Wednesday, June 03, 2009

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There are 92 days until the football season opener.
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Snead said...

I'm curious what y'all think about the ticket sales issue.

I can tell you my parents, season ticket holders for 33 years, will probably make this their last season. Now they are retired and feel like there's better things to do than devote all day to a football game you could easily watch on tv, but the rising ticket prices and poor return on the field are causes as well. Does that make them "disloyal"? I don't think so. I think they are just tired of the pyramid scheme known as Gamecock football.

Show me another product where the price continues to rise while quality does not improve?

Old Fan said...


In this day in age, I am going to have to agree with you. I don't think your parents are disloyal, I just think many gamecock fans are having to make decisions about what is really important to them. Failing economy, raising ticket prices, the option to watch every game in the comforts of your own home and staying of the of the blazing heat of Columbia every Saturday in early fall.

On the other hand, I think Spurrier has the program moving in the right direction. Carolina is pulling in recruits that want to play, and will give the time and effort to be the best they can be on the field. We are building new athletic facilty's that will help recruit top players from not only SC but across the county.

Somebody asked me this question a while back and I still don't have a answer for it. "Are gamecock fans that loyal, or was football just something to do on Saturday's in the fall because tickets were the right price for a lot of people."

Flounder said...

interesting...I put this out there to everyone as I want to hear more about this...I also will address my thoughts on this subject soon...Snead and Old fan are on to something.

Snead said...

Good stuff, Old Fan.

And we also have to consider the arms race going on in college football today. It's not enough to have a good coach, you have to have a good everything! Academic centers, weight rooms, dorms, etc., etc. All that leads to $$$ and I certainly believe the supporters of the program, not the University itself, should foot the bill.

In short, if we want it, we have to pay for it. But some people either can't or don't want to keep paying in year after year. And that's their decision, not a reflection of their "loyalty".

Anonymous said...

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