Thursday, July 02, 2009

3 areas of the USC football team that is questionable

As I ponder the upcoming football season now that it is 63 days away till we take on NCSU...I wanted to take a quick look at the 3 areas of question of the team on paper from my point of view heading into the season. No particular order -

1. Offensive line: Not being able to find a quarterback has no doubt cost Steve Spurrier in his first four seasons at South Carolina, but inconsistent play in the offensive line has been just as damaging. Spurrier likes his new line coach, Eric Wolford, (as does LOHD) but how it all comes together up front for the Gamecocks remains to be seen. This is a area that can only go up due to sorry play the last two seasons. Everyone knows that the heart of a offense scheme is the O-line. If they can block - Garcia has time to create, if they can run block - then the USC backs have running get the picture.

2. USC Secondary: Losing so many the last few years to the NFL is great but the down size is you lose really good talent. So here we are again, where we have been before due to USC being "DB Univ." This time is a little different due to the inexperience we have on the roster that is slated to be starters. I trust this latest crop of youngsters will live up to the precedent that was set for them by Dunta Robinson, Andre Goodman, etc. However, this area is weak on paper but has the talent to do good things...only time will tell as the gamecock coaches have some "potential" in a pair of true freshmen -- cornerback Stephon Gilmore and safety DeVonte Holloman.

3. QB #2?: Okay, you could easily say Garcia. But I am holding out hope for th kid. I want to say and trust that he has grown up now and got all the "kids will be kids" nonsense out of his system. But the real issue I feel is more of "what" and "who" is behind him? Yes, "in Garcia we trust" is the motto for the start of '09 but if he goes down..whatca got? Scary to think that Garcia and the hopes of the gamecock football team is one ankle twist away from a lot more questions but that is also how a good sports movie runs right. So maybe we will see pleasant surprises from this crop of QBs, heck they have a Heisman winning teacher to learn from.

Honorable metion --- USC FG unit now that Ryan Succop is gone. A FG within 45 is not longer a sure bet.


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