hills 90210

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Secret To Meeting Women

It's pretty simple JC. You must have confidence in yourself. If you do not have that you are screwed. Also you really have got to not care. Getting the courage to talk to a random girl is like taking a three wise men shot, the more you think about it the worse you believe it's going to be. Just grab your sack and turn it up without thinking!!! If you doubt yourself, she will doubt you! Also if this is someone you want to have something long term, persistance is the key. There is a big difference between persistance and stalking!! Becareful not to go down the wrong path. Remember having a girl think that is like sneaking out a smelly fart. Once it happens everyone knows!! BE CAREFUL!! Do not call too much!! Have you ever noticed that when you bring your friend with you, we'll just say Jim Beam, you always talk to more people? A little courage in a glass helps. Don't over do it and make an ass of yourself though. Trust me I know from experience. Also, dont act so damn tough all the time, just be yourself. If you suck at being yourself, just be me. On a final note, DON'T FLIP YOUR COLAR UP!!!!!!!!! Let me know how it goes!

Advise Man

P.S. Always remember that out of all the NO's it only takes ONE YES!!!

"Where Have You Been?"

This is the question I have heard for quite a while. Well I'll tell you I have had quite a few experiences and adventures lately. I moved in with this guy for about 6months. I believe he has a drinking problem. He has a dog that has started to destroy everything in site. I think the drunken rages are rubing off on the dog. They always say children copy everything you do. We'll now I'm starting a new chapter in my life, I'm a homeowner. What the hell was I thinking?! I tried to move on Sunday but got destracted by a bushel of oysters and a case of beer. Word of ADVISE, if you have something better to do make sure you do it!! Life is too short to be responsible all the time. Only when absolutely necessary. So I was in Atlanta for a while and actually made an appearance in columbia Monday night. First time I have been back since my departure. I'll tell you I actually missed the place and everyone. I hope all the loyal readers are continuing to read the true blog LHD. Little secret (from the inside informer) SOD is corupt! I'll end with that. Hope everyone is doing well and let me know if you need a little advise. I'm here with the answer!

Advise Man

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Monday, October 30, 2006

Results from Saturday

I would like to thank everybody who participated in our first annual tailgating chili cook off; we had 4 great contestants with all original recipes. We have 29 people vote on the chili including Stanly the owner of the tailgating lot, who has competed in 5 chili cook off’s himself. Well here are the winners………

Best name goes too……. Kat’s Coot Fire Chili

Best Flavor goes too…… Project Widow Maker

Hottest goes too…. Dev’s bowtie Chili aka Dev’s ketchup mess, Dev’s Damn spaghetti

Tom-tom did receive one vote for hottest

Most original goes to... Blake’s Buffalo Chicken chili.

Best write in vote.... Worst f***ing chili ever.. dev's bowtie chili


I will post pictures later this week, as I am having some computer problems.

Friday, October 27, 2006

It's a Garnet Day....

So it has been urged to wear the color Garnet to the SC vs. Tenn game....hopefully we can have more success this time than our last coordinated color wearing day.

So everyone wear your Garnet with pride for the game!

Amber Alert

A message from State of SC, an Amber Alert was released at 11:23 on October 26, 2006 for a 2006 Clemson ACC title, last seen in a Burgundy and Orange steamroller with a license plate ORE 203. Was born in the spring as ACC champs but was lost on October 26, 2006 in Blacksburg, Virginia. If you have seen this championship please call your local police station because it was stolen from Clemson.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Letter from WSU and how clemson sucks

