Friday, September 18, 2009

South Carolina Gamecocks vs FAU Owls Preview/Prediction

This coming weekend the Owls travel to Columbia to take on the Gamecocks. The Florida Atlantic Owls enjoyed a weekend without football last week and had time to regroup after traveling to Nebraska on September 5, losing 49-3 to the Cornhuskers.

This game is Columbia will feature two of the 12 active coaches who own national championship rings (Spurrier & Howard Schnellenberger). The last time these two teams played was on September 23, 2006 when the Gamecocks defeated the Owls 45-6 in Williams-Brice Stadium.

These Owls aren't quite Howard Schnellenberger's 1983 Miami team, but the FAU coach will be looking for another upset victory versus the Spurrier lead gamecocks. And this is not a team to overlook with an Ole Miss game starring you in the face next week. The Nebraska score may seem like this way be a cake walk but if mistakes are made then it could result in a heartbreaking loss. And Gamecocks do not need that after “what should have been” versus Georgia last week.

I feel Spurrier will try out some new guys at positions, try a few new plays and keep it simple versus the Owls because the Ole Miss game is huge coming up. So look for USC to try to jump out to a quick lead then start changing personnel. If things go as plan this should allow USC not to stress too much and cruise to a win. But again – no overlooking this game.

FAU on Defense – Very strong in the secondary with 3 veterans but weak in most other areas. Linebacking corp was hit hard by graduations but have speed. Josh Savidge is a good tackle up front that will make running up the middle tough for USC but I feel the big nasty’s for Carolina will figure out how to open some holes. Defense as a whole has lots of questions and USC will be looking to take full advantage of come Saturday night.

FAU on Offense – Rusty Smith will try to do better versus the gamecocks than he did versus the cornhuskers. In that game he was 15-31, 164 yds, 2 INT. There run game was bleak but did have Alfred Morris rack up 85 yds rushing. Go to guy is Cortez Gent and USC will try to stuff the run and shut down Gent.

USC on Offense – Look for Spurrier to do much of the same that he did versus Georgia with a variety of play-calling. Look for a nice balance between passing and rushing early but then to be more rushing as the game wears on. Spurrier wants to get a strong lead early so he can be a bit more conservative down the stretch so Ole Miss doesn’t have much to review in tape. Expecting a healthy dose of rushing blended in with some timely throws to keep the clock moving. Garcia will put up over 200 yds passing and Carolina rushing attack will have over 175 yds.

USC on Defense – The Ellis Johnson coached boys are looking to prove why they are considered one of the best defenses in the SEC. Georgia did not go as planned so look for this group to be fired up and get after it. FAU is a little suspect up front so look for USC to attack thus to disrupt the FAU QB. Look for at least 2 TO’s forced and a possible score.

What to watch for….improved play from Carolina with less penalties and better tackling on special teams. FAU will try to throw the ball on Carolina but that will not prove too successful. USC’s D will be too much for FAU and FAU will not have enough in the tank to shut down USC’s offense.

In Closing…Carolina wants to get some playing time for some new guys this game and leave this home opener with good things to talk about so I expect a good showing from the Cocks and a 34-10 win!

thoughts? is my prediction too low or too high?


Moose said...

Hopefully we will continue to spread the ball out and score some points. Give the home crowd a taste of what Spurrier can do with a little talent. I am predicting 42-17. Watch for a lot of the young guys to have big games. This will also be a big game for Gurly as he needs to fine tune his catching skills this week, as we will need him against Ole Miss.

Cocktail said...


gamecock man said...

If we win 63-3, I'll be very, very happy.

Flounder said...

i hope for 40+ pts from USC.

If we wil 63-3 I may wet my pants.