Wednesday, October 07, 2009

UK players from South Carolina

Kentucky has more then a handfull of players from the State of South Carolina. Joker Phillips has done a pretty good job of recruiting the state of SC for Kentucky after he learned the ropes while he was here as an assistant for Lou.

#35 Cartier Rice a RS fresh CB out of Byrnes.

#33, Calvin Harrison a 3V Sr saftey from Richland NE.

#45 Antwane Glenn a soph DT out of Broome.

#49 Antonio Thomas also a soph from Broome playing LB.

#85 Gene McCaskill a soph WR from Chester.

#94 Taylor Wyndham a RS fresh @ DE out of Swansea. (also known as the Tebow Killer)

#10 Matt Lentz a Soph Safety out of Simpsonville, SC

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