Hello Gamecock fans,

Congratulations on your season so far and on getting ESPN GameDay to come to Columbia once again. I was there when they came for the UGA game two years ago and it was a great atmosphere. I will be there again on Saturday, and I'm hoping for a repeat of that atmosphere.The reason I'm here is that I -and a couple of my fellow Cougs- will be waving the Washington State flag Saturday morning, as we do at every GameDay location since 2003. (42 straight and counting.) After some of the experiences I've had, I thought I'd try a sort of pre-emptive explanation kind of thing. Let me preface this by saying South Carolina has had, bar none, the most hospitable, congenial, and downright friendly GameDay crowd that I've experienced.Like I said, for 42 straight GameDays, the Washington State flag has made it to GameDay. The flag "kit" is FedEx-ed around the country to various Cougs who live near the GD site for that weekend. The tradition started very much by accident. An alum happened to have a flag in Texas while GameDay was in Austin, and another alum in the midwest contacted him a couple weeks later to get the flag on another GameDay. And voila, a tradition was born.The stated goal of the Ol' Crimson Booster Club is: "If GameDay won't come to Pullman, we'll bring Pullman to GameDay." GameDay has made a grand total of 6 trips west of the Rockies. One to Salt Lake City, one to Tempe, AZ, and four to LA. Five of the six games involved the other USC. We're trying to get some exposure for not only Washington State, but the rest of the Pac-10 as well.That being said, we're not here to rain on your GameDay parade. We respect the fact that it is "your GameDay" and we respect the fact that we are guests on your campus. We're here, just like all the other fans, to celebrate the spectacle that is college football, and the brilliance that is College GameDay. We know we're "not in Pullman." We know Washington State isn't "playing here today." We know that nobody east of the Mississippi "cares about Washington State." But GameDay previews all the games that day, not just the one on location. And we care about Washington State enough to fly a little flag on national TV every Saturday in the fall, in the hopes of getting some notice for our football team. Quite coincidentally, we've won some admirers and fans along the way. Anything we can do for Wazzu is a bonus. Surely you won't notice one WSU flag in the midst of 500 USC flags/signs?Honestly, I expect no problems on Saturday. When I was in Columbia last time, the crowd was the best I've ever had for a GameDay. You USC fans might like this: I was in Clemson last week, and it was the most hostile crowd I've ever faced. Possibly the worst crowd any Coug has faced in the past 3 years. We had beer cans thrown at us. We had Clemson fans threatening physical violence, questioning our sexual orientation, trying to hit flag out of my hands with a pole, chanting "BURN THE FLAG! BURN THE FLAG!" Just all-around jerks about it, with a few notbale exceptions. But a couple of USC fans had braved the Clemson mob and embedded themselves next to us as a sort of show of solidarity. Very cool of them to throw themselves into the fire like that. Further cemented y'all's place in my mind as the #1 group of GameDay fans.So by all means, come up to us and say hi, ask questions, take pictures with the flag, invite us to your tailgate (lol), etc. We love to talk football and we're more than willing to take a few minutes and shoot the breeze. If you've taken the time to read this, thanks. See you on Saturday and good luck against the Vols.
GameDay sites + Ol' Crimson + Me:
Columbia, SC 9/11/2004
Raleigh, NC 10/23/2004
Hotlanta 12/4/2004
Blacksburg, VA 11/4/2005
Clemson, SC 10/21/2006
Columbia, SC 10/28/2006

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

NC State Finally wins

NC state won the Smash mouth Bass finishing National Championship today, this is a real college sport. Check it out. If I had only know that I could have gone to school on a scholarship for fishing.

Gameday Signs

With ESPN Gameday coming on Saturday, we will need some "Corso Sucks signs" since he will not pick Carolina to win a game this season, he even picked Vandy last week when they were in Clemson.

Here are a couple signs that I saw on gameday a couple weeks ago...

Monday, October 23, 2006

What is that smell

Well fall is in the air with Gameday coming to Columbia on Saturday for a great match up with the University Tennessee rolling in here. The big question is can Fat Phil get the goat off his back? Keeping in tradition of Spurrier kicking Tennessee ass at Florida and then again last year pulling it out with a field goal in Knoxville.

This week at tailgating will be our first annual Tailgating Chili Cook-off, so dust off your chili recipes and get ready to tailgate. The early spread has Dev’s “its never to spicy” chili as the favorite to win the cook-off. So if you think you can stack up again the big boys, bring your chili on down.

See you all on Saturday….

Rumor Mill: Gameday to Carolina?

