Monday, November 12, 2007

Ain't nothing like some beans and meat

The 2nd annual tailgate chili cook-off was a hit. We had 5 participants this year and I felt like everybody’s chili turned out great. Hopefully we will have a 3rd cook-off next year with even more participants. After tallying up all the votes, we had some pretty close races between best taste and most creative.

Winners of the 2nd annual tailgate chili cook-off

Best Name……El Scorcho Bungholio chili

Best Taste (which was decided by 2 votes)
1st place….. 3 bean gut grenade chili
2nd place… Old Fart’s chili

Most Creative chili (which was decided by 1 vote)
1st place…. Big Angry’s Jacked up rooster chili
2nd place... Buck Wild Hot N’ Cocky Chili

BTC written were pretty good this year as well.

Megan’s Awesome Cornbread received the most votes but in a distant 2nd was Stacy’s cheese dip. Also receiving votes was

Penny’s hot ass soup
TomTom’s Gator
Bring back the bowtie chili…. I need to throw up
Stacy’s suck ass chili with cheese

Well thanks to all that participated see you at the Clemson game.

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Anonymous said...

The Clemson University-University of South Carolina football game on Nov. 24 will be broadcast on ESPN2.

Kickoff is scheduled for 7 p.m.