Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Pumped about USC Coach Eric Wolford

This off season has hads its storylines from recruiting to arrests to prepartion for next year. I have enjoyed the updates and storys I read about USC's Eric Wolford, the new offensive line coach/run game coordinator.

Here is a good story about him - HERE - from But here are the quotes I love as LOHD for about 3 years now has been pleading that the biggest issue for the USC football team is it does not have the "fire in the belly." Before I get to the quotes, you may be thinking what is "fire in the belly" and no it is not bad taco bell. It is the hunger to win, to squash your opponent to go out there for the entire game/season and prove to the world why you are a gamecock. I think you get the picture basically it is about closing and doing your job at a high level with intensity. We have been lacking this desire over the last few years, I mean go to #6 in the polls to not making a bowl....I will stop there.

Alright back to the quotes from USC's Wolford --
  • "I'm trying to get those guys to understand it's a 24-hour commitment not just a two hour commitment each day.”
  • "If you're willing to meet me half way you will be successful. I think we might have some freshman come in and take somebody's job this year.”
I love his response to this question...Will the offensive line be tougher in 2009?

“I hope so. We have to play harder and be more physical and tenacious. Those are the things I expect to see. Spring was a filling out process for the guys to see what I was like and what I wanted. As a player you have to be willing to be coached. Our job is to take them where they can't take their self. When we get into fall we're going to finish this deal up and go up there and I expect guys to play with their hair on fire.”

I really think he along with the entire coaching staff is getting some of these boys in line and making it clear to them what it takes to play in the SEC. LOHD is a big fan of Coach Wolford and the other new coaches - Craig Fitzgerald ,Jay Graham ,Johnson Hunter ,G.A. Mangus and Lorenzo Ward . We love the new energy and hope it translates to the field.

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