Rumor goes like this----That ESPN Gameday and its' crew are coming down for the UT vs. USC game this weekend.

Is Gameday coming to Carolina for the UT game?? The news has been flowing from many "sources" but no official word yet.....anyone out there know different or is it true?

Saturday, October 21, 2006

SC Trivia questions for today......

1. Name South Carolina's Highest Draft pick and at what draft order / selection number?

2. How many 1st round selections has SC produced?

3. Name the player for SC that has the most single game receptions (hint: set against Vandy and not a guy named rice)?

4. Mark Fleetwood in 1982 kicked a field goal for ____ yards against UGA and this yardage is the longest field goal in SC football history......can you fill in the blank?

5. What year did SC begin playing football as a college sport? (Hint we lost to Furman in Charleston by the score of 44-0.)

Friday, October 20, 2006

Oprah today, Dr. Phil tomorrow, Judge Judy on Monday

Bonus Trivia - from the General

1. What is the most played rivalry in the US?

2. The SEC started in 1933. Since then who has the most conference championships?

3. What year was the first SEC championship game held? Who played, and who won?

4. Who is the only player to win the Heisman, the Maxwell, the O’Brien, and become the first overall pick in the draft?

5. Only 5 of the current 12 SEC schools have had a player win the Heisman trophy? Name the schools, and if you can the players.

6. What was the total attendence number for the SEC last year (w/in 100,000 either way)?

7. Where did these NFL players go to college?

a. Rex Grossman (CHI)
b. Alex Smith (SFO)
c. Kordell Stewart (ret)
d. Artose Pinner (DET)

e. Thoams Jones (CHI)
f. Ken Stabler (ret)
g. Philip Rivers (SD)
h. Jay Fiedler (NYJ)
i. Jeff Wilkins (STL)


If you don't know, this is how it is going to go down

The South Carolina-Vanderbilt football game will be available via pay-per-view at 3 p.m. Saturday on Time Warner Cable. The cost is $24.95.
Those who have a digital converter can order the game using their remote control by tuning to channel 549. Once the order has been completed, a confirmation will appear on-screen that states "You are authorized for USC Vs. Vandy".

I am going to come over to your house, eat your food, drink you beer, flirt with your women and watch the game for free.

See you at 3.....

A few Friday trivia questions.....

1. Start easy......In 1992, the SEC expanded from 10 to 12 teams what where the teams?

2. How many Div. 1 - A college football teams are there in Texas?

3. In 1982, Herschel Walker edged this player for the Heisman in 1982....Can you name that player? (Hint: think Denver)

4. Name the teams that play in the rivalary known as the 'Egg Bowl?'

5. Name the team that handed Florida State its' first ACC Conference loss?

6. Name the SEC’s 2005 Offensive Player of the Year.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Mid-day poll question

What is the better football game

UVA vs. UNC tonight on espn


Byrnes High vs. Gaffney tonight on Foxsports

Thrusday Trivia

1.) If a player is drafted in the NFL and doesn't receive a contract(holdout), can he enter the following years draft?


3.) Where did Barry Bonds play his college baseball?

4.) Who lead the Gamecocks in Home Runs during the 2006 baseball season?

5.) Who lead the Gamecocks in Home runs in 2002? (hint: Gray should know this)

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

More Trivia

What is the oldest Bowl game in college football?

2000 college football season, who was the winner of the Walker Award for best running back?

Also in 2000 who was the National Defensive player of the year (Nagurski Award)? (hint – he is J-rod’s favorite player)

Who was the last Ohio State football player to win the Heisman and in what year?

In what year did Barry Sanders win the Heisman?

Did Spurrier win his heisman before or after OJ Simpson won his?

Prior to Reggie Bush, who was the last Running back to win the Heisman?

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Who wants more

Ok as an additional post for Trivia week, just to keep the small talk up.

Who is a bigger tool bag and why

Lamar Thomas


Steve Lyon’s

Both fired this week from there respectable sports show.

Trivia Day #2

1.)How many SEC championships did Spurrier win at Florida?

