Thursday, December 03, 2009

Gamecocks & Pitt in Bowl?

Pitt v USC?  Gamecocks v Panthers?  Ugh, that actually makes me a little nervous thinking about the 7-5 gamecocks facing a very good Pitt team in the Jan. 2 bowl game. 

The Birmingham News reported today that it might not be UConn or South Florida to face South Carolina in the Bowl as most, including LOHD, figures will play out.  It might actually be Pitt that gets to face the gamecocks. Yeap, if the Panthers lose this weekend to the favored & undefeated Cincinnati, Pitt could fall from the BCS glory to Birmingham.  That is a big drop but still a chance and a chance that the PapaJ officals are thinking about.  Could give Pitt more reason to play hard vs Cinncy?


I much prefer to see SC take on UConn or USF than Pitt.  Not sold on this scenario playing out but lots of football to play this weekend and of course bowl situations to be finalized....  Oh the bowl scenario drama.........


gamecock man said...

Pitt has a great record, but they haven't beaten anybody worth noting and lost to N. C. State and the same West Virginia team that Auburn romped around on. Color me unimpressed. The truth is that the Big East is about as good as the WAC or MWC, so you should only fear teams like Boise, Cinci, or the old WVU and Louisville teams that totally romp through the conference. Any team that loses conference games in the Big East is average in the SEC, Big 12, or Pac-10. Not saying they're not capable of giving us a game, but that they wouldn't have sniffed those nine wins in our conference.

Personally, I'd love Pitt. I think we'd win and we'd get more credit for it than we would against UConn or USF.

Allvitalherbals said...

Great this team was won this tournament congrats.

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uscgc07 said...

Pitt would run all over us. Did you see Lewis run the ball today? Put up like 200 yards on the ground. Nothing big, either, just a steady flow of missed tackles and 5-10 yard runs.

I'd much rather play UConn or USF - very beatable opponents.