Monday, December 28, 2009

Know your UConn Huskies: LB Lawrence Wilson

This is the third installement of "Know your UConn Huskies" and this time we want to introduce you to a kid in their linebacking corp that must be accounted for on every play... his name is Lawrence Wilson.

He is 6 foot 1 inch and every bit 220 pounds.  This redshirt junior is one of the top players at his position (weakside linebacker) in the Big East with a team-leading 136 tackles (11.3 tackles per game), including 10 TFLs, 4 sacks and 3 forced fumbles. Only three players in the FBS averaged more tackles per game than Wilson.

Along with those excellent stats, he also is playing to prove something. His hometown is only a 30-minute drive from Legion Field in Birmingham, and said his father is trying to secure around 40 tickets for family and friends to attend the game.

I know USC has faced many good linebackers this season and this is just yet again another good one they must plan their attack around.

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