2.) Who was the coach of Georgia Tech for the 1990 national championship team?

3.)Which stadium had the largest capacity of any NCAA facility in the 2005 season?

4.) Which college shared The Coliseum with the Tennessee Titans of the NFL?

5.) Which Mountain West college played at LaVell Edwards Stadium?

6.)What name was shared by the stadiums used by the Universities of Illinois, Indiana, California, and Kansas?

7.) Which Pac 10 college played at Martin Stadium?

Monday, October 16, 2006

Trivia week Day #1

Well Poll week is over and now it is time to see how much you know, Trivia week and we will try and play now your opponent Friday, so study up on your Vandy knowledge. (Please don’t use internet or google to answer questions, try to use your football knowledge. These questions should be pretty easy.)

1.) In 2005, 10 of the 12 members of the Big 12 wore helmets which included the school initial(s) as all or part of the logo. Which were the two colleges that had helmets which did not include the school initials?

2.) In one of the closest races in Heisman history, what Quarterback lost by only 76 points in the 2000 Heisman voting?

3.)There were only four independent colleges playing Division 1-A football in 2005. Three of those schools wore plain gold helmets with no logo. Which was the only one that did not?

4.) Who was the starting Quarterback before Phil Petty came to South Carolina?

5.) Who did South Carolina lose to in ruining their chances for a national championship in 1984?

6.) Who was South Carolina's first loss to in the 2000 season?

Good luck to all!!!!!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday the 13th edition of the poll week questions.

Favorite horror movie?

What scared you the most as a child/Adult?

Best Halloween costume from back in the day.

Jason or Freddy ?

Friday Sports Poll Questions

1. Who would win if the game was played - Temple or Byrnes High School?
2. Will the Panthers make it to the Super Bowl this year?
3. If West Virginia and O-Hi-O State played who would win?
4. Will Clemson win the ACC title this year ?
5. How many years will Steve Spurrier stay at USC?

Post your comments.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Political Poll Question

With the election very near and the balance of the US House at stake not to mention the state races. Here are some political questions for today.

(Background---The Democrats only need to pick up 15 seats to take back control of the House. The GOP has held power in the house for a decade now but GOP leadership and most newspapers say the GOP could lose 7 to 30 seats.)

1. Will the GOP lose control of the US House this election cycle??? Yes or no and do explain.

2. Sanford or Moore?

3. Rex or Floyd?

4. Looking in the future for a possible Senate matchup, Graham or Ravenel?

5. And Looking ahead, by most predictors, for Prez in 08--- McCain or Clinton?

Throwback Thursday Poll day #4

1.) Nintendo or Sega
2.) All-time favorite Video game
3.) All-time favorite sports video game
4.) If Mario and Sonic the hedgehog got into a fight, who would win and why

5.) All-time favorite arcade game (aladins castle for life)

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Wednesday random poll question day #3

1.) Biggest Pet peeve?

2.) You are trapped on a desert island and you can only have one item, what would it be?

3.) If you could have any super hero's power, which power would it be?

4.) If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

During the off week, what does Steve Spurrier do?

Quote from Steve Spurrier from last night at WWE RAW in Columbia,

“I watch RAW every Monday on TV, but this is my first live show,” said Spurrier. “All these guys are incredible athletes, but I came to see the Nature Boy.”

Facial Hair and 70's porn(the return of stash stallion)

November 2 is the Journey and Def Leopard concert here in Columbia; it will also be national facial hair day for all that is going. So remember don’t be a shower, be a grower. All mustaches (high school mustache, handlebars, fu Manchu and Moustachio), are welcome as well as weird beards, soul patches (flavor-saver), sideburns and the van dyke.

We will be having a contest for best facial hair as well as photo’s post on this blog, so stay tuned.

If you are not attending the concert please send a picture of your facial hair if you would like to be in the contest.

Poll questions day 2

More fun High School or College?

Favorite year of School and why?

Favorite sport to play in School?

Favorite school lunch-room meal?

Finally, Most embarrassing story from either High school or College?

MLB Poll...

