Wednesday, July 22, 2009

LOHD's 5 Questions for Spurrier at SEC Media Days

With the SEC Media days upon us now and it filling that gap in the college sports world as we eagerly await the start of two-a-days around the country; LOHD has 5 questions for USC Coach Steve Spurrier when he sits down on Friday to discuss the SEC and the USC.

Here we go -

Q: Contrast where you’re at now with where you were when you took over the program.

Q: What impact has bringing in a new crop of coaches this past offseason had on the team and the game strategy/philosophy?

Q: What’s your offense going to look like with renewed emphasis on the running game?

Q: With losing Jasper, Succop, E Cook, Captain and McKinley. Are their areas of personnel concern going into the fall?

Q: How good can this team be after 2 top 15 recruiting classes in 3 yrs combined with losing kids to the NFL?

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