Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Thinking about Kentucky coming to Columbia to face the Gamecocks

On Oct. 10th the streak is on the line in Columbia.  What streak you ask?

South Carolina has defeated Kentucky 9 straight times in football and has not lost the the Wildcats this decade.

UK Coach Rich Brooks has never beaten Carolina.

USC has not lost to UK at Willy B since 1999, when the Cats took a 30-10 win against the first year gamecock head coach Lou Holtz.  That loss added to the 0-11 season but let's not talk about that game or that year.

The gamecocks vs the cats in columbia in recent years have been very good for Carolina.  In 2001, the cocks beat UK 42-6.  In 2003, SC squeaked a win by UK with a 27-21 win.  In 2005, Carolina won 44-16 and on a ESPN Thursday night game in 2007 the 12th ranked Gamecocks beat then ranked 8th UK 38-23.

Last year, UK fell to Carolina by the score of 24-17.  UK managed to finish 2007 with a record 7-6 and went on to win the Liberty Bowl versus ECU.

For South Carolina to win this game, SC will have to force UK qb Hartline to beat them.  Shut down UK's ability to run the ball and limit Randall Cobb out of the "wildcat" formation.  Also Carolina MUST have success throwing the ball.

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Snead said...

Starting to get anxious already. This is a game we've got to win. No excuses.

Moose said...

Snead you are right, UK has given us some pretty good games in the past but has yet to get a check in the Win column the past 9 tries. They say they are battle tested after facing off against Florida and Bama the past 2 weeks at home. I guess we will have to wait until Saturday to find out if they are really ready for there first SEC road test.

chicken man said...

USC better beat there A$$