The table has been set and now the question is "Who will win the World Series?"

1. Tigers
2. Mets
3. A's
4. Cardinals

My vote is for the Tigers to win over the Mets in a nice 4-3 battle. Tigers have not won it in a long time........What do you guys think?

Monday, October 09, 2006

Poll week

Since this is the Bye week for Carolina football (man this season is flying), we will be having poll question week to talk about something other then gamecock football. These questions will be random and about any number of topics about college, life, and most importantly drinking.

Day 1

1.) Favorite beer?
2.) Favorite bar?
3.) Favorite bar food?
4.) Favorite bar Game?

Friday, October 06, 2006

Where are our donors?

Anyone notice that the Former Morgan Stanley chairman and CEO Philip J. Purcell announced this past Thursday he was contributing $12.5 million (total 24 million dollar project) toward the new improvemnts with the Notre Dame Basketball Arena project, which includes replacing 5,763 bleacher seats with chairs and building a two-story entrance that will house an expanded retail store, ticket offices and a 16,500 square foot hospitality area that will include premium club seating for nearly 800 fans.

Purcell said his days as a Notre Dame student in the early 1960s were "among the best of his life and that sports were an integral part of that."

We need some South Carolina donors to do something like this.......where is rishi?

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A Good Read for today........ACC - weak?

Saw this article on and decided it was worthy to be posted here today. Do read discusses the state of the ACC from a competitive standpoint.

"THAT CLEMSON’S GAME against Wake Forest on Saturday has championship implications tells you everything you need to know about the state of ACC football.

It is pretty sorry.

Boston College struggles to defeat Central Michigan and Brigham Young. Duke is shut out by Division I-AA Richmond. Florida State squeaks by Troy. Maryland barely beats Florida International. Miami is trounced by Louisville and hangs on to defeat Houston. North Carolina defeats I-AA Furman by a point. North Carolina State loses to Akron and Southern Mississippi. Virginia falls to Western Michigan.

The big-time wins outside the conference? This will be a short paragraph. Wake Forest won at Mississippi, which is 1-4. If you need more evidence that the league is wallowing in mediocrity, consider that No. 15 Clemson is the ACC’s highest-ranked team. Not since the final regular-season poll of the 2002 season has the ACC not had a team ranked 15th or higher.
Tommy Bowden says it is too early to make judgments about the conference. “I think the proper evaluation can be after the season,” Bowden said Tuesday. “I think it is awfully early to start evaluating the strength of conferences right now. After four games there are some conferences that are showing more strength and have got more teams in the top 20, top 10 or top 25.”

Actually, with the season approaching the halfway point, there is no better time to evaluate a conference’s strength. Most nonconference games have been played, so we should have a good idea of how a league stacks up in head-to-head competition against other leagues.
Jeff Sagarin makes a living ranking these kinds of things for USA Today. Who knows if his rankings have merit, but they probably are as accurate as any other such listings. Sagarin has the ACC ranked fifth, behind the Pacific-10, Big Ten, Southeastern and Big 12. Fifth does not sound bad until you consider that only the Big East among Bowl Championship Series conferences is ranked lower.

The ACC’s fall has been substantial considering Sagarin ranked the league No. 1 following the 2005 season. Next, in order, were the Pacific-10, Big 12, Big Ten and SEC.
So what happened?

“It’s going to be interesting to see how it (plays) out toward the end,” Bowden says. “It’s always going to go in cycles anyway.”

The down cycle for the ACC probably can be attributed to two major factors. First, the league lost an unusually high number of players to the National Football League. Also, the league’s three perennial powers — Florida State, Miami and Virginia Tech — appear to have fallen off.
The NFL took 12 players from the ACC in the first round of the 2006 draft, including four off the Florida State roster. All total, 51 players from the ACC were selected by NFL teams. That is an average of more than four star players per team that left the league.
For whatever reason, Florida State, Miami and Virginia Tech appear to have become middle-of-the-ACC-pack teams in the same season. Florida State is ranked 17th, and Virginia Tech is 21st. Miami is unranked.

“With none of those three being (ranked high), I think it gives the perception that it’s a down year,” Bowden says. “Maybe by the end of the year somebody else might jump up there, or one of those three might end up there.”

Clemson probably stands the best chance among ACC teams of jumping into the top 10 because the Tigers appear to be the league’s strongest team. Georgia Tech, which is ranked 18th, might be next. Florida State could end up highly ranked because it has a favorable schedule remaining.
Boston College is 4-1 but is likely to stumble once or twice the rest of the way. That leaves Wake Forest, which at 5-0 is off to its best start since 1987. Wake Forest’s record and Clemson’s strong showing to start the season make Saturday’s showdown in Winston-Salem, N.C., a game that could go a long way in determining the ACC’s Atlantic Division championship.

While that speaks well for Wake Forest and Clemson, it does not say a lot about the league and its overall strength, or lack thereof, this season." written by Ron Morris

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A little look at the political races...

From WLTX/SurveyUSA poll conducted Sept 26 - Sept 28:

Tommy Moore (D) — 46%
Mark Sanford (R) — 50%

Lt. Governor:
Robert Barber (D) — 48%
Andre Bauer (R) — 49%

Grady Patterson (D) — 49%
Thomas Ravenel (R) — 49%

Supt. of Education:
Karen Floyd (R) — 50%
Jim Rex (D) — 38%

(The margin of error is 4.7%.)

Out of those races who do you, the readers of LOHD, favor?

Monday, October 02, 2006

Careful when you call 911 in clemson...

If you call 911 in clemson on gameday, be careful who treats you.

This is a interesting idea and takes Tailgating to the Extreme (or just dumb depending on how you look at it)......I saw this pic in a publication in a Greenville newspaper. It shows Suzanne and Tripp Wingard and their converted ambulance. It has tvs, a sitting area inside, speakers, cooler and plenty of storage on top of a 'ugly' paint job.

They made it a tailgating "emergency response vehicle."

What? Just when you think you have seen it all, a klempson fan goes and does something like this...

Monday Water Cooler Talk....

Interesting Spurrier Quotes...

"I don't want our fans to boo, but please don't clap when we come close," Spurrier told reporters on Friday. "I think it sends the wrong message. Our guys thought we'd done something pretty good, when in essence we didn't do anything but let a game get away that we were in a position to win."

"I don't know if any coach has ever told our fans, 'Please don't clap after we get beat. Even after the Clemson game (a 13-9 loss in 2005), they were clapping like, 'Well, we thought we were going to get clobbered and we didn't get clobbered. So that's OK.' It's not OK. We had a game we had a chance to win ... and we didn't do it."

I have to agree with him b/c we have to change the thinking of the team and of the fans....every game we should think we can win! Comments....

Stat of the weekend

Northern Illinois running back Garrett Wolfe was busy putting on a show for the 10,128 folks gathered at Scheumann Stadium in Muncie, Ind. Despite being interrupted by a 55-minute weather delay during the first quarter, Wolfe rushed for 353 yards -- the 13th-highest total in Division I-A history -- in NIU's 40-28 win over Ball State. And that after his first two carries of the game both lost yardage. All of a sudden, Wolfe is within range of a record many college football fans thought would never fall. Barry Sanders averaged an astounding 238.9 rushing yards per game in 1988, and no player has even reached 200 ypg in a season since then. After five games in 2006, Wolfe is averaging 236.2 yards on the ground. Sure, it hardly seems conceivable to keep up this pace, but if he stays anywhere close to his current clip of 9.3 yards per carry, anything's possible.

Friday, September 29, 2006

AU vs USC recap...

Good article on espn and check out the video when you click here.

Also a reader of LOHD gave us this article and it is here.

No matter how you look at it the Gamecocks played a heck of a game and Auburn was lucky to leave ole' willy with a 'W.' The crowd was the loudest it has been in a long (very long) time and it was a perfect night for football. Looking onward to the rest of the season ... let's only hope that Carolina plays like that every game and use the loss to auburn as a building block.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Gameday Preview of da Tigers vs. da Gamecocks...

Let's hope USC has more luck than this gamecock....

Auburn preview

7:45 ESPN
Williams-Brice Stadium Columbia, SC
Auburn -14 O/U 37

By the fifth game of the season, everyone is starting to get an idea how the season is going to unfold. With that in mind, this preview will be less about match-ups and more focused on what SC needs to do to win.

News out of Auburn this week

Little has changed for Auburn. Running back Kenny Irons (if you don't know who he is watch on Thursday, you will) is back after sitting out the Buffalo game. He is 100% and the single biggest obstacle for the Gamecocks to overcome. His brother, #4 CB David Irons, has been running his mouth most of the week about how he is going to cover Sidney one-on-one. Auburn is often found in man coverage, but they are unlikely to do that against Sidney. If they are dumb enough to do that, it may not matter if Syvelle or Blake is lying on his back. (more on that later).

South Carolina this week

Syvelle is going to start. After throwing a school record 5 touchdown passes last week why shouldn't he? Cory Boyd wants to play badly and has said that he will come hell or high water. Spurrier interjected that Boyd will only play if he is 100%. With the vagaries of ankle injuries being what they are, Boyd's status will be a gametime decision.

What probably will happen

Auburn will score ... a lot. This game has the potential to be similar in score to last year. The only thing that makes me hesitant to call this a for sure blowout is the vegas line of 14. For some reason (probably because they are experts and have millions of dollars riding on the accuracy of their lines) Vegas tends to be really accurate for the most part with their lines no matter how ridiculous they seem when they open on Monday.

Look for a heavy dose of Kenny Irons and a South Carolina defense that can only hope to contain him. Look for SC's o-line to be overpowered and outmatched all game. This isn't what is going to happen or what has to happen, but it is what is most likely to happen.

That being said, it will still be worth the Gamecocks time to show up and try to win. They can in fact win, but they need many things to go their way.

How South Carolina can win

1. Make Auburn pass

Why - Because it's not running. Auburn is second in the conference and twenty-seventh in the nation in rushing offense averaging 184 ypg. They are seventh in conference and 69th in the nation in passing averaging 183 ypg. Conversely South Carolina is 11th in the conference and 101st in the nation in rushing defense (remember 290 yds by Wofford). The big suprise is SC is 2nd in conference and 3rd in the nation in pass defense. SC has to have the game play to its strengths.

How can USC possibly make Auburn abandon its vaunted running game? By making it ineffective. South Carolina will have to stack the box and have career games from its defensive linemen and linebackers. Corners will be left on islands, and if that wasn't bad enough they are going to have to be strong in run support as well (Fred, I'm looking your way).

2. Get some turnovers

The value of turnovers has been extolled for generations. A rudimentary recounting of their importance would only waste time here. A big part of turnovers is being in the right place at the right time and having the offense commit mistakes. Admittedly there is an element of luck involved, but that element will have to be heavily in South Carolina's favor to pull off the shocker.

3. Get good field position

Field position makes scoring easier. It also magnifies opponent's mistakes while minimizing your own. USC will not start in good field position after Auburn kicks off. Something like 88% of their kicker's kicks go for touchbacks. SC can win the punting game though. USC is #1 in the country in net punting averaging 43 yards per punt. This sometimes overlooked factor will play a big part if South Carolina wins the game.

4. Score

Seems obvious doesn't it? USC has to maximize its opportunities. Think the opposite of the Georgia game (something like Tennessee last year shoud do). SC needs to get into scoring position more than a few times. FGs made at a bare minimum, and more likely USC needs TDs every chance they get.

5. Block someone

SC has to find a way for the offensive line to block. The mistakes being made by this line so far this season include pretty much every one known: missed assignments, slow reaction, false starts, holding, and plain old getting beat. Running lanes would be something nice to ask for from this group, but it might be too much to ask. Pass protection (which is easier to do than run blocking) has to be priority one. This line has had parts of games here and there where they gave adequate protection. For South Carolina to win, the protection must be better than here and there.